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Aurora Iceland

+2    Want to see the northern lights when in Iceland? You can maximize your chances of seeing them, by using Aurora Iceland’s localized Aurora forecast. The forecast is based on multiple factors: planetary magnetic activity, local weather conditions, lunar conditions and ...    5 MB    Views 8660

What to Pack?

+4    Traveling any time soon? Then you probably are not looking forward to packing.. That's where What to Pack? comes in, enter your destination city, number of days staying there (today doesn't count) and click Go You'll then get a short ...    1 MB    Views 6028
weather forecast live forecasts data updates
+4    Jubilee Weather provides live weather updates and forecasts for Gerringong and Kiama, NSW. Live weather updates every 5 minutes Forecasts updated every 12 hours Forecasts provided by BoM 6 day tide forecast Efficient on 3G, Jubilee Weather uses very little ...    4 MB    Views 7705
weather forecast apps locations simply forecasts day switch current
-1    My Weather Forecasts Pro is the simplest, most beautiful weather application you'll need on your iPhone. Enter locations near to you or simply view the forecast for the weather around you. You'll get all of the data you need in ...    6 MB    Views 6969

Map Weather HD

+13    Map Weather is an application for weather information, weather forecast, as well as automatic positioning. Functions of this software include the following: 1.Locate your current city automatically and display its weather information. For positioning, please activate the automatic positioning function. 2.Choose the default ...    3 MB    Views 6742
weather facebook forecast home photos share forecasts instagram screen support
+1    RECEIVE & SEND EXCITING WEATHER FORECASTS TAKE INSTAGRAM PHOTOS TO A HIGHER LEVEL MyWeather Home Screen is great for live weather forecasts, and creating fun photos to share with your friends. AllInOne EASY TO USE: Just select your location, take a pic, and ...    18 MB    Views 4183


forecast weather slopes latest check
+19    OFFICIAL and FREE application for Méribel, WINTER and SUMMER version So practical At your fingertips all the information you need to organise and make the most of an enjoyable fun filled holiday, thanks to the new simpler menus and enlarged ...    43 MB    Views 9636

Seychelles Connect

-5    Seychelles in the palm of your hand. The only application to offer a comprehensive guide to the Seychelles, including a business directory, a location map service, live weather forecasts, plus all the latest offers and tourism events. Seychelles: Seychelles’ pristine 115 granite and ...    14 MB    Views 2722

Ina Ruwa Weather

Related Apps weather forecast graph temperature high cities precipitation days
+3    Disappointed with simplistic weather forecasts or those that require a degree in meteorology to understand? Get Ina Ruwa, the "just right" weather app. Ina Ruwa tells you what you need to know at a glance: temperature and precipitation trend graphs over ...    1 MB    Views 118

Follow the Weather

+6    FOLLOW THE WEATHER Visual Weather forecast for Europe. Are you planning your holiday or are you on holiday, but you don't like the weather. Too hot, too cold? Too dry, too wet? Where should you go? FOLLOW THE WEATHER. Also ...    29 MB    Views 8876

Clear Weather Pro

Related Apps weather forecast iphone displays color simple clear features easy
0    Clear Weather Channel is the only app for iPhone that shows weather forecast by color. Hot weather → Brighter Reds and Oranges Cold Weather → Lighter Greens and Blues It’s THAT Simple Download and try it yourself. Clear and Simple Weather SUPEREASY ...    1 MB    Views 3181


Related Apps weather forecast information day
-3    Buienradar helps with actual weather information and reliable weather forecast to better plan your activities during the day. You can configure the app to your own preferences to have all required weather information available in one swipe. The main focus is ...    21 MB    Views 2526
Related Apps forecast surf conditions spot waves wind
-7    To accurately forecast the surf for a spot you need to understand how different conditions affect the waves there. Check out our surf forecast app which shows the wind conditions of the spot/area where you want to go for surfing. Simple Design Thoroughly ...    16 MB    Views 63


weather forecast time maps australia hrs radar wind location data
-9    WeatherOnline offers worldwide city forecasts as well as weather maps Cities: 112 Days: Tmax; Tmin, Weather am; pm; evening; Rain Risk; Precipitation; Wind Direction and Mean Wind Force am; pm; evening; Sunshine hrs; UV index; Sunrise; Sunset; Moonrise; Moonset; 24 hrs Forecast in ...    4 MB    Views 4833


weather forecast map days place overview world information
+6    mete4me – my personal weather forecast Make your own weather map, by setting points freely on a map or selecting from 5 million places. meteo4me supplies a precise, hourly weather forecast at any selected place in the world for the next ...    3 MB    Views 8699


forecast weather location parameters point display service national grid
0    This App is all about giving you all the weather forecast parameters you need for a complete 7 day forecast. No frills, No ads, No smiling sunshine or umbrellas wearing galoshes. Display the weather forecast in a graphical manner for ...    1010 kb    Views 7415


weather forecast
-1    Meteoalpi, the weather apllication for who likes the mountain and the snow but also who wants to get accurate weather forecast for France, Germany, Swtitzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Italy. With over 50000 locations, you can find weather forecast in threehourly and ...    2 MB    Views 860
weather map forecast time airport track terminal airports day supports
+29    Airport Track is a powerful Airport Track application for 4,770 airports in 193 countries worldwide. With Airport Track, you can track flight delays,Cancellations, view Airport's delay index,reason,local time,current weather and next 7 day's weather forecast and much more. Airport Track also ...    3 MB    Views 5746
-5    Get upto date weather forecast for complete USA Find weather forecast details from NOAA for USA Get regular Weather updates on your devices User friendly design easy to locate buoys Compatible with iOS 8 Supports retina display No ads Note: This app is not intended to be used for ...    12 MB    Views 7321

Map Wea Free

Related Apps weather forecast map information positioning display current check cities choose
-8    Map Weather is an application for weather information, weather forecast, as well as automatic positioning. Functions of this software include the following: 1.Locate your current city automatically and display its weather information. For positioning, please activate the automatic positioning function. 2.Choose the default ...    2 MB    Views 4049


forecast mobile height water sea temperature point http
+25    MeteoGalicia presents MeteoSIX Mobile. Check the meteorological and oceanographic forecast for any place of the southwest of Europe and its coast. MeteoSIX allows you to search among more than 29500 towns and 820 beaches. You can also select any place on ...    6 MB    Views 6543

Moonrise time

time moon map forecast site days results
+14    "Moonrise Time" is an app that shows the weekly time and direction of the moonrise and moonset for a specified observation site.

 Functional overview
 Specify the observation site on the map screen.
 There are three ways to specify it.
 Current location button
 A long press ...    479 kb    Views 2797


weather forecast time points forecasts start route
+14    Get a quick and easy check on the weather forecast along your route with Trip4cast. Instead of separate forecast checks at different places you’ll get the expected weather at the start and endpoint of your trip and at some points ...    13 MB    Views 6067


weather forecast location daily ride today simple notification
-5    Should I ride today? Weather2Ride gives you a simple Yes/No answer to your most important daily question. Weather2Ride provides a beautifully simple interface with no fluff. Pull up the app, the Today Widget or the Apple Watch app and you'll find ...    6 MB    Views 6260


+10    You can create a weather forecast along the planned trip. It's possible to sort, add, delete. Let's create weather forecast view only you 旅のスケジュールに沿った天気予報を作成することができます。 並べ替え、追加、削除など自由に編集可能です。 予報結果で旅の日程を変更してもいいかもしれません() Using the weather forecast data of OpenWeatherMap API.    2 MB    Views 266

Shine : Weather

Related Apps weather forecast iphone screen condition swipe details switch beautiful
+13    Shine probably the most beautiful weather app for your iPhone. Shine gives you current weather conditions and a 7day forecast of worldwide weather stations. The information is visualised with beautiful full screen backgrounds representing temperature. Shine includes a wide range of ...    359 kb    Views 8835

Quick Weather+

weather forecast current temperature city
0    Get weather forecast report quickly. App save your time to select your current city. Features: 1. App detects your current city and displays current weather forecast. 2. App also provides weather forecast for next 14 days. Forecast data includes 1.Humidity 2.Clouds 3.wind speed 4.pressure 5.Min temperature 6.max temperature    2 MB    Views 6314
0    Start watching weather forecasts in a fancier way All we need is just the simple information. Life is too short to learn all the weather data. Wafe provides you with the following: the current weather condition hourly forecast for the following 24 hours ...    2 MB    Views 1766


Related Apps weather forecast day montreal conditions current application
-5    Planning to go outside and want to know how to dress? Are you a weather fan? Celinium iOS application provides a simple and easytouse interface to get current weather conditions and a 7day weather forecast for the Montreal area. Weather observations ...    2 MB    Views 8481

WeatherStorm HD

weather forecast data radar current alerts multiple stations city
-2    WeatherStorm HD was designed to present everything you need to know about the local weather ataglance, without searching for data, switching displays, or even switching apps. Current Conditions, Forecast, Alerts and Weather Radar are all right there The following features are ...    9 MB    Views 5338

World Weather - Pro

Related Apps weather forecast world cities pro city days location
+18    ON SALE FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME. REGULAR PRICE 1.99 World Weather Pro iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad Weather forecast application in realtime weather for your location or any city in the world. World Weather provides weather forecast for all cities or ...    16 MB    Views 1350

Weather tph

weather forecast humidity pressure temperature
+14    Weather tph (temperature, pressure and humidity) was designed with simplicity in mind to provide a clean and simple way to check the weather forecast. KEY FEATURES: Get all the latest weather information from Open Weather service in just seconds (Info including ...    3 MB    Views 2601

Adriatic Wind

forecast wind adriatic fast sea
+16    When you are on sea you need fast and accurate information about the wind in your area. Adriatic Wind provides easy access to Aladin weather maps making it seamless to check the wind forecast for the next 3 days. With Adriatic Wind ...    541 kb    Views 2470
forecast turbulence
+24    Turbulence Forecast gives you insider information to help you estimate if your flight will be turbulent or smooth. You'll have access to the same maps the pros use. Please remember to always fasten your seatbelt. Please rate us in the app store ...    1 MB    Views 8834
forecast map scotland readings data locations scottish
+5    This App offers you a daily and 7 day Midge Forecast for Scotland. Based on Google Maps you can use it to tell you where midges are at their worst. It rates over 50 locations in Scotland on a scale ...    849 kb    Views 4872

My Weather Forecast

Related Apps weather forecast
+2    My Weather Forecast will tell you about today's weather.    15 MB    Views 8019
hurricane map forecast nyc find zone location storm
+9    NYC Hurricane Flood Evacuation Zone and Center Map. After Hurricane Irene still not sure if you are in evacuation zone? Try to find your way to the shelters? Here is the right app to find all these critical information NYC Hurricane provides evacuation ...    11 MB    Views 348
+19    iPlaya+ puts all the information you need to go to the beach in Spain at hand and now on your wrist too Adfree. You'll enjoy the most complete guide, with information on over 2000 Spanish beaches, and will be able ...    10 MB    Views 1313
forecast weather turkey maps presents
+3    Hava Durumu uygulaması Türkiyenin hava tahmin verilerini ve haritalarını sizlere sunmaktadir. Sunulan veriler Türkiyenin en güvenilir hava tahmin kaynağından Meteroloji Genel Müdürlüğünden alınmaktadır. İçerik: Türkiye geneli, bölgeler, şehirler ve seçtiğiniz şehriniz için hava durumu verileri, Türkiye geneli hava durumu uyarıları, Sabah, ...    212 kb    Views 6823
Related Apps weather forecast time notification rain days set world
-9    Do you like to get notification when there will be rain? Do you hate the notification when weather is good and nothing to worry about but still your phone beeps and bothers you? Here is PP Weather. PP Weather is a ...    7 MB    Views 5550

Forecast:OZ Free

+9    Forecast:OZ gives you the latest weather observation and forecast for over 2,500 places in Australia iPhone 5 ready    9 MB    Views 2364


weather gps forecast conditions current multi location change day
+1    Tired of telling your weather app where you are? WxHere makes your iPhone do the work for you by automatically detecting your location and getting the current weather conditions as well as a multiday forecast. WxHere features: Automatic location detection Current ...    563 kb    Views 3947
market traffic forecast current demand boeing section airplane airline
+9    Beautifully designed for the iPad, Boeing shares its 2015 Current Market Outlook, a long term forecast of air traffic volumes and commercial airplane demand, with you. In order to help airlines, suppliers, and the financial community make informed decisions, Boeing ...    31 MB    Views 7072
weather facebook forecast home photos share forecasts instagram fun screen
+11    RECEIVE & SEND FUN WEATHER FORECASTS TAKE INSTAGRAM PHOTOS TO A HIGHER LEVEL MyWeather Home Screen is great for live weather forecasts, and creating fun photos to share with your friends. AllInOne EASY TO USE: Just select your location, take a pic, and ...    18 MB    Views 7240


flight forecast search flights berlin list frankfurt details baden
+3    GermanAirports shows you flight data from major german airports. In this programm version you can see details from the following airports. Features: Settingsmenue show status in "Meine Flüge" auto update in flight lists refresh button in detail view flight tracking feature ...    3 MB    Views 4557

Wetter 14-Tage

weather forecast prediction application detailed week multiple maximum snow rain
+12    Check the weather to 14 days for more than 20,000 locations in Spain and 200,000 worldwide. It also provides information for ski stations. Hourly detailed forecast for today and tomorrow, detailed forecast every 3 hours during the rest of the week ...    23 MB    Views 639

Metro Traffic Live!

Related Apps weather traffic forecast manila metro
0    Real time traffic updates for the major streets in Metro Manila. Data provided by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and TV5 Metro Manila Traffic Navigator. Coverage includes: EDSA Quezon Ave. Espana C5 Roxas Blvd. South Luzon Express Way Commonwealth Katipunan ...    3 MB    Views 2050
Related Apps weather forecast bahamas information temperature current central
+13    Bahamas Weather Central is a brand new service dedicated to bringing you the latest information on the weather in The Bahamas. You get the current temperature, the "RealFeel" temperature, wind, and a brief forecast immediately. To provide a more detailed ...    3 MB    Views 3423

CR Surf

forecast playa surf costa beach enjoy experience find
0    The allinone application to discover the Costa Rican surf spots and check the live waves forecast. 
With CR Surf you can find the nearest spot and know more about waves size, period, best swells.
 Enjoy the best Costa Rican surf experience. Everything is ...    9 MB    Views 7796

Weather Office Free

weather office forecast precipitation features radar hourly canada free data
+5    The best app for accurate local weather and forecasts for Canada and the USA. Features: Layout gives you the information you need with no clutter. Shortterm hourly forecast graph shows temperature, wind speed, Quantity of Precipitation (QP) and Probability of Precipitation ...    9 MB    Views 2414
weather forecast usa noaa wind conditions updates
+28    USA Weather forecast NOAA Single app for all your devices Simple & unique design Easy to operate compatible with iOS 8 Get current Weather conditions and forecast for within USA Get Weather updates quickly & effectively. Get past present & future weather forecast for complete USA Get weather ...    11 MB    Views 1436

VVC Card

Related Apps card forecast section guides events informations guide locations find discover
+29    VVCCard application allows you to provide some informations about web site It is composed by: Card OnLine guide Events Forecast Audioguide My guides Help About Card: In this section you can display your personal Card. OnLine Guide: In this section you ...    973 kb    Views 2375
Related Apps weather forecast rivers noaa updates alerts information temperature river state
+9    Rain or shine? Be prepared with the most accurate weather forecast for US River. Weather forecast with highs, lows, chance of precipitation. Get the latest Weather forecast updates about Temperature Humidity Get observation, Forecast & alerts information Favorable conditions prevail for hiking and ...    31 MB    Views 2998

UK Snow Radar

map forecast hours radar snow images rain share
+4    Use MetDesk’s high resolution snowfall radar to see exactly where precipitation is falling as snow, sleet, rain or freezing rain on a fully zoomable map. The animated visualisation allows you to see the snowfall radar in 5 minute timesteps over ...    13 MB    Views 4774
weather forecast tides wind unique surfing
+27    Surfing Forecast app is unique app providing weather information for surfers For Surfers it is important to know the tides & wind weather App displays the minimum and maximum Tides & Wind pressure App provides Weather forecast for next 5 days Single app for ...    18 MB    Views 5879
weather forecast limit wind day force experts switzerland
+1    Find quickly and easily every day the weather forecast LIVE for Switzerland supervised 24/24 by weather forecasters Swiss experts updated up to 10X a day Ad free Weather forecast for the morning / afternoon / evening Video weather presented by ...    34 MB    Views 4051

US Rivers Forecast

forecast weather rivers application river data
+26    USRivers application helps get Flood, Weather information of current & forecast stages of river by state. USRivers weather & Flood forecast application allows users to check quickly and effectively the forecast details for river navigators, fishing activity and riverside existences. The ...    28 MB    Views 942
spanish forecast weather map beach beaches information check forecasts
+12    iPlaya+ puts all the information you need to go to the beach in Spain at hand. You'll enjoy the most complete guide, with information on over 2000 Spanish beaches, and will be able to check weather forecasts provided by the ...    4 MB    Views 3306

The Svalbard Guide

Related Apps map forecast maps weather guide quality high institute norwegian
+1    The Svalbard Guide is a free app with information about activities, excursions and attractions on Svalbard. Where to go, what to do, how can I get the most out of my arctic adventure? With a simple and intuitive interface, The Svalbard ...    37 MB    Views 1008

Matt Noyes Weather

Related Apps weather video forecast live england forecasts
+9    NECN (New England Cable News) Meteorologist Matt Noyes has been providing New England with weather forecasts for years. Now, you can take Matt's forecasts with you From Matt's New England exclusive 10day forecast, to active weather alerts, live radar, video ...    21 MB    Views 5436
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