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Jet Lag Calculator

+4    The ReTimer is a wearable green light device that resets your body clock helping you to: Reduce the impacts of jet lag Stay more alert if you are a shift worker Improve a mistimed body clock so you can go to sleep and ...    964 kb    Views 9600

Jet Lag App

+4    Don't waste your precious time with jet lag on long distance trips .Try the Jet Lag App, the best solution available today to prevent jet lag. Jet Lag App helps to reduce the symptoms of jet lag in an easy and ...    6 MB    Views 6715
+17    The ultimate private jet finder. Looking for one of the worlds greatest aircraft look no further. We have access to some of the most exciting private business and corporate jets in the world. At Go Jet Charters we have access to ...    5 MB    Views 7745


seats private service jets members aircraft seat receive safety
+6    Book seats on private jets in 10 seconds – confirmed and guaranteed BlackJet is the world’s first and only private jet seat service. Use the app to: Become a BlackJet member Book seats on private jets Request a private jet charter Receive ...    21 MB    Views 7547
+29    OS 3.0 bugs now fixed in v1.3.1. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, G4, Kotaku, Boing Boing, Travel & Leisure "It was always smart social parody from the start, but in making it this much smarter, Jetset has quickly ...    10 MB    Views 9660


+3    講數佬Jetso Map為你找出身邊附近所有優惠資訊,包羅了衣食住行、至醒買、潮SO專輯、開倉大減價、折扣優惠、信用卡、電子優惠券(eCoupon)等消費情報。 而著數都自動係地圖上顯示,讓你一覽無遺和方便找尋,時刻都可以開心逛街。 KongSolo Jetso Map offers shopping and life information about coupons, rebates, freebies, hot deals and outlets on food, clothing, shelter and transportation, etc, especially provide a strong information searcher with accurate map positioning service in helping users to pick ...    12 MB    Views 1528

Martin Jetpack

-5    As the world's first practical jetpack, the Martin Jetpack is set to revolutionise the industries of first responder, aviation, recreation and transportation. The Martin Jetpack has a ballistic parachute system that can deploy and safely recover the aircraft from only a ...    57 MB    Views 2649


travel time sleep lag jet stop schedule leisure exposure
+1    Want to Stop Jet Lag? Access your customized Stop Jet Lag plan information on your mobile device. Stop Jet Lag Mobile puts scientifically researched jet lag advice, created by a jet lag travel specialist, at your fingertips. Travel+Leisure's "100 Ways to Travel Better" ...    30 MB    Views 8393

Apogee Jets

flight time market jets service flights calculate aircraft real
+10    Use the Apogee Jets mobile app to plan your next private flight with ease. This app extends our impeccable 24x7 worldwide service and provides you the best way to find the right flight ; from light jets to commercial wide body ...    4 MB    Views 4996
+21    What is Cargo Plane Flight Simulator all about Ever wondered how it feels to soar through the endless skies? It is your chance to take off Fly high and conquer the skies Fly on high altitudes and feel the thrill of ...    65 MB    Views 3730


buenos argentina uruguay jet aires
-9    Group Jet let's you buy private jet tickets. We currently support the next flight routes: Buenos Aires (Argentina) Punta del Este (Uruguay) Buenos Aires (Argentina) Montevideo (Uruguay)    13 MB    Views 9098

Stay Well Meetings

body travel meetings stay lag jet attendees
+12    Stay Well Meetings offers healthy environments for highperformance corporate meetings by providing meeting rooms and wellness programming designed to optimize the health and wellbeing of attendees and minimize the impact that corporate travel can have on the human body. The Stay ...    36 MB    Views 3845
Related Apps ipad booking operators private version jet direct offers system
-6    Book a private jet directly without paying any commissions to brokers or middlemen. Charterscanner is an online charter platform and booking system based on direct transparent communication between customers and operators. More than 600 aircraft from over 140 international operators available ...    38 MB    Views 7888

Jetair Rome

rome museums offline attractions
+22    Jetair Rome is an offline compact travel city guide. You would need your Jetair reservation number to use this app. Features: • Offline Access: use the app without WiFi or data plans. • Street Map: search and find streets, museums, attractions and more ...    40 MB    Views 8495


search view pricing fly function private empty jet
-6    Your private jet anytime, anywhere at the tap of your fingers. iMasterjet for iPhone make it possible for you to search, view and request from wherever you are, whenever you want, with direct access to operators pricing. Keen to fly private ...    16 MB    Views 1135


flight check add times updates live favourite status
+18    Everything you need to check in and fly – In your pocket Check everybody in, know where to go at the airport, see your flight status and get live updates, all from your Jetstar app. Get ready to travel and sail ...    NAN    Views 4247
ski sports key west jet water simple open rentals online
+26    Open Ocean Watersports is the place to book your Key West Jet Ski Tours/Rentals and Water Sports activities. If you are looking for a Jet Ski Tour around Key West, a Jet Ski Rental, Parasailing, a Snorkel Trip to the ...    29 MB    Views 1591


time trips lag light notifications zone destination jet
+29    HumanCharger app is a travel essential that helps reduce the time it takes to recover from jet lag. When used together with a HumanCharger bright light device it helps reduce the time to recover from jet lag symptoms. Key features: • TRIPIT ...    33 MB    Views 3562
-3    You loved our car, tractor, bus, truck parking games and now we present our latest addition of Airport Jet Plane Parking simulation game. In this game you have to park your jet airplane at carrier and airports. Remember there are ...    72 MB    Views 797
flight support
-8    Jetex has established itself as one of the most prominent flight support companies in the aviation industry today, providing safe and reliable services on a global scale. With experience in tending to some of the highest profile clients, our international ...    3 MB    Views 9430


Related Apps flight travel home trips people boarding check mobile upcoming
+2    Take JetBlue everywhere you go Download our app and get instant access to your itineraries, flight status information, mobile boarding passes, our inflight entertainment and more. Book travel – Search and book flights to your favorite destinations. Checkin – Get your checkin ...    27 MB    Views 590
sleep traveling time travel body clock jet lag hours
-7    Prevent Jet Lag by shifting your sleep and wake cycle before you travel Based on medical recommendations, TimeTraveler assists in the management and prevention of Jet Lag by providing a schedule to synchronize your circadian rhythm (sleep/wake cycle) to your destination. "Jet ...    456 kb    Views 6782

JetLag Genie

sleep flight plan customized lag jet
-5    Want to beat jet lag? Need to be on top of your game when traveling abroad? You need to take active steps before you leave, during your flight, and after you land to significantly reduce the effects of jet lag. The ...    625 kb    Views 8420


view aircraft pictures production inventory current jet data anytime
+15    This application is the first of its kind in business aviation which allows the user to view all our current inventory live, including pictures and full specifications, as well as providing data on new aircraft where users will also be ...    36 MB    Views 2507

Jetty Driver

+3    The JETTY app uses your smartphone's GPS for detection of your location and connects you with the nearest available professional driver. Get picked up at any location within the United States. When you request a ride, JETTY will find a professional ...    13 MB    Views 7609
home trip travel lifestyle users wellness tool daily stay lag jet
-7    The Stay Well Home App is an integrative and multidimensional system that allows users to maximize the health and wellness features and amenities offered in the spaces in which they live. Coupled with an innovative Jet Lag Tool and complimentary ...    40 MB    Views 313

Your private jet

Related Apps aviation business trip time flight private jet safety association real
0    The World´s largest Citation Mustang Air Taxi operator is now available on your mobile The GlobeAir App it is a MUST HAVE tool for the modern travelers who seek the ease and the convenience of booking a private jet in few ...    13 MB    Views 3169


+15    Kennen Sie das? Sie gehen mit zwei Freunden zu Skifahren. Der eine zahlt das Benzin und die Autobahngebühren, der andere bezahlt erst mal die Skipässe, dafür zahlen die anderen das Mittagessen. Am Abend geht das große Aufschreiben los, wer hat was ...    3 MB    Views 2928


jet charter private empty price operator customers jets
+20    1/3 of all private jets fly empty. EmptyLegMarket fills these empty private jets with paying customers by directly connecting potential charter customers with the jet operator. We provide an innovative search tool to easily identify the best deals to charter ...    4 MB    Views 4136
jets aircraft private charter faa safety charters jet part
+19    JetOptions Private Jets is a leading provider of ondemand private aircraft charter worldwide. Charter the safest and most dependable private aircraft. We recognize the importance of price, service, and value, but at JetOptions we make sure to put you and ...    34 MB    Views 2682
travel private jet

Jet Lag Rooster

Related Apps trip research lag jet free customized plan reduce scientific
-5    Tired of jet lag? Jet Lag Rooster is the world's 1 free and scientific jet lag app. Enter your trip details to get a customized jet lag plan. The plan tells you exactly what to do to reduce jet lag. It’s ...    4 MB    Views 8639
gas station location jet information showing address
-3    The Gas Station Deutschland application was developed in order to help you find the location of Gas Station like Shell, Aral, Agip, Esso, Jet, OMV in Germany in an easier way.It also displays the contact information (containing address) of the ...    129 kb    Views 842


travel people travelers trips locals free rewards location interests user friends
-9    Travel like a Local Jetzy is the world's first geo location based social app to connect travelers and locals and give free travel rewards for simply using the app. Chatting, posting images, bringing friends to the app, etc., gives you ...    21 MB    Views 6379


Related Apps ability flights aircraft departure empty jet private share booking
+27    CoJetage is an innovative and revolutionary concept that enables everybody to travel on private jets from 200 per seat. CoJetage manages that by taking advantage of empty legs and allowing aircraft sharing. How is it possible? Private aviation triggers a lot ...    7 MB    Views 1515

VIP Air Catering

aviation flight catering jet private users company application feedback worldwide vip
-5    This App is developed and designed by Gary Hart and with this new release I have added more catering companies and updated information along with new features allowing you to rate each company. We now have over 4,500 active users worldwide ...    26 MB    Views 800

Urlaub Pro

Related Apps sie pro und urlaub jetzt ihnen die nie
-1    Kennen Sie das auch? Sie stehen am Flughafen und jetzt fällt es Ihnen ein: Wer gießt eigentlich die Blumen? und wer füttert die Fische? Alles vergessen. Schon wieder Damit Ihnen so etwas nie wieder passiert: Urlaub Pro Vorbereitungen / Vorkehrungen Koffer packen ...    6 MB    Views 7598
-8    DESTROY THE ENEMIES CAMP BE THE HERO This is the best shooting game in the store so far Come play Jet Plane Bomber Madness and be ready to get your hands on the most challenging game app ever FEATURES: ...    14 MB    Views 7109
jet battle game today shoot challenging enemies air
+6    Shoot the Enemies, Win the Battle This is the best shooting game in the store so far Come play Jet Fighter Battle Bomber and be ready to get your hands on the most challenging game app ever The objective is ...    20 MB    Views 469
charter booking mobile black jets
+18    Centurion Black Jets is a luxury charter company that focuses on exceptional service, uncompromised safety, and the utmost ease in booking. Download our mobile app today for easy access to charter booking, empty leg deals, and route availabilities.    12 MB    Views 5183
trip flight travel apple market management business program aviation jet pay private charter book
+8    Introducing a better private jet charter app. Get realtime market estimates, request quotes, book and pay for your trip all from your iPhone. Quote Research real market pricing for your flight plan and receive customized trip quotes within an hour (during ...    14 MB    Views 3628

Related Apps alaska gibt smartphone info dem die auf und jetzt
-4    Jetzt gibt es Alaska Info als offizielle App für's Smartphone Alle Neuigkeiten, Fotos, Veranstaltungen und Termine landen so direkt in der Hosentasche. Wann immer es etwas Neues gibt, klingelt's auf dem Smartphone. Besonders für die Schlittenhundefreunde gibt es aktuelle News ...    NAN    Views 6428

Private Jets

time calculator flight air partner private jet flights charter safety cost
+13    Air Partner is a world leading air charter broker providing access to private jets anywhere in the world. Interested in flying in a private jet and unsure of the cost? With this app you can calculate an estimated cost based on ...    3 MB    Views 9585

TCS Expeditions

travel guests world private jet personalized insider cultural information
-6    TCS World Travel is immersive global travel by private jet. We give our guests a truly personalized cultural experience on every journey. Download our app to browse our latest trips, learn about the benefits of private jet travel and see more ...    19 MB    Views 5287

Flight Options

flight trip card news information options jet access aircraft latest including
0    Starting in 1997 Flight Options has been a leader in the fractional aircraft and jet card industry. Flight Options provides the safest and best value in private jet travel. Access Flight Options information in real time including airport information, flight ...    3 MB    Views 1698

Jetair Paris

paris museums offline attractions
+16    Jetair Paris is an offline compact travel city guide. You would need your Jetair reservation number to use this app. Features: • Offline Access: use the app without WiFi or data plans. • Paris Street Map: search and find streets, museums, attractions and ...    91 MB    Views 548
game jet plane
+2    DESTROY THE ENEMIES CAMP BE THE HERO This is the best shooting game in the store so far Come play Jet Plane Bomber Madness and be ready to get your hands on the most challenging game app ever FEATURES: ...    14 MB    Views 7538

Jet Linx Mobile

Related Apps trips flight iphone calendar ipad jet client quotes access services team mobile
-1    Busy professionals and onthego families are taking on the world phone in hand – Jet Linx clients are no exception Jet Linx is proud to introduce our first mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, granting our clients ...    5 MB    Views 7139


offers limited experiences hotels
-1    Jetwing Hotels are known to bring you experiences unlike any other across the island of paradise, Sri Lanka. Download now and stand the chance to win a range of limited time offers exclusively available via our official Jetwing App Use our ...    12 MB    Views 4569
ski drivers facebook racing jet game haunted lake race play control
0    Even the ghosts like to have fun at Toxic Lake in this scary and spooky battle as jet skis race with NO drivers Select one of three different jet skis all with ghost drivers (they're invisible) and let the ...    21 MB    Views 6426

und dein jetzt
+20    Jetzt gibt es als offizielle App für dein Smartphone Alle aktuellen Urlaubsdeals aus den Rubriken Last Minute, Pauschal, Flug, Kreuzfahrt, Errorfares, Hotel und Mietwagen kommen jetzt direkt auf dein Display. Auch Spezialitäten wie Error Fares und richtig günstige Preisfehler ...    NAN    Views 91

iJetSki List

time items list ensure
+9    iJetSki List is designed with the weekend Jetski rider in mind. It will track the items that you need time and time again to ensure the best Jetski riding experience each time you hit the water. Add Items to the ...    383 kb    Views 3211
Related Apps travel search charter aircraft private access site air jet
+2    Search for aircraft charter availability worldwide. FlightPartner provides access to private jets with the first clicktobook reservation system. Our intelligent global aircraft locator software offers the flying client access to realtime trip information where you private jet travel can be ...    8 MB    Views 158


und der die sie oder jetzt eine 000
0    Die Allianz App bietet Ihnen etwas völlig Neues. Schnell, kurzfristig und einfach kann man sich nun übers Smartphone versichern, wann immer man es braucht. In der App können Sie 2 Versicherungen abschließen: 1. AlpinSafe – die kurzfristige Unfallversicherung JETZT GRATIS FÜR 1 WOCHE ...    NAN    Views 2028

Blue Star Jets

jets star blue private
-6    Blue Star Jets offers businesses, executives, families, and individuals who regularly travel on private aircraft the service, luxury, and convenience of flying privately without needing their own private jet. Blue Star Jets is the largest broker of private jets for hire, ...    9 MB    Views 4426
quiz jets aircraft airplane questions
+5    Like airplanes? Think you know the difference between a Boeing 767 and an Airbus 330? How about an F15 and an F16? Or a Spitfire and a Mustang? If you love airplanes, this is the app for you The app features two ...    10 MB    Views 3564

UAE Europe Travel

travel uae auch unserer europe jetzt
+27    Jetzt gibt es UAE Europe Travel als offizielle App Neuigkeiten, Angebote, Mediagalerie und vieles mehr sind ab sofort optimal auch unterwegs abrufbar. Profitieren Sie von unserer langjährigen Erfahrung jetzt auch mobil. Wir bieten Ihnen mit unserer App die passende ...    6 MB    Views 8994
racing boy mania rocket game wind
+6    Jetpacks Because running is way too overrated Jetpack Rocket Boy Racing Mania highlights a fast way to glide through the wind with a futuritic approach. Help Jetpack Boy get to his destination and help him overcome obstacles waiting for ...    14 MB    Views 7326
amazing boy racer game wind
+9    Jetpacks Because running is way too overrated Amazing Jetpack Boy Racer highlights a fast way to glide through the wind with a futuritic approach. Help Jetpack Boy get to his destination and help him overcome obstacles waiting for him ...    17 MB    Views 7404


flight email jet private aircraft prices estimate network
-2    Access PrivateFly’s global network of accredited private jet aircraft on your iPhone or iPad: • 7000+ accredited private aircraft • Instant estimate private jet charter prices • Lowest market prices on the safest aircraft • 24 hour customer service direct from App • Private ...    27 MB    Views 5804
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