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Snacker Tracker

+19    This is the Snacker Tracker for you to keep track of your Disney dining plan credits for snacks, counter/quick service and table service. Disclaimer This application is not associated, affiliated or sponsored by Walt Disney World Resorts or Travel. This ...    684 kb    Views 9857
gps tracker speed locations track logger
+21    Track your cars speed, location, and direction with this amazing application. With LIVE car feed to monitor, Speed Tracker Logger GPS integrated with maps to pinpoint all locations and events. Track your current speed, you maximum, and also your position: ...    2 MB    Views 4381

Transport Tracker

+7    Wondering where are all that buses on your way to work or home? Transport tracker will help you to locate them It is realtime transport tracking application for any iPhone/iPod Touch with available network connection. Select city and routes and locate you ...    499 kb    Views 3342
0    Mardi Gras Parade Tracker presents parade maps and schedules for 35 parades in Mobile, AL for 2015    9 MB    Views 9872
flight tracker track status tracking
+4    Free, live flight tracker and flight status from FlightAware for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch This app allows you to track the realtime flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide. It can also track general aviation (private, ...    33 MB    Views 3974
tracker gps home time people pets monitor location alert defined mode
+12    An effective interface allowing you to Manage, Monitor & Locate your compatible GPS GSM GPRS Tracker(s) for People, Pets or Possessions whilst on the move. Especially important during situations when proactive / discreet assistance is needed most, that’s not viable via mobile ...    2 MB    Views 9105
tracker live tube
+3    Realtime Tube status and departures, quick access to station info from favourites and find nearby stations by GPS. Live underground tracker is designed for simplicity. Have a fun journey    2 MB    Views 1
tracker simple expense clean
+28    A clean, simple, yet powerful expense tracker where you can set a monthly budget and stick to it. Automatically calculates important spending statistics and supports multiple currencies for world travelers.    3 MB    Views 3368

APU Trolley Tracker

tracker trolley
+3    Picture this. You're eating lunch and would rather hang out with your friends than wait for the trolley. What do you do? Trolley Tracker is what you do Easily track the locations of the Azusa Pacific trolleys so you know ...    7 MB    Views 2743

Fill Up Tracker

+25    A Simple, Free, AdFree app to help you keep track of your MPG. Simply enter in your trip, or odometer reading, and how much you filled up at the pump and let Fill Up do the rest With the Watch extension ...    6 MB    Views 5453
0    Lyon Monument Tracker: go hunting for monuments and historical sites Look no further, the application Monument Tracker puts technology at the service of Culture and History. The principle is simple: the application locates nearby points of interest and provides relevant information ...    16 MB    Views 2609

Fuel Trackker

Related Apps tracker fuel fill data
+14    Fuel Tracker tracks your vehicle's fuel economy. It is simple to use. The application supports configuring multiple vehicles. To add fill ups, just enter odometer reading, date of fill up along with other data and the Fuel Tracker does the rest ...    1 MB    Views 8573
Related Apps gps tracker location simply button mountain remember services position find
-1    GPS Tracker is a professional application that uses GPS location services to help you find and remember your positions or locations. Simply press the “Track current location” button when you whant to remember your position. The position will be saved in ...    11 MB    Views 9920


tracker tram
-8    The quick, easy way to find out when your next tram is arriving. Enter the tracker ID (found at every tram stop in Melbourne, Australia) and get the arrival time of the next three trams you can also filter ...    287 kb    Views 7097

Tour Friend Tracker

tour tracker card tours yellow view friend
+21    Tour Friend Tracker is designed to help touring technicians track where their friends tours are. Tour Tracker currently follows almost all "Yellow Card Attractions". Features: See tours near you by a variable distance See where all tours are in a List View See where ...    572 kb    Views 8800
Related Apps time tracker bus wellington
+16    Wellington Bus Tracker helps you to find to best bus route to get you where you want to go in the shortest time. Quickly see next departure time and trip length Easy to read display Geolocation to obtain your current ...    3 MB    Views 4580
tracker canadian
+5    Canadian Snowbird Tracker (CST) is an easy to use app that will help you keep track of and plan your stays in the USA. This app easily provides you with the total days in any 12 month rolling period. As well, CST ...    2 MB    Views 4867

Phoenix GPS Tracker

Related Apps gps tracker phoenix secure info
-9    Phoenix Secure GPS Tracker is India's best GPS Tracker with loads of features. The best security device in Industry which enables tracking of Motorbikes, Cars, Trucks & Automobiles. Phoenix Secure GPS Tracker app gives you complete access to your vehicle ...    6 MB    Views 5286
+30    Satisfied or Refunded. Let us know of any bug BEFORE leaving a review Flight Status Tracker is the ideal companion for frequent travelers. Get realtime flight status. Worldwide, accurate departures and arrivals. Give it a try. Flight map available only ...    2 MB    Views 692
Related Apps driving car time trip health tracker vehicle fuel location level consumption detailed condition
+5    OCD2 Car tracker is a cloud application let you and diagnostic your car remotely through your smart phone. You can simply plug the OBD 213G device provided by OCD2 on your car. EASILY track your location, get fuel car consumption, ...    8 MB    Views 3452

OBD Car Tracker

Related Apps car driving time health tracker vehicle obd level fuel location mileage
0    (Does not apply with the following versions IOS6.0)UUAID GSM is a cloud application let you track and diagnostic your car remotely through your smart phone. You can : SIMPLY plug the OBD Smart IDD212G (OBD GPS Tracker) designed by Sinocastel on ...    8 MB    Views 8938
french garden tour tracker gps time audio photos travel streetcar orleans historic location district quarter tours
-6    Our updated New Orleans Historic Tours & Streetcar app is your best companion to explore the city. We packaged 3 apps into one, so that now you can explore the French Quarter, the Garden District, and travel with ease across ...    27 MB    Views 6295

L Tracker

Related Apps tracker data
+6    Designed specifically for iPhone5 Works great on other devices too. L Tracker uses data provided by CTA to show upcoming train times. All data is subject to change.    2 MB    Views 2104
Related Apps flight tracker view flights usa information application
+8    With USA Tracker, now you can view all the flights and where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all the information ...    2 MB    Views 7551
0    Tracker is the innovative locating app for the iPhone. This new app enables family, friends and acquaintances to see the users current location online. For instance, on the Internet, they can track the exact location of a cyclist on a ...    1 MB    Views 9240

Easy GPS Tracker

Related Apps gps tracker easy
+29    Easy GPS Tracker is, like you may have guessed from the name, an easy GPS Tracker for the iPhone. Just activate the tracker with the big "On" button. When finished tracking, you can view your saved tracks right in the ...    247 kb    Views 1425
tracker bus pro live
+5    Bus Tracker Pro gives live bus arrival times, live bus location map, TA service alerts. Bus Tracker Pro has many TAs which you can configure bu clicking setting and selecting them.   This app support CTA CARTA PSTA CDTA OSU WRTA MCTS    3 MB    Views 811

AC Transit Tracker

-2    After only a few days on the App Store AC Transit riders have already put AC Transit Tracker in the top 50 Navigation Apps. And climbing Thanks to Apple for featuring in New and Noteworthy For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 ...    2 MB    Views 2304

Phöne Tracker

iphone tracker gps follow hours battery locate permission location phone
-5    The Phone Tracker allows you to track the location of another iPhone. Use your iPhone to watch others as they travel around your city or across the globe. Follow your friend's movements Know where your family is at any time ...    4 MB    Views 2997
tracker map search bus world status live
+18    Bus Tracker World Live Status Application is optimised for iPhone6Plus,iPhone6,iPhone5, iPad & iPod Touch Covers more than thousands Buses all over in the worldwide. Track your Bus status. Find Bus at various Distance. Are you looking to go for you want to search ...    8 MB    Views 1504

CTA Tracker

Related Apps tracker iphone map directions cta stops bus location route user stop buses sorted
+13    CTA riders have now chosen CTA Tracker as the 1 CTA app on the App Store. Thanks for getting CTA Tracker into the top 25 downloaded Navigation apps. For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users, included is FREE Augmented Reality Feature ...    2 MB    Views 3094

SF MUNI Tracker

Related Apps tracker iphone map directions bus muni stops route location minutes stop user
0    After a few days on the App Store Bay Area riders have already put SF MUNI Tracker into the Top 50 Navigation apps... And climbing Apple has placed us on 'New and Noteworthy'. Thanks for choosing us. For iPhone 3GS and ...    2 MB    Views 1151

SafeJourney Tracker

tracker view journeys
+22    SafeJourney Tracker is the sister app to SafeJourney, the app that helps to keep you safe when you're on the move. Using SafeJourney Tracker, you can view the journeys made by your friends using the SafeJourney app. Just enter a few ...    3 MB    Views 7117
Related Apps tracker iphone map directions bus stops circulator route location minutes stop sorted
+10    For iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users, included is FREE Augmented Reality Feature which helps find nearest stops DC Circulator Tracker tells DC Circulator Bus riders how many minutes are left until the next bus comes. DC Circulator Tracker works with ...    1 MB    Views 9955
photo photos tracker map camera location locations notes add pictures info
+15    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING 50% OFF Photo Location Tracker is the most advanced photos and locations recording app ever existed. Photo Location Tracker helps you manage the info of your pictures, and make them more valuable by adding info. Photo Location Tracker is the ...    987 kb    Views 444
gps routes email tracker iphone tracking location ability route data walk support
0    Hike Route Tracker GPS Location, Mountain Walk, Hill, Valley Tracking; is an awesome route tracking application which uses the iPhones’ (all iOS devices) built in GPS to determine the user’s location. Monitor speed, direction, location and plan all your ...    1 MB    Views 7215

JingMei Tracker

tracker moment vehicle monitoring
+5    JingMei Tracker vehicle monitoring mobile client: It is widely used in private car’s monitoring and maintain hint ect, it use global plane and satellite double mode to switch the map. Login shows: realtime tracking, electronic fence, historical trajectory, peripheral functions such as ...    9 MB    Views 7618


+24    meetIn ( connects to some of the most popular social networking sites and gets you updated information even when you are traveling, or at home or when your friends are traveling to tell you when you are at the same ...    4 MB    Views 9564
tracker status world live
-7    Ambulance Tracker World Live Status √ WORLD LIVE AMBULANCE TRACKING. √ Application is optimized for iPhone6Plus,iPhone6,iPhone5, i Pad & iPod Touch √ One of the useful health emergency app. √ Track your AMBULANCE status. √ Check the status of all Ambulances in the worldwide. √ ...    8 MB    Views 2401

Rhinanthus Tracker

iphone tracker
-7    The Rhinanthus Tracker app has been developed as a citizen scientist engagement application, focused on retrieving information on sites of the Rhinanthus minor (Yellow Rattle) plant species. This app uses your notes, as well as your device's location at the ...    53 MB    Views 7775

Sun Trolley Tracker

tracker trolley sun
+20    Sun Trolley Tracker is designed for Sun Trolley riders in Fort Lauderdale, FL/Broward County. The Sun Trolley Tracker makes it easier for you to catch the trolley, and provides access to exclusive offers and deals at area businesses. You can ...    644 kb    Views 8888

Road Tracker

trips tracker don road ways forget
0    This is your Road Tracker of ALL YOUR TRIPS. Save all your trip's detail here. See your trips history early. Working with your plans, adding new ways, erasing incorrect notes. You don't forget your ways you don't forget your Life Also you don't ...    5 MB    Views 3866
gps map time maps email tracker tracking mode mph speed speedometer location coordinates
+26    Speedometer GPS Tracker+ HUD and Track information Features included Switch between car speedometer and bike cyclometer. Retina Display graphics for iPhone 44s, 55S New iPad. Switch between mph or km/h mode. Imperial and Metric unit settings. Speed calibrate refresh button. GPS ...    2 MB    Views 877
tracker transit path
+26    Transit Tracker app can show your path as many points connected to each other. It helps you to repeat your route if many stops were made before.    4 MB    Views 8116


hiking gps audio maps search map time text travel tracker tourist select emergency location page information
-5    Jirisan Dullebogo is a tour guide app providing comprehensive information on Jirisan Mountain, mp3 audio guides, and emergency call services. It also includes 2D/3D maps as well as augmented reality maps, GPS location services, and other features specifically designed for the ...    45 MB    Views 4363
tracker gateway shuttle global
+15    Download Gateway Global Shuttle Tracker to track the location of your Gateway provided vehicle servicing San Francisco with live realtime shuttle GPS data.    9 MB    Views 6254
tracker train chicago based trains cta information
-6    Riding the Chicago CTA trains is cool. Track your 'L' trains. Used by more riders than any other transit app in Chicago. Features: Real time arrival information backed by CTA schedule Train Tracker We bring you official Train Tracker information, right to your mobile ...    515 kb    Views 7748
tracker school geo bus safe child
+3    Geo Tracker application MyBusMate Geo Tracker allows parents to track their child's school bus and know that their child is safe while traveling to and from school. MyBusMate Geo Tracker has been developed with a safety first approach, utilizing state of the ...    521 kb    Views 2907

RPI Shuttles

tracker shuttle http shuttles open github source
-5    Track RPI's shuttles on your phone Requires iOS 5. Shuttle locations are delayed up to 2 minutes on average, so be early Students participating in the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software ( developed this app. Shuttle data is pulled from the ...    11 MB    Views 9081
travel trip tracker information future data
+10    "Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life." This mobile app collects information in order to learn more about travel habits. The information will help identify ways to collect travel data in the future. Your participation ...    978 kb    Views 6079

Delay Tracker

tracker rail delay delays train passengers
+26    The Delay Tracker app empowers intercity rail passengers in the U.S. to report a train delay with their iPhone to the Surface Transportation Board. High Speed Rail USA will collect train delay reports and publish our findings on a regular ...    12 MB    Views 8092

SpeedTracker PLUS

tracker speed hud location display services application friend
-6    Speed Tracker PLUS is the most elegant and unique combination of GPS speedometer, location and HUD. Speed Tracker PLUS is YOUR answer to the eternal questions: What is my speed? What is my friend speed? What is highest speed of me ...    8 MB    Views 2794
tracker bus cta boy chicago
+3    Bus Boy is Chicago's first simple CTA bus tracker for the iPhone. Get arrival times for any bus in the city and save your favorite stops to find them quickly. The best thing is that it is free for you Please ...    8 MB    Views 3965


flight tracker time sos real location
+6    Flight Tracker is an app for keeping your relatives informed of your location when you are flying. You log into the app just before the flight and set an alert for your family, and they will be receiving hourly updates ...    4 MB    Views 4512

Luggage Tracker

tracker luggage open
+12    How to track your luggage ? 1. Place beacons in your baggage. 2. Open the luggage tracker app and select your beacon. 3. Open tracking screen, where you can find status of your luggage arrival.    5 MB    Views 9574
Related Apps flight tracker view flights air information application
+6    With Air Tracker, now you can view all the flights and their route, where they land and their journey time in the world. Just download the application and with one click on the flight you want to view, here is all ...    2 MB    Views 9572

Flight Tracker Free

Related Apps flight tracker status
0    Flight Status Tracker is the ideal companion for frequent travelers. Get realtime flight status. Worldwide, accurate departures and arrivals. Give it a try. Flight map available only for US flights.    4 MB    Views 4483

CHI Next Bus

tracker bus train location cta information api stops
+29    A simple, but straightforward, location based application that identifies Chicago bus stops and train stations with arrival information. Location can be determined by location services, or by your own map navigation. Display routes, save favorite stops, and view systemwide CTA ...    4 MB    Views 9377

Flight Tracker Pro

Related Apps flight tracker status
+14    Satisfied or Refunded. Let us know of any bug BEFORE leaving a review Flight Status Tracker is the ideal companion for frequent travelers. Get realtime flight status. Worldwide, accurate departures and arrivals. Give it a try. Flight map available only ...    5 MB    Views 4460

Gas Station Tracker

tracker gas station stations
+5    Need to find a gas station desperately? Avoid those stressful situations and download the Gas Station Tracker app to always be informed of gas stations in your vicinity. The Gas Station Tracker app uses your GPS signal to pinpoint nearby gas stations. You ...    2 MB    Views 9597
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