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Karnataka Tourism | TRAVEL-appsios

Karnataka is a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours, landscapes, timelessness and heart stopping beauty and we believe you should have an unforgettable experience exploring it. This app is designed the most user-friendly way to know about karnataka “One State. Many worlds” and plan your trip in seconds.

Karnataka Tourism App features:

• PATA Event details and route map to Destination.

•Collect ideas for your trips and getaways. One Tap Solution to access the information about the significant places in Karnataka.

• Plan your trips in seconds without missing your area of interest. Do it in a visual and simple way. Taping on Categories will show the list of destination.

• Augmented Reality, nearby recommendations while you are on your trip. App recommend you the spots to go next depending where you are, what you want to see.

• Discover the experiences that you have to live in each destination. Heritage, Beach, Nature, Wild, Spirituality & Adventure in each city to make your trip unforgettable.

• Interactive Brochure based on Augmented Reality. Play videos and know more.
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