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+4    My Art Guide Hong Kong is the ultimate guide to the Art Basel Show in Hong Kong. This is the one tool you simply can't do without My Art Guide Hong Kong 2015 App is your survival kit that includes the nottobemissed ...    3 MB    Views 7066

Hong Kong Nightlife

0    We have been around Hong Kong and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. There is ...    5 MB    Views 5935
+7    位於香港新界西部的錦田是新界鄧族最早定居的地方,經過世代繁衍,鄧氏族人分遷到不同的地方開基立業;而錦田一地仍然由鄧族的支房居住,並建立起水頭及水尾村。鄧族在這兩條歷史悠久的村落內,築起了不同類型的傳統中式建築物,包括有祠堂、書室、廟宇及神壇,構成兩條本地傳統的村落聚落。時至今天,這兩條村落仍然保留了不少有過百年歷史的建築物,見證著錦田鄧族悠久的歷史發展以及豐厚的文化內涵。 Located in the western New Territories of Hong Kong, Kam Tin is the earliest settlement of the Tang clan, the most powerful clans of the rural Hong Kong. Members of Tang clan branched out to various parts of the New ...    14 MB    Views 2730
+8    Note: This app is iOS 7.0 ready. This simple but amazing app would give you full offline map support in Hong Kong. If you are just travelling or even residing to Hong Kong, you should be sure that you have ...    13 MB    Views 6870
-1    This is Hong Kong's best metro app. 1. Fully uptodate for 2015 Accurate metro map and metro information. 2. Routeplanner A really easy routeplanner. Get route, time and fare information. 3. Work offline Internet connection is not required. 4. 11 Language English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, ...    16 MB    Views 5325
hong kong itour
-2    iTour is an app designed to help you know more about the heritage and local culture of Hong Kong. You can travel around in the city, villages, suburbs in Hong Kong with our app. iTour 是一個可幫助你認識香港本土文化與傳統的應用程式。你可以一邊使用我們的程式,一邊遊覽香港的城、鄉、郊地區。    226 MB    Views 4049
photo tour images hong view kong
-4    Ever wanted to see any of what one of the nonUS parks looks like? Hong Kong DLR Photo Tour will give you that, a collection of 50 images (for the iPhone 4, 5, and iPad devices) from a more intimate version ...    78 MB    Views 4583
+3    “The Hong Kong Taxi app is a very well designed and developed app that every Hong Kong, nonCanto speaking visitor or resident should, scratch that, must have.” App of the week, Chatty Brains Hong Kong The Hong Kong Taxi Translator ...    2 MB    Views 1655


kong hong
-2    Steeped in history and rich in culture, Hong Kong is where East truly meets West. The result... one of the most unique, vibrant, dynamic and diverse places on earth This App is packed with information regarding travel, dining options, meeting ...    38 MB    Views 7352


+1    多謝選購車公廟。車公廟為香港一有名的寺廟,每年都有高官名人到此為香港求簽。這程式是為大家以一種遊記方式及有一種好似親臨現場去求簽一樣而寫。已知的步驟都有以慢畫方式提示,從大圍火車站至車公廟的路程所見。按步就班的,有誠意地求簽,一定會得到一些啟示。使用方法: 開啓程式後,按一下畫面至下一頁或按?號至說明頁。而每一頁都有選擇上一頁或下一頁之按鈕,除了首頁。每頁都有說明,而當有?號出現時,按一下問號會有再詳細指示。在有文字顯示之頁,文字都可推上或拉下。最後,此程式所提用的資料只供參考之用。 Thank you for choosing the Che Kung Temple. Che Kung Temple is a famous temple in Hong Kong. Every year, senior officials and celebrity come to the temple to make divination for Hong Kong. This program is written like ...    68 MB    Views 9108

Hong Kong Subway

Related Apps map time chinese iphone subway kong hong application stations route station location
+22    Special Sale For a limited time get Hong Kong Subway for only 0.99. Hong Kong Subway is a comprehensive guide to traveling through Hong Kong. Detailed map of Hong Kong subway. Landscape and portrait modes are available. Detailed map of ...    447 kb    Views 6611


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-8    Eastern China is the country's boombelt and its heart is the Pearl of the Orient, Shanghai, a city which was recently wonderfully described to me as "Hong Kong on steroids.” Shanghai is the country's most modern city, but manages to ...    19 MB    Views 4723
word hollywood china kong hong
+16    Hollywood in Hong Kong 'Cantonese' will help you better communicate with your crew and have fun doing so whilst shooting in Hong Kong, Macau, Southern China or China towns. It's all on your phone, no need to be online. Using the ...    15 MB    Views 4165


kong hong information districts areas
-9    TownABC – HK The most complete list of Hong Kong districts and areas Looking for information of places in Hong Kong? In TownABC, you can find what you’re looking for. We have an organized structure of 18 districts and over 400+ ...    703 kb    Views 7513

HK Weather Nowcast

weather map radar wind info hong kong
+4    Hong Kong Weather Nowcast is a weather APP display most of the weather info on Map. Features: Animated radar and satellite images displayed on map 12 minutes forecast of Radar Image (64km only) 24hrs RAIN ALERT within any place in Hong ...    11 MB    Views 5606
hong support kong tap enjoy metro zoom great
+15    深圳香港地铁图HD版本 Great companion for traveling in Hong Kong and Shen Zhen Enjoy it Features: No network support is needed No data will be uploaded/downloaded All the stations' names are both in Chinese and in English Enjoy high resolution Hong Kong and ...    648 kb    Views 7782

iTour 深水埗

kong club hong experience culture
-2    香港賽馬會慈善信託基金捐款予本港非牟利機構文化葫蘆,舉辦香港賽馬會「港文化‧港創意」—深水埗「創藝傳城」計劃,文化葫蘆結合潮流科技與傳統社區文化,並將通過新穎的導賞方式,展示相片、文字、插畫、動畫及錄像,亦有360度全景圖片和對比圖片等突破性的視覺表達方式,力求以生動多元的方法介紹社區文化。 Hulu Culture is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust for “Hong Kong Jockey Club H.A.D. Walk Project Sham Shui Po Creativity & Arts for All”. Through combining technology and the traditional culture, it provides a whole new ...    54 MB    Views 7158

China Subways HD

china chinese shanghai wikipedia kong hong city sea guangzhou support
-3    High definition HongKong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Subway Map in one app. These five cities are the most developed cities in China. All the subway stations' names are both in Chinese and in English(Pin Yin). About Hong Kong, from wikipedia "Hong Kong (Chinese: 香港), ...    6 MB    Views 7106
-2    This APP includes Hong Kong offline map, highquality subway map and useful information for traveling in Hong Kong. GPS locates your current position in real time, guaranteeing you will not lose in Hong Kong. The most important feature is: NO Wifi, ...    101 MB    Views 962
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+11    The Hong Kong Metro Guide makes it easy to travel in and around the city using the MTR service. Key features: Accurate and uptodate MTR map Easy and fast route planer with time info Find nearest to you Metro station Works ...    24 MB    Views 1080
Related Apps map gps travel time information offline city hong kong view guide location
0    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 20% OFF LIMITED TIME OFFER +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Designed to use in OFFLINE Going to travel around Hong Kong City? Wait Our App will provides you the information where to go n what you can see. Hong Kong City guide is designed to use ...    143 MB    Views 7981
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+30    Thinking about coming to Hong Kong or already in the city? This app provides accurate information of most popular places in Hong Kong and near cities. Features include: Listing of top places in Hong Kong (works offline) Accurate information about all places: ...    6 MB    Views 1792

Hong Kong Rail Map

Related Apps map maps apple station stations route hong kong rail displays
0    SALE 50% OFF Hong Kong Rail & Subway Map is a clear and concise route map of Central Hong Kong that features: OFFLINE DATA no internet connection necessary. HONG KONG'S MOST BEAUTIFUL RAIL MAP representing the state of the ...    44 MB    Views 4389
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-2    This is the most uptodate map of the Hong Kong Metro MTR system available (July 2014), and works completely offline (no internet connection required). All subway station names are displayed in both English and Chinese Features include: ● Entire Hong Kong MTR ...    NAN    Views 8724

Hong Kong time

0    Imagine having access to the local time for any city throughout the world at your fingertips.  No matter where you are on the globe, you can quickly pull up the local time for your family or friends who live far ...    108 kb    Views 2808
flight iphone flights super hong status live kong airport
-5    【 Gorgeous for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ 】 【 Live Flight Status Hong Kong Airport 】 Super fast search to pinpoint your flight Elegant Design in displaying the realtime flight information Large font size for Super Easy reading Offers ...    NAN    Views 9425

iGreen Hong Kong

hong kong find views www top natural
+10    Still remember the Top 10 Hong Kong Natural Views selected by us Hong Kong citizens? Yes, Hong Kong is more than a metropolitan. With her geographical feature as mountainous, only less than 25% of the terrain is urbanized, while the ...    792 kb    Views 7800

Hong Kong Now

+19    We have been around Hong Kong and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with pictures and info, and a brief revue of each venue. With the around ...    5 MB    Views 6583
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-7    Universal compact app for iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 5 / iPhone / iPod / iPad This is a premier iOS app catering to almost every information of Hong Kong. It features 6 different modules providing information ...    34 MB    Views 6186
magazine hong kong places feature special
-9    Hong Hong is such a great and modern city for shopping and eating. With this app "Rediscover Hong Kong", 50 special places in Hong Kong will be introduced to you by a native Hong Kong person. The following 50 places ...    32 MB    Views 601
china exhibition macao kong hong cultural culture
0    ● 适用于iPhone和iPod touch ● 300张高清文物图片 ● 珍贵的考古视频资料 ● 售价二百余元人民币的300页官方展览画册免费下载 ● 将展品图片通过新浪微博、腾讯微博分享给您的朋友们 在粤港澳文化合作机制建立10周年之际,由广东省文化厅、香港民政事务局、澳门文化局共同主办,广东省博物馆、香港艺术馆、澳门博物馆具体承办的“海上瓷路——粤港澳文物大展”,将于2012年至2014年,分别在澳门、广州、香港进行巡展交流。 该展览旨在整合三地文博资源,实现优势互补,紧密合作,联手为三地广大民众打造一场关于“海上瓷路”的文化盛筵。本展览扎根于严肃的学术研究以及粤港澳文博单位丰富的藏品资源,经过两年多的精心筹备,精选约180件/套具有代表性的陶瓷器,力图通过文物梳理外销陶瓷的发展脉络,再现昔日海上瓷路的贸易盛况。本展览具有如下亮点:一是展品全面丰富。展示了中国各地各个时代生产的外销瓷器,包括首次公开展示近年来新发掘的“南澳Ⅰ号”出水文物等展品。二是表现中国魅力。通过展示部分日本、欧洲等地在17—19世纪生产的瓷器精品,探寻中国瓷器对国外瓷器产生和发展的影响。三是体现中外交流。通过展示中国仿外国瓷器的精品,如景德镇窑在18世纪仿日本伊万里烧的器物,反映出中外陶瓷文化的交流与融会。通过展览,可以把握中国陶瓷发展的脉络,感受到中国外销瓷器的精美绝伦,领略到外销瓷器的别致风情,以及中华传统文化的博大精深。 ● For iPhone and iPod touch ● 300 HD pictures of artifacts ● Precious videos from the archeology ● Free download of 300page official exhibition catalog which prices over RMB 200 ● Share item pictures with your friends ...    9 MB    Views 3087

Hiking in Hong Kong

hiking kong hong country route hike find hikes
+13    Many people regard Hong Kong as a ‘concrete jungle’. But that is a wrong impression More than 40 per cent of the total land area has been set aside in 24 Country Parks. Hong Kong is a delight for hikers. From ...    28 MB    Views 6788
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+2    A unique way to display the time Sit back and enjoy the Hong Kong harbor cityscape move by. Throughout the day the sky will change to reflect morning, afternoon, evening and nighttime    3 MB    Views 3484
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+20    Hong Kong Offline Map is your ultimate Hong Kong travel mate, with offline city map and metro map. This app provides you great seamless travel experience in Hong Kong. Offline GPS tracking locates your position in Hong Kong area real ...    85 MB    Views 454

Hong Kong Tramways

transportation hong kong tram system bring version
-3    ALSO ENJOY THE BRAND NEW iPAD version download here: =============== Hong Kong Tramways is a tram system in Hong Kong and one of the earliest forms of public transport in Hong Kong. It is the solely exclusively doubledecker operated tram ...    7 MB    Views 2455

Hong Kong Hotel

Related Apps hotel hotels kong hong free
0    This app list all Hong Kong Hotels for your choices. you can search and sort hotels in Hong Kong by hotel name,distance to landmark,star rating, price etc. You also can put all the related Hong Kong hotels in one map to compare Just ...    2 MB    Views 8013
traffic time routes news gps number street stops real hong kong
+21    If you are resident to Hong Kong especially drivers, this app will definitely helps, especially when you need to check traffic status, find bus stops, etc. Features: Real Time Hong Kong Traffic CCTV Snapshot Real Time Traffic News All routes and ...    19 MB    Views 7069

Hong Kong Airport

+11    Realtime Hong Kong Airport Status; Realtime Flight Stats of plane arrivals and departures; FLIGHT STATUS CHANGES ALERT iPad, iPhone Supported Realtime Update immediately Push Notification Ready    447 kb    Views 4744
Related Apps flight schedule function hong kong information international airport
+8    Hong Kong International Airport Real time flight information Feature – 1. 4Days Flight Schedule; 2. Cargo Flight Schedule; 3. Instant Flight Button; 4. AutoUpdate Flight Schedule; 5. “Flight Searching” Function; 6. “Flight Notification” Function 香港國際機場 即時航班資訊 特別功能 – 1. 四天航班資訊; 2. “貨機航班”資訊; 3. “即時航班”快速按鈕; 4. “自動更新”航班資訊; 5. “航班搜尋”功能; 6. “航班通知”功能    7 MB    Views 4650
kong hong taxi internet addresses data address connection
+6    Tired of trying to communicate with the Chinglishspeaking taxi drivers? Just show them the Taxi Card and get there Girlfriend wants to check out D&G, but you're more interested in the MacBooks at the DG Lifestyle Store? Browse Hong Kong's ...    2 MB    Views 4899


kong support toilets hong public
+25    This app helps you find public toilets in Hong Kong Works Offline, which suitable for travellers who may not get a online phone Support GPS Support street view There are thousands of toilets in Hong Kong, so no excuse for public ...    5 MB    Views 5288

Eureka Sky Deck

kong king tower
+15    Play our KING KONG game Make KONG jump up the Eureka Tower without falling down, how high can you go? Share your score on Twitter or Facebook. Get Caught in Kong's Grip KING KONG created headlines all over the globe when he climbed Eureka ...    7 MB    Views 270
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+12    The famous Kong Kong BusInfo is finally arrived to iOS With this application, you can find information of each route for KMB, NWFB, CityBus, NLB, MTR bus and Discovery Bay Bus. Besides the point to point route search and GPS Positioning ...    11 MB    Views 2183
hong kong guide tourism
+5    Hong Kong Tourism Guide is an travel guide that introduce Hong Kong attraction places and guidance for the traveling people and there will be some photo with video description on each place for you.    15 MB    Views 4962

Toilet Rush 衝廁

toilet toilets rush internet tourist hong kong
+9    Toilet Rush is the ultimate toilet guide for Hong Kong. No matter you are a local or tourist, Toilet Rush can always let you know toilets nearby Functionality includes: Find toilets with no restrictions, completely free and within walking distance Advanced ...    13 MB    Views 2636
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-8    Hong Kong Metro Guide (rGuide Metro Series) Route map of Hong Kong Metro (Jiangsu). We use unique algorithm for calculating route between any two stations, minimum traveling time and service time. The app helps you arriving destination on time. View roadmap of ...    10 MB    Views 1546
urban kong hong tram ipod university development trail
-6    "Hong Kong Tram Trail – Traces of Hong Kong's Urban Development" covers the urban history of Hong Kong along the tram way from Western District to Sheung Wan – the oldest urban districts from where modern Hong Kong originates. Passengers ...    1 MB    Views 8345
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-3    Offline map makes you easy to see the map offline, it doesn't need data plan. It's the whole map of Hong Kong based on third part map. It supports Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean language environment. Offline map shows your current position on ...    40 MB    Views 7773
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+23    This is a simple map that highlights the most popular destinations for your visit to Hong Kong. Zoom out of the map to see the locations of the tourist destinations relative to each other on the map. Then zoom in ...    4 MB    Views 8915
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-7    Limited Time Offer 2015 Most Updated Hong Kong Offline Map Super Detail version Pinch to zoom in and zoom out supported Add Location Bookmarks feature for planned places Add to calendar for reminding purpose Buy once, update many times ...    127 MB    Views 178
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-4    Hong Kong Offline Map is your ultimate oversea travel buddy. Offline GPS locates and tracks your position in Hong Kong at real time. The most important feature is: NO 3G/4G, NO Wifi and absolutely NO Network Data needed. 100% offline. ...    480 MB    Views 8633
store starbucks location nearest kong hong complete list launch application
+30    Nearest Starbucks Hong Kong Simply launch the application and see your nearest Starbucks. See the nearest store immediately after launch. Complete list of all Starbucks around Hong Kong. Complete store details including address, phone and map location. Store list is sorted ...    385 kb    Views 4240
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-9    Hong Kong Airport Guide (Chek Lap Kok Airport) Will you go to Hong Kong? You have to check Hong Kong Airport Guide. It gives you the key of Hong Kong travel information. Hong Kong Airport Guide complete guide to air passenger to Hong Kong. FUNCTIONS 1. ...    11 MB    Views 9613


map time location data hong kong mobile share device users
+8    "MyMapHK" is an "AllinOne" mobile map app, which provides members of the public a convenient and onthego access to the official maps published by the Lands Department and integrated geospatial information about public facilities in Hong Kong. "MyMapHK" provides: Uptodate, detailed ...    42 MB    Views 5275

Hong Kong Buses

kong hong buses information bus
+25    HONG KONG BUSES YOUR ONE STOP INFORMATION CENTER REGARDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN Hong Kong. An overview of buses in Hong Kong. It includes the bus number, operating hours, type of bus (ordinary, airconditioned or both) and destination information. Traveling in Hong ...    42 MB    Views 4910
art kong hong guide 2015 find previews basel
+26    This App is offline My Art Guide Hong Kong is the ultimate guide to the Art Basel Show in Hong Kong. This is the one tool you simply can't do without My Art Guide Hong Kong 2015 App is your survival kit that ...    49 MB    Views 9088
news chinese audio english hong kong
+12    听着,看着,并阅读所有关于香港的最新消息。这个程序将让你在一个简单,易于使用的设计知情的一切香港。 产品特点: •电台直播,为您带来最新消息和音乐的英语和中国 •从英语和中国多个来源聚合的新闻 •视频和音频播客频道的英语和中国 •无订阅费 •支持背景音 •通用应用程序(iPhone,iPod的,和iPad) Listen, watch, and read all about the latest news on Hong Kong. This app will keep you informed of everything Hong Kong in a simple and easy to use design. Features: • Live radio to bring you breaking news and music in ...    15 MB    Views 7492
hiking enjoy kong hong trails natural
+30    郊野樂行 香港幅員雖小, 卻擁有壯麗和珍貴的天然美景。不管你身在何處, 附近總會有一些可欣賞自然美景和郊遊漫步的優美徑道。漁農自然護理署推出iPad應用程式, 展示香港的山徑及路線, 讓你因應個人興趣、體能及經驗選擇合適路線, 樂行香港的郊野。, Enjoy Hiking Hong Kong, despite being so small, has some of South China’s most striking and valuable natural landscapes. This unique system, with its countless routes, lies very close to the city: one is never far ...    53 MB    Views 8372
hotel search map time china hotels deals kong hong www features book booking
+3    Missed your train? Flight delayed? Need a hotel fast? Deals to save you up to 80% Exactly what you booking need for last minute hotel deals china Hong Kong Hotels is free and lets you book now for tonight’s best deals. There are no ...    27 MB    Views 1434

HK Taxi Interpreter

Related Apps map addresses cantonese address taxi database favorites kong
0    "HK Taxi Interpreter" is an essential utility for expats and tourists who don't speak Cantonese, and can use some help getting around in Hong Kong. This app match the English address to Cantonese addresses, for streets and roads, hotels, or other ...    6 MB    Views 2841
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