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+15    This application is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by the Food Network. While touring cities across the country, Food Network TV personality Rachael Ray finds restaurants to try (often based on local recommendations), and usually manages to fit three meals and ...    1 MB    Views 2905
+12    Want to have a few thoughts on traveling each day? A great resource for ANYONE who wants to improve their approach to traveling. The Tip of The Day App gives you a wonderful variety of tips and ideas that you ...    84 kb    Views 4284

BE Erasmus

+24    BE ERASMUS is the interactive Guide that allows you to be always informed about the best parties, events andactivities of the ERASMUS CITIES all over Europe. If you are (or you were) an Erasmus student, you must have this app on ...    5 MB    Views 7347

Mobile Oxford

+10    The University of Oxford's official mobile application for Oxford residents and members of the University. Mobile Oxford is your central guide to help you do your daytoday tasks. Whether it's finding a library book, checking the next bus or even finding ...    2 MB    Views 3291
day york brazilian mobile
+7    Brazilian Day, is an annual festival which takes place in New York and other cities around the world to celebrate Brazil's independence day and is part of the official calendar of New York city. With this mobile App, you can have ...    612 kb    Views 6042
-1    Record the places you visit, food you eat, people you meet and things you notice, and lots more. Categories like ‘I noticed’ and Quiz encourage and stimulate children to either look for things while walking round the city or ...    6 MB    Views 4045

Bali Tide Times

+17    Tracking the tide times for Bali can be tricky, with most tide charts showing the height at particular hours of the day. With this app you can track the exact high and low tide times for every day to the ...    9 MB    Views 4938

Weather 360 Free

+15    Construct your own weather map with temperature and weather from places that matter to you. You can press and hold on the map or search for any point of interest, town or even address to find the current weather and weather ...    1 MB    Views 3759

Day Trip - Barbados

-7    Day Trip Barbados helps you to be more creative about the way your spend your day. Get out of the house, take some time away from the office and live life the way it is meant to be Day Trip ...    8 MB    Views 3584

Moving Tips

-5    Are you looking for the best collection of Moving Tips for your mobile device? This app is filled with packing tips for moving out, traveling a long distance, and how to move across country to a new house or apartment. ...    3 MB    Views 2839
-9    Your Personal Adviser accompanies you across the globe to simplify your life, from daytoday to life abroad. He is available to organize your travels, provide custom suggestions, and respond to each demand. The App has three main functionalities : 1. Chat & Call ...    10 MB    Views 9288

Day Trips Planner

0    Day Trips is the easiest way to plan your vacation, and what you are going to do. Select from one of over 1,100 cities, and how long you will be there for, and we will create an itinerary for your to ...    20 MB    Views 3823

Mosques Locator

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+9    How many times have you found yourself in need of finding closest Mosque (Masjid) in your surroundings? Mosques Locator quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Mosque. + Offer salah in the mosque near you. + Very useful when ...    7 MB    Views 2188


Related Apps weather forecast information day
+16    Buienradar helps with actual weather information and reliable weather forecast to better plan your activities during the day. You can configure the app to your own preferences to have all required weather information available in one swipe. The main focus is ...    21 MB    Views 2526

Akron Zoo

zoo plan day
+1    Akron Zoo's MyPark App helps you plan your trip before visiting the zoo and plan your day while at the zoo with features such as: •Admission ticket prices, operating hours and directions to the zoo. •Mark and locate your car in the ...    19 MB    Views 3135
bridge day information official
+20    This is Official Bridge Day iPhone Application This app contains vendor and event information, a map of the area surrounding the bridge with parking and shuttle information    14 MB    Views 2648

Trip Diary FULL

Related Apps trip photos travelers time diary place notes full application add day
+22    Trip Diary FULL is new unique application that will allow you to keep notes, photographies, impressions, plans and other more in one place Download this poсket organizer for travelers and make your trip more interesting and truly unforgettable Note everything ...    5 MB    Views 464


Related Apps car day
-2    Do not look desperately your car after a day of party or in your day to day .. as this often happens .. not know where you parked your car the day before and you never have the luck to ...    5 MB    Views 2169

MissYou Messages

+26    Working away from home is hard for everyone and every contact with your loved ones is special. Miss You has been designed to enable your family to tell you of their plans for each day you are away. They can also ...    455 kb    Views 2521
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-5    language translator lets user learn 14 language by displaying separate words each day. This app includes: German Word A Day French Word A Day Polish Word A Day Spanish Word A Day English Word A Day Chinese Word A Day Portuguese Word A Day Japanese Word A Day Arabic ...    4 MB    Views 4852

棒呆Bon Day!

bon day
+4    棒呆Bon Day口袋里的课外活动管家 [搜] 最全面、最新鲜的课外活动信息,涵盖十八大门类。从数学竞赛到辩论演讲、从艺术设计到户外探险、从商业领袖到少年记者,尽收于此。只有想不到,没有搜不到。不知课外活动有几何,只缘身在“棒呆“中。 [问] 一键提问,直接获得你想要的答案。从吃喝到高大上的学术问题,从买不买得到老干妈到如何和教授套近乎,在“棒呆”,有专业资深的课外活动顾问翘首以待,也有热情似火的学长学姐为你作答。我们的问答社区不如知乎那般包罗万象,但你一样可以在这里发现更大的世界。 [荐] 年级、兴趣、所在地... 只消填写一点信息,我们的课外活动顾问便会为你翻箱倒柜,寻找符合你个性特点的专属课外活动方案。我们不辞辛劳,翻越千山万水,只为让你遇见命中注定的那个“活动”。 用棒呆Bon Day,每一天都是棒呆!Have a Bon Day 官方网站 电子邮件 客服电话:4000860711    10 MB    Views 3639

Fabens Inn Motel

inn motel day charges
+5    The Fabens Inn Motel is located in Fabens, TX in the Rio Grande Valley, on I 10, 30 miles from area attractions in El Paso. Enjoy a Complimentary Continental Breakfast between 6 am and 8:30 am each morning. Room service ...    3 MB    Views 8755
vacation photos maui active fun guide find island activities beaches day
-3    Leave the touristy stuff to others. The new Maui Active Vacation Guide is your guide to an active, fun and adventurous vacation on the island of Maui The new Maui Active Vacation Guide shows you only the best activities, adventures, snorkel ...    29 MB    Views 1721
area show chapter day boston
+2    Welcome to the 2015 ISPE Boston Area Chapter Product Show—the premier one day biopharmaceutical show in the Northeast. Join us in the exhibitor area + educational sessions + career fair + vendor showcase + entertainment events + the after party, ...    39 MB    Views 1039


-2    Pay with Points and Miles. Anywhere. Anytime. PointsPay is a mobile wallet and payment system that enables you to convert your hardearned points and miles into usable credit for your day to day shopping in store and online at millions of ...    29 MB    Views 4545

War 14-18 LITE

war gps life application day page great
+23    An old war diary found in an attic. Page after yellowed page telling of life in the trenches. Day after day. As told by British stretcherbearer, Andrew Naylor. A powerfully moving eyewitness account. Guillaume, a young film maker sets off ...    32 MB    Views 4954
history national day
-5    The official National History Day app gives you the tools to navigate and stay up­‐to­‐date on the Kenneth E. Behring National History Day Contest. The NHD app allows you to create your own schedule of student­‐produced performances, documentaries, websites, exhibits ...    48 MB    Views 5813

PRCo Open Day

+2    Am 13. Oktober 2011 findet in unserem Büro in München der diesjährige PRCo Open Day statt neben kulinarischen Leckereien erwarten Sie hier Informationen zu unseren Kunden aus allererster Hand    10 MB    Views 3940

1 Day at Palma

day distance interest palma
+17    This application is a tourist guide to spend 1 day in Palma de Mallorca. Let you choose between monumental, gastronomic and shopping routes ( or all ) and can show you the path to get to any point of interest, ...    43 MB    Views 9353

Fresh Travel

tickets travel fresh day
+13    Welcome to a fresh way to buy bus tickets. You can now prepurchase your daily, weekly and monthly saver tickets in Ipswich and day, 5 day carnet and 20 day carnet UNO tickets in Hatfield using your mobile device. Choose a ...    NAN    Views 3004

Swiss Hiking

hiking hikes day swiss
+19    'Swiss Hiking' is the ultimate guide for woman travelers going on a summer hiking holiday in Switzerland: All hikes are halfday to day long. Almost all hikes are easy to medium level and can be done by the averagefit woman. ...    6 MB    Views 5966


attraction day
+10    Zoom in on your favourite attraction or act, add them to your favourites and plan your very own day together. Make sure of a table by reserving seats in one of the restaurants quickly and easily via the app. Never ...    24 MB    Views 8391

Route My Day

day route tasks
0    Route My Day is an app which aims to help you plan your day efficiently The app will ideally recommend one destination, where you may complete all of your tasks for the day within your specified comfortable walking distance. If ...    NAN    Views 4348

Mood Trips Angkor!

trips trip gps maps ipad photos map time photo cards spots days angkor day
+10    This is a major update: now your phone is an active trip tracker The best of both worlds view slides, tips and spot overlays on the iPad’s large screen; track GPS pins on your phone. Create on iPad, send to your ...    740 MB    Views 7539

Here's What You Do

day lots buttons
+15    Wanna have fun in your city today? Here's What You Do suggests a full day from breakfast to dinner, with lots of great things to do all day. The best dishes in the best restaurants, plays, films, live music, it's ...    38 MB    Views 3928
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0    Need a little magic to brighten your day? Over 400 beautiful images from the WDW and DLR resorts. One unique image from October 1, 2011 through December 31st, 2012. Want even more photos, then pick up our brand new 2013 app here: Need ...    28 MB    Views 8605


food learn african day exciting friends
+3    Learn African is designed to help and learn African in a fun and exciting way. It helps all the travellers, students, friends to communicate for day to day activities. While you are learning the words, you will be looking at ...    551 kb    Views 1910

All Day Guide

+2    Our popular Day Guide app, now for everyone. This app features carefully curated must see locations, up coming events, cool pictures suitable for everybody. The day guide is your guide to what to do today. We will show you what is ...    2 MB    Views 1664

Eds Up

day life rock
+8    Rock star Ed Robertson of The Barenaked Ladies encounters some rough, tough "dayinthelife" experiences with some seriously rugged people. Robertson challenges his manhood in this jetfuelled, adventure that takes him far from his life of international rock stardom. As his ...    4 MB    Views 7615
word day linguascope
+17    Linguascope Word of the Day breaks your language learning down into manageable chunks by giving you a new word to learn for every day of the year. Have fun boosting your vocabulary in five languages in a single app ...    35 MB    Views 9084

JP Castle Map

map castle day record annotation
+1    JP Castle Map display the annotation of the Japanese castle on the map. To record visit day by easy operation, and it edit it. All the excellent features of the JP Castle Map are here, including Castle list of each administrative divisions ...    235 kb    Views 2245
photos photo trip time travel map gps maps running social item mode slide show day
-9    Journ is a must have app for anyone that wishes to document their life from a special day to a business trip to a trip around the world. Businessmen, parents, photographers, travelers and people from all walks of life ...    64 MB    Views 903

Weather Rooster

weather day
0    The Weather Rooster (Galinho do Tempo) is a traditional souvenir of Portugal. It has the ability to change the color to predict the weather. If it becomes blue will be a sunny day, if it becomes gray, will be a cloudy ...    7 MB    Views 5177
adventure dallas peace day awareness
+1    CISV DFW initially created this app for the Peace Day Dallas event to recognize the International Day of Peace. The Dallas Awareness Adventure could be used both as a walking or virtual tour of downtown Dallas, including the historic, financial ...    10 MB    Views 9843
photo photos green baby card camera home passport choose countries experts tablet face day
+12    Do you need a passport or visa photo? We create passport photos from a picture taken directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can choose to download your photo or receive it as soon as next day. We deliver your ...    3 MB    Views 8286
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+10    On Sale Now For a limited time only, save 50% on Eastern Sierra Day Hikes From the book: "50 Classic Day Hikes of the Eastern Sierra". Enjoy the most scenic, aweinspiring day hikes of the Eastern Sierra Get directions to the nearest hikes ...    83 MB    Views 264
paris map photos navigate history time french travel apple places place reality day note discover
+11    Free today with App of the Day Download "App of the Day" a new paid app turned free for 24 hours Travel back in time with more than 2000 places of Paris as it was 100 years ago. Compare them easily with ...    7 MB    Views 6989

Via PanAm

american day
+4    Renowned Dutch photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen takes you along on his journey across the PanAmerican Highway. On his way from Chile to Alaska he visualizes the causes and effects of migration within and between 15 countries in South and North ...    361 kb    Views 7234
Related Apps time activity day activities timer set
0    Task timer is the best activity time tracking application to track your daytoday activities that entirely depend on strict time schedules. At a time you can set multiple timers for 4 different activities. Specify the next going to do activity name under ...    2 MB    Views 7505

A Minute Diary

life diary minute find change day gmail
+18    It’s your lifebox It is NOT an ordinary diary,it is your selfhelped assistantgives you a summary of your day;helps you aiming your target. Change starts with discovery.If you wanna change to better,you should find your weakness of your daily life. A Minute Diary ...    883 kb    Views 4175
program festival events day jewish world offline
+4    It's handy. It's fast. It's working on all iOS devices. Oh And It's official. See you at the Festival;] Key Features: Full Program with Places, Dates and Description (available offline) Categories View you can filter events which are interesting for you and ...    4 MB    Views 4608


Related Apps ipad day
+7    Ambience for iPad immerses you in a unique and calming environment, blending high quality photographic images, ambient soundscapes, and subtle animations to help escape the day to day grind.  Experience soothing environments on your iPad whenever you want, and wherever ...    52 MB    Views 106
search photos gps directions map hike hikes eastern sierra day find detailed
+10    This is the Lite version of the Eastern Sierra Day Hike app. This version gives you 3 free hikes, with full features, from the FULL version that will have all 50 hikes from the book: 50 Classic Day Hikes of ...    13 MB    Views 2894

Optisage Hotel

hotel garden day cuisine
+11    Labyrinths of nature at the garden maze Your day begins with a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel’s Lobby Lounge. Satisfied, you head out to the confluence of the ancient Gombak and Klang waterways. The trip rewards with access to the trendy ...    22 MB    Views 4651
photo ipad photos photography travel beauty iphone day
+5    Enjoy the beauty of Trey Ratcliff’s photography on your iPad and iPhone You will receive 30 free highdefinition photos to get you started. You can then choose to get hundreds of more images along with a new image from Trey’s ...    19 MB    Views 3814


dog dogs twitter photos holiday day booking receive ideal
-8    Gudog is the best alternative to kennels in the UK. With the Gudog iOS app, you will be able to find a dog sitter for your dog near you. Finally you will be able to go on holiday while leaving ...    NAN    Views 204
Related Apps london maps media photos travel transportation easy information sutro screen day
+1    Easy OneDay Adventures Outside of London "...This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England..." is the most memorable line from Shakespeare's 1595 play, Richard II. It neatly sums up the affection Englishmen have for their "sceptered isle." For ...    40 MB    Views 871

Scratch of the Day

traveling day
+20    Scratch of the Day provide many traveling discount, traveling tickets and packages. Coupons of different kinds are always there for you to try your luck. Scratching every day. Just play the game to gain FRUITS, avoiding the bomb. Scratch prize to enter luck ...    19 MB    Views 5058
venue edinburgh venues day doors open
+19    Celebrating Sustainable Edinburgh is our theme for the 24th Edinburgh Doors Open Day. With yet another record breaking number of venues we encourage you to discover and explore the places and spaces that contribute to the natural beauty of the ...    45 MB    Views 4068

Driver Helpline

+27    An application for MNHplatinum drivers to assist with the day to day running of their company vehicle. Mileage and contact details can be kept up to date and bookings can be made for services and repairs.    5 MB    Views 5280
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