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It is 'TOKYO x SAITAMA Route Map' that covers JR, the subway, and the private railway in TOKYO and SAITAMA Prefecture.

JR, the subway, and the private railway in one capital one prefecture are collected.

TOKYO x SAITAMA Route Map targets all areas in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture.

- JR East

- Tokyo Metro

- Toei

- Tokyu

- Keio

- Odakyu

- Keikyu

- Tobu

- Seibu

- Keisei

- Tokyo Monorail

- Tsukuba Express

- Yurikamome

- Tokyo Rinkai

- Tama Monorail

- New Shuttle

- Saitama Rapid

- Chichibu

- Hokuso

JR (1 companies): 19 route

Subway (2 companies): 15 route

Private railway (16 companies): 48 routes


・Expansion reduced display of route map (original).

・Choice is possible from 19 railroad companies.

・Each route can be selected from the railway company further.

・Each route is a display of the station name (Japanese and English) and the transfers.

・I move to a route list when I tap a station name by a route map

・The route map covers the subway (metro and under metropolitan management).

・It is also possible to change to "Display only of Tokyo Metro and Toei Transportation (Bureau of Transportation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government) " on a set screen.

・The route map can cooperate with another area (KANAGAWA & CHIBA Route Map).

(The purchase of "TOKYO × KANAGAWA Route Map" & "TOKYO × CHIBA Route Map" is separately necessary for cooperation.)

*Set screen*

・Any Japanese and English correspondence.

・The fixed display function of length and side is provided.

・TOP screens can be selected and either of Icon or List be selected.

・The map kind of selection can be done. The display only of only Tokyo and Saitama is also possible though default is Tokyo and Saitama. Moreover, because the route map is made easy to see, the setting of a metro, an under metropolitan management emphasis (subway), and other emphasis (JR and private railway, etc.) is possible the display.

・As for the map base, the display of the base corresponding to the map kind is possible. As for the metro, eight bases and Tokyo and Saitama can select 12 bases and Saitama from four bases in 5 bases and Tokyo.


・Because data is large, the route map might be driven for a few seconds until being displayed. Please acknowledge it.



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Published 2015-06-22
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