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+1    Official guide to the city of Torremolinos. A basic tool to know and enjoy all the leisure and cultural events offered by this municipality. This application has been made by the city hall of Torremolinos.    10 MB    Views 1414

Weather City

+6    Easily display the weather of any city with a forecast of two days. Specify only the name of the city and the weather will be displayed. The appication saves your last search to display it at the next launch.    10 MB    Views 7222


+2    Take a quick look at what Romanian capital Bucharest is all about these days. We'll take a quick tour through the Old City Center, then marvel at the wide range of old buildings we can see: some beautifully restored, others ...    10 MB    Views 66


-1    Informed Tourism: Discover, Listen and Live the city of Gaeta We advice you to use earphones for listening better the contents of the sections “ History & Art”, “Nature &Beaches” and “Taste and Traditions” . We suggest to inform you on the ...    4 MB    Views 4355

New York City (NYC)

+1    Best offline Transport maps for New York City You can find Subway maps,Rail maps,Bus maps Simple user interface with HD support Compatible with iPhone5 and iPad2    11 MB    Views 3695

City Fever

0    Best places in the city in the palm of your hand. Choose how you want to spend your free time and we'll take you there. We know where you should be. Discover London, New York City and soon coming Cleveland. ...    10 MB    Views 8105


+17    A Quick Convenient One Push App that brings the City Alive when your on the Go 100% Ad Free. This Delightful nofrills App get you to and around Battery Park City, Manhattans closest Suburbia. Enjoy    2 MB    Views 9805
square city
+3    It’s Hip to be Square in the charming historic city of Marietta, Georgia. This metro Atlanta city is filled with unique boutiques and specialty shops, a wide variety of dining options from outdoor cafés to upscale bistros and fascinating attractions. ...    28 MB    Views 4308
-2    Discover the cities of United States by pointing your device around you. Search for specific city and follow the indications on screen. Get extended information by selecting a city.    3 MB    Views 7257

City of Monroe Ohio

0    The City of Monroe was founded in 1817 and we are very proud with what it has grown to today. The City of Monroe is working towards being one of the, if not the best, 21st Century Community. Monroe still ...    22 MB    Views 9433


bookings city wide
-4    City Wide Taxis are one of the largest privatehire companies in Portsmouth. As part of our ongoing progression we can offer this free to download APP and once you have registered with us you will be able to do the ...    15 MB    Views 7527


+10    "城市公車City Bus"為您顯示到站時間 除了針對通勤族設計的界面,更兼顧了視覺的亮眼設計, 看起來舒服又好用,是通勤族的最佳選擇!!! 預計未來會慢慢加入基隆市、桃園市、台中市、高雄市等台灣大城市喔,成為名副其實的城市公車City Bus 下載後有任何問題歡迎透過我們內部的回報系統反應,讓我們一起把城市公車變得更好!    11 MB    Views 16
-6    Make the most of your time in London. Our app provides you with a complete city guide; an interactive map with recommended sights, sounds, eats and drinks from our staff and guests. Book your tickets to any attraction or show. Updated ...    9 MB    Views 8632


city selected
+18    Its package of 42 cities and tourist places. For Each city you can surf ATM, Bank,Police Station, Hospital, Doctors, Pharmacy and lot more near by the selected city. You can check 10days weather for selected city.    5 MB    Views 3626


city benidorm
-1    Official app of Benidorm town You will discover the city: Learn the city as a local and know all the secrets What's on The best routes in the city to eat, trekking and party Usefull phones and more. . . It ...    3 MB    Views 1390

Welcome to..

search city town
-3    With just one click "Welcome to..." tells you all about the city were you are. Also local news and Wiki search, that is you can look for anything in the whole world. Just add your search word in the Wikipedia ...    1007 kb    Views 8487


colonial city
-3    We invite you to discover the most colonial city in which the colonial style and it’s churches dazzle around the historical sites. here you will find a guide of attractions and services to fall in love with the prettiest. 100% offline access Atraccion ...    71 MB    Views 6488

City of St. George

george city
+10    The official app of the City of St. George, Utah is one stop shop for residents and visitors who want access to community information and services at a glance. This intuitive tool makes it easy to locate a park, report ...    143 MB    Views 6825


+27    Complete guide of Otranto city, the surroundings and Salento, with info about monuments, activities, services and the section of the local administration of the city.    53 MB    Views 6430


city okinawa
-7    Can you take 100 points? Do you know that in Okinawa? Okinawa Exam is a Quiz app for Okinawa. Your answer in 3 selected the 10 questions. Thanks for the cooperation. NahaCity YomitanVil. TomigusukuCity ItomanCity HabaruTown    3 MB    Views 8542

UK Visitor Guides

-7    Kingfisher Media produces beautifully designed, highquality city guides which are available in leading hotel rooms in cities across the UK and Ireland. For those enjoying a city break, or staying for business, the guides offer a wealth of information on ...    4 MB    Views 6717

OC Rental Finder

rental ocean city
+15    Ocean City NJ Rental Locator. Find your next vacation in Ocean City today.    108 kb    Views 6734


-8    CMRG is a Cultural and Touristic guide to the city of Ribeira Grande in São Miguel Island, Azores. It provides the visitor with all the relevant information and tools to enjoy the City    83 MB    Views 820

UK Augmented Cities

Related Apps city cities
+4    Discover the cities of United Kingdom by pointing your device around you. Search for specific city and follow the indications on screen. Get extended information by selecting a city.    6 MB    Views 5324

Hôtel Gallia

+5    The Hotel Gallia welcomes you in Grenoble city center, near the A & C tramway lines, in the heart of the city's animations. Our team is happy to welcome you in a newly refurbished setting offering excellent value for money. Book ...    11 MB    Views 129


-4    UrbanWonderer Audio Tours are the perfect selfguided way to discover New York City. This free iPhone app offers a wealth of indepth, and often inside, information on the sights, the neighborhoods, the restaurants, and the nightlife that make this city ...    11 MB    Views 3899

City Of Redlands

-3    Tour Redlands City    4 MB    Views 9197

Al Ain Maps

0    Map application for Al Ain City also known as the Garden City of UAE, showing tourist attractions, locations, parcels etc. Developed by Spatial Data Directorate Al Ain.    8 MB    Views 138
+6    Download this app to find local DeSoto News & Events, view the current City Council Agenda, report an issue, get a garage sale permit and much more.    20 MB    Views 2149

Breda - Nassaustad

+4    Breda, a sparkling, lively Brabant town with a charming, historic city center. The rich past (Breda is a Nassau city par excellence) and the vibrant present flow seamlessly into each other. You can go trendy shopping, admire the beautiful monuments ...    327 MB    Views 3637


+8    appOgeo is a free CITA (City & Travel Assistant) that enables using mobile and desktop devices either on or off line, easily plan, book and share just about every aspect of a leisure or business trip as well as organize ...    NAN    Views 4148

City Windows

city windows
-1    City Windows Istanbul Offical Program    6 MB    Views 820

SO!Berlin iGuide

Related Apps city berlin guide
+2    SO BERLIN City Guide is an insider guide. Whether you visit BERLIN for business or vacation, alone, with your family or with friends, our authors bring you the best eating, shopping and cultural adresses of the city. Features : Editorial content Offline ...    12 MB    Views 3088

AAA City Cab

aaa cab city
+17    AAA City Cab Taxi Service    969 kb    Views 4807


-3    Spherie is PacMan like game. But this time, your moves in streets of your city are necessary for collecting Spheres. And sometimes, cherry appears ;). So be prepared for fun in your city. Every 14 days is generated new playground for your ...    7 MB    Views 7160
+13    서귀포시 관광지 음성안내시스템 App은 서귀포시를 찾아주신 국.내외 관광객분들에게 편의성을 제공하고자 관광지 소개, 해설, 관련 설화등 다양한 컨텐츠를 한국어, 중국어, 일어, 영어 등 4개국 언어로 음성화 하였습니다. 천혜의 자연경관을 자랑하는 서귀포시를 별도의 통역없이 각종 스마트기기를 이용하여 손쉽게 접할 수 있습니다. Audio service ...    10 MB    Views 8031


Related Apps city berlin guide
-5    SOBERLIN City Guide is an insider guide. Whether you visit BERLIN for business or vacation, alone, with your family or with friends, our authors bring you the best eating, shopping and cultural adresses of the city. Features : Editorial content Offline city ...    12 MB    Views 9829

Urnsit Dublin

+5    Urnsit Dublin is your Urban Tranist buddy for the city of Dublin, Ireland. This version will allow you browse the city's traffic cameras.    958 kb    Views 7108
-2    Amazing and unique, the best way to see and know Lisbon from the most emblematic lookout of the city. Intuitive and easy to use, the application shows you information about the most attractive places and monuments of the city through simply ...    36 MB    Views 7322

Bursa City Guide

turkey city
+3    Bursa is a city in northwestern Turkey it lies in Western Asia. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most industrialized metropolitan centers in the country. In Bursa application, you will find a lot of ...    2 MB    Views 5518
cannes city guide
+4    Welcome to Cannes Whether or not you are a regular in Cannes, we will do our utmost to welcome you and give you the keys to the city. Here, you can enjoy our art of living in all its dimensions. More than ever, ...    19 MB    Views 5820


+5    Liege is the official application of the City of Liege It allows you to get informed about the many opportunities the city proposes to its visitors and its inhabitants. Restaurants, hotels, events, administration services, heritage ... would have no more secrets for ...    24 MB    Views 5494

So!Paris iGuide

Related Apps paris city guide
+3    SO PARIS City Guide is an insider guide. Whether you visit PARIS for business or vacation, alone, with your family or with friends, our authors bring you the best eating, shopping and cultural adresses of the city. Features : Editorial content On line city ...    3 MB    Views 4427

Ticies City Owner

-4    Specific App for City Owners on Ticies. With it you can manage your city, accept or reject photos and suggestions of new places and even register a new place.    1 MB    Views 2145

New York City!

Related Apps city york
+7    New York City is a great app for visitors and locals alike with online and offline maps, live webcams, things to do, places to see. It will make the hectic hustle and bustle of The City a little easier to ...    1 MB    Views 6624
+14    Come stay with Park City Vacation Rentals Contact us at    2 MB    Views 1415

Salou al mòbil

+1    Salou Mobile allows you to explore and discover all the activities , attractions, museums and tourist routes of the city. You can also look up the cultural agenda and the news of the city. We provide you with a list ...    11 MB    Views 3004


city guide
+8    SOLondres CITY GUIDE is an insider guide. Whether you visit London for business or vacation, alone, with your family or with friends, our authors bring you the best eating, shopping and cultural adresses of the city. Features : Editorial content Embedded city map ...    15 MB    Views 4493

Rome City

rome city place
0    If we evaluate the number of kind words of a city, Rome out welldeserved first place on the list. Rome, Caput Mundi (capital of the world), the eternal city, all roads are achieving the same place, 2500 years tourists have ...    2 MB    Views 6728

Bolsward City Guide

guide city
+8    Met de gratis Bolsward City Guide heb je Bolsward letterlijk altijd en overal bij de hand.    18 MB    Views 8916

Hotel Timisoara

Related Apps hotel city
+18    Hotel Timisoara is the biggest hotel in town, offering 191 rooms and 18 appartments. The guests benefit from its priviledged location, in the very heart of the city. The hotel public spaces house a significant collection of Romanian contemporary art. Recently redecorated ...    3 MB    Views 8853

Park City Utah

Related Apps park utah city
-7    A comprehensive travel app for Park City, Utah and surrounding area. It will provide updated information on things to do, ski resorts, lodging, restaurants, activities, upcoming events, real estate and local businesses.    37 MB    Views 2499

Sea Isle City

sea city isle
+17    Everything you need to plan your Sea Isle City, NJ vacation and more...This app gives you an all inclusive look at everything Sea Isle City has to offer. Places to Eat Attractions & Things to Do Shopping Specials Upcoming Events ...    2 MB    Views 5732


+18    You can walk the old city of Lhasa (the central city of Tibet). This contains 7,343 photos taken in 2007 at Lhasa. ལྷ་སའི་སྐོར་ལམ། བོད་ཀྱི་སྟོད་ཉི་མ་ལྷ་སའི་གནའ་བའི་སྲང་ལམ་རྐང་ཐང་དུ་བསྐོར་བ་བྱེད་ཐུབ། ༢༠༠༧ལོར་ལྷ་ས་ནས་པར་བརྒྱབ་པའི་འདྲ་པར་༧༣༤༣ལྷག་འབྲེལ་ཐུབ།    26 MB    Views 8167
-1    A guided tour to the beautiful city of Copenhagen. You will be given directions to key attractions and read more about them when you arrive. Will only work in Copenhagen, Denmark.    44 MB    Views 2944

Dallas 311

dallas city 311
0    Dallas 311 provides access to nonemergency City Services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Use this application to report graffiti, weeds, and other problems to the city.    5 MB    Views 2088

Nevada City

+5    Nevada City was called the “Queen of the Northern Mines”, the richest and most attractive of all the California 49er gold mining towns. Today, Nevada City is a dream getaway that is charming, historic and sophisticated. Popular annual events include The ...    1 MB    Views 4461

iCicero Terracina

+1    The virtual guide of the city of Terracina Faithful travel companion, icicero will let you discover the most meaningful places of terracina, among short stories and curiosities. Full of multimedial meanings and exclusive pictures, it will reveal all the small hidden ...    78 MB    Views 7011

ATL City Limo

-5    This app will serve users for the reservations of the ACL City Limousines. User will be provided with the graphical interface for the smooth and easy reservation of the taxi service.    11 MB    Views 8215


-4    Welcome to Tripadoo A free mobile city guide that provides all information needed for your personal city trip Apart from several helpful facts regarding the highlights of the city composed by your local host, this application enables you to book attraction ...    17 MB    Views 1801
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