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Chicago Hotel

+1    Chicago Hotels list all the hotels in Chicago for your choices. You can search chicago hotels by price, star rating,distance to the landmarks etc. The app can list all the hotels in one map. If you are already in Chicago, you can get ...    3 MB    Views 9394
+14    Wondering what to pack for your next trip? We have created a super simple checklist for you Wherever you will go, this app let's you make a suitable list. Because it is incredible easy to forget things at work, ...    5 MB    Views 275

4-step Packing List

+24    The simplest packing list. Use the 4step method to never forget something in your trip. Four single steps Over 100 item categories Remember the list in your devices Ready for Apple Watch    3 MB    Views 8144

Houston Traffic

+3    This applications brings easy access to the traffic web cams in Houston. You can select a camera by name from a list of all cameras. Cameras you access very often you can bookmark for a quick access. The application also ...    5 MB    Views 4853


program contacts simple list emergency
+13    In emergency situation this program can help you to communicate and ask for a help. The program provides an easy email\SMS\phone connection by the predefined list of contacts and emergency authorities by different countries. You can add your location to the message ...    6 MB    Views 9803

iOffroad List

+20    iOffroad List is designed with the weekend offroad trip in mind. It will track the items that you need time and time again to ensure the best offroad experience each time you hit the trail. Add Items to the QuickList ...    199 kb    Views 3387
+1    The Mobile Food Guide to Restaurants in Ireland. This app is a guide to the best restaurants in Ireland. Full reviews with menus, open times, restaurant weblinks, colour photographs, online bookings and one touch dial. App features: Only the best restaurants ...    576 kb    Views 7031
Related Apps travel trip simple packing list packed
+1    Getting ready for your next trip? Not sure whether you've packed everything? Packing List is here to help. There are tons of travel packing apps in the store. But this one should be the simplest, yet useful. Never forget one single item ...    3 MB    Views 327


-1    LocoFoto is an locationbased photo application. LocoFoto detects your current location and shows you pictures taken previously at the same location. LocoFoto uses a number of photo services including Flickr and LocoFoto's own photo service to provide a wide range of locationspecific ...    85 kb    Views 7469

Currency Equals

-5    CurrencyEquals is a currency converter. Easy to use. List or Pair currencies pages, scroll the screen to show. Pull the list down to refresh. At pair pages, you can tap chart to share it. Side menu can choice page quickly.    7 MB    Views 9585

Arealic Tow Truck

-5    Mobintegro, Inc. proudly presents Arealic Tow Truck, your personal assistant on the road. Arealic Tow Truck uses GPS navigation system to define your location and provides you an actual list of towing companies in your area. Arealic Tow Truck has information about ...    9 MB    Views 2129

New York

+3    The Asian Art guide to galleries, auction houses and museums in New York allows you to browse by name or category, for example, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, South Asian, Southeast Asian and Contemporary. We also list by appointment only dealers, who ...    65 MB    Views 2046
-3    Packing for holiday and business is a handy list maker for holidays and business travel. Create multiple Lists. Quickly add or delete items from the list. Create your own categories. Email your list to a friend. Another great app by Tomsoft, ...    1 MB    Views 1344

Sailboat Clinometer

game list handy
+9    A shiny bronze port light on an oiled teak forward bulkhead gives you an animated view of the horizon and a digital display of the heel angle. Show landlubbers what to expect before you take them out. Also check out ...    613 kb    Views 9872

Taxi Rank UK

Related Apps find taxi region list taxis call
+7    Need to find or call a taxi. Now you can use our TaxiRank app to find taxis in your area, clicktocall them or find their offices using our map and directions functions. If you like a particular taxi service, then save ...    8 MB    Views 3470

Mammut Packing List

packing list
+4    Are you planning an outdoor adventure with your friends? The Mammut Packing List App for the iPhone is your assistant. Compile your own packing list and share it with your team. This way all of you can organize your gear ...    4 MB    Views 549
adventure outdoor list bucket
+12    The Outdoor Adventure Bucket List is helping people get off the couch and to pursue outdoor adventures    8 MB    Views 358

Travel Plan Note

Related Apps travel plan note plans list create
+22    Travel Plan Note is a travel planning tool. You can plan your journey on the iPhone and iPad. Make your own travel plans with the Travel Plan Note You can make the schedule table of day action. You can manage a list ...    14 MB    Views 4727
+15    With a hip collection of restaurants, retail shops, home design stores, art galleries, frequent festivals and events; San Diego's Little Italy is considered by many to be the jewel of Downtown San Diego. San Diego's Little Italy app is here to ...    16 MB    Views 2918

SF Music List

music area bay list bands find date
-7    See when and where all the Hottest Bands in the Bay Area are performing with our uptodate application. This is a mobile adaptation of Steve Koepke's excellent (San Francisco) Bay Area concert guide. FEATURES List By Date, Bands, or Location Find driving ...    4 MB    Views 8793


Related Apps bus shuttle locations features list
0    NTU Bus is a shuttle bus tracker for use in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. It is intended for all students, staff, alumni or anyone who stay or travel to NTU. It provides a very intuitive interface for users to find ...    15 MB    Views 5016


currencies convert easy list supports
+3    ConvertIt is a currency converter app, we hope that convert between currencies could be simple, easy to understand, and easy to use. FEATURES: Supports more than 100+ currencies Automatic calculates the total price of list Works Offline Supports to update currencies ...    1 MB    Views 5763
travel photograph list
-3    "Omiyage list" is an application which arranges the souvenir of a travel lovelily with a photograph and can make a note of it. the list of souvenirs to a friend is done what at the time of a travel if ...    11 MB    Views 3729


list pass visited passes mountain
-9    Do you know all the mountain pass near you and far away ? Keep a list of visited mountain passes with IPASSI Browse list of over 400 passes in all the world Keep the list updated via Internet Show pass on ...    2 MB    Views 3353

Trip Manager Lite

+28    Trip Manager is your personal travel manager. It stores information for your trip Features include: List your flights, hotel stays, car rentals, activities, etc. Record your travel budget and expenses. Predefined packing list    9 MB    Views 6424


+2    The MyEnvera app brings all the features of to the convenience of the mobile platform. Residents of Enveraprotected communities can use the app to edit their visitor list, household list, and update their profile    2 MB    Views 972


find interest points list
-1    Findely allows you to find points of interest around the world Choose a keyword or a category from the list, draw with your finger an area on the map and find all the points that interest you With Findely, you'll find all ...    4 MB    Views 2822
+8    Use the Travel Destinations application to discover new places to visit. Mark those you have already been to and decide on the destinations to put on your wish list. View your favourite destinations on the world map and check their direction ...    91 MB    Views 1940

Packing Lists

Related Apps packing items categories list lists
+5    With this packing list, you will be sure to remember all the items you need when traveling or on vacation. The list is prefilled with 6 categories and more than 120 items, that you need to consider, when packing. It is easy ...    3 MB    Views 4680

Traffic Barcelona

Related Apps traffic camera barcelona choose list stuck cameras
+1    Traffic Barcelona will shorten your commuting time Concerned about getting stuck in rush hour? Use Traffic Barcelona to check the status of traffic along your commute before you head out. Simply browse the list of intersections, or alternatively open the handy map ...    573 kb    Views 4178

Traffic Dublin

Related Apps traffic camera dublin choose list stuck cameras
+3    Traffic Dublin will shorten your commuting time Concerned about getting stuck in rush hour? Use Traffic Dublin to check the status of traffic along your commute before you head out. Simply browse the list of intersections, or alternatively open the handy map ...    557 kb    Views 4614
china tourism attractions tourist list
-8    Four major China Tourism topics are included: 1. Tourism in the People's Republic of China 2. List of attractions in Shanghai 3. List of tourist attractions in Taiwan 4. Tourist attractions of Beijing Please find below printscreen for more reference.    340 kb    Views 2269


packing list
+28    Be packed today, and start your travel BePacked is a packing list tool that just works. Nothing more, nothing less. BePacked is just what you need to release yourself from worrying about packing. It provides intuitive interface to edit list. It ...    2 MB    Views 7190


+15    One of the simplest app which helps you to not forget anything when you are ready to travel. Pack all the things in your bag , edit them or delete the list to create a completely new one. It could be also ...    290 kb    Views 7501


reading kanji list kun features meaning
0    iNihongo is an integrated Japanese multitool app. At current version, iNihongo contains features such as: 1. Kanji and Kana in Unicode list. 2. Kyoiku Kanji list, meaning and on / kun reading. 3. Joyo Kanji list, meaning and on / kun reading. Currently on development, ...    1 MB    Views 5667

Taxi Singapore

singapore browse taxi stand list user
+12    Taxi Singapore let user browse through the list of taxi companies and make a call to book a cab with just a few touches. What’s more? Taxi Singapore also let user find out their nearest taxi stand and/or browse through the ...    10 MB    Views 1251

Ritardo Treno

time train list treno
+4    "Ritardo Treno" is a simple app to check the departure of your train. Just open the app e you'll find a list of italian Trenitalia's stations near you. With a tap you'll get the list of departures and the train status (delay/anticipation, ...    15 MB    Views 3566

Press Wine List

-7    The official wine list of Press. Peruse the wine list of this worldfamous restaurant using the same application which is used in service. Wine list data is provided by RealWineLists (    5 MB    Views 4873

iJetSki List

time items list ensure
-8    iJetSki List is designed with the weekend Jetski rider in mind. It will track the items that you need time and time again to ensure the best Jetski riding experience each time you hit the water. Add Items to the ...    383 kb    Views 3211
Related Apps travel packing checklist packed stress items list
-3    Use the Most Friendly Travel Packing Checklist App. You have planned your travel. You want to enjoy it. But items to pack might be giving you some stress. There is no reason you should be feeling stress when you have Travel ...    11 MB    Views 883
destinations list experiences world top 100
+29    We have scoured the planet to bring you our Top 100 best world wide destinations and experiences. From the grandeur of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, through to amazing desert scenery of Ayers Rock in Australia and the world's best ...    4 MB    Views 3455


Related Apps pets user pack list packing items
+2    Luggager spits out a suggested list of what you might need to take with you in a trip, categorized into essentials (passport, currency), clothes, gadgets and more, with special stuff for kids and pets FEATURES Over 700 items, including extra items ...    3 MB    Views 7757

Packing List Free

Related Apps trip list packing
+5    The Packing List App suggests the maximum amount of clothes, toiletries, electronics and accessories one should carry on a trip. It also takes into account the weather and number of days you are going on a trip. Packing List will ...    7 MB    Views 3372

Happy Packing

categories packing items prepared happy list
+2    We've come up with an app that makes packing simple. You can make a list of belongings just by picking items from a prepared template. Try using "Happy Packing" to enjoy preparing for your trip. In the template, we've prepared 25 types of ...    13 MB    Views 5612
list suitcase child
+3    You send your child off to travel without your company. You pack their suitcase, 5 shirts, 3 pants, 1 bathing suit, toothbrush, and everything else he needs. And when he comes back you are almost certain he left something behind, was ...    193 kb    Views 1684

The Adverturers

history famous achievements list names
+28    Famous Adventurers There were many Famous Explorers during in the human history. What were the names of the most famous explorers? What were the major accomplishments and achievements of the famous explorers? This app provides a list of the names and ...    3 MB    Views 7192


paris list major
-6    iParis is your solution for travel to Paris: It offers maps with major sites pinpointed, museum information, a list of hostels, a list of major buildings, a French language reference, my own guidebook with additional details, and a daily journal ...    102 MB    Views 7792

Street Food Halifax

food trucks street list daily view halifax
+1    The best way to find food trucks and food carts in Halifax. Local street food vendors post their locations daily. • See today's open food trucks on a map • View uptotheminute schedules for all food trucks • Search & sort a list ...    1 MB    Views 6460


list view choose day
-4    Spot4Me Quickly identifies your position and allows you to choose the nearest Bank, Bar, Gas Station, Hospital, Hotel, Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater and Taxi. It shows you a complete list of all the businesses nearby you and have 48 category to choose ...    3 MB    Views 3607


trip travel itinerary attractions sights list
+27    The most comprehensive Mobile Travel app for traveling in Lombok, includes car search, and tour package from local guide. List of hundreds beautiful places sights & attractions and trip itinerary, so you have your memorable trip at your fingertips. Key Features: ...    11 MB    Views 9036

Traffic LA

Related Apps traffic camera list choose stuck cameras
+5    The iPad version of the wildly popular Traffic LA. It will shorten your commuting time Concerned about getting stuck in rush hour? Use Traffic LA to check the status of traffic along your commute before you head out. Simply browse the list of ...    2 MB    Views 3503
destination list winery
0    Destination Woodinville Winery List is your guide to more than 100 worldclass wineries, tasting rooms, craft breweries, and distilleries. Just north of Seattle Woodinville offers a combination of small town charm, natural beauty, and Woodinville Wine Country.    28 MB    Views 6031


Related Apps items categories list packing
+5    With this packing list, you will be sure to remember all the items you need when traveling or on vacation. The list is prefilled with 6 categories 118 items, that you need to consider, when packing. It is easy to mark what ...    4 MB    Views 4449

Camping List

camping trip list items clothes item
+2    Thanks to our users for 5 years of great camping trips Never Forget Another Item on a Camping Trip Again Designed for simplicity and easeofuse, use Camping List to keep track of the things you need to take on your next camping, ...    2 MB    Views 993

Magic Tatras

Related Apps route includes polish list guide places
-8    First time in Zakopane? The guide will show you the places that you can’t miss on your route in the capital city of the Polish mountains. The absorbing texts, photos, our own video material and audio files will take ...    13 MB    Views 4992
time list data file bucket 111
+14    You should stop putting your dreams off for "some day" and take a little inspiration from the move "The Bucket List". Ask yourself: if I only had a certain time to live, what would I be sure to do? Create a ...    2 MB    Views 8442

What to Pack?

Related Apps forecast weather packing pack destination list
+2    Traveling any time soon? Then you probably are not looking forward to packing.. That's where What to Pack? comes in, enter your destination city, number of days staying there (today doesn't count) and click Go You'll then get a short ...    1 MB    Views 6028
Related Apps search time world list 100 real
+12    Get the list of the most recent 100 earthquakes in real time all over the world. Features: 1. Search, touch and zoom the locations directly on the world map. 2. Search from the list of the last 100 earthquakes. 3. Portrait or Landscape views. 4. ...    53 kb    Views 8455

Caribbean HotSpots

caribbean save list cruise events hotspots
-5    Caribbean HotSpots link you up with the Coolest Spots in the Caribbean On the Moment On the Island. Adventure with Us and Take App for Free SPECIAL FEATURES Make your Bucket list Beach of the Week Weather Forecast Currency Exchange Rate Caribbean Map. ...    15 MB    Views 2301

iSnowmobile List

time items list ensure
+11    iSnowmobile List is designed with the weekend snowmobile trip in mind. It will track the items that you need time and time again to ensure the best snowmobile experience each time you hit the snow. Add Items to the QuickList ...    380 kb    Views 9732
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