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Technorides ASIA

+2    Application ordering taxis with just a few clicks . How does it work? 1. Technorides ASIA located on the map the current user position automatically . 2. With the push of a button , you can ask the closest free cab 3. System evaluation ...    78 MB    Views 7581

What's It Cost?

+7    What's It Cost? is for the American traveler abroad, or the visitor to the United States. It converts both unit and currency, such as, "what's 4/gallon in €/liter?" What's It Cost? handles units of weight, volume, length and area, and ...    6 MB    Views 9368

Fuel Cost Splitter

+26    Quickly calculate and split the cost of fuel between passengers. Easy to change the units to USA, UK, Canada, Australia or custom. Simple to enter your journey details and read the price. Fuel Cost Splitter calculates the cost of your ...    7 MB    Views 3142


+5    Parkapp es un servicio online que te permitirá disfrutar de los mejores descuentos y ofertas en aparcamientos, acceso a parkings low cost, reservas para larga estancia, así como la comodidad que te ofrecen las nuevas tecnologías a través de tu ...    3 MB    Views 8276

Oil Cost for Europe

+14    Oil Cost for Europe is a professional software about your vehicle’s fuel consumption and cost by inputting oil record, mile record, average speed, cost record, etc. All in all, the app is a good helper for you to manage your ...    4 MB    Views 9197
+29    "Europe Travel Guide part I Preparation of Travel" is a book introducing how to prepare the travel to Europe by your own and how to travel in an economic way. Travel preparation is very important. As most travel expanses are ...    11 MB    Views 2108
+13    Easily find the best flight in a unique visual interface. Search all airlines (low cost included) as well as all major travel agents. Compare flights from all airlines including low cost airlines and major travel agents. Book flights directly in ...    11 MB    Views 2698

Trip Buddy Free

trip car iphone buddy fuel mates friends cost calculate price
+4    Optimized for the iPhone 5 Plan your perfect trip with friends and have all expenses under control. Trip Buddy app will calculate all expenses for your trip / journey. Simply add distance you are about to travel, consumption of your car ...    6 MB    Views 4321
trip calculator cost fuel find economy calculate
+4    Calculate the cost of your next trip. Provide the trip distance, the cost of fuel, and your fuel economy, then the cost of the trip will be calculated. Find out how much more it will cost to take the SUV instead of ...    141 kb    Views 5492
+28    Smarter. Driving. Every Day. Dash turns any car into a 'smart car'. Connect your car to your smartphone, and unlock enhanced performance, cost savings and social driving. Dash connects your smartphone to your car with a simple, lowcost device call an ...    83 MB    Views 8101
Related Apps trip friends easy total cost
+1    Having trouble splitting up the total cost of a trip with your friends? TripCost makes it easy to itemize expenses, list each person in your party or trip, then divide the total cost amongst everyone. The clean interface and simple graphs make ...    3 MB    Views 1469

711 Cars

system 711 taxi effective cost cars
+1    711 Cars is a well established and independent private hire company, based in Slough with around 20 years experience. As well as supplying services to all businesses and hospitals in the Berkshire area, we cater for business, corporate and residential ...    4 MB    Views 6009
race team receive amazing cost phone www
+2    The Not Very Amazing Race is a wild scavenger hunt through your home town using your GPS enabled smart phone to receive clues. Each team will receive their first clue at the beginning of the race, and when they reach ...    4 MB    Views 961
trip travel time france toll cities distance main places cost
+5    France Trip gives you the distance, travel time and toll costs between main cities of France, in a flash and without Internet connection. Are you planning a trip or vacations in France ? Then France Trip will be your faithful and ...    410 kb    Views 4362
marketing tourism opportunities potential eco nebraska speaker cost
0    2014 Nebraska Agri/EcoTourism Workshop Growing Partnerships...Harvesting Success February 35, 2014 Holiday Inn Hotel & Convention Center, Kearney, NE Why Should You Attend? •Learn to get the most out of your land. •Gain the latest industry knowledge. •Hear fresh marketing ideas. •Find greater financial opportunities. •Network with potential partners. Keynote Speaker ...    27 MB    Views 4106

Trip Money

trip money email currency transaction balance spending check purchase cost add
+10    Trip Money tracks your money on currency cards, traveller’s cheques and cash. Instantly check your balance and track spending whilst on a trip. No more having to check your currency card balance at an ATM to get your latest balance. ...    7 MB    Views 5459


Related Apps driver pay cost journey receive wait ride
+12    TaxiFree is the app that allows you to find your personal driver at the lowest cost on the market You will be able to choose a private driver with a regular operating licence and tell him place and date of your ...    NAN    Views 4972


trip seattle car2go reservation nearest vehicle city members allowing cost
+4    Get in and drive car2go provides its members ondemand access to more than 12,400 vehicles in 29 global cities, spanning from Brooklyn to Seattle in the U.S., from Montreal to Vancouver in Canada and from Berlin to Milan in Europe. ...    19 MB    Views 1710
+1    Oil Cost Free for Europe is a professional software about your vehicle’s fuel consumption and cost by inputting oil record, mile record, average speed, cost record, etc. All in all, the app is a good helper for you to manage ...    4 MB    Views 9282

Cost Per KM

fuel cost info consumption
-3    Want to know cost per KM? The app calculates it for you according to Fuel Consumption per 100KM and Fuel price these two elements. Get fuel consumption info from car. Get the best info in a comfortable and directly of the ...    3 MB    Views 9064

Hitch 'a' Hike

journey hike share connect cost
-2    Hitch 'a' Hike is a free downloadable app empowering you to connect with our community of drivers and passengers, to share a common journey and share its cost. Whether you are planning a trip weeks in advance or days before, ...    7 MB    Views 5738
Related Apps taxi easy call vietnam cost fare tracking application journey companies
0    Easy to use, useful for avoiding taxi scams By providing full data of over 300 reliable local taxi companies in all 54 big cities in Vietnam including USUALLYUPDATED fare, EXACT Route map, ONTHEGO tracking, etc. for FREE, Passengers can easily request ...    17 MB    Views 5045
car time road miles gas driven statistics view cost fill
0    On the Road is your go to app for tracking a ton of different car/driving statistics. Use this app to see your average miles per gallon, cost per gallon, miles driven before filling up, your total miles driven, and even ...    5 MB    Views 2966

London Days Out

london apps map email places place detailed ability cost free
+8    The Days Out in London app aims to help anyone who is out and about in London, looking for somewhere to go or something to do. It contains over 100 places giving detailed information on each place, with phone number, ...    58 MB    Views 4786

US Fuel Calculator

-6    Find out how much you can expect a journey to cost you. By entering your local fuel price and your cars miles per gallon (MPG) you can avoid surprise journey costs and budget your trip. Quickly see the cost of ...    3 MB    Views 2524
calculator iphone fuel cost odometer converters yards meters distance
-5    The Fuel Calculator app is a tool to help you save money and time by calculating fuel expenditure cost and efficiency as either MPG or L/100km. Calculators • Fuel Consumption Calculator • Fuel Cost & Max Distance • Relative Fuel Cost Difference • Odometer Difference ...    2 MB    Views 5771
money calculator ipad car work sat fuel cost journey calculate built
+20    Fuel Money Share info on Whatsapp messenger on 3G or Wifi Tour de France 2014 easy to use mileage & fuel cost calculator with built in sat nav Calculate your vehicles MPG, cost of a journey, and how to get there. Once arrived 'Park ...    7 MB    Views 3475
calculator uber location cost price ride
+3    Uber Cost Calculator estimates the cost of taking the Uber Car Service from location to location. Sign in to see your personal driving activity, including distance traveled and total costs over time. Surge price notifications. Free rides up to 30 if you are ...    7 MB    Views 9241


car history cost enter pin immediately fueling 2010 move change
+24    Never feel strange at any gas station No matter where it is. You have more than one car? No problem. It supports MULTIPLE VEHICLES. Note: even if you have just one car, you can record data few times in the ...    2 MB    Views 8956


apple profile user fast friends cost easy add shared
-5    You sure know the problem when you are out with your friends and you are sharing the costs of different things, but in the end nobody knows who owes whom money? That is where your little helper iLend4Friends steps in With iLend4Friends ...    3 MB    Views 3424

Technorides EUROPE

trip travel driver calculator free cost application europe ordering user
+2    Application ordering taxis with just a few clicks . How does it work? 1. Technorides EUROPE located on the map the current user position automatically . 2. With the push of a button , you can ask the closest free cab 3. System evaluation ...    78 MB    Views 6520

iLogFuel Free

iphone urban fuel miles cost 100 free
+4    The "iLogFuel Free" application developed for iPhone allows you to keep under control three fuel consumption of your cars giving a detailed analysis of miles per gallon, consumed gallons per 100 miles, fuel cost per litres and fuel cost per ...    995 kb    Views 6641
shopping language japan 000 japanese products cost price data bar roaming
+5    不懂日語,不知道匯率,如何在幾秒鐘找到最便宜的日本商品,了解日本商品的功能,讀懂日本用戶的評價? 在國內如何分辨假冒的日本產品和標價虛高的產品? 日本旅游时也可以搭配日本智慧手机上网卡bmobile 99日币/天吃到饱。 出國省日本是通過手機掃描日本產品條碼比較日本最大網店的價格, 為您找到最低的價格, 特別適合去日本旅遊和經常購買日本產品的朋友。(包括日本商品和在日本售賣的歐美商品), 出國省日本是和日本最大的網路商店樂天( Rakuten ) 合作開發的, 所有數據完全使用日本樂天75, 000, 000種商品的資料, 為你提供即時查詢產品價格, 描述和70, 000, 000日本用戶的評價。包括的產品有:鞋, 服裝, 箱包, 珠寶配飾, 健康及美容產品, 家居日用產品, 嬰兒用品, 兒童服裝和玩具, 手錶, 電子產品, 食品及飲料, 攝影照相器材。, 日本樂天的網店都是經過日本樂天認證過的實體商家網店(非個人網店),所售商品沒有假貨和仿冒貨。本軟件的貨幣換算都是抓取當天的最新的外匯牌價。 軟體基本用途 購買日本商品時比價,找到更便宜的商品(一些著名品牌的歐美商品也能查到) 在國內分辨假冒日本商品,標價虛高的日本產品和低端日本產品賣高價,避免受騙 遇到感興趣的日本商品,掃描後查產品價格和中文說明 自動記錄自己逛街數據,自己查過什麼商品,商店價格和網店是多少 一鍵查詢自己歷史記錄的商品,記錄最新價格 一鍵和朋友分享自己逛街和購物的產品,價格和鏈接 在熱賣裡了解現在日本熱賣的商品 本軟體產生的流量的國際漫遊費用:在日本使用中華電信,遠傳電訊和大哥大,一次成功的條碼查詢上網流量的國際漫遊費用為0.30.6 NT 。中國移動0.61 元人民幣, 中國聯通0.30.5 元人民幣。香港和記電訊/電訊盈科/CSL, 請申請國際漫遊套餐。 Shoppi Trans ...    3 MB    Views 7268

Technorides USA

trip travel driver calculator free cost application usa ordering user
+5    Application ordering taxis with just a few clicks . How does it work? 1. Technorides USA located on the map the current user position automatically . 2. With the push of a button , you can ask the closest free cab 3. System evaluation ...    78 MB    Views 58
Related Apps travel trip management business task cost list manager check difficult
-5    Prepared for the trip or business trip is difficult? Is it difficult fill out your expense report? And, Do you remember the story(work) of your travel(business trip)? The Travel manager will solve all this. This App can be managed the travel from start to ...    23 MB    Views 1903
car sicily cost 000 con
-6    Prenota con Sicily by Car Autoeuropa, la compagnia di autonoleggio low cost da oltre 50 anni con un parco auto di 16.000 vetture e uffici dislocati in tutta Italia Book a car with Sicily by Car Autoeuropa, the low ...    1 MB    Views 9016
+4    Where can you find Free RV Parks and Campgrounds? This is the most comprehensive guide to Free and Inexpensive RV Parks and Campgrounds throughout the Midwest. This directory is a “must have” and is perfect for anyone looking for a cost ...    697 kb    Views 2577


platform circle benefit cost set safe carpooling users
+24    PoolCircle is a carpooling app that helps users to share rides safely with people they can trust. PoolCircle leverages peoples network of connections, or "Circle" to build a safe platform for carpooling. End users benefit by cutting cost of fuel, reducing ...    9 MB    Views 2738
mpg converter cost calculate free mile journey gallon
+28    Saunders MPG Converter (UK and US) Fast and free low memory MPG converter Find out your MPG or litres per 100km in an instant Also includes cost per mile, cost per litre and MPG in an imperial and metric form. Saunders MPG Converter Free useful ...    3 MB    Views 9352


travel iphone sie der ihre cost und mit
+4    Buchen Sie mobil Flüge bei DERPART.
Mit der App profitieren Sie von dem ReiseKnowhow eines der größten und erfolgreichsten Reisevertriebe Deutschlands. Mit Flugangeboten der wichtigsten Fluggesellschaften & LowCostCarrier entdecken Sie günstig die Metropolen der Welt. 
Genießen Sie mehr Flexibilität rundum um ...    6 MB    Views 2739

Oil cost for US

cost oil record consumption average mileage vehicle data support unit
+4    Oil cost for US is a professional software about your vehicle’s fuel consumption and cost by inputting oil record, mile record, average speed, cost record, etc. All in all, the app is a good helper for you to manage your ...    2 MB    Views 2044


videos apartments properties find houses cost efficient application feature america
+4    findhouse application servers for students and travelers who are willing to find apartments or houses in North America. Main functions of this application are searching properties, browsing related pictures and videos, uploading your rented spaces, finding roommates and directly chatting ...    9 MB    Views 2694

Lompang Rideshare

driver singapore step ride city cost share
0    Changing the way Asia gets around, one Lompang at a time. Lompang is a fun and cheerful transportation community. With one tap on our app, you'll be instantly riding with a new friend. Our Lompang drivers have been personally screened by ...    11 MB    Views 483

CA Toll Roads

time trip toll bridge road cost roads san fees
-6    The CA Toll Road application allows the user to get the cost of a toll road at any time day or night. Here are some of the ways the app can help you save money. 1) The app will show you the ...    452 kb    Views 6969

Trip Cost Calc

trip cost gas
-6    Easily calculate the cost of a trip. See the current national average gas price for regular, mid, premium, diesel, and E85. Compare gas prices from 19302010    9 MB    Views 6672
driving car insurance reward cost premium score
+4    Autoline Insurance Group’s Roadsafe Reward App rewards you for safer driving and helps to drive down the cost of your car insurance You could save up to 50% on your car insurance ROADSAFE REWARD APP runs in the background of your ...    3 MB    Views 9916
calculator money fuel gas flex price difficult mileage save cost
-6    In today's fluxuating fuel market, it is becoming harder for consumers to save money at the gas pumps. For those with flexable fuel engines there can be some relief. Since the gas mileage between Gasoline and E85 is different, it ...    306 kb    Views 546
trip gps travel cost passengers data fuel traveled calculate distance
+4    With this application you can determine the cost of your trip (fuel + other expenses), and divide it equitably with your passengers. It calculates in real time the distance traveled, using GPS, and the cost of travel, dividing it between the ...    3 MB    Views 9680

Fuels Calculator

calculator fuel price europe information cost currency united prices
+23    Journey Fuel Cost calculator estimates the total cost of fuel of a journey. You need to choose your country and fuel type (95, Diesel or LPG) to get the price of fuel or enter it manually. You also need to ...    2 MB    Views 3905
calculator pool cost find simple carpooling
+24    Wagon Pool is a simple carpooling calculator that allows you to find out how much a trip will cost each person involved. Wagon Pool is great for both quick commutes, and long trips. Use the sliders to get real time cost ...    249 kb    Views 5212
Related Apps trip car facebook share wall cost free
+5    About to leave an airport, a train station or a campus ? Hugo will find for you in few seconds another Traveller about to do a similar trip so that you can both share a cab or a car. You ...    9 MB    Views 8580

Private Jets

time calculator flight air partner private jet flights charter safety cost
+22    Air Partner is a world leading air charter broker providing access to private jets anywhere in the world. Interested in flying in a private jet and unsure of the cost? With this app you can calculate an estimated cost based on ...    3 MB    Views 9585


cost fuel gallon enter
+6    FuelEx is a fuel cost exchange calculator. Enter the price of fuel per litre and it will tell you what the cost is per gallon and vice versa. If you enter both the cost of fuel per litre and per ...    1 MB    Views 3322

my Car Expenses

costs cost distance operator unit cars results gas daily
+24    This application illustrates the pillars of cars running costs. It asks the operator to input daily parking cost, daily traveled distance, distance traveled using gas unit, cost of gas unit, service distance, insurance costs, and registration costs. Then, these costs are ...    63 kb    Views 7747


measurement support version cost vehicle enter fuel gas features
-8    A simple app to calculate the cost of a trip by Gas or Diesel powered vehicle. Enter the Miles Per Gallon of your vehicle, the cost of Gas (or Diesel), and the distance you want to travel. Your total cost ...    3 MB    Views 9207
cost oil record consumption average mileage vehicle support data free
+3    Oil cost free for US is a professional software about your vehicle’s fuel consumption and cost by inputting oil record, mile record, average speed, cost record, etc. All in all, the app is a good helper for you to manage ...    3 MB    Views 2687
apps ipad 2012 trip cost top journey 150
+1    Top 150 UK Paid iPad Apps March 2012 UK top 50 Finance Paid iPhone Apps and top 150 iPad apps July 2012 Ever need a quick way of finding out exactly how much a trip is costing you... ...    145 kb    Views 5057
calculator trip fuel calculate mileage cost
+24    Fuel Mileage Calculator given distance travelled and the amount of fuel needed to refill your tank you can calculate your MPG or l/100km. Over several refuelings you can determine how your fuel consumption is affected by your driving habits. You may find ...    141 kb    Views 8012


car travel driver lift save find seats cost offer
+1    Sick of high petrol prices? Need a ride? Join over 400,000 Liftshare members enjoying cheap travel by sharing car journeys. Find a lift or offer your spare seats to save money with our free app, while helping the environment. FIND A ...    8 MB    Views 4005
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