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Fancy visiting Tokyo the capital city of Japan? If yes then Tokyo Escapade Travel app is a must for you. From planning your trip to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Tokyo to booking accommodations Tokyo Escapade Travel app take care of it for you.


• Showcasing must visit tourist attractions in Tokyo and brief history of the places

• Send a photo of you and your loved ones to your friends and family members via our postcard covers.

• Plan your trip wisely through our event and notes functions

• Never lost in Tokyo as our app will show you the exact locations of the famous tourist destinations

• Hotel bookings done seamlessly through our partners. Save up to 80% of room rates and wide selection of hotel choices to choose from. Fits for all budget travellers and season tourist.

So hurry up and download Tokyo Escapade Travel app if you plan to visit Tokyo soon!
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Published 2015-01-27
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