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+3    This app allows you to order a taxi in Iceland. The app automatically finds your location, displays a selection of the streets around you and shows you live feed of the driver´s location and the estimated time for him to arrive ...    5 MB    Views 6981

DS Visit

building visit location
+23    When you visit the Danish Standards office in Copenhagen, you will get a tour of the unique building and the materials that have been used for the building. The app uses location & bluetooth to locate the views (using iBeacons). Continued usage ...    3 MB    Views 4253


+3    The app help to your location notify. You can send location info by mail or copy to clip board simply;    2 MB    Views 9823

Save My Location

+8    Save My Location is a easy and simple App to save your favorite locations. Save unlimited locations Save location with address List locations in one overview Manage locations (Delete) Navigate to your favourite location    3 MB    Views 8996

GPS Logger

+20    This is a simple application that keeps track of your location in the background. Your location information can then be viewed in the included Map View or exported to Excel. To save your phone's battery, the application only uses the location ...    12 MB    Views 5325
+3    High quality and simple to use app that displays your current location and automatically determines the closest address with coordinates. Know where you are with one touch    5 MB    Views 9988


+22    Tours is an amazing travel planner: Plan your visits — organize location, contact info, prices, notes and opening hours; Add events to calendar; Explore Wikipedia and Foursquare places, save it and rate it; Autogrouping by cities and ability to set locationaware notifications; WikiTravel news — ...    29 MB    Views 346

Porto Santo Line

porto santo location
+23    Welcome to the official app of the ferry boat Lobo Marinho, which provides a daily sea connection between the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo Through this application you will be able to: Consult timetables Find all the possible fares, including ...    43 MB    Views 6063

Donde estoy?

Related Apps location application position
+10    "Where Am I?" is a useful application. Thanks to the GMaps public information, we will indicate which district / region you are located. Many times we find it difficult to pinpoint our location indicating an intersection, than a small geographic area. ...    1 MB    Views 7757
0    Hate the gigantic stadium and resort lots Big cities Now where did I leave my car? Never have to worry about forgetting where you parked again. Simply click a button, your location is stored and you will be able to be navigate back ...    2 MB    Views 9489
Related Apps maps location application important
0    This application provides maps in way disconnected from the four Balearic Islands (Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera). 300 MB with better resolution Do not need internet to browse them. 100% guaranteed. Important if you trip. Application divided into 4 parts, one ...    259 MB    Views 5474

BOS Next Bus

+11    A simple, but straightforward, location based application that identifies MBTA bus stops with next bus predictions. Location can be determined by location services, or by your own map navigation. View routes, save favorite stops, and see systemwide notification. Bus information provided ...    1 MB    Views 9173

My Location Free

+13    Need to know your exact location and discover nearby places? This quality app show your current position and closest address with coordinates (longitude, latitude).    6 MB    Views 4760


trip location
+5    Movnote is a location based application which helps you share your travel experience and discover interesting places. Upload trip (photo, location, story) from device to web seamlessly It always works (when disconnected from internet) Your friends can follow your trip ...    1 MB    Views 1135


Related Apps location save
+19    Whether you're an amateur photographer learning the trade or a professional hunting for your next great shot, finding the right location can make a huge difference to the quality of your photos. PhotoScout lets you save locations as you stumble across ...    1 MB    Views 1928

21 °C

location check hours
+5    ===================================== For our Fahrenheit version, please check 70 °F ===================================== 21 °C is the average outside temperature that is optimal for your body. This app was crafted to be unique and modern, and its simple and intuitive design allows the user to quickly ...    12 MB    Views 834

Guía de playas

beaches area location
+15    We have the best beaches guide in Spain. You'll find more than 3400 beaches, you will see beaches information, your location, the weather will be in the area, photos that other users in the area take, you will be able ...    54 MB    Views 6089

+15    No need to go outside in the sun, hail a taxi and haggle about the price anymore , now passengers can book a car comfortably from their phone. Passengers can set their pick up location with a single tap, or enter ...    19 MB    Views 2106

Flat Channels

0    Flat Channels provides rich business information near the user location or around any location in the supported countries and cities with convenient suggestive and keyword search functions. Future version will provide the features most iphone users want that may change ...    2 MB    Views 1044


-5    This Gorgeous Weather App is very Sweet on your Device. It tells you Weather of your Location or any other Location, and automatically paints itself according to the Weather Detected    391 kb    Views 8323


+9    iThunder measures how far away from your current location a lightning hit. It is extremely accurate iThunder's algorithms are entirely based on the laws of physics. It is possible to check if thunderstorm is moving towards / away from your location. You ...    3 MB    Views 640
Related Apps share location
+1    Share your location: • as plain text coordinates doesn't require any internet connection • as a message with address and image of the map    3 MB    Views 6100

iSearch Me

location user
+12    "iSearch Me" is an iPhone Application used to find the Latitude and Longitude of the user defined location. User can also view the specified location in the Map.    603 kb    Views 4330


location sunset sunrise
+8    SunUpDown is a simple Sunrise and Sunset calculation tool for anywhere on Earth. Just provide the date, location, time zone etc and it will give you the relevant sunrise and sunset. Useful for astronomers, gardeners, and just about practically anyone with ...    15 MB    Views 9725


-6    Map location exploration application. Click any location and you'll see images/building/people around that location. In addition you'll get information about that location/country details including population/cities/government etc. This is a premium version of the app without any advertisement banner.    7 MB    Views 7886

Track Car Location

Related Apps car map location


+3    BelCam gives important information about traffic in Belgrade by live streams of main crossroads, streets and squares. Choose location on map or browse location by name. Set default camera for a quick view. BelCam daje važne informacije o saobraćaju u Beogradu, ...    2 MB    Views 221

Earth Robo

+9    Kids in the upper grades of elementary school in Japan learn the location of countries to look at the world map. Now, with this app, let's show the results you have learned off to your mom and dad. You know, even adults ...    28 MB    Views 3568
-2    High quality and simple to use app that displays your current location and automatically determines the closest address with coordinates. Know where you are with one touch    5 MB    Views 724

Back Seat Driver

Related Apps gps map driver location
+15    Use Backseat Driver for: Detailed Map Viewing Find Points of Interest around Map Pin Drops,Contact Address or User Location. Time and Distance Reports between cities (trip planning). GPS Applications include,GPS Location, map path, send email with GPS location Directions to and from Contacts    3 MB    Views 6874
+22    Location de voitures en Tunisie à bon prix avec Anouar Rent a Car. Visitez    2 MB    Views 7355

Park Find SF

Related Apps park location
+10    See a list of all the parks and open spaces in San Francisco based on your current location Simple interface makes it easy to get basic details of each park and display park location on map    522 kb    Views 9135

TJ Finder

+2    This app shows Trader Joe's locations throughout the US. Each location has the store's address and phone number. View routes to the store from your current location (iOS 7+ only) Street views when available Get weather info for any location ...    8 MB    Views 2541

Word Wall

Related Apps location based
+3    WordWall is a location based Tweet and Status app that tracks comments based on location also allowing user's to post their tweets and facebook updates to respective social networks.    1 MB    Views 4896

Gama Group

+17    Please download our App to know our properties promotions availible. Find their features, location and watch the properties´s gallery. You could stay up to date on our news and look up our location and contact.    11 MB    Views 3704

Earth Robo FREE

Related Apps countries location
-1    Kids in the upper grades of school in Japan learn the location of countries to look at the world map. Now, with this app, let's show the results you have learned off to your mom and dad. You know, even adults ...    31 MB    Views 8321
magic postcode location
0    It is so often happens that you need to know exactly that pesky postcode: either you are ordering something from the web or just would like to know which part of London you are in, everything you need is that ...    3 MB    Views 7023


-3    Send and recieve messages with anyone within 100 metres of your location. If no one is around, your message will be delivered to the next person to arrive at your location. Great for discussing what your favourite beer is at the ...    686 kb    Views 9760


location friend
+5    How many times have you happened to be in a place and need to advise someone of your position, so that your friend can come and meet you? But it happens that your friend does not know the streets very ...    2 MB    Views 8537

Mytaxi Saudia

Related Apps trip taxi location
-9    Book your trip with a few clicks on your device. This app uses your GPS location to see where you are, enters your trip directly into our dispatching system, and sends a taxi right to you.You can also track trip ...    9 MB    Views 9522

iDriveRec Lite

location show
+2    iDriveRec is driving recorder. ・record movie. ・show now location on map. ・show now location address on display. ・import to camera roll. ・Recommended use cigarette socket and mounter. ・connect to iDriveRec Web service. thanks for using    3 MB    Views 2074
number location bedrooms
-1    With this app you can view all aspects of vacation properties to rent in the Stone Harbor, NJ area, including: Photos Average prices Amenities Location Nearness to beach, bay front, etc. Detailed descriptions General availability Number of bedrooms More You can ...    6 MB    Views 9501

Travel Memory Pro

Related Apps travel location
+21    TravelMemory will used the Location service to record the travel location, photo and the whole path of the trip.    1014 kb    Views 7831

70 °F

location check hours
+1    ===================================== For our Celsius version, please check 21 °C ===================================== 70 °F is the average outside temperature that is optimal for your body. This app was crafted to be unique and modern, and its simple and intuitive design allows the user to quickly ...    11 MB    Views 3125


schedule location
-1    MyTHSR provides locationbased schedule for Taiwan High Speed Rail. You need both location information and internet connection to make this application work. We are working on next version which is gonna support offline schedule lookup and a feature to calculate ...    150 kb    Views 6842


Related Apps number location
+1    QuickCab allows users to book taxis from fixed locations such as Doctor's Surgeries, Hotels, and Pubs throughout Australia and New Zealand. Note that QuickCab requires a Location Number to be setup with SmartMove prior to use. Please request a QuickCab Location ...    NAN    Views 7016


china towns location
-6    TownABC – CN The most complete list of China cities and towns Description: Looking for information of places in China, PRC? In TownABC, you can find what you’re looking for. We have an organized structure of 34 provincial levels, 349 prefectures, 2800+ counties and ...    315 kb    Views 7142

Great Places

Related Apps places location pictures
+10    You just discovered an amazing restaurant, club, parc, hotel or you are ready to go in your dream trip ? This app lets you to save comments, pictures, video and audio files for all those places. You will be able to see ...    1 MB    Views 3132


quickly notes location
+8    Pointlog is an application that can record information that you are here quickly. Displays the address of the location based on the location, You can keep both the notes and photos. You can look back saved notes quickly on the map or list. Also ...    4 MB    Views 2495


dutch information location sculptures
-9    Sculptures & Architecture in Amsterdam Pinpoint each sculpture location using a offline maps and stay uptodate on exhibition highlights. Explore information on participating artists and sculptures. Audiotour in Dutch/English. Educational Programme in Dutch. Get hotel and restaurant information based on ...    34 MB    Views 2164
Related Apps saved visit location
0    This app will allow you to save your current location into a list for review. You can give your location a name and it will be saved with a map preview. This is useful for documenting the locations you visit ...    2 MB    Views 8072


0    Application to save the locations of the restaurants visited. Mark on the map the location. Look other location apps: WhereCustomerEFC, WhereEmployeeEFC, WherePlayEFC, WhereTraveledEFC.    1 MB    Views 2992

Coordinates Convert

Related Apps coordinates find location
0    Now find the location using the Coordinates just enter the latitudes and longitudes and find the location on the map.    5 MB    Views 3170


0    Application to save trips (business, vacation, etc.). Show on the map the location of travel made ​​or to be made. Look other location apps: WhereCustomerEFC, WhereEmployeeEFC, WhereEatenEFC, WherePlayEFC.    455 kb    Views 4805

Share My Locations

Related Apps share location current
-4    “Share My Locations” is an easy way to share your current location with your friends and family. With Just hit of one click you can visually send your current location to your Facebook wall, Twitter, Email and SMS to any ...    3 MB    Views 8448

map back

Related Apps map log location
-6    Keep a perfect log of everywhere you've been when you enter and leave. You can add a note to your log and even share it with friends. Map back uses LocationKit, a location technology that keeps accurate location. Continued use ...    2 MB    Views 2239


+30    Journeywatch is a private smartphone and web integrated GPS location platform for organisations and groups. Journeywatch enables travellers to stay on the map when they are away from home. An emergency button allows users to instantaneously broadcast their location to trusted ...    1 MB    Views 9198

Sos Location Helper

-7    If you are in danger zone, tap the app help me button, your location point will send to your guardian. the will received the notification, and help you    601 kb    Views 9164


information heading location
-5    You don't know where you are? You want to know further information about your current position? You need heading information? This little app gives you the following location information: Latitude Longitude Address (Street, City, Country, ...) Heading (degree to north) GPS ...    2 MB    Views 8069

Easy Car Finder

Related Apps car find location
+29    Save your GPS location and find it quickly and easily using the Direction Arrow. Find your car in the city or large parking lot at the mall, airport, sports stadium, etc. Find your hotel or campsite or any location you ...    131 kb    Views 9916
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