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+7    Connect with with others through shared experiences. Journey uses locations tags on photos, as well as the locations you tell us in Journey, to find other people that have been to the same places as you. Whether you are looking ...    53 MB    Views 7287

Wine World Connect

wine connect world
+24    The Wine World Connect app is designed to educate and connect wine enthusiasts around the globe    NAN    Views 8618
+5    « Verbier Connect » is the new official application of Verbier Tourisme and of TéléVerbier. This application, which is a true touristic guide providing all services you may require, such as informations on the ski slopes and ski lifts, weather forecast, ...    85 MB    Views 8650
+13    GAS is a mobile ridesharing app making connecting with others easy and convenient. It brings carpooling to the 21st century by allowing justintime connections with others traveling to the same destination. Whether a personal car, rental car or taxi, connect ...    6 MB    Views 4930


news friends connect events important world stay
+17    Unleash your inner voyeur. Be curious. Explore your world and others all through one app. Kankan does more than keep you in touch; it helps you connect to your world. It is the world’s first app of its kind, a single ...    40 MB    Views 3143

Connect Staff

+4    Your guests deserve the best of what your hotel has to offer. Use Connect Staff to share hotel services, connect with hotel guests, and share great local experiences. Connect is a new and powerful tool for enabling hotel guests to connect ...    9 MB    Views 2289

LP Wines

-4    The LPVA app will connect you with Michigan's oldest and largest wine trail. The 20 wineries of the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail are each unique and dynamic, and this free tool will help you connect with the wineries and businesses ...    6 MB    Views 2991
people notes specific terms www privacy spot connect
+4    Foxtrot is a new way to connect with interesting strangers you spot on the New York City Subway. Write notes for people who catch your eye or who you run into but didn’t link up with. Browse others’ notes or ...    7 MB    Views 9930
conservation connect meet
+8    Want to meet more volunteers helping with conservation issues in Australia or New Zealand? Download the app and invite individuals or a group to join an upcoming or existing conservation project, a fun or important volunteering event or opportunity, visit ...    22 MB    Views 8848


-4    Travel the world and instantly connect with solo travellers who want to see and do the same things as you within a specific location. Whether it’s to meet up for social, sightseeing or professional meetings, or even to just share a ...    5 MB    Views 470
tickets connect capital refunder
+3    First Capital Connect refunder makes it easy to refund your First Capital Connect tickets either daily or season tickets right from your iPhone / iPad Please note we're not affiliated in any way with First Capital Connect.    1 MB    Views 9121
social connect friends
-5    GoTrip is the best social network to connect with other travelers all around the world, and it is free and easy to use.
 Discover new adventure travels and meet different people.
 Create your own adventures and connect with likeminded individuals ...    4 MB    Views 9308

FON Romania

wifi connect automatically hotspots
+2    Automatically log in to Fon WiFi wherever you go Fon is the world's largest WiFi network. Fon makes it easy to get your smartphone, tablet and any other WiFi device, connected to WiFi. As always, our WiFi sharing members connect for ...    NAN    Views 754


travel book customized instantly connect submit
+28    You love to travel. You enjoy the flexibility of booking online but also appreciate the assistance and personal touch your travel consultant provides you with. access your most up to date flight reservation your agent booked book day trips and ...    22 MB    Views 8867

Wi-Fi Hotspots

hotspots connect internet hotspot automatically log notification receive
+27    With the WiFi Hotspots app, you can log in automatically with your device whenever you are near a WiFi Hotspot. Your advantages • You connect to the Internet wirelessly free of charge via the WiFi Hotspots, both in Belgium and in Fon ...    NAN    Views 5428
hotel germany room service demo berlin connect russia hotels
-3    With Roomatic hotel guests can take advantage of hotel amenities (ordering room service, transportation, laundry service, wakeup calls or reporting an issue) that usually requires the use of their room phone. Selected Roomatic hotels: Boutique Hotel i31, Berlin, Germany Ellington Hotel, ...    5 MB    Views 2775

Connect 2 Landmark

aviation weather landmark fbo information service direct dial connect application
+13    Connect 2 Landmark provides customers access to service and contact information for every FBO within the Landmark Aviation network. A comprehensive source for FBO service and amenity descriptions, runway maps, current weather conditions, as well as directdial features, the application ...    6 MB    Views 8028

Connect Golf

golf playing connect live players easy play add manage
+14    Get Connect Golf free now and make organising golf easy. Connect Golf lets you create your own golf network, organise any game, anywhere, for anyone, and broadcast it live. Help us build the golf app that you want. We need your feedback ...    NAN    Views 3814

London Connect

+11    London Connect provides minicab & private hire services from all London airports. This service starts from within the terminal building. Our minicab driver will meet you at the Arrivals gate with a nameboard showing information to your own specification. Unable to ...    9 MB    Views 9125

Global Wifi

wifi global hotspots connect
+15    Global Roaming Wifi manager allow you to connect to any premium wifi hotspots network worldwide including airports, hotels restaurants, ... Connect to free wifi hotspots and paid wifi access points.    1 MB    Views 1974

iRiya Connect

connect technology
+3    iRiya Connect A Modern way Mobile Technology APP that empowers you to enhance your business at the touch of your fingers. With the present day technology this App provides you an easy and comfortable access to meet the service needs of your ...    4 MB    Views 6926

Rochester Hills

connect users rochester mobile residents hills city hits
-1    On average, there are more than 25,000 hits on our city website. And, in looking at those numbers more closely, we found that over a quarter of those hits were from a mobile device. That is 1 in every 4 ...    5 MB    Views 9959
vacation home concierge destination find free leave connect
+12    Welcome to the TOTOURA vacation concierge app it’s free and easy to use. TOTOURA helps you to plan and get the most out of your vacation. You’ll get the 411 on everything from airport transfers to sightseeing and unforgettable adventures ...    38 MB    Views 2403

StCloud Connect

news city connect emergency cloud official community access
+5    StCloud Connect is the official mobile app for the City of St. Cloud, FL. The app provides a connection between the City of St. Cloud, FL and its citizens and visitors. Enjoy convenient access to official city information. Whether a ...    21 MB    Views 2650

WMS Connect

-4    WMS Connect is an intraship communication and services app, provided by Wireless Maritime Services. Text, voice, and video messages allow you to stay in touch with friends and family when cruising with any of our partner cruise lines.    20 MB    Views 3484


trip people travel stamp connect stamps met open
+17    Travel Anywhere. Connect Everywhere. Tenderfoot is a social platform that allows travellers to connect absolutely anywhere in the world. With Tenderfoot, you can 'stamp' and connect with your fellow travellers without Internet or phone network, using a unique QR code to ...    9 MB    Views 3467
voyages votre mobile connect est pour sur
+10    Réservez vos voyages à tout moment avec Havas Voyages Connect Mobile HVC Mobile vous permet de réserver vos déplacements professionnels (Air, Fer, Hôtel) sur votre Smartphone tout en respectant la politique voyages de votre entreprise. HVC Mobile est une extension du site ...    11 MB    Views 6696

Rijeka Connect

-5    Rijeka Connect is an official application of Rijeka Tourist Board with an informative planner and guide for visiting Rijeka. Discover the city, find places to see, enjoy in events which you can find in the always uptodate app and make ...    21 MB    Views 1761

AVV connect

time information connect route
+16    When, how and where… avv connect can tell you
The mobile service from Aachener Verkehrsverbund

Using realtime information and an integrated routeplanner, incorporating disruption information and ticketing possibilities, as well as network maps and points of interest (POI); qando utilises the most ...    8 MB    Views 8397


holiday wifi tour destination local access network mobile connect
+26    Vamoos – the free app that lets you access your personal holiday itinerary and destination information. If you’ve booked a holiday with one of our partner tour operators, you can use Vamoos to access your trip details without having to use ...    8 MB    Views 6850

TapnRide Driver

gps transportation ride location background connect chauffeured service
+16    TapnRide On Demand Chauffeured transportation TapnRide enables users to connect with professional chauffeured ground transportation via mobile devices. The app will find your location and automatically connect you to the nearest service provider. TapnRide is a cashless and convenient transaction. ...    19 MB    Views 8262

Velimo Crew Phone

board phone ship crew service members connect calls number
-4    Cruising on a ship, which offers a velimo guest service portal? If the cruise ship supports the Velimo Phone service for crew members, you can connect your own phone with the ship's telephone system. You can place calls to on ...    3 MB    Views 1134

ISX Connect

people meet connect
+4    Want to meet new people while travelling in Canada and America? Download the app and message 1 or more potential friends to invite them to an upcoming event, visit an attraction together, join a tour together, or just to meet ...    16 MB    Views 390
wifi hotspots connect locations details find hotspot customers register
0    Existing customers of BSG Wireless can use this App to find & connect to over 300,000 premium WiFi hotspots in over 90 countries around the world using a single set of registration credentials. You no longer need to remember a ...    33 MB    Views 7163


travelers time facebook friends real connect date match share
0    Guidebooks get you ready for a trip but WorldWize helps you figure things out on the go WorldWize is a unique app that allows travelers to ditch outdated guide books and connect with other travelers and locals in realtime to ...    2 MB    Views 8934

Connect Bridgeport

connect mobile stay phone savings information
+7    In collaboration with a first class website, Connect Bridgeport Mobile App brings the experience and information of Bridgeport, WV right to your phone. Need help finding a place to stay or eat, no problem The mobile app has the information on ...    22 MB    Views 6993

NRMA Connect

access connect
+29    The new NRMA Connect App is now available for your iPhone. Gain the ability to: • Stay informed of traffic conditions to your favourite destinations. • Access the existing NRMA Roadside Assistance Smartphone App to get your back on the road sooner. • View ...    20 MB    Views 5249


-7    TapnRide On Demand Chauffeured transportation TapnRide enables users to connect with professional chauffeured ground transportation via mobile devices. The app will find your location and automatically connect you to the nearest service provider. TapnRide is a cashless and convenient transaction. ...    19 MB    Views 2237

Toronto Path

shopping toronto path network businesses worlds largest store connect
-8    Welcome to the Toronto PATH App brought to you by The Toronto PATH is the worlds largest shopping network playing host to over 2000 retailers and businesses and connecting Toronto's downtown with over 27km of shopping space. Now with ...    4 MB    Views 1050

Motorrad Roadside

roadside motorrad assistance service vehicles connect covered services including
+5    Run out of gas? Need a tow? With Motorrad Roadside Assistance, you can be assured that whatever happens while you're on the road, you can always turn to us. Motorrad Roadside Assistance offers outstanding travel protection 24 hours a day, 365 ...    1 MB    Views 5673
remote shoot connect don shutter easy
+21    Really easy to connect for remote shutter, If you use Remote Shoot. Just send an internet address to another phone. Forget WIFI and Bluetooth. You don't need to install it for each device. Don't run after setting the timer. We provide an intuitive interface. Remote Shoot ...    5 MB    Views 9834
travel agent receive care connect bookings access
+13    Travello is a refreshingly new approach to connect you to your trusted travel agent. With Travello, planning your holidays becomes fast and hassle free. All you have to do is choose the destination, let your travel agent take care of everything ...    12 MB    Views 2962


management explorer satellite terminal phone connect offers calls
+27    EXPLORER Connect is for management of the Cobham SATCOM EXPLORER 510 and EXPLORER 710 satellite terminals. EXPLORER Connect offers monitoring and configuration of the EXPLORER terminal and includes a builtin satellite phone for making or receiving satellite calls using the EXPLORER ...    6 MB    Views 5032
hotel guests information connect
+15    This app is to engage with our guests and share with them specials around the hotel, offer information about activities, provide easy access to facts, locations and information about the hotel and connect with them socially. The hotel wants this ...    37 MB    Views 8395
Related Apps people social profile share meet community interests connect
+5    Meet (the app) introducing you. Connect with people like you, around you: With 500+ communities and growing, there's something for everyone. Actors, bookworms, cancer survivors, drag queens, expecting moms, football fans… Connect based on shared interests, occupations, lifestyles, and more ...    21 MB    Views 1932

Medlert Connect

gps connect
+1    Medlert Connect is for individuals, hospitals and caregivers that require non emergency medical transports. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. GPS is used to identify your most recent position for accurate ambulance transport pickup.    13 MB    Views 6884
network access users global code enjoy connect
+30    GCAv2 for iOS™ allows mobile users (business customers) to connect to global WiFi hotspots that are part of the GCA Network. The GCA solution empowers mobile users and IT administrators to gain control and enjoy unprecedented wireless network access across ...    11 MB    Views 9026

Threads Connect

connect distance user ibeacon compatible
-9    Threads Connect has been designed to help groups stay together in places where there is the potential to go missing. With Threads Connect we reduce the risk of getting lost by giving the user the ability to monitor the distance ...    1 MB    Views 3797
Related Apps travel photos traveling taiwan share stories touching enjoy connect journey
+14    Download “Share the Spirit—Travel Postcard”app, and keep brilliant records for your traveling in Taiwan. ◎Shoot photos and save automatically location information to treasure all the touching moments during your traveling. ◎Mark the photos with stamps omprinted with notable calligraphers' handwriting characters. ◎Add lovely ...    22 MB    Views 650

Tamil Speak Easy.

Related Apps people travelers tamil speaking easy connect words great sentences
+18    Based on the feedback received from many users of Tamil Speak Easy Lite, We have come out with new release. In this release we have added many new features and improved content. We have also added more than 200 new ...    41 MB    Views 6159

FIU Student Affairs

student connect
0    The FIU Student Affairs app allows students, parents and family members, and others to connect with programs and events put on by departments and offices housed within Florida International University’s Division of Student Affairs. This app will allow you to view ...    31 MB    Views 2689

FM Connect

news flower connect city emergency events receive access
-6    FM Connect is the official mobile app for the City of Flower Mound, TX. The app provides a connection between the City of Flower Mound, TX and its citizens and visitors. Enjoy convenient access to news, special events, and reporting ...    23 MB    Views 2505
local community madison county residents indiana connect content
-3    The premier local app for Madison County, Indiana residents and visitors alike As the exclusive source for local, arts, culture and community information, the WAMC app seeks to connect you with your community unlike ever before. It goes well beyond the ...    28 MB    Views 5249
Related Apps city connect application
+13    City Connect is the first finedrawn application with a unique design and developed exclusively for Trivandrum. The application facilitates the user with solutions for all possible queries including routes that are related to city Restaurants, Hotels, Bar, Banks, ATM, Hospitals, ...    11 MB    Views 9638

Oculus Connect 2

connect schedule conference attendees
+23    The official app for Oculus Connect 2 attendees will help you get the most out of your Connect 2 experience. You can use this app to schedule demos, see the conference schedule, and get details on sessions and speakers. You can ...    32 MB    Views 3120

Food n Wine

food wine region famous historic producers connect
0    Find the best wineries, cider makers, growers, producers, restaurants and cafes across the Bendigo region; from Heathcote to Castlemaine, Maryborough to Boort, and everywhere in between. This region is in the heart of Victoria, Australia. Famous for the 1880s gold rush ...    48 MB    Views 6678

airberlin connect

program board connect flights selected onboard
0    PLEASE NOTE: This app is only functioning on selected routes and in combination with airberlin WiFi on board. This app is not meant as an app for booking or checkingin flights. The airberlin connect app can be used for connecting to ...    9 MB    Views 9037

Medlert Responder

gps scheduling connect transport
+2    Protect your assets. Equip your ambulatory fleet with Medlert Connect, the leading mobile driver feedback, job scheduling and performance monitoring system. Medlert Responder works with the Medlert Connect ( Medlert Connect helps take the risk out of scheduling, billing, and compliance ...    7 MB    Views 6926
hotel information connect
+27    This app is to engage with our guests and share with them specials around the hotel, offer information about activities, connect with our social networks, provide easy access to facts, locations and information about the hotel. The hotel wants this ...    25 MB    Views 3424


people locals world local live discover connect
+4    Just think. 7 billion people around the world and 2 billion smartphones. Why not discover the world from our smartphones whenever and wherever we want? Why not connect these people and places, LIVE? What if we start a discovering the ...    19 MB    Views 9205
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