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Tripbox Edinburgh

+7    Discover the highlights of Edinburgh with Tripbox, your personal travel guide Travel tips from thousands of travelers – with attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, and nightlife. Browse place information (stored locally) offline. Augmented Reality Viewer to locate the attractions near you. ...    5 MB    Views 3670


+2    No matter where you are, whether your web presence iPad, you can browse at any time the map of Edinburgh, Florida , we provide you with more information on more than 1000 points, making travel convenient for you. NOTICE 1:Save your ...    65 MB    Views 8885
+9    The must have app for Edinburgh Castle Our creative, innovative app delivers unprecedented insight into Edinburgh Castle, Scotland's most popular tourist attraction. A detailed walk through audio guide is just the beginning discover little known secrets, fun facts, gruesome castle history ...    31 MB    Views 8691
-1    Realtime Edinburgh Airport flight information. Flight arrival and departure time, flight status and destination are synchronized with your iPhone (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus) and iPad. Features: • Advanced search tools for flight, status and destination information. Simply enter ANY keywords to filter ...    30 MB    Views 7360
+5    Download Central Taxis Edinburgh’s free app straight to your iPhone. Whether a cash or account customer, our userfriendly app allows you to book your taxi and jump the queue • Request your taxi for ASAP or prebook your journeys ahead of time • ...    16 MB    Views 1956
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+5    Get a full offline travel guide and map for Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. Create travel itineraries of all the places you want to visit and have them available for offline use. Get comprehensive information with full Wikipedia articles for all the major tourist ...    42 MB    Views 7689
coffee map photo time shop review shops edinburgh city quickly location
+2    We want to help you find the best independent coffee shops in beautiful Edinburgh quickly and easily, whether you're online or offline. Your location will show up on our city map alongside the the best coffee shops. You can ...    686 kb    Views 1715
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-4    This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch & iPad. This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Edinburgh. It features 6 different modules providing information of the Edinburgh like Overview, Hotels, Attractions, POI Search, Map & ...    29 MB    Views 7860
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+2    The official Edinburgh Airport flight board app puts live flight times at your fingertips. View live arrival and departure information in a fast, easy to use interface and quickly browse terminal maps on the big screen of your iPad.    3 MB    Views 4137
+21    Discover the secrets of old Edinburgh from the Castle rock to Arthur’s Seat – follow your guide and learn about the historic Royal Mile. Listen to the untold stories; experience Edinburgh’s chilling mysteries and fascinating facts. You think you know Edinburgh? ...    43 MB    Views 6245
-7    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurately detected by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    189 MB    Views 4884


+5    Do you want to markdown where you have gone? This app can help you for this. In it, if you went to somewhere, the mask in the map will disappear, and you can view your locations from the map. Continued use of ...    2 MB    Views 7672
flight time text airport live status alarms edinburgh information reminders
+14    Kids are waiting for YOU at home. Your honey wants to have a sweet talk with YOU. Spend time chating with them INSTEAD OF wasting time on flight search Download the app and start enjoying the quality time with your beloved ones. Live Flight ...    NAN    Views 5109
0    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is retrieved  by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    123 MB    Views 2903

Edinburgh 3D Map

maps coupons map email hotel love family business apps money edinburgh hot mobimaps free spots find save spot
-5    By MOBIMAPS, publisher of over 4 Million Maps annually Now bringing the 3D Edinburgh Maps you love to life on your phone. Find the best Edinburgh businesses and attractions along with savings, deals and coupons that will save you money. ► ...    4 MB    Views 1255
0    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is retrieved  by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    127 MB    Views 9906


map havana
-7    Appbuilder has develop this map to help you get oriented while transit over Havana`s streets. This map don´t use internet connection, is update an load fast. We hope it be useful for you.    9 MB    Views 5495
tickets time directions gps edinburgh tram bus trams buses stop phone
+12    Introducing the Transport for Edinburgh app for Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams. There’s no need to search for the exact fare again. Instead, you can buy and load your phone with Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Trams mtickets. Your mtickets can then ...    41 MB    Views 5211

Pocket Edinburgh

+25    Pocket Edinburgh is your personal tour guide. It contains articles covering the best and most interesting places in Edinburgh. Like a traditional tour guide, our articles will tell you interesting facts and entertaining stories. The majority of our articles are ...    56 MB    Views 884
airport edinburgh
+4    The official Edinburgh Airport mobile app puts the airport in your pocket, with live flight times, terminal information, news, special offers and more — everything you need for an easy journey to and through Edinburgh Airport.    5 MB    Views 3512
driver discount booking cars vehicle track book edinburgh receive licensed fully
+1    With Capital Cars – Edinburgh new Smart Booker 2 iPhone App you can see your taxi before you book We even offer you a 20% discount as well Our brand new Smart Booker 2 App allows you to make a ...    5 MB    Views 9782

숲에ON 등산로

-1    우리나라 150개의 산에 대한 등산로 및 주변정보를 위치기반 서비스, 증강현실 등 새로운 기술 트랜드를 활용하여 제공해 드리며 등산객들이 직접 참여하는 SNS기능을 제공함으로써, 단순 산소개 App, 네비게이션 App과 차별화된 등산객을 위한 종합 서비스를 지향하는 Application 입니다. 국립공원은 국립공원관리공단에서 배포한 '국립공원산행정보'를 이용하시기 ...    10 MB    Views 3304

London Map

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0    Offline map of London for your iPhone and iPad. Find streets and your location without an internet connection.    11 MB    Views 1297

Istanbul Metro

0    Easy to use and light application. Why look like a tourist when you don't have to. Fingertip zoom and fingertip rotate controls make this map a pleasure to work with. No internet connection required so the map is with you at all times.    667 kb    Views 3382

ComCab Edinburgh

-3    The Official ComCab Edinburgh iPhone App for our customers in Edinburgh. Uses ComCab Edinburgh existing and successful Web Booker database. If you are an existing Web Booker customer there is no need to reregister. As it is linked to your ComCab Edinburgh ...    59 MB    Views 5956
flight tracker london transportation maps food airport edinburgh information restaurants premium packing parking
+2    Flight tracker premium. 1 airport app For Edinburgh and every airport (2500+) you get: +Live Arrival and Departure boards +Terminal maps +Food and restaurants +Parking +Ground transportation Edinburgh Airport (EDI) is the largest airport in Scotland. The airport is located about west of the city and is ...    37 MB    Views 6500

Essential Edinburgh

tour audio essential street edinburgh walking mile royal
+19 has been selling audio walking tours since 2006. We are the most experienced name in digital walking tours. As the great Scottish poet, Robert Burns once wrote: "I'd be mair vauntie o' my hap, Douce hingin' owre my curple, Than ...    22 MB    Views 6921
+27    Thank you for your interest in the City Cabs Booking App. This App allows you to book a Licensed Taxi from City Cabs. You can: • Confirm, Cancel and Edit Bookings • Track your Cab using GPS • Save favourite addresses to allow quicker booking • ...    3 MB    Views 6146
+3    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurate by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    90 MB    Views 1719
time edinburgh bars enjoy bar traditional long average
+2    Scotland's Capital has more bars than the average city, some new and some old. This guide is aimed at helping the Edinburgh tourist to pick out some of the finest example of bars Edinburgh has to offer. The bar or ...    31 MB    Views 6912
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+5    Never get lost in Edinburgh No.1 Offline Map offers a clear en highly detailed map of the streets of Edinburgh. You get a quick view of the Zip codes and the nearest hotels, restaurants, museums, shops, police stations, banks and ...    187 MB    Views 9913
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-3    Going to travel around Edinburgh City Map Guide? Wait Our App will provides you the information where to go n what you can see. Edinburgh Edinburgh City Map Guide guide is designed to use on offline when you are in the ...    174 MB    Views 1849

Edinburgh Bus

Related Apps bus times edinburgh live arrival
+4    Edinburgh Bus provides you live Lothian Buses arrival times at your fingertips. It displays a list of bus stops that are near your current location and retrives live arrival times for the selected stop.    2 MB    Views 783
+3    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurate by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    105 MB    Views 926

Edinburgh Outdoors

outdoors edinburgh
-7    Edinburgh Outdoors is a City of Edinburgh Council project funded by NESTA UK. This digital service wants to improve your experience visiting Edinburgh's public parks.    4 MB    Views 3215
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+3    A convenient mapbased app that allows the user to find their way around and get to the attractions they'd most like to see in an unfamiliar city. Quickly view, read up on, and then navigate to the top10 visitor ...    9 MB    Views 6391

Edinburgh Sights

drink list city bars restaurants including included edinburgh eat
0    A guide to some of the best locations in Edinburgh. This app provides a list of places to visit, bars to drink in and restaurants to eat in. Some of the features included in the app include: A description of the main ...    60 MB    Views 6674


0    A mapbased app to navigate around Edinburgh and its famous festivals. With descriptions of pubs, places to eat, festivals and shops, its the perfect guide to Edinburgh.    16 MB    Views 9844
+27    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurately detected by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    141 MB    Views 2385
0    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurate by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    138 MB    Views 4091
maps gps edinburgh scotland years categories divided changed discover today
+28    Do you know... why there was a lake in what today is Princes Street Gardens? Who was the first King of United Kingdom? What has happen in the Edinburgh Castle? Or what monument is called "Scotland's disgrace"? Travel through time and ...    60 MB    Views 9579
map edinburgh guide location view images town place scotland
+6    Designed entirely in Scotland by iSPY A location based travel guide and walking tour of Edinburgh, taken from the best selling Edinburgh 'Then & Now' CD ROM (also created by the author). Contains over 60 documented mapbased views from around ...    3 MB    Views 1663

Edinburgh Guide

Related Apps navigation map local offline edinburgh turn information functions guide
+1    Edinburgh Guide is an advanced software that can be used by local users and travellers. Features: 1 All functions can work offline,you can use it without WiFi or mobile signal. 2 Its offline map support turn by turn navigation. 3 Its map supports local ...    220 MB    Views 904

Edinburgh Bus Tours

home hotel bus edinburgh tours easily find great journey stops
+5    Discover Scotland’s celebrated capital with Edinburgh by Bus. This app is FREE and brought to you by Lothian Buses and Edinburgh Bus Tours. Using our Journey Planner you can find your way around Edinburgh quickly and easily. 'Take Me Home' will ...    14 MB    Views 7948
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0    Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad EDINBURGH OFFLINE TRAVEL GUIDE with attractions, museums, restaurants, bars, hotels, theaters and shops with TRAVELER REVIEWS and RATINGS, pictures, rich travel ...    73 MB    Views 2414

RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

animal charity zoo edinburgh animals scotland fun day royal
+12    Set in 82 acres of beautiful parkland Edinburgh Zoo is home to over 1,000 rare and endangered animals including the UK’s only giant pandas and koalas. Working for over 100 years to connect people with nature and safeguard species from ...    42 MB    Views 9115
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+20    In this fantastic, beautiful and historic city there is always something to do, whether it be noon or night. The Real Ale Tour is a great way to taste the real Edinburgh. Real Ales, Cask Ales and Whiskies is a ...    35 MB    Views 6544
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+14    Get the most out of Scotland with the ultimate interactive pocket guidebook. The most comprehensive and indepth Scottish travel guide available, the Welcome to Scotland app is packed with quality information on accommodation, things to do, restaurants and events, detailed ...    105 MB    Views 2936
+5    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is retrieved  by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    77 MB    Views 1515

Haggis Hostels

hostel hostels stay edinburgh leave moment information give
+14    Welcome to Haggis Hostels Let Hamish the Haggis give you the guided tour with the Haggis Hostels digital concierge app. From the moment you set foot in Edinburgh to the moment you leave, this app will give you everything you need ...    26 MB    Views 583
personal fringe edinburgh show listings independent reviews festival
+30    When you're at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, it's easy to find out what's on. But it's harder to work out what's good So you'll need help from iFringe, the only app to show full official listings alongside a range of ...    10 MB    Views 4088

aQuest: Edinburgh

tour quest find edinburgh code tours themed unique route
-5    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER The ideal companion guide for visitors to Edinburgh. aQuest guides you through the city with unique tours full of history and sights. For the more adventurous, take the quest challenge which is great entertainment for all the family. This ...    11 MB    Views 8627
reviews edinburgh restaurant restaurants
+1    Looking for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in Edinburgh? Lunchquest provides your personal guide to all the nearby spots, with ratings and reviews to steer you to the handiest place to meet your needs. • Find reviews of the nearest restaurants to ...    11 MB    Views 4557
Related Apps location application find edinburgh store internet connection offline
+5    This application will guide you through Edinburgh but you’ll remain the boss. Go wherever you want to go and feel free to lose yourself. Thanks to this app you will always be able to identify your exact location and find ...    74 MB    Views 5878
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+14    This app allows you to browse street level map of Edinburgh when you are traveling. You don't need to have internet connection for this to work as the map is stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Ideal for saving ...    30 MB    Views 7302
+1    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurately detected by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    102 MB    Views 1949
flight weather travel guide edinburgh itinerary airport destination flights delays including
-1    Flying from or to Edinburgh Airport? Then get this allinone travel companion on your phone. You'll save time and stay one step ahead when you're on the move. Get flight status updates (including delays, cancellations, alternate flights) on your departure ...    4 MB    Views 9598
+25    The easiest way to walk and find what you search in the City. Offline Map ­ No need roaming connection.  Your position is accurately detected by GPS navigator.  Find all Point of Interest around you.  Metro and other transport Map.  Very simple use.    170 MB    Views 7885

Edinburgh City

edinburgh city modern medieval life region year unesco scottish scotland
+18    Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland located in the Central Belt region of the country. With a population of approximately 450,000 (1 million in the city region), "Auld Reekie" (Edinburgh) manages to combine both ancient and modern in a uniquely ...    3 MB    Views 3910
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+2    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 20% OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Earthy yet stylish, and casually cosmopolitan, Edinburgh is as proud of its medieval cobbled alleyways as its famous edgy Fringe Festival when the world descends on its pleasure palaces. But it's not all about the crowds: ...    167 MB    Views 5874
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