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ExpenseShare Complete - Track Shared Expenses | TRAVEL-appsios

Track your group spending – who paid for what, who shares in which expenses, and who owes money to who! Use ExpenseShare for business trips, vacations with friends, sharing a rental, managing a club, etc.  It makes it easy to track spending by category across participants, figure out who owes what to whom, save receipt images, and more.

Want to try ExpenseShare for free? Look for the free version in the App Store.

* Set up a sharing arrangement to automatically allocate spending.

* As expenses occur, use automatic allocation or customize.

* Add participants from your device’s address book.

* Track spending across multiple currencies.

* Convert to a common settlement currency.

* Lookup exchange rates online.

* Capture or choose transaction location and lookup payee name/address.

* Store “snap and save” photos of receipts to document expenses.

* See an interactive summary of all transactions and email each participant their details.

* “Settle Up” automatically either peer-to-peer or through one “banker”.

* Generate pdf reports for each participant and print or send by email.

* Share your ExpenseShare data with your participants by email or AirDrop.

* Export and import from iCloud Drive and other document providers such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

* Export to a spreadsheet.
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ExpenseShare Free - Track Shared Expenses

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Published 2015-01-11
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