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Yosemite National Park Recreation Map | TRAVEL-appsios

This app brings the Yosemite National

Park Recration Map from Tom Harrison Maps

to the iPhone and iPod touch.

*NOTE: If you are having trouble with GPS updates, increase the duration on the Options screen*

The map covers all of Yosemite National

Park, as well as Devil's Postpile National

Monument, June Lakes, and the western shore

of Mono Lake. All map data is included

in the app itself--you don't need an internet connection at all to use the app.

For more detailed coverage of Yosemite Valley, see our Yosemite Valley Trail Map.

The map shows trails, backcountry roads,

highways, towns, water features, peaks,

canyons, campgrounds, and ranger stations,

all on a shaded relief topo map with 200-foot contours. This map is perfect for hiking, backpacking, mountaineering, geocaching, or just checking out this stunning region from the pavement.

Navigate the map using standard touch

gestures to zoom and drag. Mark your

location, measure distances, orient

yourself by taking bearings to landmarks,

and use your iPhone's GPS to find your

location on the map. Add your own markers

to the map, and export them via email for

display in Google Earth or other

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Yosemite National Park - Offline Guide

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Published 2015-03-29
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