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VR Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Los Angeles | TRAVEL-appsios

The new VR headsets like Google cardboards give you the impression to really be over Los Angeles.

Take that crazy 360 degree real helicopter flight over L.A. without leaving your home, even without leaving your couch! You can see all perspectives from helicopter view over L.A. like in the actual blockbuster movie "San Andreas". Have the same experience like main actor Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Fly over all skyscrapers and take an awesome flight around the US Bank Tower, one big landmark of L.A. downtown. Flight time: 21 minutes.

You control the view in all directions during the flight. Turn your head, look up and down outside of the helicopter.

There are no simulation all is real. It is a real helicopter flight.

You fly an extraordinary route.

Start the app and slip your iPhone into one of the many available Goggle VR glasses. With the help of the split screen each eye is assigned its own view. The gyro-sensor in the iPhone, and that is special, moves the picture in front of your eyes according to how you move an bow your head.

This gives the impression of having a look around in a real room or environment.

Many VR goggles you can use, for example ($2-$100),

- Google Cardboard


- Homido

- Durovis Dive

- DODOcase

- Andoer

- Stooksy

- VRB60.3D

- Archos

- visusVR

- Refugio 3D

- ColorCross VR

- VIGICA Virtual Reality Headset


- SimpleVR®

- A24 Colorcross

- JoyGeek Google Cardboard

- TechIntheBox ColorCross

- EightOnes VR Kit

- AGPtek®

- Soyan 2015

- NewSilkRoad Google Cardboard

- KKmoon CST-01

- Konsait Google Cardboard



- Ematic EVR410

- JoyGeek Google Cardboard

- Neomark®

- AFUNTA Universal VR

- RiTech Virtual Reality

- Yosoo®

- ZwTech Google Cardboard

- Google Cardboard Valencia

- Virtual Reality VR TRID Screen Headset D601

- Angelia DIY Google Cardboard

- HLPB Google Cardboard

- EUG Google Cardboard

- KKmoon New Arrival DIY


- Mi3D Virtual Reality

- VR Envy Velocity

- Kollea Version Google 3D

- Valuetom®

- And much more.

VR setup menu many settings can be made. Please make sure that you have entered the correct screen size, for example iPhone 6 Plus -> 5.5 inch.

Also, the eye distance IPD should be checked and adjusted to your own measurements.

Note for ZEISS VR ONE user:

VR setup menu, you can set a FOV value up to 220. By increasing the value can improve the image quality.

System requirements: iOS 8.1, internet connection, iPhone or iPad.

Important: Please make sure that you have a VR glasses for iPhone and/or iPad in order to see the app in VR View.
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VR Virtual Reality Helicopter Flight Los Angeles by Night

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Published 2015-04-16
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