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MyPrivatePix | TRAVEL-appsios

This is a must have app for anyone who loves their iPhone. No matter if it’s black, white, 3G, 3GS or even the new 4; this application might get you out of a bad situation.

Disguised as personal picture hider (pretend that you save all your private pictures in this app and perhaps password lock it), it is instead a nifty security system.

The first time you run the app you will be prompt to insert your email in order to be prepared in case some thing bad happens. The next time you load the app, it will automatically send you an email with the iPhone’s current GPS position. The idea is that usually the first thing someone does is look around your “stuff” this will trick into thinking they will find some “interesting” pictures but instead their current coordinates will be sent to your inbox automatically and seemlessly (they will never know what happened).

As usual, this is an app to help people therefore feel free to provide feedback and suggestions so we can make this application and the world a better place.
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Author travelappsios
Published 2015-03-06
Categories Gps, Application,
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