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+2    Great tracking application for passengers of a train. You can measure average or maximum speed, altitude, coordinates, moving direction or find yourself on map. Get the useful information in one click    5 MB    Views 1939


find information
0    With infoKalix you quickly and easily find places in Kalix. You will find accommodation, attractions , services, activities and community information through different categories or free text search. You get a short presentation , telephone number, email and internet address ...    30 MB    Views 1083

Misión Agua

information trade
+5    The application hollandhub is the interactive trade mission information guide for trade missions organized by It presents relevant country information, company profiles of participating companies and for participants only a delegates lounge with program information.    11 MB    Views 6671


flight information
0    RAKAirport provides flight information, flight search and other useful information related to Ras Al Khaimah airport    18 MB    Views 7588
+8    This is your tour guide of the Coast of the Atlantic Forest. Here you will find information on the nine cities that make up the region: Bertioga, Cubatao, Guaruja, Santos, São Vicente, Praia Grande, Mongagua, Itanagar and Peruibe. You may ...    14 MB    Views 7952


+13    The official BSCA mobile app provides all useful information like uptodate flight information, information on queuing times, parking fees, timetables for each destinations and much more    2 MB    Views 4886


information boaters
+21    Use this Apple device to use BOATaid™ which is an free Ontario based information app for boaters. Find marinas, emergency services, food, drink, pharmacies and much more. Includes GPS search functions. Preloaded information to aid boaters enjoy their time on ...    6 MB    Views 6715


+23    New Zealand 100% Pure heaven on earth Travel guides and information for popular destinations and The information in the illustration is easy and brief to understand. App can be enjoyed with the sensibility photos in and around the city with map illustrations drawn ...    13 MB    Views 6444

Danske Ambassader

+2    Danske Ambassader embassies of Danmark is an useful and necessary application during traveling in world. Ambasadat contains several pieces of information: adresses telephone numbers email fax All information is implemented within so you do not need roaming abroad or mobil net. You do not need to care ...    4 MB    Views 7496


+29    In our app we would like to share with you the information about 220 pirates, privateers, buccaneers and other pirate type persons that lived and were active all over the world in different time periods from 1100 to 1900. Detailed ...    11 MB    Views 612

Aloha China

aloha hawaii information
+12    ALOHA All about Hawaii information in Chinese. Hawaii fashion, fine art, activity, golf, neighbor island, restaurant, local food, travel tips and more. You can find all Hawaii's best information here Aloha 阿罗哈 全世界人们选择的度假胜地,在夏威夷旅行中必须要的手机软件。 你们想知道威基基的美食餐厅?需要火奴鲁鲁的地图? 比如在美国旅行中遇到紧急情况怎么办?需要了解夏威夷推荐观光路线? 关于所有夏威夷旅游信息,通过阿罗哈中国软件得到最新夏威夷消息。 阿罗哈中国是唯一的关于夏威夷旅游信息软件,按季更新夏威夷流行、最有用的购物信息、观光路线和美食信息。 你们想知道什么,都在阿罗哈中国获得信息。    39 MB    Views 2936

Power plug

+2    Do you travel a lot and you do not know how to charge your iPhone? With this app you can have in your pocket a list of all the electrical outlets in more than 200 countries in the world You can also ...    889 kb    Views 2781

Your 511

traffic information include
+13    This is a free traffic information service. Features include an interactive traffic map, traffic cameras, popular driving times, as well as information on construction, incidents and weather that may affect your travels. Currently supported regions include the State of Nevada ...    798 kb    Views 2883


+1    This app has information about the Travelium. In addition, app has airline information and route information about our path information. Access service information.    6 MB    Views 5556
0    You can check on information of Daegu's hospitals, shopping, beauty, lodging, restaurants, culture, life and use coupons for the event information in realtime services.    6 MB    Views 6363
Related Apps beach information
-7    When it's time to escape Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa Island is the perfect answer It's white sand beaches, emerald green waters, and unspoiled nature are the best in Florida. Whether you desire solitude down a stretch of nearly ...    11 MB    Views 7853


campsite information
0    Let's go to camp Campsite, you can find a campsite while looking at the map. And campsite homepage, you can see tweets of Twitter. Campsite of information makes use of the information of the Foursquare.    4 MB    Views 4670


information lanzarote
-5    Lanzarote is a guide in 5 lenguages that informes the user about its Points of Interest, Beaches, Restaurants, Leisure and attractions parks, Shops, Bars, Golf Courses, Hiking, Tourist Information Offices and more… Useful on and offline information.    7 MB    Views 6035

Murrells Inlet

+13    Find Murrells Inlet SC dining, entertainment, golf, hotel, nightlife, service and shopping information that includes business contact information, location, directions, virtual tours, mobile apps and daily deals.    6 MB    Views 7127


venice information
0    iVenice the app for those living, working and traveling in and around Venice. Timetable information navigation and transport on the mainland (Mestre and vicinity). Functionality of weather and tidal information in Venice.    7 MB    Views 8590

Copa Airlines

flight information
+7    Copa Airlines’ iPhone App will provide you realtime information when flying. With your phone now you can verify flight status, see our timetables, review travel information, such as baggage policies and see a complete list of our different office locations ...    4 MB    Views 785


sign information
+10    ‘Tanabe Step by Step’ is an app supplied by Tanabe Tourist Association. When you see any of our signs or posters set at a corner of Tanabe town, you can access to guiding information (readable and audible explanation, and/or pictures) of ...    NAN    Views 4517


taipei information
+5    台北ウィークリーマンションの紹介、地図検索、台湾旅行ガイド、最新台北プレイスポットは随時更新 台湾へのご旅行を検討されている方、長期出張のご予定のある方は必見です Stay Taipei provides service for celebrity rental apartments in Taipei city, including map guides, room information, ordering information. We hope you spend your leisure moments happily in Taipei. StayTaipei updates the tourist information frequently. It is a useful guide ...    12 MB    Views 8079

LandOPines Mobile

-2    Information on LandOPines Family Campground in Covington Louisiana. Information includes rates, rentals, amenities, events, music schedule, dates of operation, location, reservations, and much more    12 MB    Views 7970
+21    When you Visit Tenerife have fun and enjoy life. You Visit Tenerife because you want to relax and to deal with your stress With this application you'll have all the information you'll need for a perfect journey on a wonderful island. Included ...    11 MB    Views 1337


Related Apps information mobile
-2    Appyourmap is the mobile application which allows to have the information about the surrounding real world with the help of AR technology The user can have access to the main information regarding archaeological areas, parks, reserves including restaurants, wineries, bakeries and ...    7 MB    Views 9318


display information
-6    This is a HUD(Head Up Display) application for people who drive cars. When driving,this app will display information you need either on windscreen or on your phone screen(by your choice). You may also setup to make the information on windscreen looks regulary. Enjoy ...    19 MB    Views 195
-8    See Dubai is your personal concierge service in the capital and surrounding areas of Dubai. It is a comprehensive lifestyle listing with information on all the very best that the city of Dubai has to offer. All aspects of life in ...    49 MB    Views 4301

Around You !

center information
0    This app allows you to find out information “Around You” on most of the common needs like ATM, Banks, Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Fast Food Joints, Clinics, Gas Station, Hotels, Movies, Disco, Pubs, Theater, Hospital, Parking lot, clubs, Gym, sports center, ...    3 MB    Views 5503


+12    Ambasadat embassies of Kosova is an useful and necessary application during traveling in world. Ambasadat contains several pieces of information: adresses telephone numbers email fax All information is implemented within so you do not need roaming abroad or mobil net. You do not need to care about ...    9 MB    Views 7718

NV Roads

Related Apps traffic information
-7    This is a free traffic information service provided by the Nevada State Department of Transportation. Features include an interactive traffic map, traffic cameras, popular driving times, information on road conditions, construction, incidents and weather that may affect your travels.    8 MB    Views 1528
+8    The official Mulate's mobile app provides users with detailed information on upcoming events, band schedules, menus,a Cajun recipe of the month, and information about Cajun culture and cooking.    14 MB    Views 7192

Go North East

Related Apps tickets bus information
+27    We have frequent bus services to the city centres of Newcastle, Durham and Sunderland and serve popular shopping destinations like Intu Metrocentre, Eldon Square, The Bridges and Washington Galleries. As well as bus information at your fingertips, you can also ...    NAN    Views 5473

Melbourne Airport

information airport melbourne
0    The official Melbourne Airport (Australia) app puts the essential airport information at your fingertips to make your journey easier. Featuring flight lists, real time status updates, information about your relevant gate, checkin counter, terminal and carousel. Information to help you ...    17 MB    Views 6697

Valais Hiver

-8    The official app of Valais/Wallis Promotion gathering the valaisan resorts. All useful information for your stay now in your pocket. This new application will keep you uptodate with the latest information on the different winter sport regions, the weather, snow conditions, ...    6 MB    Views 7845

Aviation DG

aviation information
+21    Do you ever wonder what items are allowed on air travel and what not? With a few clicks "Aviation DG" provides you with valuable information. Are you allowed to transport a lighter? Yes but not in checked or hand baggage. ...    3 MB    Views 4020


-8    The best source of information for gay travelers to Santo Domingo, and the Dominican Republic. Maps, restaurants, bar listings, or get the latest daily information on our blog. All the information you need is here. Monaga.    12 MB    Views 8419


-8    Ανακάλυψε την Ελλάδα σου στην ... Αλόνησσο Discover your Greece in ... Alonissos everything you need for your vacation to Alonissos island, where to stay eat buy. Information about the places to visit. Information about the local sightseens and beaches. by    62 MB    Views 4369

Formentera Passport

formentera information passport
+4    With Formentera Passport you will be able to get information of the best places of Formentera. Every spot with our logo will give you extra information using our tracking system. You can also complete challenges to get presents from the ...    18 MB    Views 4173


embassies information
+12    AMBUS embassies of The United States of America is an useful and necessary application during travelling in Europe. AMBUS contains several pieces of information: adresses telephone numbers Emails www basic maps All information is implemented within so you do ...    91 MB    Views 2123
Related Apps map people information
+9    Korea is building up their own culture in Asia. If you can use this application , you know the city well, can enjoy. No longer need to have a thick guidebook. Because each of the tourist district organized by station Shopping, sightseeing, walking can ...    756 kb    Views 1174


-9    This handy app will help you make the most of your stay at any of our three beachside resorts. Get uptodate information as to what's on, where and when so you don't miss a thing Add your favourite shows and ...    6 MB    Views 230
Related Apps australia information
0    A multilingual app designed for tourists and travellers to Australia. It provides information about disasters and advice on what to do, how to find nearby resources and links to further safety information.    16 MB    Views 3102
information audioguide
-9    Contains information on the main tourism resources in Ourense. More than 30 important places of the city among which are the fountains, spas, parks and historical monuments, the cathedral and gasttronomic information. The explanation is provided by an audioguide. Includes photos, ...    25 MB    Views 9169

Il Seminario B&B

-7    Il Seminario and Il Seminario2 b&bs are located in the heart of Lucca’s historic centre, in an entirely renovated ancient palazzo situated in a quiet setting, just a short walk from the Duomo di S.Martino and the city’s loveliest piazzas ...    8 MB    Views 8852


+24    Aeroplane GPS App showing your location relative to airports and their runway / weather information around European Bases and Destinations. Volmet Stations and Information frequencies are also shown. Facility to record your own custom notes for each Airport.    1005 kb    Views 8259


event information
+1    GuestFirst Mobile is provided to guests by their hosts to make event information and details easily accessible. Your event host will provide you a unique ID which allows us to dynamically tailor the event information shown to you.    2 MB    Views 6563

PoleStar DC

zoo information polestar
-3    Use PoleStar DC to enhance your visit to the Washington D.C. area zoos such as the Smithsonian Nationals Zoo and the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore View zoo information, get detailed exhibit information and use other great features right from your ...    7 MB    Views 7820
summit information
+10    Targeted to summit attendees, this App is the onestop shop for all information about FSF’s major summits. See the agenda, hotel map, exhibitors, sponsor and attendee information. Provide instant feedback to the staff about the summit. Updated in real time ...    20 MB    Views 7002
Related Apps places information
-2    Find places around you just by a tap. Quickly search for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and other places, while on the go. Have access to latest information. Integrated with Map app, with updated information about places and attractions.    2 MB    Views 7732
Related Apps vacation information
+28    Log on to access your vacation information. Explore the local recommendations and retrieve essential information about your vacation rental.    7 MB    Views 3427

Les Arcs

les information
+1    Les Arcs, on the "itech" mountainside Access all the information of your favorite resort: Ski map, useful information, "MySki+" extension and pictures to publish your coolest souvenirs and slides on Facebook, videos, webcams… Les Arcs make their way on your iPhone and put ...    43 MB    Views 2805


+9    LopezIsland provides information about local businesses, farm information, recreational opportunities, and ferry schedules for the small community of Lopez Island, Washington, in the San Juan Islands.    288 kb    Views 1435

Myanmar Information

myanmar information
0    Find travel information about Myanmar such as "Accommodation", "Restaurant", "Relligious structures", "Sightseeing spot", "Transportations" and more...    9 MB    Views 9602
Related Apps timetable information
-8    Fast train timetable between Ankara and Istanbul in Turkiye. Easily plan your travel looking at the timetable. Timetable Detail Information Call Center & Site Information    7 MB    Views 3944

iVenice Pro

venice information
-9    iVenicePro the app for those living, working and traveling in and around Venice. Timetable information navigation and transport on the mainland (Mestre and vicinity). Functionality of weather and tidal information in Venice.    7 MB    Views 9225


+2    Ski stats tracker plus all the vital information for a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain, Maine. Track your speed, vertical, and distance. Plus, get details on lift and trail status, snow conditions, weather, maps and event information. Warning: Continual use of GPS can ...    19 MB    Views 2238


information trade
+5    The application hollandhub is the interactive trade mission information guide for trade missions organized by It presents relevant country information, company profiles of participating companies and for participants only a delegates lounge with program information.    11 MB    Views 5830

Hotel Maisonnave

Related Apps hotel information
+9    Perfect mobile application for the traveller, it brings the tourist information of Pamplona city together with information and services of the hotel Abba Acteón. It puts at your service the necessary information about each point of interest; it tells you how ...    2 MB    Views 6200

Zurich Traffic

Related Apps traffic zurich information
-8    Traffic information board at your fingertips. Zurich traffic is a realtime traffic information service system. It provides information about the current traffic situation in the city of Zurich.    NAN    Views 3700
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