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+8    VisitZarasai – mobile application aplied for all tourists, as for lithuanians,as for foreigners. This application is like guidebook in Your phone. Comfortable presentment of information will allow You quickly find interesting information about Zarasai. Key places of intereset are easy to ...    81 MB    Views 7179
Related Apps flight tracker view flights usa information application
+6    With USA Tracker, now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    495 kb    Views 9818


information chiang application
+3    The Motion picture Application name as “Chiang Gu” provided information of Chiang Mai and Dae gu city through the film in application form. These contents emphasis on cultural and traditional of both countries and also provided some necessary information in ...    183 MB    Views 6142
Related Apps flight view air usa flights information application
+25    With Air USA, now you can view all the flights and their route, their speed, their height, from where they take off, where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on ...    2 MB    Views 3581
Related Apps flight tracker view flights usa information application
+2    With USA Tracker, now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    2 MB    Views 7551


Related Apps experience korean buddhist information application
+3    Templestay is a programs to allow locals and foreigner to experience Korean buddhist monastic life and refresh body and mind in Buddhist temples surrounded by unspoiled area of serenity. Korean buddhism is the spirit of Korean culture root. You can experience ...    11 MB    Views 3472

Naco na Pedra

application information restaurant porto
+14    The Naco na Pedra restaurant located in Salir do Porto, open since 1991, is a reference to the national cuisine. Our Menu is the result of an extensive research of flavors and fusion cuisines. We are dedicated especially for red meat. Through ...    24 MB    Views 134
Related Apps vacation chiang mai information guide enjoy application
+10    Chiang Mai Vacation Guide is the ultimate reference to all the things you need to know about your Chiang Mai holiday When you Visit Chiang Mai have fun and enjoy life. With the Chiang Mai Vacation Guide application you have all the ...    15 MB    Views 4145
Related Apps hotel resort luxury application information
0    Calista Luxury Resort mobile application was developed for Iphone and it is an interactive source of information for both current customers and who are planning to stay in our hotel. You may find all kind of information about Calista Luxury Resort ...    7 MB    Views 3986

Discover Gortynia

+12    Municipality of Gortynia Tourist Guide The application “Discover Gortynia” provides useful information about the beautiful region of Gortynia. It is an ideal travel guide for anyone thinking of visiting the area or anyone who is already there The application includes various ...    53 MB    Views 3299
travel trips trip information application mobile
+1    The Cabman Mobile Travel Information app is designed for the clientele 
of a taxi company. Users can log into the application to change their status (abcense, holidays or available) and includes a map overview with the upcoming trip including entry and ...    2 MB    Views 9096
Related Apps flight view air flights application information
-6    With "Air AU", now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    2 MB    Views 7750

Saint Barth

Related Apps information find application call saint
-4    SHB MOBILE is an application for a tourist To facilitate the access and knowledge of Island of Saint Barthelemy, through its representatives local and other useful information. Thanks to the Iphone, it becomes easier to find a beach, restaurant and ...    408 kb    Views 6351


service information train application tri rail
-7    TriRail is the best way to get to work, school or play, with train service from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. With this application, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips to get you where you ...    25 MB    Views 3638
school information college including application pre arrival
-3    The Macleans College PreArrival Learning application provides valuable information for international students who are coming to study at our school. The application contains useful information including: An introduction to Macleans College A predeparture checklist to make sure you have everything ...    3 MB    Views 1027
routes information application stages santiago
+3    Tourism of Galicia puts at your disposal the new mobile application for BONO IACOBUS, a tourist service designed specifically for the Way of Saint James that allows to walk by stages the different historical routes that lead to Santiago de ...    30 MB    Views 3737
entertainment information view delaware application free park
+23    The Casino at Delaware Park is Always in Play™. This FREE application allows you instant access to information onthego. View account balances See promo and restaurant info View upcoming entertainment Get general information and directions This application is for entertainment and information purposes only. Download the ...    31 MB    Views 6469


london offers shop application city information restaurants
+10    Welcome to London With InfoLondon in your phone you'll have access to all information you need in 8 languages. Swedish, English, German, French, Finnish, Japanese, Russian, Spanish: Sights worth seeing, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, culture, offers, taxi and much much more. Use the ...    4 MB    Views 7762
+13    With Flight Navigation, now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    505 kb    Views 9257

Top 25: Hyrule

Related Apps time vacation top information application
-8    Welcome to the magical kingdom of Hyrule, where adventure awaits and danger could be behind the next turn. You've been planning your family vacation for years, and now it's time to get the most out of your time, from sightseeing, ...    14 MB    Views 5205

Belavia Timetable

airline information application flights
0    Application provides information about flights of "Airline Belavia" (Belarus). The information is available only for Belavia operated flights scheduled within +/ 48 hours of unversal time. This application gets all the information on the official Webmedia service of "Airline Belavia". Administration of "Airline" ...    2 MB    Views 5245
vacation jakarta information guide application enjoy
-8    Jakarta Vacation Guide is the ultimate reference to all the things you need to know about your Jakarta holiday When you Visit Jakarta have fun and enjoy life. With the Jakarta Vacation Guide application you have all the information you'll need for ...    19 MB    Views 2842

Turismo de Murcia

murcia city turismo application tourist information
+5    Turismo Murcia is the app from the Department of Tourism of the city of Murcia, with which you can know the tourist resources of the city. It lets locate and consult information about hotels, restaurants, museums, monuments, etc. The AR of ...    7 MB    Views 1564

Bintan Island

Related Apps singapore island development users information application
+4    Bintan Island or also called as Bumi Segantang Lada is a one of the largest tropical island in the Riau Archipelago who has a incredible beautiful nature, especialy in beach and other natural scenery. Bintan geographically located in a strategic ...    96 MB    Views 1136

Travel Easy

+5    This application is designed to provide users, travelers, with important domestic and international travel information. The main purpose of this application is to make travel a good experience, with much needed information, which is just a click away    32 MB    Views 4766
flight view flights application information pro
-2    With UK Flights PRO, now you can view all the flights and their route, their speed, their height, from where they take off, where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click ...    493 kb    Views 4071


golf time find france information application
+8    The French Golf Federation with you throughout the year, wherever you are Extension of Licensed Area on, this application gives you access to all information that is useful to you. The ffgolf application allows you: News To monitor the timeliness ...    20 MB    Views 5505


+21    Ziqaq is a project that aims to create a reliable source of information about the Old City of Jerusalem in both Arabic and English through an easy to use application. The project has the power to attract young people’s attention with ...    8 MB    Views 9638
application states information united
+6    This application covers all the information of a shop and the product of "keichan". Through this application, you can obtain the event information of "United States of Keichan", too.    2 MB    Views 3027
Related Apps research security conference schedule information application
+4    OWASP AppSec Research is the European conference for anyone interested in application security. This year it will be hosted by the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the University of Athens, Greece and will take place between July 1013th. OWASP AppSec ...    4 MB    Views 110

Campo de Criptana

meet information campo application
-5    Click Campo de Criptana is a mobile application for IOS devices which includes all the information needed to meet and visit Criptana field. This guide is free. It has information and pictures of monuments, places and corners of this beautiful ...    28 MB    Views 2158

Pamplona me gusta!

Related Apps city pamplona information application
0    'Pamplona, I like it' is the official tourism application of the City of Pamplona. It provides all the information you need to schedule and enjoy your visit to the city. The application collects information about the places you should not miss, ...    12 MB    Views 6106


application information tourist technology display enhance
+1    Welcome DeltAR is an Deltebre touristic application application designed to enhance your tourism experience at Ebro's Delta, using the new technology of Augmented Reality (AR). Download it to learn more, it's free This has the following key features: • Use the AR technology ...    74 MB    Views 9884

BUD Airport

airport information flights application budapest
-4    This is the official Budapest Airport application which provides practical information for passengers to have a hasslefree experience at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. Users can see uptodate arrival and departure information for all flights including 4/+24 hours and they can ...    13 MB    Views 6997
beach application information
+1    The Sandy Neck Beach Information Application is the one stop shop for the best beach on Cape Cod. This application provides up to the minute updates on Weather, Forecast, Tides, and even Sandy Neck Beach specific news such as Off Road ...    8 MB    Views 5763


Related Apps driving iphone group application information
-4    學神 1.3 is an iPhone application for quick access to find or replace your favorite driving instructors. All the listing of "Group 1", "Group 2" and "Group 3" Hong Kong driving instructors is compiled from public information available. 學神 1.0makes no ...    426 kb    Views 8218

TTR Travel Diary

travel trips application information study participants diary
-2    This application is for participants of the FHWA Transportation Study. The study is being conducted in Houston, TX, Columbus, OH, and RaleighDurham, NC. Participants will use the application to keep a travel diary for commute trips taken on a daily ...    36 MB    Views 5033
+28    With this fortieth APP, MAZZANTI APPS MEPUBLISHER writes a new page dedicated to information technologies in tourism. "Tagliamento" will let you know the location of the Tagliamento river tours on foot, by bicycle, on horseback and by boat or ...    36 MB    Views 3810

Hotel Duas Torres

Related Apps hotel madeira services information application
+10    The Duas Torres Hotel was built in May 1972. In the summer of 2014 has undergone a complete refurbishment and reclassified by the Regional Secretariat of Tourism Wood as a 4 star Hotel With this application, you can have access to ...    45 MB    Views 7934
turkey university istanbul information technical application
+27    Universities in Turkey is a mobile application that helps domestic and international people who would like to study or/and visit Turkey. Application supports information about all Turkish universities that are in english, cost of living, available scholarships, travelling, applying for ...    3 MB    Views 5308
travel information member access application
+10    "Rurubu", which has been recognized by The Guinness Book of Records as the travel guidebook series with the largest number of issues in the world, has been published in English and traditional Chinese. This application makes it possible for you to ...    1 MB    Views 6317
Related Apps gps map villa application villas street information
-1    This application is aimed at the discovery of Palladio's architectural works which are far away from the main roads and are situated in small towns of the Veneto countryside. This application can be used to plan itineraries before leaving and ...    1 MB    Views 1077
traffic web information application japan pages
-3    It is an application that provides a direct way to access the Web pages where the traffic information of Japan are displayed. You also can mail, twitter the URL links in this application. Notice: The web pages and traffic information are updated ...    17 MB    Views 7073

Historical Monument

application information azerbaijan original monument illustrations
+7    History in your hands. The application contains handy organized information about significant sites in Azerbaijan, original photographs, texts and illustrations. Indispensable assistant for travelers who are exploring the territory of Azerbaijan, gold mine of information for anyone who is interested in ...    67 MB    Views 6135
kong hong facilities application information airport
+12    In continuing with the trend of bringing the vast network of China's transport system to the iPhone, we proudly present Hong Kong Airport (Chek Lap Kok). An application which combines all the information available from various operators into one, simpletouse, ...    40 MB    Views 1366
daily application menu restaurants menus information located
+8    The Daily Menu application allows you to view the daily menus and regular menus from most restaurants that located throughout Switzerland. Various useful information for reservation (phone number, address, email etc..) will be also found on this application. Thanks the LBS, ...    2 MB    Views 9026
Related Apps thailand guide official tourism application publisher information
-6    “iThai Thailand Official Guide” for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is the official guide to Thailand. Realized by ME Publisher with the collaboration of The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the first organization in Thailand to be specifically responsible ...    57 MB    Views 8061

iGotcha MTL

Related Apps montreal city fingertips application information guide
+18    Montreal at your fingertips iGotcha Montreal is a free city guide application. It provides users with a directory of what is available to them in Montreal. Every service, restaurant, activity, attraction sight that you ever needed to obtain information about ...    6 MB    Views 1452

Chania Tour Guide

chania application information stay guide city municipality
-4    The Chania official City Guide app | Free Download The Municipality of Chania welcomes you to the new application that has created for mobile telephones, aiming at the improvement of your information during your stay in enchanting Chania. With this application ...    37 MB    Views 991


Related Apps travel application shop reviews thai information enjoy
-1    Experience the fantastic moment, enjoy the wonderful Thai style dining, shop at the impressive Thai souvenir store, and take a vacation at comfortable accommodation, these are all the ggcomplimentary gift that we will provide you within our application. Sukjai application contains a lot ...    11 MB    Views 8957

Airlines Directory

websites airlines information application easy data directory offer
+15    Finding the convenient airlines for you is easy now with Airlines directory. It is the first utility that gathers all the major Airlines all over the world in one application. It provides reliable and accurate information about all the functioning ...    6 MB    Views 9270


Related Apps city information application
+30    SiracusaCityApp is the new mobile application entirely dedicated to Syracuse: a pocket guide, completely translated in 5 languages, free, rich of information, constantly updated and also available offline. It’s a new, alternative and amazing way to experience the city and, above ...    31 MB    Views 8056


photos map application information internet access stored
+5    Photo, Map and Position Information are stored on a picture simultaneously. When taking photos, then photos are stored in camera rolls. You can this software many scene such as in journy, in working outdoor, etc, ... I hope you will ...    155 kb    Views 836


Related Apps flight application information
+5    Official application for Aeroflot – Russian Airlines. Using this application you can: search, book and buy tickets; check in for your flight; view live arrivals/departures information, timetable and flight status; access the features of Aeroflot Bonus – the Frequent Flyer Program; ...    86 MB    Views 3869

USA Flights Free

Related Apps flight flights view usa application information
+4    With "USA Flights", now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    2 MB    Views 7726

Doctor on board

board medical application doctor information service tutorial developed
0    This application was developed to provide simple, clear information deemed essential to deal with accidents and illnesses at sea. It will explain how to make use of the free telemedical assistance service from TMAS centres, which provides a 24 hours ...    18 MB    Views 2561

Adriatic Adventure

adventure hiking application adriatic information biking
0    Adriatic Adventure application is designed for tourists and visitors to the coastal region of Montenegro and DubrovnikNeretva County of the Republic of Croatia. Information on how to complete your vacation on the coast with a trip to the mountains and ...    9 MB    Views 351


company information application
0    Mobile application from the company "Transaero" provides you with a convenient and fast way to communicate with your favorite company. Flies with our airlines are easier and faster now. This application allows you to: • Checkin on the flight and retrieve electronic ...    9 MB    Views 3538

GRT easyGO

information bus mobile application
-8    The official GRT easyGO mobile application is a free interactive tool for Waterloo Region riders to have instant access to Grand River Transit realtime bus information. Bus arrival times, bus geolocations, route information, live news feeds, and links to our ...    NAN    Views 4280
Related Apps flight tracker view flights air information application
+6    With Air Tracker, now you can view all the flights and their route, where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all ...    2 MB    Views 9572
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