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PP Weather - World Weather Forecast & Rain Notification & Rain Alert & Alarm | TRAVEL-appsios

Do you like to get notification when there will be rain? Do you hate the notification when weather is good and nothing to worry about but still your phone beeps and bothers you?

Here is PP Weather. PP Weather is a Weather Forecast & Rain Notification App.


- Set a time, and you will get notification when there is rain within 24 hours since the time you set.

- You can check current weather, including: temperature, weather condition, humidity, pressure, wind speed, sunrise/sunset time(They’re showing one top of the main view).

- Daily weather forecast for recent 16 days.

- 3-hourly weather forecast for recent 5 days.

- Support more than 70,000 cities all over the world.

- Easily search city manually or by GPS.
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Published 2015-04-01
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