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Finland Map | TRAVEL-appsios

Finland Map offers all cities' offline street map in this country.

It is also a professional Car, Bike, Pedestrian and Subway navigation system. We spend several years to produce it. Now it is available on iPhone and iPad.


* Offline Finland Street Map 2013 version.

* Turn by turn GPS navigation make your phone to an advanced GPS device.

* Intelligent subway navigation system.

* Using animation to show navigation route.

* The only map app offer street names using both local language and english language.

* Offer 2D and 3D map display.

* Offer vector map so that you can zoom at any level.

* Offline work can make you save money.

* Offer cool compass function.

* Offer offline route navigation.

* Strong offline address database and a online database as a compensation.

* Smart navigation arrow can help you find directions easily.

* Support car, bike, walk, truck and horse navigation.

* Realtime location based hotel reservation service is available.
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Poland Map

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Published 2015-10-26
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