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Spelthorne App is a free and simple-to-use smartphone app, which lets you connect to your council to access our services at a time and place that suits you.

With Spelthorne, you truly have power in the palm of your hand to access the information you need wherever and whenever you need it. You can directly request further information from an organisation, report problems, make payments (for things like parking fines, council tax and garden waste), and a whole lot more... Simply download the app and you can access a range of our services they provide quickly and easily.

Imagine... here’s just a few of things you can do from the comfort of your sofa, a pew on a park bench, waiting to pick the kids up from school, even while on a train:

Find out when your bin will be collected

Read about local news and events

Find out about Council meetings and decisions

Report fly tipping and dog fouling

Check local traffic and travel news

Pay your council tax

See what community events are up and coming in your local area

Search for jobs

Receive service updates and notifications.
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Published 2015-04-11
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