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Want an inexpensive way to record your travels (via a GPS Track) and share it with your family and friends? Journ Tracker will do this automatically, in the background. Start it, use the simple UI to send your family and friends an email linking to the map and then forget about it. It will record your location every second and every 15 minutes it will upload your track to your Google Drive (you have to use Google Drive to share your tracks). The recipients of the email can take the provided link (on a laptop or desktop - not on a smart phone or iPad) to watch your progress in near real time. A cell connection is required to update the track but it will save the updates until a connection is available in case you are out of range. Wifi updates will do also.

Each new day gets a new color for the track that day. Journ Tracker easily handles 2 or 3 week trips. Reset the track for new trips. Look at the track yourself within the app.

Running the GPS constantly will require you to manage the battery life. But if you are traveling and can keep you phone plugged in, you will be fine. You can open the app and pause the track at any time to save battery life. Just remember to start it back up when you take off again. The app will work on an iPad, but it must have a GPS chip (only on cell based iPads).

If you would like to record more about your trip and travels than just the route, check out our Journ app which handles sharing expenses, has a great travel ready camera and slide shows, shares your experiences via daily emails, posts to Facebook and Twitter and archives everything to your Google Drive, your Evernote account, and your PicasaWeb and Flickr albums.

Caution: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
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Published 2015-07-12
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