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+6    South Korea is a land of ancient tradition and contemporary life, a fascinating world with 5,000 years of history. Seoul is the country’s economic and cultural centre, a metropolis of 12 million inhabitants who are proud of their ancient culture. The ...    635 MB    Views 1928
+6    All free discount coupons here Check your available coupon before visiting We provide every single coupon on best restaurants, a Beauty, travel sites, hotel, Dutyfree shop and etc. Check benefits nearby restaurants, shopping mall, attractions. You may check your coupons not only current ...    16 MB    Views 4588

South Korea Map

+1    South Korea Map is a professional Car, Bike, Pedestrian and Subway navigation system.This app will help you determine your location,guide you to destination,plan your subway route,find nearby businesses and restaurants when you travel or live in South Korea.It work completely ...    48 MB    Views 5580
+12    WordPower Korean The Ultimate Vocabulary Builder Learn Korean with 2,000 of the Most Frequently Used Words and Phrases in the Korean language right on your iOS device with the new and improved WordPower Korean Vocabulary Since the launch of iTunes ...    93 MB    Views 816
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0    Seoul, Korea offline map mobile application. All data is stored in the phone memory for offline usage. World Offline Maps company provides you with the amazing vector map mobile application, which allows you to browse maps anytime and anywhere and you ...    43 MB    Views 1234

Unique Korean

videos korean korea unique information city posted
+29    Welcome to Unique Korean. Hello I am Edgar and my Korean name is TaeKeun Kim. I had stayed in Taiwan for 2months and found many friends who are interested in Korea. I wanted to communicate not only with them but more people. And then, I decided to do ...    180 kb    Views 165

Korea Travelpedia

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+4    "Korea Travelpedia" is an AllinOne Korea Travel Application, which cover all Korea hot travel Cities and hot Sights/Restaurants/Shopping/Nightlife places for travelers in Korea. Primary Features Sights Bible: well organized sights Restaurant Bible: well organized restaurants Shopping Bible: well organized shopping places ...    34 MB    Views 4147

North Korea Travel

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+27    Interested in North Korea? Planning a visit? Or maybe you want to know more about life in one of the world's most unique countries? Then the North Korea Travel app is for you. Combining the most comprehensive guide to North Korea ...    19 MB    Views 7047
trip fast safe taxi ride convenient korea
+10    KakaoTaxi: Korea's largest and most convenient mobile taxi service. Fast, safe, easy to use. ◈ Wherever you are in Korea, KakaoTaxi has you covered. With KakaoTaxi one simple request is all you need never search and call for a taxi again ◈ ...    14 MB    Views 422

Real Korea

+21    This app is free. Real Korea is not only for tour information but also making a Korean tour reservation. If you want to visit to Korea or after visiting you want to experience Korean tour, this app is the best choice. There are ...    714 kb    Views 9722
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-5    Split by a fearsome border, the Korean Peninsula offers the traveller a dazzling range of experiences, beguiling landscapes and 5000 years of culture and history. Contemplation & Celebration South Korea’s compact size and superb transport infrastructure mean that tranquillity is achievable within ...    35 MB    Views 687

Welcome To Korea

korea korean culture application version
+9    Welcome to Korea, Korean Culture and Information Service(KOCIS) Promotional brochure, Korea. This is the digital application version of a promotional pamphlet about Korea. KOCIS, an affiliate organization of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, has produced an ebook version of the ...    20 MB    Views 7954

Learn English 2

korea content english world learn heritage site
-1    This content is English language training course for children. And also, you can experience Korea's World Heritage Site of this content. Wondering about Korea, or want to learn English at the same time this content will help you. 1.Ganhwah Dolmen 2.Suwon Hwaseong Fortress 3.Seoul ...    419 MB    Views 6350
directions search businesses korea directory times atlanta numbers korean
-4    Korea Times Yellowpage , YP The Korea Times Atlanta App. is Directory for KoreanAmerican who lives in United States. The purpose of this App. is give the phone numbers and directions to if someone looking for telephone number for businesses and restaurants, ...    2 MB    Views 944

Learn English 1

korea content english world learn heritage site
-3    This content is English language training course for children. And also, you can experience Korea's World Heritage Site of this content. Wondering about Korea, or want to learn English at the same time this content will help you. 1.Ganhwah Dolmen 2.Suwon Hwaseong Fortress 3.Seoul ...    171 MB    Views 7911
office exchange currency korea trade bank visiting foreign banks prices
+1    17 Korean banks having more than 7,500 branches respectively, announce different exchange rates (i.e. price) which constantly change dozens of times in one (1) day, and trade various currencies. At every moment, banks' commission rate incurred against such deals, also ...    3 MB    Views 2664
netherlands korea guinea south republic saint world united territories north
-4    The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 266 world entities Includes The Following Countries and Territories: A Afghanistan Albania Algeria Andorra Angola Antigua and Barbuda Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan B Bahamas, The Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burma Burundi C Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Central African Republic Chad Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo (Brazzaville) Congo (Kinshasa) Costa Rica Cote ...    38 MB    Views 5058
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+3    You can discover unique travel activities and tours guided in Seoul by local Korean people to experience local culture. We recommend this app to travelers who want to: Learn about Seoul local culture Meet and become friends with locals Create your ...    2 MB    Views 5320

Free Wifi Korea

+9    Now 15,000AP Connect to all free WiFi spots in Korea free of charge An app that is simple to use, and once registered, you will have free access to WiFi spots offered by the operators listed below. Indispensable for visitors to ...    11 MB    Views 9704

Learn English 3

korea content english world learn heritage site
+18    This content is English language training course for children. And also, you can experience Korea's World Heritage Site of this content. Wondering about Korea, or want to learn English at the same time this content will help you. 1.Ganhwah Dolmen 2.Suwon Hwaseong Fortress 3.Seoul ...    382 MB    Views 2234


history tour historical screen sites application timeline place order korea
+1    KHISTORY uncovers a hidden history that lives in the Bay Area You can bike, walk, or take public transit to sites of crucial historical significance These are sites that were crucial to the pre1945 diasporic inception of the modern Korean state In ...    23 MB    Views 3732
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+13    South Korea offline map brought to you by Pocketglobe Company. Discover new places, cities, countries and states, browse full featured offline South Korea map on your device. This app works without data roaming, WiFi connection or any hidden costs WORKS EVERYWHERE. ...    137 MB    Views 5312

The East Gate

construction engineering design korea east support gate
+11    The East Gate is the Official mobile app for the Far East District, the engineering and construction agency of choice in Korea FED has a long history of overseeing the design and construction of outstanding quality of life and operational facilities ...    22 MB    Views 814
south country tipping korea easy tip countries
+26    Tipping rules in South and Central America are different in every country. This app makes tipping easy and will save you money and / or embarrassment. This app automatically calculates the right tip per country. Use this app for restaurants, bars, clubs, ...    11 MB    Views 5649
-1    Are you interested in learning Korean, but just don't have the time? Let's face it, not everyone can commit fulltime to learning a language. We know there are many things going on in your life: school, work, the kids, that special ...    90 MB    Views 9579
search transportation korea exhibition 2015 exhibitor list conference equipment
+4    This is the official "APP" for visitors at the exhibition that will be held from 21(Tue.) to 24(Fri.) April 2015 at KINTEX 1, KOREA with 25 Countries, 600 Exhibitors, 2,000 Booths. Download this app to stay up to date on ...    33 MB    Views 3831

Discovr Korea

korea share explore
+30    Discovr Korea is a new way to explore, share and experience Korea on the go, wherever you go. Discovr Korea is a social mobile guide for travelers visiting Korea. Discovr Korea makes it easy to explore, track and share your traveling experiences ...    11 MB    Views 6743
+16    VisitKorea is a smart phone app created by the Korea Tourism Organization and provides users with useful and timely travel and tourism information about Korea. The brand new VisitKorea is equipped with new functions, a more userfriendly interface, and much ...    20 MB    Views 885
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+2    Korea Incheon International Airport Real time flight information Feature – 1. "14Days Flight Schedule" added; 2. Cargo Flight Schedule; 3. Instant Flight Button; 4. AutoUpdate Flight Schedule; 5. “Flight Searching” Function; 6. “Flight Notification” Function 한국인천국제공항 순간운행정보 특별 기능 – 1. “14날운항정보”재공; 2. “화물운항”정보 재공; 3. “순간운항정보” 퀵버튼; 4. 운항정보가 “자동 ...    7 MB    Views 7731
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+19    Free period for 2014 Asian Games (9/19 10/4) Korea Subway, Multilingual subway map in Republic of Korea(South Korea)   The Application ‘Korea Subway’ is not only for foreigners who poor at Korean in Korea but also any man who planning for ...    4 MB    Views 5588

Seoul Bus Live Free

Related Apps time bus live journey seoul arrival korea
+1    This app provides Korea capital live bus arrival time information. This app lets you check live arrival time for all bus routes in the Seoul and save them for easy access next time, useful for commuters who travel with Korea bus ...    515 kb    Views 1391
library libraries public korea south
+3    This is the map of public libraries in South Korea. You can find some libraries near you with this app and you can see some information about these libraries. Library homepage link and direct phone calling is supported. 전국 도서관 지도 및 정보를 ...    2 MB    Views 162

Club Maps Korea

maps map driver club korea clubs find information clear names offline
+15    대한민국에서 가장 핫한 클럽들의 위치와 정보를 한눈에 오프라인 지도, 약도를 보며 홍대/강남/이태원 클럽들을 쉽게 찾아갈 수 있습니다 대구, 부산, 제주까지 클럽맵스의 클럽지도는 오늘도 업데이트 중입니다 Visiting Korea? Do Not Forget to download Club Maps Korea Do you know which club is rising these days ...    19 MB    Views 2911

All About Korea

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+3    The most comprehensive guidebook to understanding Korea and Korean culture More indepth travel information, including entertainment, food, shopping, tourist attractions and Kpop stars Provides essential information on eating, drinking etiquettes and special etiquettes to be aware of Provides useful ...    111 MB    Views 6640

South Korea Buses

south korea buses information bus
-6    SOUTH KOREA BUSES YOUR ONE STOP INFORMATION CENTER REGARDING PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN SOUTH KOREA An overview of buses and trains in South Korea. It includes the bus number, operating hours, type of bus (ordinary, airconditioned or both) and destination information.    42 MB    Views 4795
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-4    No expensive 3G/4G data connection, wifi or internet connection required for voice turnbyturn navigation. Save on your data usage. Turn your iPhone or iPad into a mobile GPS navigation device. No map download required. All maps contained in the ...    75 MB    Views 6512
language map history subway added lite korea line stations fixed
0    Subway in Korea Lite is a subway map of whole Korean subway system. Features: Subway map for Seoul, Taejeon, Daegue, Busan, and Kwangju Moving map with finger touch Zoom in/out with multiple touch (pinch zoom) Portrait and landscape auto rotating Korean, ...    569 kb    Views 2832
+8    The South Korea Travel guide offers you complete and up to date city guides for Seoul and Busan as well as on the most important other cities and travel destinations South Korea. Features of the South Korea Travel Guide by Triposo: ...    187 MB    Views 5798


calculator korea automatically republic bill south united country online
0    Our mission is to help you tip like a local, if you're online we can even help by working out what country you're in. We also have an integrated bill calculator. Launching with 70+ countries, as soon as we add more ...    11 MB    Views 7167
china singapore map people asia asian capital learn republic korea countries cities commonly country
+22    Do your children need to memorize the capital cities of the independent countries of Asia? Give them this app to memorize the capital cities of Asia and learn more about each Asian country. Pinch on the map of Asia to zoom ...    4 MB    Views 9062
navigation map travel time search route offline south korea path service
0    South Korea Navigation 2014 is a local navigation application for iOS with userfriendly interface and powerful function. You can use this app when you drive a car, ride a bike or walk to your destination. This app provides local search ...    41 MB    Views 9769

Korea Information

Related Apps travel people information korea include local tourist experience
0    "Korea Information" is a way to find travel and life information, around Korea. This is not only for tourist but also for local people. This app include information about hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar, transportation religious structures and sightseeing spot around ...    10 MB    Views 2931
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+1    Country Facts South Korea provides a simple and easy way to learn about South Korea. The app is full of interesting country facts that will teach you about South Korean culture, geography, history, people and more. All the country facts ...    6 MB    Views 4829
flight korea information airport international
+25    Korea Incheon International Airport Real time flight information 한국인천국제공항 순간운행정보    8 MB    Views 238
south korea destinations top visit
-9    Visit South Korea Find out which are the top 10 destinations and experience the sights and sounds of South Korea all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    15 MB    Views 7810
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-5    A musthave for trip and business trip to Korea. Jointly developed by mobile content providers, Namuan(&), and waterbearsoft The application is updated by reflecting comments and questions you have sent to [Have you ever been on a taxi in?] If you have ever ...    3 MB    Views 9764
travelers seoul korea book foreign city author david korean
+6    0. This app includes ten video clips about Korea. 1. This book holds the insights and impressions of foreign travelers toward Seoul, the capital city of Korea. 2. It is a bit different how foreign travelers see Seoul compare to how Koreans ...    556 MB    Views 1190
Related Apps map maps gps offline north korea bookmarks location vector
+8    North Korea Offline Map is a premium, very easy to use and fast mobile application with search capabilities. EasyNavigation Co. has developed the North Korea Offline Map app to provide you with the best offline vector map solution. OFFLINE MAPS: • Fully offline ...    83 MB    Views 6230
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-2    South Korea Offline Map application developed Golden Forge, Inc. Golden Forge Offline Maps is the app set of different geographical areas around the world. This mobile offline map application of South Korea is ready to go: just install and this map is ...    30 MB    Views 7539
Related Apps search maps map gps routes navigation browse south korea offline data world poi
+1    South Korea offline map mobile application. All data is stored in the phone memory for offline usage. World Offline Maps company provides you with the amazing vector map mobile application, which allows you to browse maps anytime and anywhere and you ...    36 MB    Views 7343
shopping language market korea mall shop data stores trans
+25    不懂韓語,不知道匯率,如何在幾秒鐘找到最便宜的韩国商品,對比韓國免稅店的價格? 在國內如何分辨假冒韓國商品和標價虛高的產品? 出國省韓國通過手機掃描韓國產品條碼比較韓國實體店和韓國最大網店的價格,為您找到最低的價格,特別適合即將去韓國旅遊和經常購買韓國產品的朋友。(包括韓國產品和在韓國售賣的歐美產品) 出國省韓國是和韓國12家主要網店和3家主要的韓國免稅店合作開發的, 所有數據完全使用韓國網店商品的資料, 為你提供即時查詢產品價格和描述。12家網店包括 Gmarket(韓國最大網店), Auction Korea, 11st, d&shop,, shinsegae mall, GS Shop, CJ Mall, lotte imall, Hmall, interpark and AK mall 。3 家免稅店新羅免稅 ( Shilla DFS ),東和免稅( Dutyfree 24 ) 和樂天免稅 ( Lotte DFS )。 網店所售商品沒有假貨和仿冒貨。本軟體的貨幣換算都是抓取當天的最新的外匯牌價。 軟體基本用途 購買韓國商品時比價,找到更便宜的商品 在國內分辨假冒韓國商品,標價虛高的韓國產品和低端韓國產品賣高價,避免受騙。 ...    3 MB    Views 5025
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-5    LIMITED TIME OFFER: 4.99 EnglishKorean dictionary for iPhone and iPod Touch Fast and easytouse interface to search words and show their translations. Dictionary entries are marked with style and color. Transcription pronunciations for most English words. The entries are crossrefenced to ...    2 MB    Views 7911
travel media iphone people war time history korea north country world countries life
+25    NO TRAVEL? NO LIFE A travel app unlike any guidebook for only 85 Yen. Time to travel around the world. Explore the World’s unexplored through a series of picture slideshows called, “No Travel? No Life”. The slideshows contain over 100 pictures with ...    20 MB    Views 8974
2015 korea mice expo
+4    Event App for attendees at the KOREA MICE EXPO 2015 (KME 2015). Download this app to stay up to date on agendas, speakers, venues and more    38 MB    Views 579

Learn Hangul

learn korean study complex master
0    Learn Hangul makes it easy to learn and master the Korean alphabet. No more studying at home or carrying books onto the plane, train, office or wherever you want to learn now you can quickly and comfortably study all ...    72 kb    Views 7338
map netherlands french search flight islands airport button saint code click south guinea korea codes
+4    This app provides the easiest way to find the airport code: Select an airport code from the right sidebar. Click on the "Find" button and input the airport code. Once you select or input an airport code, the top menu will ...    18 MB    Views 3901

Korean Speak Board

board time audio korean speak hear korea learn click recordings phrases
-9    SPECIAL OFFER 50% REDUCED TODAY KOREAN SPEAK BOARD: Hear & Learn to speak perfectly pronounced KOREAN. QUICK and USEFUL Instead of learning 1000 unnecessary words, learn these 80 essential phrases CLEAR audio recordings Very EASY to use Traveling KOREA, ...    6 MB    Views 2501
maps friends university don campus find questions korea mate seoul stay
+15    Seoul Mate lets you post your questions, find friends from your university, and get updates about jobs, internships, scholarships, and more. Seoul Mate is the perfect way to keep up with your friends in South Korea. It also provides you ...    28 MB    Views 4902


korea chain
+26    BENIKEA, which is short for “The Best Night in Korea”, is a business hotel chain managed by the Korea Tourism Organization. Travelers from in and out of Korea can enjoy highquality facilities and impeccable service at a reasonable price. You ...    10 MB    Views 3147

South Korea Guide

Related Apps navigation map local offline turn south functions information korea guide
+15    South Korea Guide is an advanced software that can be used by local users and travellers. Features: 1 All functions can work offline,you can use it without WiFi or mobile signal. 2 Its offline map support turn by turn navigation. 3 Its map supports ...    216 MB    Views 4530
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