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Technorides ASIA | TRAVEL-appsios

Application ordering taxis with just a few clicks .

How does it work?

1. Technorides ASIA located on the map the current user position automatically .

2. With the push of a button , you can ask the closest free cab

3. System evaluation of the service , both the driver and the car.

Why use this app?

• It's FREE : downloading the application is free for users

• SAFE : Mobile number available for proper communication with the driver / taxi company

• CUSTOM TRAVEL : with options to make your trip more comfortable.

Coming soon:

• TRAVEL HISTORY : List of journeys made and the possibility of ordering again with just one click

• TRIP COST CALCULATOR : that the user has a value of approximately how much the trip would cost .

* The price stated on the travel calculator is in local currency *

Available in English (EN )
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Author travelappsios
Published 2015-05-12
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