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My Rider App

+6    BikerQuest is an interactive app that lists destinations, great rides and motorcycle rider events for Southern California and Arizona. Constantly updated with new rides, places and events, you get new data EVERY TIME you open the app. Using the GPS in ...    9 MB    Views 6618


+7    Share rides: Passengers skip the discomfort riding public transport, and hop on a private car with a friendly driver Drivers can have passengers in your ride to get some company as well as get carpool privileges Save time: Passengers choose your ...    NAN    Views 671
+12    Welcome to Moto Rides Canarias Renting Services, We build this app to allow user could be rented motorcycle from us faster and easier. Main features from app: 1. Select amount and type motorcycle that you would like to order. 2. Review and summary prices ...    7 MB    Views 4133
+10    Greatest Road helps you find the most fun, most scenic routes, not just the fastest or shortest. With recommendations in over 160 countries, find the most entertaining rides based on recommendations from local riders. Find a restaurant, hotel or other place ...    44 MB    Views 7456

Clutch Car

driver ride plan multiple rides demand
0    Clutch is the best way to get a ride ondemand from a professional, reliable driver. ONDEMAND Get a ride instantly with the tap of a button. PRESCHEDULED Plan your ride in advance so you know you have a driver ready. MULTIPLE RIDES Schedule multiple rides so ...    4 MB    Views 1420


driver drivers booking rides request ride register talk fare
-4    Ryde365 has made booking a taxi on your iPhone quick and convenient. Register for free How it works in just 2 taps Allow the app to locate where you are; 1. Select pickup position 2. Press confirm Features Overview Live radar to see available rides ...    10 MB    Views 9122

Rye Playland

+14    Playland's location on the shores of Long Island Sound already had a long history as a favorite recreation area of the local population by 1927. According to an early report of the Westchester County Park Commission, the area evolved rapidly ...    18 MB    Views 5487


+6    TUMitfahrer a carpooling platform for students of Technical University of Munich. Organize and join campus rides and travel between the Main Campus, Garching Forschungszentrum, Freising and other destinations. Enjoy activity rides and go for example to Ikea, for hiking ...    11 MB    Views 8177
money email carpooling riders carpool payment rides users
-7    sRide is a trusted app for carpooling with friends and community. It helps find people like you going your way. Benefits of carpooling • Save money for gas, tolls and parking • Save time by using HOV lanes • Find a ride if you don’t have a ...    28 MB    Views 9819

Whip Rides App

0    Whip Rides is a mobility innovator, driving entrepreneurial teams to create safe, accessible transport focused on best value to riders. By utilizing technology we continuously build a sustainable platform to promote community and giving. Our webbased platform (App) makes it easy ...    4 MB    Views 2497


rides club list portland touring access bicycle
+11    This iPhone application is used to show a list of guided bicycle rides that the Portland (Oregon) Wheelmen Touring Club offers. The Portland Wheelmen Touring Club is a bicycle club open to all riders of any skill and we offer ...    1 MB    Views 8456
people share friends rides colleagues ride trusted
+1    Weelio is the fun, easy way to share rides with friends and across a trusted network of people in your community. Weelio is perfect for coordinating daily commutes with peers or colleagues, sharing airport trips, or gathering a group of friends ...    10 MB    Views 9064
personal work rides ride
+26    Looking for your driver? If he's on the way just download Whisk, and we'll automagically synch up with your ride in progress for rides from any of the top corporate limo and black car services. Whisk lets New Yorkers instantly find ...    10 MB    Views 8904

MTB Project

photos maps bike trail trails features ride rides location detailed project
-5    MTB Project: the evolution of mountain bike guides and trail maps. We connect you to the trails you want to ride, wherever you are. With the thoroughness of a printed map, we offer full GPS route info, elevation profiles, interactive features, ...    9 MB    Views 4906
drivers map taxi diamond toronto rides location nearby call realtime
0    Free electronic taxi booking in Toronto. The only Toronto taxi app that lets you book, track in realtime, and rate taxi rides from more than 600 drivers. No phone call required. 1) See available nearby taxis on a map 2) Request a car to ...    87 MB    Views 3785


Related Apps time rides wait flags park times growing ride
-5    Your best friend in and out of the theme park • Check the wait times for rides live as you are in the park • Watch 1st person YouTube videos of the ride right from the app • Check in easily at rides ...    5 MB    Views 2063


transportation ride mobile quickly michigan rides west
+15    West Michigan Rides provides a way to connect drivers and passengers, using mobile technology, for transportation. Quickly reserve a ride for yourself or your group. Simply download the mobile application into your iPhone or Android, create a profile, and you are ...    4 MB    Views 8329

Walk the Park

Related Apps world rides distance walk disney park
-1    Do you want to prepare physically for your next trip to Disney World? Use "Walk the Park" to help you. Pick which rides you plan to visit, then the app displays the distance between the rides and the total distance traveled. ...    25 MB    Views 8230
+9    Theme Park Nerd Guide Walt Disney World is the ultimate iPhone and iPod touch app for Walt Disney World. Covering all five parks and other districts, we give you access to indepth information on all of the rides, attractions ...    7 MB    Views 3441
Related Apps paris bike paths explore rides discover
+17    This app proposes to you bike paths to discover, by bike, the Paris of Parisians. With its stunning landmarks, parks, busy streets, and the banks of the Seine, Paris is a city of full thrills. To explore its treasures, take a bike ...    17 MB    Views 7620

swebtix ski

ski skiing passes lift day number rides online
+2    Purchasing ski passes has never been that easy. swebtix ski allows the coupling of SKIDATA keycards with your smartphone and the ability to purchase ski passes online. The ski pass is automatically loaded onto the keycard. Enjoy your skiing day by going ...    1 MB    Views 9624


Related Apps search map bike ride events start location list point rides
0    GoRide allows users to post motorcycle events and rideouts for others to join. The organiser can post the type of event, the class/make of bike that the ride is aimed at and the start date and time. You can contact the organiser ...    26 MB    Views 481

Dashride Driver

driver drivers rides pickup background ride manage
-6    The Dashride driver app allows livery drivers to manage rides and increase efficiency. Drivers can organize their pickups and interact directly with a dispatcher for new assignments. View active assignments • Navigate to pickup and dropoff locations • Chat with passenger • Charge credit cards and collect ...    12 MB    Views 5390

PMU Driver App

Related Apps driver taxi rides
+7    Join the PickMeUp taxi team Earn more as a taxi driver and reach out to the new generation by using the free PickMeUp app. The app was designed to be as simple and userfriendly as possible allowing you to focus on ...    10 MB    Views 3437


+18    When you commute, don't you struggle with rising costs of fuel, ERP, crowded public transports, increasing fares? Try MyRideBuddy a dynamic carpooling application that reduces: costs (tell us all about it fuel, COE, parking list goes on) hassle ...    2 MB    Views 3298

Love to Ride

love cycling gps challenge rides ride cycle record
-4    Record your cycle rides quickly and easily using either GPS tracking or a manual entry.  'Love to Ride' is the official app of and for the Cycle Challenges run by Challenge for Change. Features: Easily record your bike rides Use ...    7 MB    Views 8092


rides experience book deliver
-8    "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life." Liveridez is an on demand car rental service provider offering a hassle free commuting experience to its customers. We provide you with a platform to connect with verified ...    5 MB    Views 2801
+24    Looking for someone to share a ride? Driver or passenger? The dynamic carpool app by VAB & Taxistop helps you to carpool. Easy and fast. You can simply search for recurrent or occasional rides, inside your country or abroad. After your ride, ...    NAN    Views 9924
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+4    Download the FREE & OFFICIAL GoBreck app to learn what to do and where to go in Breckenridge, Colorado and to access special discounts to use during your stay in town. Whether you’re a firsttime visitor or longterm local, the GoBreck ...    9 MB    Views 6290


door rides transport public
+24    Maaxi is the door to door public transport App. View & join rides going your way on a departures board in your pocket. A black cab takes you door to door. Share more to pay as low as public transport. Regular ...    NAN    Views 9271
browse video thrill texas flags thrills rides ride crazy
+4    Experience the Thrills of Six Flags Over Texas right from your iPhone and iPad View exciting videos from Youtube for every major attraction Browse all six flags thrills on an interactive map Browse thrill rides by Name Browse thrill rides ...    11 MB    Views 2404
Related Apps map maps skill valley rides trails trail suggested explore
+12    The Fraser Valley is the periphery of the Lower Mainland. Beyond the North Shore many areas are there to explore. This guide gives you the locals’ perspective on the Fraser Valley trail network. We have made an effort to describe a ...    42 MB    Views 3564
disneyland trip planning calendar adventure time lines disney wait ride park rides step
+13    LINES will help you save time and money during your Disneyland trip. Because we’re independent travel writers, we can tell you what Disney can’t, from actual waits in line, to which park will be less crowded every day of your ...    632 kb    Views 2020

Cary Pool

travel driver pool share rides mobile simply requests day
-2    We all waste so much time in traffic every day, we commute every day from and to the same places, Why cant we simply travel together and share our rides? With Cary Pool, we can. The Middle East first rides sharing ...    14 MB    Views 160


driver gps customer order rides payment easy background
+30    TaoRide Driver uses GPS service in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Taoride Driver is a great assistant for cab drivers, and an easy to use tool for pick up more rides. You ...    17 MB    Views 5981
party gps map oktoberfest guide tents rides attractions beer 2013 network integrated quickly
+1    Oktoberfest 2013 from 0921 till 10062013 The Oktoberfest guide is the ultimative resource for the worldfamous Oktoberfest in Munich Extremely handy for visitors it provides a clear overview as well as details including all beer tents, rides and other attractions at ...    28 MB    Views 615


bike security photos ride rides core stats set capture riding view
+18    Introducing Ride, your key to the ultimate riding experience. With the Ride Core system, you can capture your every trip, keep track of your bike's security, get stats about your bike, and share your experiences along the way. The Ride App ...    10 MB    Views 9350

Sedan Magic

+8    Sedan Magic is the most convenient and reliable mobile app for corporate travelers to book a ride. From the makers of Curb, the 1 ground transportation app, Sedan Magic provides a seamless, hasslefree way to book rides with your company's ...    5 MB    Views 6921
time trip wait disney times real restaurant free updated rides
+6    The FREE UNOFFICIAL Disney World app.. Buy All Theme Park Tickets for Less than at the Parks Huge savings in most cases all from this app.... Put more magic in your trip Perfect for anyone visiting Disney,Downtown Disney and Disney's Boardwalk,see the wait ...    20 MB    Views 4003

Seattle Bike Paths

seattle bike ride current view rides including location paths
+2    Easily plan your commute or next bike adventure in the Seattle area using your iPhone or iPad View your current location in relation to the extensive network of Bike Trails, Bike Lanes, and Shared Roadways in Seattle and neighboring cities. Search for ...    5 MB    Views 9651

Jaziil جزيل

driver time service rides request pick application define moment
+5    Jaziil is the best and fastest way to book a limousine safely wherever you are, whenever you want while enjoying a complete realtime monitoring of your service. It is the service that suits your needs both for your personal rides ...    19 MB    Views 8640


card driver ride book free exact rides credit calculate fare
-3    SocialDrv provides inexpensive, reliable, quick, and pleasant rides to or from any Bay Area airport Book your ride in advance and know that a driver will be at your pickup location at the exact time you specify Calculate and pay for your ...    8 MB    Views 9580


events rides added event places rider
+26    BikerQuest is an interactive app that lists destinations, great rides and motorcycle rider events for Southern California and Arizona. Constantly updated with new rides, places and events, you get new data EVERY TIME you open the app. Using the GPS in ...    6 MB    Views 6482

Buzz Rides

students buzz rides hill chapel
+10    Buzz Rides is a safe, fun, and environmentally friendly transportation service for students at UNC Chapel Hill. Whether you need a designated driver, a ride to the library, or just don't feel like walking to pick up a late night ...    5 MB    Views 6179

Social Cyclist

bike social bikes photos rides share riding vote request reports
-1    Two wheels, one community. Social Cyclist is the new app from Social Bicycles (SoBi) that enables you to vote with your wheels when you're not riding a social bicycle. The app lets you record your rides, add photos to your ...    4 MB    Views 4233
browse video magic thrills thrill rides flags ride express mountain
+30    Experience the Thrills of Six Flags Magic Mountain right from your iPhone and iPad View exciting videos from Youtube for every major attraction Browse all six flags thrills on an interactive map Browse thrill rides by Name Browse rides by ...    5 MB    Views 99


drivers kids time driver parents rides ride service check safe
-5    The safe and reliable ride service busy parents have been waiting for: scheduled rides, lastminute rides, and now private carpools. We’re passionate about providing the safest service for kids and families to get where they need to go, comfortably and on ...    18 MB    Views 1183


travel trip business traveling profile email ride great convenient rides friends sharing reviews
+5    Rides are only a tap away with Tripda That trip you wanted to take but didn’t? Those friends and family you want to visit but don’t? Tripda’s ridesharing app lets you visit cool places and meet new people all while spending ...    61 MB    Views 8450


drivers driver application rides drop pick
+21    Driverdt works as the driver application that coincides with Downtowner, an application located in the iTunes Store. Driverdt allows authorized Downtowner drivers to receive, accept, and deny rides created by users of the Downtowner application. Drivers using Driverdt will be ...    6 MB    Views 403


people social event rides events share ride offer participants
-5    1.1.2 Fixing push notification upon first login after registration 1.1.0 Speed improvements, bug fixes and notifications 1.0.5 Bugfixes for the "My Ride" screen 1.0.4 Fixed various bugs and function limitations in iOS verison Share rides with people going to the ...    13 MB    Views 9820
time wait times view ride parks rides park submit
-6    Park activity at your fingertips. View and share ride wait times for over 200 parks worldwide including Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Universal, Sea World, Six Flags and your local parks. Features View and submit ride wait times. View ride description, height requirements and ...    679 kb    Views 9123

Caron - RideSharing

rides users
+1    Caron is a ride sharing application where users can share and take intercity rides. Users can Search for Rides and Offer rides between cities for free.    4 MB    Views 6844
time wait times view ride parks park rides submit
+26    Park activity at your fingertips. View and share ride wait times for over 200 parks worldwide including Disneyland, DisneyWorld, Universal, Sea World, Six Flags and your local parks. View and submit ride wait times. View and submit wait times for ...    677 kb    Views 5603
business car time rides pay ride south
+1    10 rides anywhere in Manhattan (south of 110th street) Never pay surge again. Gett a taxi, black car or SUV in 50 cities including New York, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Moscow, St Petersburg and all across Israel. Book a ride with ...    36 MB    Views 5162
navigation routes motorcycle map iphone maps route rides import riding speed view
-2    Access Thousands of Scenic Routes | Navigate Routes | Track your Rides | Import GPX | Share with Friends. Designed for Motorcycle Riding with special and handy features for Motorcyclists. Only MC App with BUILT IN Route Navigation. Your MotoMap account ...    6 MB    Views 8865
Related Apps map car hotel gps virtual visit resort times main rides park
0    The magic of Gardaland Resort at your fingertips. Use the INTERACTIVE MAP to obtain the position of the rides, shows, restaurants, shops and facilities. View QTIMES for the main rides with live feed on your iPhone. PLAN your visit and create ...    48 MB    Views 7354

TwoGo by SAP

iphone share rides turn mobile information
+28    With the TwoGo mobile app by SAP for iPhone, you can access details about the car pool rides you share anywhere and anytime. twogo matches you with people nearby who want to share trips to get to work, to ...    6 MB    Views 392

Go Rowdies

weather trips bike cities rides plan add fans
-8    Go Rowdies Your Smarter Weather Navigator An app dedicated to my friends who are Rowdies and Bike lovers If you are a Rowdies Convertible car lover, you OUGHT to have our Go Rowdies app We are sure you are going ...    25 MB    Views 8553


rides bus number
+6    A musthave application for New York City MTA public transportation users who use payperride MetroCards. MetroCalc lets you calculate the exact amount to add to your MetroCard so you end up with a round number of rides, while still getting the ...    202 kb    Views 105

Ants -

Related Apps facebook twitter favorite rides friends
+11    Ants is a fast and safe mobile carpooling/ridesharing service. Save money, reduce CO2 emissions and make new friends. Ants is linked with Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easy to connect with friends, family, colleagues and others who share the ...    11 MB    Views 365
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