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Bluebridge Church

+17    This is the official Bluebridge Church app from the developer Bluebridge Churches, LLC. This app serves as a live example of an app that Bluebridge can build for your church. The current mobile landscape gives churches the ability to reach more ...    15 MB    Views 7812
+10    Visit the birthplace of Jesus Christ from Home Take a 3D tour of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem as never before seen Follow the guided tour or navigate yourself and explore the one of the holiest site in ...    60 MB    Views 4542

Santhome Church App

+4    There are only three churches built over the tomb of an Apostle of Jesus Christ the Basilica of Saint Peter built over the tomb of St.Peter in Rome, Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela built over the tomb of St.James ...    6 MB    Views 6535

York Churches

churches city york
-1    York's church heritage is rich. Spanning at least seventeen centuries, churches have shaped and reshaped this historic city. Now you can explore the treasures and traditions of all of the city's churches with this GPS enabled tour of the city. ...    21 MB    Views 6184
0    A unique visual experience of St. Peter's Basilica Visit the most important church in the world. You can't miss St. Peter's Basilica and its numerous masterpieces. This unique guide will take you step by step through this spectacular monument and all ...    62 MB    Views 1504
-2    ╬ But unto the place which the LORD your God shall choose out of all your tribes to put his name there, even unto his habitation shall ye seek, and thither thou shalt come. Deuteronomy12:5 ╬ Church Map Version 1.0 offers the complete introduction ...    128 MB    Views 2937

Capri Island

art history villa capri island architecture church historic
-3    Capri Island is the new guide that not only takes you to all the island's sites of unique natural beauty, but also features the history, art, architecture and aspects of local lifestyle that have made Capri one of the most ...    99 MB    Views 5974
history church holy treasures hidden discover pilgrimage
+17    The parish church of Holy Trinity in StratforduponAvon, England is the church where Shakespeare was baptised and where he was buried. For centuries people have come from around the world to visit the site of his grave. But Holy Trinity ...    27 MB    Views 8935
tour art church historic minutes stop museum planet
-6    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of historic St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City. This historic Episcopal Church on Park Avenue is a repository of faith and art. Designed by Bertram Goodhue Jr., the church through its art is ...    128 MB    Views 6072
+5    Find Churches, mosques, and temples near YOU Worship Finder searches and navigates near by Temples, Churches, Mosques and General Places of worship around your location. You can search data for your current location or any other location around the world. FEATURES: Auto detect user ...    3 MB    Views 2395

Audioguida Napoli

tour naples city main church palace monuments
0    The RimontiTours audioguide stems from a decade of experience as tour guides and lets you discover the sites and monuments of the city of Naples. The Audioguida Napoli offers the opportunity to visit the city in total autonomy following ...    17 MB    Views 8821
Related Apps travel churches greece islands unique greek ancient beautiful
+18    Religious travel guide Monasteries and churches in Greece Greece is well known for its magical islands with its mesmerizing beaches. However, it is not often recognized for its countless historical churches and monasteries that date back to over 1000 A.D. ...    30 MB    Views 9853
paris ipad notre dame architecture monuments church religious
+22    Upon This Rock™, Exploring Church Art and Architecture, is a mindful look into famous and inspiring religious monuments of western culture. We are going to enrich your church visiting experience and improve your knowledge of the history of religious monuments. Notre ...    15 MB    Views 4252

NYC - Grace Church

Related Apps tour church grace minutes planet museum
-3    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of Grace Episcopal Church on East 10th St. in New York City. Consecrated in 1846, Grace Church was designed by James Renwick Jr. Grace was an outgrowth of Trinity Church and it was ...    65 MB    Views 8631
search catholic churches directory church mass times
+19    The Catholic Directory App will help you quickly find the nearest churches, Mass Times, websites, maps, directions, bulletins, and other important information. This version of the Catholic Church finder is FREE of charge and a complete redesign based on user ...    6 MB    Views 5021
provence heritage les church architecture avignon
-2    Christianity in Provence brought persecution and conflict. From the first century AD, it also inspired remarkable legends, historical celebrations and imposing architecture. Archaeological excavations in the Luberon Valley at Merindol reveal the terrible carnage from the wars of heresy and religion ...    648 MB    Views 2940
Related Apps guide historical churches taxi boat shops local lot
+7    FIRST EVER ALLINONE TOURIST APP FOR SKRADIN With just a few taps you can find yourself a place to eat or even sleep. You can check out local churches, historical statues, museum and lot more. You can call a taxi, or ...    15 MB    Views 1517
email search latin mass traditional address finder listings phone church
+23    Traditional Latin Mass Finder Are you a lover of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, also known as the Traditional Latin Mass? The Traditional Latin Mass Finder helps you to find Latin Masses close to your area. You can search on ...    11 MB    Views 6312

Nerja AudioGuide

+17    ¡¡¡Discover Nerja Complete audio guide of the most interesting places of Nerja (Malaga, Spain). Audio guide produced by professional scriptwriters and narrators. Audios and images are included in the application and no data connection is needed to play the audio tour. Easy ...    13 MB    Views 1972

Gothic Church Organ

piano music keyboard camping ipad play sounds church played start settings hands
+5    This app makes the sounds of a gothic church organ in the palm of your hands. It comes with 24 musical keys with two octaves so that you can play with both hands Amazing to use on the iPad Can ...    28 MB    Views 1086
berlin historic wall moments church version lite
0    This application is a Lite version of Timetraveler The Berlin Wall Augmented. Get the full version to witness more stunning historic moments along the Berlin wall. TIMETRAVELER transforms your mobile device into a window to the past. The app guides you ...    58 MB    Views 9991
church discover saint share listen 300 visit phone des
-4    The church of Saint Germain des Prés: the official guide. – english speaking version . (Wifi recommended free access in the church code: sgp) Visit at your pace one of the oldest churches of the capital. Discover marvels which wait for you ...    24 MB    Views 6570

Let Me Worship

Related Apps gps worship location nearest places mosques data world works churches
-6    Do you ever asked people in between journeys ' Where is the nearest church ?' , ' Where is the nearest Mosque ?' , ' Where is the nearest Temple?' Here is the solution. Let me worship searches and navigates near by ...    4 MB    Views 8247

Turismo Ecija

time news city attractions churches main museums show discover
+1    Discover the city of Ecija with the new App for iPhone, application Ecija Tourism is the best way to discover the heritage of the city through augmented reality. The area of tourism and business development of HE. Ecija City Council wanted ...    13 MB    Views 1496
-3    You're practicing Christian? Or are you a tourist looking for ancient churches? Free Get this app now With iChurch, you can: Search all churches, parishes, churches and cathedrals in your area Look through the appropriate search bar, the churches in the ...    4 MB    Views 7244

Noto Barocca

city guide palaces churches world culture area heritage
-8    OFFICIAL GUIDE OF NOTO in italian and english edition soon available in japanese The first part of this guide presents the city of Noto and takes you step by step along an approximately 4hour tour starting from the central Piazzale Marconi. We ...    27 MB    Views 2153
Related Apps tour church site augustine
+7    St.Augustine's Church sits on the most ancient, peaceful and historic site in the city of Derry/Londonderry. There has been a church on the site from the foundation of Columb's first abbey, founded in 546AD. The church site and its long and ...    19 MB    Views 108
+27    TIMETRAVELER transforms your mobile device into a window to the past. The app guides you to historic locations along the Berlin Wall and shows you what you would have seen if you had stood there shortly after the Berlin Wall ...    58 MB    Views 2930

Attractions Israel

theatre holidays israel world church mosque national jerusalem museum
-2    Israel is the only country in the world where life revolves around the Hebrew calendar. Work and school holidays are determined by the Jewish holidays, and the official day of rest is Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath. Israel has the highest number ...    9 MB    Views 1577
art calendar social tour time royal palace churches visit guide interest
+16    Did you know that in the 18th century, Charles of Bourbon decided to move his court to Caserta and make it the new administrative capital of the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily? Or that the Reggia, the Royal Palace of ...    6 MB    Views 8972

Christian World

photos family world christian beautiful places nearby churches cathedrals
+1    View photos of churches, cathedrals, frescoes, and other Christian places anywhere in the world. Church exteriors and interiors, altars, stained glass. Beautiful Familysafe. Hundreds of millions of photos taken from public archives. Choose a location and see churches and cathedrals located ...    10 MB    Views 7008
videos art tour home audio artwork virtual cathedral milan visit informative church complete
+30    THE BEST ITALIAN ART AT YOUR FINGERTIPS This is a premier iOS App that provides information on the Milan Cathedral, and much more.  Milan Cathedral (known locally as the "Duomo”) is the largest cathedral church in Italy and one of the most ...    297 MB    Views 1893

Naples Tour

Related Apps spanish french tour rental naples interest points visit city discover descriptions churches
+30    Naples is a city full of wonders with a historical / artistic unique heritage, a mix of colors, history, art, food, habits and traditions that hardly find elsewhere. "See Naples and then die" means to discover the beauty that will leave ...    29 MB    Views 8863

Antwerp Mini Guide

Related Apps map attractions antwerp guide list church museum mini tab hall
+13    If you are looking for attractions in Antwerp, Antwerp Mini Guide is right for you. Antwerp Mini Guide is your personal guide to help you explore the best attractions in Antwerp. We provide the list of best attractions in Antwerp here. In each ...    6 MB    Views 1533

Hofkirche Luzern

Related Apps tour history church parish attractions events pictures
+30    The Hofkirche in your pocket a guided tour of a church has never been easier This church guide will explain the history of the Hofkirche and its attractions as well as the immediate surroundings of the collegiate and parish ...    55 MB    Views 9879

Speyer Cathedral

Related Apps tour history cathedral information church unesco heritage world site visitor
+12    Speyer Cathedral: the official App Visitor information, tour, history, and key players. Comprehensive firsthand information concerning the Speyer Cathedral. Facts, pictures and audio extracts provide insight into the cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Authorized by the Speyer Cathedral chapter, this app ...    31 MB    Views 2429
church application details page ireland finder updated
+4    Adventist Church Finder is a simple but useful application in locating SeventhDay Adventist Churches across the UK & Ireland. The application plots each and every Adventist church in the UK & Ireland on the builtin map. Features also include locating your current ...    2 MB    Views 207

Budapest Mini Guide

-9    If you are looking for attractions in Budapest, Budapest Mini Guide is right for you. Budapest Mini Guide is your personal guide to help you explore the best attractions in Budapest. We provide the list of best attractions in Budapest here. In each ...    7 MB    Views 4359

Church World

Related Apps churches location turn church locations showing
-4    Explore and experience a journey of discovery in history, architecture and faith invested in a remarkable group of open churches that have been offering a warm welcome to visitors and pilgrims for many centuries. Find a church,cathedral, basilicas and mosque location ...    6 MB    Views 3548

Church Finder

church finder nearest catholic
+24    Church Finder is an easy way of locating the nearest Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. You can either search by the state or by the time of mass that you would like to attend. Church Finder ...    6 MB    Views 9369
history wildlife trail trails john
+7    The SS Mary and John Churchyard app is a mobile guide which will take you on a tour of selected interest points. This churchyard not only contains a wealth of memorials and history; it is also managed to create an oasis for wildlife, ...    9 MB    Views 2030


churches find type based mass catholic
+3    Communion is an international Catholic church and mass discovery app. Communion allows you to map nearby Catholic churches and mass times. Find masses based on language, type or day. Find churches based on type and distance. Additionally, view photos of ...    2 MB    Views 9210

StrollOn Venice

audio gps art venice guide churches cafes guides start walk
+30    The Strollon audio guides are the best ways to see Venice. Our tours go to the famous places and the secret squares of this beautiful city. We tell you about the palaces, churches, cafes and shops of Venice that are ...    4 MB    Views 2275

Visita Iglesia

media cebu digital tourism churches visita religious information
+12    Visita Iglesia is your mobile guide to heritage churches and religious structures in Cebu. This app is part of the nationwide Digital Tourism program of telecommunications leader Smart Communications, Inc. and Cebubased new media startup InnoPub Media. The church component of ...    8 MB    Views 1372

Churches of Venice

churches venice entrance pay places
-4    The churches of Venice are places of culture and expressions of art.There are more than 150 churches in Venice and its surrounding islands, inside you can discover artistic elements from many different artists and historic times.The entrance into the churches ...    963 kb    Views 6612

Ein Karem

audio tour map ein church tracks guide village
+2    Tour with us the charming Ein Karem village This Audio Guide app provides a twohour tour with a map and audio tracks. With this app you can enhance your visit to Ein Karem for less than the price of two cups of coffee. Discover ...    27 MB    Views 9764
berlin church guide magnificent offline developed 100 visitor access
+11    After collecting travellers info about Berlin and its Cathedral we have developed this guide book based on visitors advice and stories. Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover this magnificent place. Containing: Introduction Evangelical Church in Germany ...    60 MB    Views 3651
travel trip time tour drink food social maps wildlife guide sightings journal bear
0    The Churchill Travel Guide app is designed specifically for guests visiting Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, enhancing your experience of the community's wildlife, culture, cuisine and living history. Churchill Travel app is your travel guide, curator of wildlife sightings, trip journal and channel ...    60 MB    Views 3884
mass order church find
+21    This app allows you to: Find a church near your current location Follow along during mass with the order of mass Order of Mass different languages coming soon Reference prayers such as act of contrition and the rosary If you like this app and wish ...    698 kb    Views 9061
nevada sierra attractions mountains villages churches device
0    The Sierra Nevada Mountains in augmented reality More than 2,400 peaks and volcanos referenced in the Sierra Nevada (USA) mountains as well as passes, lakes, glaciers, villages, churches, chapels, attractions, etc. When looking at the Sierra Nevada mountain range, who has not ...    46 MB    Views 6377
history guide petersburg russia offline church city complete 100
-8    Visitors guide for travellers looking to discover and visit St Petersburg and its Church of the Savior on Blood Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover this great place. Containing: Introduction History History of the parish temple ...    40 MB    Views 514
travel tour marketing tourism conference hampshire annual industry council landing church
+8    This mobile app for the New Hampshire Governor’s Conference on Tourism contains: •Session Schedule •Build My Agenda •Sponsors •Award Announcement •Social and Web Links •Conference Center Floor Plan •LOON CALL 38th Annual New Hampshire Governor's Conference on Tourism, to be held May 5 and 6, 2014 at Church Landing ...    12 MB    Views 6750

Visit Churches

Related Apps facebook twitter churches visit find historic share friends add events
+16    Visit Churches The Churches Conservation Trust Step into historic England. Find inspirational churches to visit wherever you are Discover The Churches Conservation Trust’s beautiful collection of historic churches throughout England’s countryside, cities and towns. Explore 1000 years of stunning architecture, art and English ...    16 MB    Views 2014

ChurchFinder Canada

church canada
-4    Church Finder is a Christian church search engine powered by Yellow Pages. Use it to find local churches across Canada.    3 MB    Views 9894
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+14    Tour the exciting city of St. Augustine with Smart Walking Tours The Smart Walking Tours St. Augustine Tour is a self guided smartphone tour application that brings you to all the popular St. Augustine sites at a fraction of the ...    40 MB    Views 9856

Zaragoza AudioGuide

audio tour market zaragoza museum city church bridge del guide walking
+2    ¡¡¡Discover Zaragoza city Download the audio guide of Zaragoza city and make the most of your visit, one of the most historic, beautiful and fascinating cities of Spain. Complete audio guide of the most interesting places of Zaragoza City (Spain). Audio guide ...    18 MB    Views 1447

Ancient Syria

history jesus age oldest country ancient syria share church knowledge called
-4    As French archaeologist André Parrot who discovered Mari said "Every man has two homelands his own and Syria". Delve into the ancient history of Syria. With over 13 millennia of civilization to explore, enjoy over 150 archaeological and ancient cities ...    81 MB    Views 750
santa urban food artistic della fortress offers attractions churches main important villa del
+12    Immersed in the Pò valley, the province of Cremona is a borderland area between Lombardy and Emilia Romagna. This rich agricultural land offers visitors seeking particular tourist attractions countless treasures: churches, villas, castles and parish churches scattered in the main ...    24 MB    Views 5016

Naples Tour Lite

spanish french tour rental naples points city interest visit distance churches museums restaurants type
-1    Naples is a city full of wonders with a historical / artistic unique heritage, a mix of colors, history, art, food, habits and traditions that hardly find elsewhere. "See Naples and then die" means to discover the beauty that will leave ...    30 MB    Views 7579
nevada sierra mountains attractions churches peak information villages
-5    The Sierra Nevada Mountains in augmented reality More than 2,400 peaks and volcanos referenced in the Sierra Nevada (USA) mountains as well as passes, lakes, glaciers, villages, churches, chapels, attractions, etc. When looking at the Sierra Nevada mountain range, who has not ...    45 MB    Views 9910
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