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+14    Met deze app bent u volledig op de hoogte van de BP stations van Fuel Services Nederland. Naast het eenvoudig vinden van een benzinestation bij u in de buurt, vind u uitgebreide informatie en kunt u zelfs profiteren van mooie acties    NAN    Views 4032

Fuel Owe Calculator

+1    Calculate how much it will cost you in fuel to travel to a location Now includes Melbourne Tollways, return journey's and a taxi calculator.    2 MB    Views 4892


+4    Get the best fuel prices in Perth & regional Western Australia. Search by suburb, fuel type and travel further for less... + Get fuel prices for fuel stations around you + search by suburb/postcode + see fuel stations on map + navigate to fuel ...    12 MB    Views 4948
calculator airports miles
+13    This useful travel calculator App, will tell you the Statute Miles, degrees, Nautical Miles, and Kilometers between your originating and destination airports. Database with over 140 of the most traveled US airports    3 MB    Views 1375
Related Apps calculator currency
+2    It is very easy to use calculator with the ability to simultaneously operate with different currencies. You can set for yourself currency exchange rates or get them from Internet.    696 kb    Views 8106
+7    Cross Border Gas Savings Calculator converts /Gallon to ¢/Litre with today's exchange rate factored in. It calculates exactly how much you're saving on each fill up over the line and then stores this information in a log so you can ...    2 MB    Views 6569
Related Apps calculator tip
+4    The simplest and easiest handy tip calculator. You can in a matter of seconds find out how much you need to pay in tip.    2 MB    Views 6781


+13    Tankstops is a simple program to record your fuel stops. Once you have entered your vehicle(s) you can start recording. It asks for odometer, amount of fuel and the amount of money. It doesn't care if you use liters or gallons, or euros ...    531 kb    Views 21

Tackle Box

fishing calculator fish fuel based box catch
+20    One Fishing App to rule them all. Tackle box combines all of the best app based fishing tools into one fishing appzilla Features Include: · Fishing Calendar (provides a fish activity rating based on your current position) · Fishing knots (27 helpful knots) · ...    60 MB    Views 2232
+3    Do you travel a lot? Do you need to know the currency exchange rate? The all new iCurrency Converter Calculator lets you know how much you should get for your currency conversion. You simply type the amount, the source and destination currencies and ...    4 MB    Views 6041
+25    A weight and balance calculator for the Piper Navajo PA31310 and the PA31325 Colemill conversion. Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if ...    1 MB    Views 8271
weight calculator aircraft fuel gallons loading cargo limits
-5    A weight and balance calculator for the Piper Malibu PA46310P. Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if you are out of limits ...    615 kb    Views 1319
+4    Fuel Economy Calculator is also available for iPhone Is your car wasting expensive fuel? In these times of high fuel prices it's important to ensure your vehicle isn't using too much fuel. Buy Fuel Economy Calculator for iPad to monitor ...    22 MB    Views 1911

FuelMan NG

fuel load
+1    Fuel load calculator to assist in the correct fuel load on the Boeing 737NG    262 kb    Views 9234
calculator simple mpg
0    This is a simple MPG calculator that you can use quickly while at the pump.    221 kb    Views 4511

Fuel Pal

fuel pal track traveled
-6    Fuel Pal is an easy to use fuel log. It is a quick and way to track your fuel consumption and mileage. Fuel Pal will allow you to track your driving habits and the corresponding fuel efficiency. Quickly enter information at the ...    1 MB    Views 7651

Diesel Shark

shark diesel fuel
-7    Stop overpaying for fuel at the pump. Diesel Shark allows drivers to plan better routes, filter refueling stations along the way (by price, amenities or fuel type) and most importantly, save money. Diesel Shark is committed to empowering every driver ...    16 MB    Views 1265

Kraftstoff (Fuel)

fuel data fill csv
-8    'Kraftstoff' (Fuel) offers an uncluttered and elegant way to track your fuel economy. Cars: ○ Supports multiple vehicles (available as inapp purchase) Fillup: ○ On each refuel simply enter distance driven, fuel unit price and amount of fuel ○ Fuel data can be added and ...    5 MB    Views 4654
-6    It is very easy to use calculator with the ability to simultaneously operate with different currencies. You can set for yourself currency exchange rates or get them from Internet.    697 kb    Views 2109
calculator trip fuel calculate mileage cost
+24    Fuel Mileage Calculator given distance travelled and the amount of fuel needed to refill your tank you can calculate your MPG or l/100km. Over several refuelings you can determine how your fuel consumption is affected by your driving habits. You may find ...    141 kb    Views 8012
weight calculator aircraft fuel gallons cargo seneca limits loading
0    A weight and balance calculator for the Piper Seneca II PA34200T. Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if you are out of ...    663 kb    Views 8311

Gasoline Log

data fuel
+18    Gasoline is a simple gas purchase tracker, which stores all of your fuel purchases and uses that data to calculate your fuel efficiency. Send your data in CSV format by email    11 MB    Views 8172
ipad station flex fuel locator
-7    FlexFuel Station Locator for iPad is your source for the most up to date E85 station locations across the U.S. Find your nearest E85 station, get information about a specific station, get driving directions, and add your favorite stations for ...    740 kb    Views 7501
weight fuel max aircraft needed
0    + Supports most airplanes + Configure for any number of different aircraft + US & Metric + AvGas & JetA w/specific gravity + multiple fuel stations + option to enter fuel by weight instead of volume + max zero fuel weight (if needed) + optional perstation weight ...    664 kb    Views 4035
-5    This is a miles per gallon calculator Lite version, that calculates how fuelefficient your journey in your car has been. You enter the miles or the kilometres travelled, followed by your fuel consumption, then you press the calculate button and ...    220 kb    Views 3925


discount amount fuel locations
+28    Fill My Tank allows users to calculate dollar amount using 4c discount petrol vouchers available from participating stores. Features; Allows input of preferred amount to spend Fuel discount amount (4c, 8c or more) Discounted fuel locations Locations included    4 MB    Views 6964

SA Fuel Price

fuel price prices diesel
+4    Live updates of fuel price changes, economic factors and fuel price predictions. View the current petrol and diesel prices in South Africa. Wholesale diesel prices are quoted. Prices vary between fuel retailers. This should help you to better plan your ...    1 MB    Views 8230
+4    This is a miles per gallon calculator WITH NO ADS, that calculates how fuelefficient your journey in your car has been. You enter the miles or the kilometres travelled followed by your fuel consumption and then you press the calculate ...    77 kb    Views 9828
calculator money fuel gas flex price difficult mileage save cost
-6    In today's fluxuating fuel market, it is becoming harder for consumers to save money at the gas pumps. For those with flexable fuel engines there can be some relief. Since the gas mileage between Gasoline and E85 is different, it ...    306 kb    Views 546
fuel mpg average economy
-1    Track your fuel economy and the money you spend on fuel. Works for both L/100km and mpg. See average mpg, as well as, average mpg for each fill up.    3 MB    Views 9709
calculator home currency world rates
-9    Convert any currency of the world into your home currency with this fast and intuitive currency converter. Make sure you know what you are paying. Use Know Rates when traveling abroad, for online shopping and in your multicurrency operations. Find out ...    9 MB    Views 9058

Fuel Trackker

Related Apps tracker fuel fill data
+26    Fuel Tracker tracks your vehicle's fuel economy. It is simple to use. The application supports configuring multiple vehicles. To add fill ups, just enter odometer reading, date of fill up along with other data and the Fuel Tracker does the rest ...    1 MB    Views 8573

Fuels Calculator

calculator fuel price europe information cost currency united prices
+23    Journey Fuel Cost calculator estimates the total cost of fuel of a journey. You need to choose your country and fuel type (95, Diesel or LPG) to get the price of fuel or enter it manually. You also need to ...    2 MB    Views 3905

MPG Calculator

calculator mpg fill mileage
+14    This is a MPG Calculator that takes the mileage of your last fill up and the mileage and gallons of your current fill up, and computes the MPG for you.    2 MB    Views 7328
facebook fuel consumption
0    Converts between common fuel consumption units, including MPG(US/UK), l/100km, and km/l. For suggestions, feedbacks, and support, please follow us on twitter : EggerrStudio Fan us on Facebook : or email us :    557 kb    Views 5531

Quick Fuel

quick fuel
-5    Powerful Mobile App for finding Quick Fuel stations and pricing. Fastest fleet fueling anywhere.    16 MB    Views 4832
weight calculator aircraft fuel limits cargo loading seneca gallons
-2    A weight and balance calculator for the Piper Seneca III PA34220T. (only) Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if you are out ...    602 kb    Views 3932

MPG Calculator Lite

+12    Fuel consumption calculator that does exactly what you need You can enter liters and kilometers, or miles and gallons.    7 MB    Views 9072


gas fuel
+1    Gorivo is an app which locates the nearest gas station with the cheapest fuel for the fuel type you selected. It support gas stations in Thailand, Italy and Croatia from various distributors such as Shell, BCP, Esso, PTT, Ina and ...    NAN    Views 5440

Fuel Finder SA

fuel finder
+4    Fuel Finder allows you to find petrol, wherever you are in South Africa You can also get directions to any of the service stations in the app using your favourite maps app.    3 MB    Views 4627
calculator money car monitor ipad apps fuel economy vehicles cost journey average easy
+9    Fuel Economy Calculator for iPad also available, designed specifically for iPad Featured in The Sunday Times App List in the UK Recommended by Telegraph Money Recommended by Moneywise Magazine as one of 'the best apps to make your money ...    16 MB    Views 7153
Related Apps calculator tip
+27    This is an easy to use tip calculator. You can choose from a predefined percentage or enter your own percent you would like to tip. This calculator will also split the bill for multiple parties.    3 MB    Views 5984


fuel advice service popular
+18    The popular EFOY app appears in a new userfriendly design and presents more functions. The most popular feature of the EFOY app is the dealer locator. Here EFOY COMFORT users can find SFC fuel cartridges dealers in the area using ...    16 MB    Views 3050
trip calculator car trips fuel distance route button tap enter
+29    Introducing the fastest way to get the cost of your next trip in the car... Trip Fuel Calculator determines how much fuel it will take to get from A to B this is then used to display the trip cost. This app ...    720 kb    Views 4937

US Fuel Calculator

journey cost fuel
-6    Find out how much you can expect a journey to cost you. By entering your local fuel price and your cars miles per gallon (MPG) you can avoid surprise journey costs and budget your trip. Quickly see the cost of ...    3 MB    Views 2524
Related Apps calculator travel cost petrol fuel
+16    The Petrol Cost Calculator is fast and easy. Simply input the average fuel price, your vehicle's fuel efficiency and the travel distance. The calculator will find your cost per kilometer and total travel cost. This app is specifically for Canada, Australia, ...    1 MB    Views 282
fuel gallons
0    Thanks for checking out our app This app converts pounds to gallons to calculate fuel purchase reqirements. Use this app to determing gallons of fuel to add to each wing.    758 kb    Views 4607


Related Apps fuel consumption
+23    Keep track of your cars fuel consumption. Saves price and amount of fuel. Provides a good overview of the consumption of your car.    4 MB    Views 5833
Related Apps time calculator fast
+4    Fast Time Calculator: The fastest way to sum up different times. Perfect for flight books :) If you have any ideas for more helpful flying apps, let us know.    328 kb    Views 3188
calculator tip
+6    Are you going on a business trip? Bring along the Tip Ninjamaster to as a tip calculator The Tip Ninjamaster not only computes your tip but he also imparts knowledge on tipping/gratuity. This application is lightweight, accurate, easy to use and does ...    1 MB    Views 5755
discount calculator fuel box pump volume price amount cash spend
+26    Fuel Discount Calculator is a simple and elegant App designed to calculate the exact fuel/gas to fill when using discount vouchers, shopper dockets or coupons. The allinone interface works out the cash or volume amount you need to pump taking into ...    379 kb    Views 3192
weight calculator aircraft balance limits
-9    A weight and balance calculator for the C172RG Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if you are out of limits on ...    598 kb    Views 4594
gas fuel prices vehicle
0    It's happening again gas prices are on the rise due to world events and the hairtrigger responses of oil traders As of this publishing, in many cities, gas prices are 3.50 or more You can help protect yourself with ...    801 kb    Views 7378
weight calculator aircraft fuel gallons cargo 200 limits loading seneca
+3    A weight and balance calculator for the Piper Seneca I PA34200. Enter the weight (in pounds) for each position in the aircraft, and the amount of fuel (in gallons), and the calculator will let you know if you are out of ...    658 kb    Views 5662
+3    A fourfunction calculator that allows you to switch the keyboard to other numbering systems like Chinese, Roman, Korean, Greek, Hebrew, Arabic, Mayan, ASL, Braille, and others.    829 kb    Views 3356

Flex Fuel Saver

fuel flex saver price
-7    Flex Fuel Saver is a tool to compare the price of regular gasoline with the price of flex fuel (also known as E85) to see which is actually cheaper.    1 MB    Views 6189

My ETA Calculator

calculator eta
+9    My ETA Calculator is a basic time calculator. Just enter the distance value(mi)and the speed value(mph).Please download my app today. I will add more functionality soon    173 kb    Views 2391


Related Apps station fuel
+25    Download the Q8 app. So you can always drive straight to the Q8 station of your choice. Find Q8 fuel station. Search for a Shop & Go, Panos, restaurant, coffee bar or carwash. Clear overview opening hours, means of payment ...    NAN    Views 1437
weight calculator aircraft tip fuel loading cargo
+3    A weight and balance calculator for the Beech Bonanza A36. This calculator is for serial numbers E2111 and above, with Osborne tip tanks (1984 and on). If your aircraft does not have Osborne tip tanks, please use the app for ...    876 kb    Views 3683

Easy Tip Calculator

calculator tip bill add percentage split
-2    Tip Calculator is an extremely simple to use iPhone and iPod Touch application allowing to easily add a tip percentage and split your restaurant bills. You only need three gestures : Enter the amount of your bill Drag the Tip slider ...    84 kb    Views 849
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