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Tripple - Global Students Travel Community | TRAVEL-appsios

Tripple is the global community for students to plan & share their adventures.

In this build, Tripple has three functions - Profile, Ask and Trips.

Profile: Step into your friends' shoes and see where they have been or search the city of your next conquest to view the trailblazers before you. Reach out to your friends directly for travel advice.

Ask: Fire a short question about anything concerning your trips and get insightful real-time replies. Reciprocate and share your knowledge to the world.

Trips: Plan trips with friends. Synchronize your itineraries so that everyone is on the same page. Broadcast to your network and receive suggestions from people who know you best.

In subsequent builds, Tripple will introduce one more function - Mingle.

Mingle: Meet fellow Tripplers visiting your current location or headed to the same destination. Share the adventure.
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TripRider - Travel Planner and Organizer

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Published 2015-09-03
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