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+28    It is an application that provides a direct way to access the Web pages where the traffic information of Japan are displayed. You also can mail, twitter the URL links in this application. Notice: The web pages and traffic information are updated ...    17 MB    Views 7073
+1    Very little text and a lot of beautiful pictures that speak more than a thousand words. The one hundred best tourist destinations in Japan that you just have to visit ... If you’re just planning your trip Japan – this application should ...    31 MB    Views 3169
0    FREE FOR DOWNLOAD ON IPHONE/IPOD TOUCH DOWNLOAD AND EMAIL AMAZING JAPANESE PICTURESIMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE SIGHTS AND WONDERS OF ANCIENT JAPAN Love Japan? Wish you could be there sitting in a temple and drinking sake? We don’t blame you. But these days ...    1 MB    Views 8549

Hotel Price Japan

+20    Japan offline hotel guide list without internet connection. Check hotel rates and prices more easier, anywhere and anytime. Hotel Price is a free application to help browse hotel prices easily. Users can get most of the existing hotels in major ...    44 MB    Views 550

Amazing Japan

yang amazing japan
+1    Selamat Datang di Amazing Japan Para reporter Radio Jepang akan membawa anda dalam perjalanan mengunjungi tempattempat yang mempesona di berbagai kawasan di Jepang. Serial ini sarat dengan berbagai informasi, baik mengenai lokasilokasi yang harus dikunjungi, budaya, kegiatan dan makanan di Jepang.    287 MB    Views 599
stay application today japan
+13    This application can look for a hotel in Japan to be able to stay at today. This application supports only Japanese.    5 MB    Views 2250
-3    ・The app features "The app show the list of public service numbers in Japan." "Glossaries that contains the words that used for public signs." "Memo section that would be useful to conform your trip schedule."    246 kb    Views 5983
order japanese japan starbucks button easily
+23    Completely cover the Starbucks on the order of Japan Easy customization in English, Order easily in Japanese I'm sure there is such experience When you travel to Japan, want to get a break in the Seattle's coffee But Since not know Japanese......, you order the ...    3 MB    Views 9886
+11    In Japan, I find the location of the natural landscape attractions. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we see 10,941 places. This app makes use of the data by the Japanese government to provide.    8 MB    Views 1326
-6    When You Travel to Japan. Do you enough with just eating SUSHI and TENPURA ?. if you want to have RealLocalFood in Japan.please Download this app. this app find your position by GPS and Internet .then show you which local food you should ...    1 MB    Views 6938


japanese festival culture traditional japan
0    In Japan, traditional and unique Japanese crafts have been passed down from ancient times, there is a cultural tradition. Among them, the Japanese festival, reflects strongly rooted in local history and culture and the diversity of the Japanese heart, a symbol ...    771 kb    Views 1470
+15    Everything that is Japanese in a multimedia encyclopedia. It's like having a piece of Japan in your pocket Includes: Photos, Video, Audio Podcasts, News, and Twitter.    2 MB    Views 9477
email urgent number sms message japan
+1    Everyone may have troubles, if you are in trouble somewhere, and need help in urgent, really very very urgent, how can you send out "Help I'm in somewhere..." message to others, 3 sms message, 3 email, and 1 urgent call in just 3 second? with you GPS ...    2 MB    Views 2646

Katana Club

traveling japan
+14    This app has been created to assist delegates who will be traveling to Japan in 2015 for an incentive trip. The app will provide delegates with a conference agenda, facts about Japan and directional assistance whilst they are traveling.    13 MB    Views 3977
flight japan information airport international narita
-4    Japan Narita International Airport Real time flight information 日本成田国際空港 フライト情報    6 MB    Views 8223

iCards Japan Lite

japan great postcards
-9    Traveling in Japan now, or soon? Here is a great way to send postcards to your friends and loved ones Wherever you are, iCards Japan will bring to you beautiful picture postcards showing the attractions closest to you. And more, it ...    7 MB    Views 3159
application charm japan volcano
-4    An AR application for experiencing the charm of Sakurajima (Kagoshima, Japan) eruption. Sakurajima is still a volcano in current activity which has at least 3 eruption per day in average from more than 100 years. Sakurajima is a volcanic island which is ...    44 MB    Views 5813

Japan News

news japan
+9    Keep up to date with the latest daily news on Japan in English; National, Business, Travel, Economy, Stock Market, Politics, Society, Electronics.    597 kb    Views 3093
0    Are you planning to stay in Japan? Looking for a search engine that is dedicated to hotels and reviews? lets you find the best plan out of 4 million price plans available at 30,000 hotels in Japan. Note: We are still ...    10 MB    Views 541


japan pass
+2    Tōge (峠) is a Japanese word literally meaning "pass". It refers to a mountain pass or any of the narrow, winding roads that can be found in and around the mountains of Japan and other geographically similar areas, like the ...    4 MB    Views 5530

Oku Japan

japan guided
-1    All the details on travelling in offthebeatentrack Japan with Oku Japan, with articles on traditional Japanese inns, hot springs, food and all our guided and selfguided tours.    26 MB    Views 135
travel japan visit campaign
+12    日本受歡迎的景點,由旅行達人、部落客為您帶來第一手的報導。滿載私房推薦景點和行程等豐富資訊。想盡情自由旅行於日本,千萬不可錯過的電子導覽書哦。還有,日本旅遊活動專屬的「日本當地美食小勇士」一起拍照的功能,千萬不要錯過哦! Visit Japan Campaign guidebook app has been released Japan's most popular areas are introduced by Taiwanese travel expert bloggers. Featuring plenty of information about the best recommended spots and model itineraries,it is a musthave app for anyone who is planning to travel ...    70 MB    Views 4362
traffic information japan application viewer road
-1    This is a viewer for traffic information provided by Japan Road Traffic Information Center which is run by Japan government. 1, You can saved the recent viewed pages in the latest version. Please touch the image button on the top left ...    18 MB    Views 4986

WiFi Free Japan

Related Apps wifi free hotspot japan location locations showing
0    The WiFi Free Japan application was created in order to help you find the location of free WiFi Hotspot in Japan in an easier way. FEATURES: showing locations of free WiFi Hotspot display a Map in different styles (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid) ...    1 MB    Views 8912
+26    What is an Otaku, a Jukensei, a Narikin or an Obatarian? Where does the name Yakuza come from, and what is special about Fugu? "51 Japanese Characters" tries to lift the curtain and shed some light on the areas of Japanese ...    4 MB    Views 113
Related Apps map kobe updated zoom japan add offline bookmarks
+11    Limited Time Offer 2015 Most Updated Japan Kobe Offline Map Super Detail version Pinch to zoom in and zoom out supported Add Location Bookmarks feature for planned places Add to calendar for reminding purpose Buy once, update many times ...    68 MB    Views 5105


finding lives mail japan
0    About FINDING JAPAN & ME What are the “Values of Traveling”? Just seeing the ordinary sites or escaping from our everyday lives might not be enough for us. Perhaps what we really need is to discover new excitements and impressions from each other’s unique ...    739 kb    Views 8881
+10    +Show Everyone Where You've Been +50% OF SALE This is a useful app for making your visited prefectures map in Japan. Features: 1. Change map color; 2. Zoom in to the map; 3. Save your map as picture; 4. Get your visited state count; 5. Very easy to ...    4 MB    Views 4261
Related Apps flight schedule japan function haneda airport
+29    Japan Haneda Airport Real time flight information Feature – 1. Today’s International / Domestic Flight Schedule; 2. Instant Flight Button; 3. AutoUpdate Flight Schedule 4. "Flight Searching" Function; 5. "Flight Notification" Function 日本羽田空港 フライト情報 特別な機能– 1. 今日の国際/国内フライト情報; 2. "現在フライト"押しボタン; 3. "自動更新" 押しボタン; 4. "フライト検索" 機能; 5. "フライト通知設定" 機能    6 MB    Views 3008
japan visit destinations top
0    Visit Japan Find out which are the top 10 destinations and experience the sights and sounds of Japan all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    10 MB    Views 3808

Japan Expo Thailand

japanese japan thailand expo
-5    Japan Expo Thailand is Thailand’s biggest Japanese event which is centered on “Everything” about Japan, having varieties of Japanese activities such as Live Music from Japanese artists, fashion show, Japanese food, JPop Culture,Anime, Travel&Prefecture promotion,Education,B2B purpose, Japanese products and services ...    35 MB    Views 2155

Shikoku Ramen

ramen shikoku restaurants japan
+20    Shikoku Ramen shows you different ramen restaurants in Shikoku region of Japan. In Shikoku Ramen, you can see info of ramen restaurants, also you can see comments of each restaurants. Then you can pick up the ramen restaurant which you ...    7 MB    Views 1272

Weather for Japan

Related Apps weather city information japan
+26    The weather app is desgined exclusively for Japan. Sit it on your desk, on your kitchen bench or on your bedroom nightstand to have up to date weather & time information. drag city icons to anywhere on the screen double taps the city ...    8 MB    Views 4173
hospital map french spanish japan portuguese italian german doesn application english
+2    With this new app you can travel to Japan without worries. Our server counts with 106 hospitals in Japan that can talk in a foreign lenguage such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian. If you can't speak a ...    7 MB    Views 2474
japan attractions top
+6    Visit Japan Find out which are the top 10 attractions and experience the sights and sounds of Japan all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    29 MB    Views 842
Related Apps map apple search iphone chinese japan location english watch current application
0    The latest ZENRIN map is now available in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional Chinese), and Korean The search functions such as street address and category searches will be available these languages. The search function currently supports only English. It will support ...    8 MB    Views 3384

Antoine in Japan

video antoine islands download japan
+2    A video tour with short movies that you can stream or download in HD. If you like this area, you can download the full sequence in HD (InApp payment) Discover Japan with Antoine : The video sequences can be streamed immediately or ...    22 MB    Views 4495
+2    App with multilingual translations: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai Kagoshima version It’s a travel guide・Special・App that goes inside your pocket You can GET variety of coupon information for better enjoyable service. ALSO, you can check out the travel, gourmet information of the ...    12 MB    Views 1504

Mt.Fuji Japan

photos fuji mountain beautiful japan
0    Mt.Fuji, the holy mountain of Japan, is now one of the renowned and prestigious World Heritages. With this App, you can fully enjoy all the different aspects and profiles of Mt.Fuji, by the beautiful and uptodate photos posted daily. The Photos are ...    3 MB    Views 2271

Mick Lay Cars Japan

car japan cars
+4    Tokyo Japan New and used car sales, lease, finance, insurance, export import, repairs, registration extension, cars bought for cash, general advice on the car market in English for you.    12 MB    Views 2479
japan prefecture
-2    "The exquisite alderwoman", Yuri Fujikawa introduces you to her dear hometown Hachinohe, Japan. Hachinohe City is located in southeastern Aomori Prefecture where is the northernmost prefecture on Honshū in Japan. Hachinohe offers great scenic beauty, an exotic atmosphere and historic sights especially with Yuri's lovely ...    157 MB    Views 1102
Related Apps travel maps search locals kyoto functions internet yubisashi application japanese screen guidebook japan
+10    This is an iPhone App for the bestselling book series more than 510 million copies sold, “TABI NO YUBISASHI KAIWACHO” This application offers you our original communication tool “Touch and Talk” including the guidebook and community page “YUBICOMI” as new functions. This ...    13 MB    Views 3255

GDay Japan! 2015

japan day content
-3    Planning a trip to Japan? Say G'Day first. The G'Day Japan iPad app is a goldmine of useful information on the best travel destinations, accommodation, dining, drinking and entertainment in Japan. Convenient and easytouse, it includes all the content from the print ...    492 MB    Views 5571
Related Apps flight japan information airport haneda
+30    Japan Haneda Airport Real time flight information 日本羽田空港 フライト情報    7 MB    Views 6632
map tourist application japan spots internet information find reference environment spot
+21    This application can help you to find the most attractive tourist spots and convenience facilities around them in Japan in the most easy way. Features: 1), Once open this application, the tourist spots around you will displayed on the map immediately. 2), The ...    8 MB    Views 2705

ichiban Point

time travel application japan shop points languages stores point information
+4    It is an official application of Japan Holiday Travel CO., LTD. This application offers lots of useful functions that can be used for domestic travels in Japan. Why don't you download the application before or during your travel? 1.This application introduces you ...    7 MB    Views 7915

Mountains of Japan

video blog text map time mountains japan mountain touch screen application information picture detail
+5    This is an application that help you knowing about all the mountains in Japan. You can find the location, name, height for all the mountain in Japan, at the same time, you can find and manage the pictures, videos, blogs for ...    1 MB    Views 2210

Japan Portal

japan portal
-3    Japan Portal contains all the Japan information you need: News from around Japan from multiple sources currency, exchange rates & convertor Interactive map Facts about Japan Latest tweets Travel wiki Photos from Japan    5 MB    Views 9333
news chinese audio english japan
+18    、聞いて見て、日本の最新ニュースをすべてお読みください。このアプリは、あなたがシンプルで使いやすいデザインですべて日本が通知し続けます。 特徴: 英語と中国語でのニュースや音楽を壊すことをもたらすために•ライブラジオ •英語と中国語で、複数のソースから集約ニュース 英語と中国語•ビデオとオーディオのポッドキャストチャンネル •いいえ購読料ん •バックグラウンドオーディオサポート •ユニバーサルアプリ(iPhone、iPodの、&計算) Listen, watch, and read all about the latest news on Japan. This app will keep you informed of everything Japan in a simple and easy to use design. Features: • Live radio to bring you breaking news and music in English and ...    21 MB    Views 2413
chinese search iphone restaurant guide japan
+13    "Japan Restaurant Guide for your smart phone" GURUNAVI iPhone app. is now available Find restaurants near by or search from area and cuisine. Try our iPhone app. to make restaurant search easier and faster Supported language(s): English, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional)    4 MB    Views 5962
nara historic kyoto journeys valley japan
-9    Embark on a video journey through the culture and history of Japan Join professor of anthropology and archaeology Dr. Dwayne L. Merry as he takes you through the cities and countryside of this exquisite land. Enjoy the rare privilege of ...    151 MB    Views 321

Tohoku Ramen

ramen restaurants japan
+3    Tohoku Ramen shows you different ramen restaurants in Tohoku region of Japan. In Tohoku Ramen, you can see info of ramen restaurants, also you can see comments of each restaurants. Then you can pick up the ramen restaurant which you ...    10 MB    Views 6877


Related Apps kanji cool japan selected japanese character favorite world button application
+1    This application helps you to find a really cool Japanese KANJI. Completely free of charge and iPhone5 compatible. Recently Japanese Kanji is significantly poplar in the world. You often spot a Tattoo with Kanji, don’t you? Kanji is any more worldwide character. However, some people ...    7 MB    Views 9830

Tokyo Subway

program zoom tokyo japan subway
+5    This program is the map of Tokyo Subway in Japan. I just needed this program when i was traveling in Japan. 8 languages are supported. Zoom in and Zoom out.    3 MB    Views 1523
hotel map search japan location day searches application region current
+15    TodaysHotel is an application that searches for reasonably priced hotels in Japan with sameday availability. You can examine the route to the hotel from the current position, to confirm the location near the street view. It can search by Current Location, Map, ...    4 MB    Views 2085
language sightseeing information spots spot setting application japan
+2    Burari will help you Sightseeing in Japan Burari is an application that provide information of sightseeing spots in the vicinity of you. The application is localized so you can get the information in language you choose. Through Burari you can get information of ...    9 MB    Views 1255

Kyoto Super Guide

trips trip kyoto application guide super information locations japan facility
-9    "Know Everything about Kyoto, Japan KYOTO SUPER GUIDE" If you are in Kyoto or planning to visit Kyoto, this application will act as an information center for you. This application gives all the information you need at a finger touch. What ...    6 MB    Views 2102

Japan Attractions

Related Apps attractions place japan find
+4    You will find tourist attractions attractions of Japan. From Hokkaido to Okinawa, we see 2020 places. I want to go to a place a little interesting. Now that you came here with much effort, I wonder if there is no place to see ...    5 MB    Views 5392
Related Apps hotel travel bali guide hotels japan local
+2    バリ島旅行 ホテルガイド 旅行するときにもっとも重用視されるのが、ホテルです。 特にバリ島は、星の数ほどホテルがあり悩んでしまうのが実際です。 このアプリは現地ホテルの最新情報が満載です。 今までの様な写真だけでは感じ取れない現地の空気感を動画で紹介するアプリです。 日本に居ながらバリ島を楽しんでいただくため、またこれからバリ島へ旅行するためのガイドとしての必須ツールです。 バリ島の観光スポット、ショッピング、ホテル、ヴィ ラ、レストラン、エステ&スパ、マリンスポーツ、クルーズ、ダイビング、ラフティング、などの情報を臨場感ある動画を混ぜてご紹介しています。 ホテル予約等は全てページ下のリンクから日本国内の代理店予約サイトに接続できあなたの部屋からでも日本語予約出来ます。 これを見れば一度はバリに行きたくなる!! This is a Guide of Bali hotel. The hotel is an important post is viewed best when you travel. Bali is the fact the hotel's suffering would have the number of stars in particular. The latest information on local hotels are ...    638 MB    Views 3951

News On Japan

news japan
0    Daily News on Japan in English; Business News, Economy, Stock Market, Politics, Society, Electronics; Includes maps of Japan and Tokyo trains.    2 MB    Views 8432
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