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Singapore Subway/MRT Guide 新加坡地铁线路指南 | TRAVEL-appsios

新加坡地铁线路指南 中文说明在后面

Dear customers, this is the latest version with updated circle line as of Apr 20,2010 and updated first train/last train info. Enjoy it!

"Traveling Spore I wouldn't use wi-fi on a run. Definitely would look here for reference." --From app review.

Subway system in singapore also know as MRT system. MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit.

There are three tab windows as you see in the screenshots.

*****First tab window displays the Singapore Subway Map, including all the MRT & LRT stations, you can pinch to zoom in and out and one finger to drag around. One finger double tap on map to zoom in, two-finger tap to zoom out.

Second tab window shows the list of all MRT stations, click on a certain item, it will give you the schedule of first train and last train arrival time at that station.

Third tab window shows the list of all LRT stations, also give you the schedule for each station.

With these train arrival info, it is much easier to plan your trip around Singapore, you may save the expensive taxi fee by taking the earliest or latest train :)

Click on the "Google map" button built-in will launch Google map application and display the station you chose. It is easy to locate a station on google map with its built-in button.

*****There is no data downloaded/uploaded for subway map browsing and schedule information.

*****Network is needed only when you want to locate a subway station by clicking the button named "google map" to call google map, otherwise, no data will be downloaded/uploaded.

*****When the new MRT lines are ready, it will be updated accordingly, don't worry!

Beautiful map and very convenient tool for traveling in Singapore ! Enjoy it !

Kindly send email to [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you for your support.


2010.04.20 更新了circle line。


**包括所有地铁站最早和最晚的班次,点击地图按钮可以直接调用goolge map找到该地铁站。

**新加坡生活旅行的好伴侣。不需要网络支持,完全脱机使用(除了google map功能)

感谢对这个程序的支持,有任何建议和意见,请发信到 [email protected]
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