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+1    Looking for the best of Maui? Maui is chock full of diverse natural beauty and history. This famed Hawaiian island also offers an abundance of dining, shopping, activities, art, wellness, lodging and lots more. This App is your roadmap to ...    1 MB    Views 6394

ART Ticketing

art ticketing
+5    ART Ticketing provides a mobile ticketing solution for Anaheim Resort Transportation that includes ticket purchase, schedules and maps.    6 MB    Views 831
+21    Cinque Terre: Sea, Sun, Art, Culture and Cuisine. Off line app to better enjoy Cinque Terre The main features of this application are: Travel Guide organized in categories: Culture, Beach, Commercial Activities (Bars, Restaurants, Shopping) How to get around Cinque Terre information ...    22 MB    Views 7226

Travel Paris

+19    For centuries, Paris has attracted artists from around the world, arriving in the city to educate themselves and to seek inspiration from its vast pool of artistic resources and galleries. As a result, Paris has acquired a reputation as the ...    9 MB    Views 2675
+12    THE MOST COMPLETE ART TOUR GUIDE OF AMSTERDAM All museums All Galleries 1200+ represented visual artists All Art Events in town Where to buy your online tickets NAVIGATION All addresses and preset navigation. WHAT’S ON Exhibitions, openings, projects, etc. ENJOY ART    59 MB    Views 6183

SF Street Art

+17    Browse 600 photos and over 250 sites of street art in San Francisco This app concentrates on SOMA, Mission, Tenderloin, and Nob Hill areas. The images are all included in the application, but you need an internet connection to see the ...    86 MB    Views 8976


0    Welcome to Tubac, AZ: Where History Meets Art. Tubac was the first European Settlement in Arizona and was founded in 1752. Now, Tubac is an artists’ colony and features over eighty shops, galleries, and restaurants. Come to Tubac to enjoy the ...    1 MB    Views 9744


+1    The Curate LA app is your free definitive guide to the blossoming art scene in Los Angeles. Our list of upcoming art openings and exhibitions is always kept fresh by your omnipresent curator Shelley Holcomb and her team. This is the only ...    3 MB    Views 4729
tour art maine
+13    Take a selfguided tour of Brunswick, Maine. Follow the directions and see everything on an offline map with no internet connection required. This tour app will guide you to museums, art galleries, stores, restaurants, places of historical interest, parks, trails and where ...    29 MB    Views 2251
+21    St. Moritz Art Masters transforms the entire Upper Engadin for ten days into an international meeting point for art and art enthusiasts and unites the most diverse platforms. Every year galleries, institutions, curated special exhibitions, artist talks and workshops are ...    11 MB    Views 8313
-3    The official app guide to Winchester Cathedral. Explore over 15 centuries of worship, art, architecture and history. Discover the Cathedral's treasures, ancient and modern, on the Art and Architecture Trail. Go on your own spiritual journey on the Pilgrim Trail. ...    60 MB    Views 8617
-5    This is a fun and simple NYC app that tell you all the train times. It uses your phone GPS for quick station identification and a scroll bar for quick line change. You can view real time data for train ...    2 MB    Views 4725

Public Art

art images public street find graffiti
+15    Free until January 2015 Find street art anywhere with Public Art. Public Art pulls geotagged graffiti and street art images from around the world. Public Art has the largest active collection of images updated daily. You can find the images closest ...    2 MB    Views 4924
-1    Application officielle de la Biennale d’Art Contemporain de Lyon 2013. La XIIe Biennale de Lyon, intitulée "Entretemps... brusquement, et ensuite" se déroule du 12 septembre au 5 janvier 2014. L'application propose à la fois : L’audioguide de la Biennale présentant une centaine ...    15 MB    Views 5271
shopping art kauai
+11    Looking for the best of Kauai? You’ll find it here Kauai is called “The Garden Isle” because of it’s lush nature. Kauai is also lush with dining, shopping, activities, art, wellness, lodging and lots more. This App is your roadmap ...    1 MB    Views 8468

ART Hotel Ahlen

+1    ART HOTEL Die offizielle SmartphoneApp ist da Egal ob Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen oder Termine, alles landet direkt in der Hosentasche. Alle News bequem als PushNachricht erhalten. Natürlich ist ein Smartphone eben auch ein Telefon, so dass per Knopfdruck eine Verbindung ...    NAN    Views 7421


+5    Ticket4Art presents a very useful application for art and culture lovers.
The multimedia app of the specific museums are simple, innovative and rich in audio and video contributions.
 All venues are georeferenced on the city map and for each venue is ...    6 MB    Views 901

Paris City

paris art city cultural environment model
-6    Paris is Europe's largest city, is the world's one of the most prosperous city. Is located in northern France, the Seine in the West Bank, from the estuary (English Channel) 375 kilometers. Seine winds its way through the city, forming ...    1 MB    Views 3536
0    Barcelona is one of the nicest cities to visit. Its museums, theatres, art galleries and nightlife are of an impressive high standard. Besides that, this art and design centre has a lot of interesting sights to offer to its visitors. Features: ▪ Support ...    1 MB    Views 4142
work artist art
-8    Under Open Skies is a thirtykilometre long artistic journey between six towns in the urban community around BéthuneBruay whose purpose is to enhance the image of the outstanding sites in the area through the medium of art. An artist in residence ...    146 MB    Views 213
Related Apps art photos collection museums beautiful world
+7    Art Museums Collection is your guide into the world of beautiful art museums, with beautiful photos and detailed info. This is collection with must see famous art museums from all over the world. Features: Photos and details Zoom Gallery mode Quiz ...    127 MB    Views 9918
tour art artists studios open october visitors
-4    The 2012 Open Studios Art Tour will be on October 13 & 14 and October 20 & 21. Visitors will be able to visit artists countywide during both weekends ARTS Obispo's Open Studios Art Tour (OSAT) is one of the largest ...    3 MB    Views 7656
art collection century range national gallery masterpieces
+1    The National Gallery houses some 15,000 paintings, sculptures, works on paper and objects d’art dating from the early thirteenth century through to the midtwentieth century. The collection boasts an impressive range of masterpieces by artists from the major European schools of ...    86 MB    Views 2008

Art in Auckland

art auckland big city public private galleries
-5    Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand's cultural capital, Art in Auckland is presented by the NZ Contemporary Art Trust and Auckland's Big Little City. Art in Auckland presents the visual arts of Auckland covering public and private galleries and public artworks along ...    56 MB    Views 6852


+23    VSTORY ART – Every painting has a story to tell. Vstory is simple and easy to use: Download the free “VSTORY ART” app from the app store.    Point your smartphone at the exhibit Enjoy a variety of media and content    42 MB    Views 3901

Asian Art London

london map art browse asian galleries museums
+10    The Asian Art guide to galleries, auction houses and museums in London allows you to browse by name or category, for example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Contemporary. Use the built in map to easily find locations ...    54 MB    Views 5801

Torre Abbey

garden art abbey added torre
+5    Whether you want a companion to your trip around the abbey or to see highlights of Torquay's premier destination from home, this app will give an added dimension to the experience. Share this app with friends, or keep to yourself for ...    150 MB    Views 4234
+24    This is free art that attempts to show how people are connected to the earth. Here is the story of how I came across it... While taking on my current adventure I ended up staying at a permaculture farm in ...    6 MB    Views 9258
art paintings louvre guide museum developed travellers
+10    After collecting travellers info about the Louvre, we have developed this guide book based on visitors advice and stories. Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover the great master pieces of all centuries. Containing: Louvre History Do ...    84 MB    Views 9009
Related Apps art circus museum guide
+25    The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art tour guide. Five unique experiences, one amazing destination. Only on Sarasota Bay can you find an international art collection, the world’s largest circus miniature, a jewelbox Italian theater, historic banyans and thousands ...    21 MB    Views 3794

Artwork Hunter

artwork art hunter
-2    Artwork Hunter will show you all the public art in Brisbane, Australia. Explore the city, see amazing art and keep track of what you have seen.    768 kb    Views 6304

Chicago Art

art chicago explore
0    Explore Chicago's Public Art Each project is mapped out (and also in list form) with a photo and description. See what might be just around your corner or explore when you're out and around town New items added as they're discovered    6 MB    Views 412

The Met Challenge

challenge art met museum
+18    The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the greatest art museums in the world. But visiting can be daunting: with so much great art to see, how can you see it all? It's easy to tire yourself out by ...    10 MB    Views 2781
art milan guide 2015 find previews
-2    My Art Guide Art Milan 2015 is the ultimate guide to Art Milan. This is the one tool you simply can't do without My Art Guide Art Milan 2015 App is your survival kit that includes the nottobemissed Events, exhibitions, openings, press ...    4 MB    Views 917
hotel art peace
+13    This iPad App invites you to explore The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai and its innovative and original concept. An interactive overview makes it easy to navigate this imposing and magnificently restored building. Slide shows, photos and videos reveal the enchanting ...    367 MB    Views 6134

Auburn CA

art western states
-6    This is the OFFICIAL Auburn iPhone App sponsored by the Auburn Chamber of Commerce. Download it for FREE to discover all the great things to see and do in Auburn. The City of Auburn is considered one of the best places ...    5 MB    Views 7091


art city street great discover christchurch
+7    If you want to see all of the great street art around Christchurch this application will lead you directly to it. Start anywhere in the city and plot your path from one great piece of artwork to the next. Whilst ...    4 MB    Views 4755
+21    Welcome dear and beloved Art snob, thats Art with a capital "A." Do you know Rembrandt from Miro with a glimpse of the canvas? A Basquiat from a Pollock? Deagas from Monet? All the greats are here, waiting for you to uncover ...    37 MB    Views 4296
Related Apps art artists groups coverage interviews galleries
+17    Art in the Adirondacks is the first media company devoted solely to delivering news about the arts through its regional coverage of art events and interviews from artists who are inspired by the Adirondacks. The online magazine offers syndicated interviews, ...    10 MB    Views 4908
art vienna public current distance monuments objects
-2    Public Art in Vienna. All places of monuments, brasses, small sacral monuments and fountains in Vienna. Features ongoing updates of the current distance between your position and the objects integration to maps and navigation of iOS geographical search detailled information for ...    9 MB    Views 2980

Marble House

house art collection
-7    Built for Mr. and Mrs. William K. Vanderbilt, Marble House (18881892) is a social and architectural landmark that set the pace for Newport’s subsequent transformation from a quiet summer colony of wooden houses to the legendary resort of opulent stone ...    26 MB    Views 7169
-9    Art 展览日历由享誉全球的 The Art Newspaper 艺术新闻中文版出品,每周为你精心遴选最好的展览信息,助你开启全球艺术之旅。 在 iArt 展览日历 app 中,你可以—— 查看本地最新展览信息 关注你喜爱的艺术家的最新动态 收藏感兴趣的展览 邀请志趣相投的朋友一起看展 以及更多…… 如有任何意见或建议,欢迎发送邮件至。    10 MB    Views 5345
art 2014
-3    ◈ 提供城南藝事豐富資料,活動講座訊息,踩街地圖。 ◈ 您只需要帶著手機,即可輕鬆透過GPS、ibeacon定位等方式,找到附近的展館,享受優質的個人導覽服務。 ◈ 回家後,也能隨時透過足跡記錄來重新回溫精采的內容; 歡迎免費使用 【2014 城南藝事—漢字當代藝術展 】 【Taipei South Town Art Festival 2014 —The Contemporary Art of Chinese Characters 】 由中華文化總會策劃,以台北城南區域的中華文化總會、臺灣博物館南門園區、二二八國家紀念館、南海藝廊等八個展館及街區空間作為主要結點,透過街道散步與立體化的展演模式,打造具歷史及文化特色的藝術場域。本年度以漢字當代藝術為主題,探討當代藝術創作中有關漢字的書寫情境、閱聽載體、文本敘事等豐富內容,進而發掘台北城南的區域紋理,將之納入「城南」的地區書寫中。本展並結合書法店招、雲端共寫、詩人朗讀APP、導覽、現場表演等多樣化活動,整合區域內官方、民間單位及店家、社區里民等,形塑一場豐富活潑的藝術饗宴。    16 MB    Views 7284


art map events find beat
0    This is the official NY Art Beat app. • Nearby map to find events within walking distance • Most Popular list to find out what’s hot now • Bookmark events and invite your friends on Twitter or by email • Browse 600 exhibitions happening ...    3 MB    Views 9809

Tour Missoula

Related Apps art public
+6    Selfguided tours of the Missoula area, including Missoula Public Art and University Public Art. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.    66 MB    Views 9748

İstanbul Modern

art modern events exhibitions mobile
+13    İstanbul Modern hosts modern and contemporary art exhibitions and interdisciplinary events to share Turkey’s artistic creativity with wide audiences and promote its cultural identity in the international art world. İstanbul Modern Mobile App was designed to make your museum visits more ...    9 MB    Views 1498


art map
+4    Find and map the art around you: ArtAround is a budding social project to map art in D.C., San Francisco, Oakland and beyond. With ArtAround, not only can you search by the type of art or art venue you're looking for ...    9 MB    Views 8249

Caumont Art Centre

Related Apps art centre application visit
-3    Just a few steps from the cours Mirabeau, a new Art Centre opened its doors in the Hôtel de Caumont, a fully restored private mansion from the 18th century. Throughout your visit, discover daily life at the time of Pauline, ...    367 MB    Views 4846
art milan guide 2015 find previews
+13    This app is offline My Art Guide Art Milan 2015 is the ultimate guide to Art Milan. This is the one tool you simply can't do without My Art Guide Art Milan 2015 App is your survival kit that includes the nottobemissed Events, ...    66 MB    Views 3202
Related Apps art chinese gallery world information nsw
-7    Located in parklands overlooking Sydney Harbour and close to the city centre, the Art Gallery of NSW is one of the most beautiful art museums in the world and one of Australia's most popular art and cultural destinations. Australian and international ...    29 MB    Views 1186


art gallery visit modern
0    With the Gammanzoni App, you can take the Museum of Modern Art wherever you go. Plan your Visit, See the Art Photo Gallery and Note something important during your visit. Explore the Museum‘s worldclass collection of modern and contemporary art ...    269 MB    Views 8566
canadian art gallery smith
0    Welcome to The Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art's interactive app. Learn more about our organization, where we are and interact more directly with our current exhibitions and gallery through audio clips, visuals and more The Gordon Smith Gallery of ...    36 MB    Views 7621
Related Apps art street wise discover
+2    Street Wise is the best way to discover street and graffiti art murals, check out street art shows and find out where to buy art by street artists and spray paint.    1 MB    Views 1131

Photo Guide IV

photo art christmas prague dresden
+2    The application consists of 6 art books Photo Guides of popular touristic places in Czech Republic. Prague Prague in Winter Life somewhere in central Bohemia (Prague surroundings and villages) Christmas in Europe (Prague and Dresden in Christmas time) Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) Dresden Photo Art (Germany)    144 MB    Views 8514

Welly Walks

art wellington nature
0    Wellington is a cosmopolitan capital loved for its culture, coffee and cuisine. Explore museums, art galleries, nature, historical buildings, boutique shopping, awardwinning restaurants and cafes and much more, all within a compact downtown area that takes only 20 minutes to ...    11 MB    Views 8285
hotel business art design florence visitors location
+6    Design, art and business in a 4star Hotel in Florence. The Academy of Fine Art and the David statue are just round the corner The ideal location for business or leisure visitors, Hotel Athenaeum in Florence is where contemporary design, ...    3 MB    Views 2398


design art milan project cultural
+1    5VIE art + design is a territorial and cultural marketing project that aims at drawing attention to Milan old town. 5VIE is the real historic heart of Milan, from ancient origins till now it represents the cultural, artistic and architectural ...    12 MB    Views 7286
art paulo guide find 2014 previews
+12    My Art Guide São Paulo is the ultimate guide to São Paulo. This is the one tool you simply can't do without My Art Guide São Paulo 2014 App is your survival kit that includes the nottobemissed fairs, exhibitions, events, openings, press ...    21 MB    Views 3591

Rue de Seine

art galleries exhibitions
-7    All the information about Art Galleries and Exhibitions in the street "Rue de Seine" in Paris. → THE ONLY APP WITH EVERY ART EXHIBITION AND ART GALLERY IN RUE DE SEINE → MORE THAN 50 GALLERIES WITH CONTINUOUSLY UPDATED NEW EXHIBITIONS → COMPLETE ...    21 MB    Views 7097
art university auckland
+2    A walking tour around the campus of the University in downtown Auckland, taking in ten art works which are either in or around University buildings.    11 MB    Views 1763
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