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+14    Driverbuddy was created by SRS Technologies, LLC to replace expensive, suboptimal software packages that small and medium sized companies are forced to deal with and manage cabtooffice communications. Driverbuddy replaces the need for constant phone call updates, maintaining multiple system ...    5 MB    Views 3462

Flight Log

flight log
+9    Flight Log is a simple way of recording your airline flights. Record departure and arrival airports Aircraft registration Flight hours Flight distance    38 MB    Views 832
+4    DiveMate is a beautiful log book for scuba divers who want to record their diving data and memories in an easy and intuitive way. Features: easy to use, beautiful design optimized user interface for iPad and iPhone manage multiple divers add ...    6 MB    Views 9157

Blue Log

+11    Blue Log System Electronic pilot logbook web hosted. This application for iPhone and iPad is developped by MRX Systems S.A. is intended for Blue Log subscribers. Features: Manage your fleet, Very fast flights recording, Training flights recording including your instructor visa, ...    4 MB    Views 2759

TripQuest Free

+22    Unique traveler quests are waiting for you. Choose a city, download the list of amazing tasks for culture, history and lifestyle discovery and set off Examples: What grocery market was the birthplace of Disneyland concept? Which device has been glorified by ...    12 MB    Views 6567

AVN Flight Log

flight log
0    Aircraft flight log.    2 MB    Views 5569

CLC World Europe

+5    Introducing CLC World member iPad app; a showcase of the exciting holidays available to you and loaded with brochures plus other helpful, related content. Simply enter your login and password to access. If you do not have a login and ...    45 MB    Views 1917


-5    Reefbook is the interactive logbook application for the iPad. It combines detailed log information with your favorite photos, equipment data and all your dive buddies to be the best place for your diving memories. Reefbook enables you to... ...Keep track of ...    7 MB    Views 2093


gps iphone voyage log book works waypoints
+6    ++++ Important: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. For all iPhone users myLog is the easiest, most affordable, complete, save and fast tool to compile a log book or as you say today: a blog ...    32 MB    Views 8795


-5    Trips Recording Made Easy The AutoLog App, the essential motorvehicle log book for regular travellers. Tax time is never a fun period of time, and where possible, every dollar earnt back is valuable. AutoLog allows the user to log their trips ...    3 MB    Views 335


trip excel gps sailing signature iphone photo data logbook log
+7    ATTENTION: Certain small modifications are needed for iOS8 compatibility. Timing on that is not finalized. SailingLog can still be used with minor disturbances. DateInput only via "GREEN REFRESH BUTTON" Because of this, we are currently discounting the APP You can get rid ...    4 MB    Views 1743
history vehicle track services fuel logbook vehicles due schedule
+5    Vehicle Logbook is a beautifully designed and easy to use app that helps you keep track of fuel mileage and maintenance for your cars, trucks and other vehicles. In the app you can create a separate logbook for each vehicle ...    18 MB    Views 6144
tour hotel peaks locations guide log series today double
+6    Twin Peaks Tour Guide gives you the tools you need to explore the iconic locations from David Lynch’s classic Twin Peaks television series. Set within the natural beauty of the northwestern landscape, many of the filming locations used in Twin Peaks ...    45 MB    Views 2994

Mango Airlines

flight discount card time travel flights mobile account log voyager device bookings
+1    Managing your travel plans has never been this easy and convenient This mobile application is your gateway to South Africa’s most innovative airline. Mango offers GConnect InFlight WiFi onboard, consistent on time performance, affordable airfares, and introduces a host of new ...    9 MB    Views 6486


facebook plan works box log fast
+3    Facebook Anywhere allows you to have fast and easy access to Facebook from anywhere in the world. If you are traveling to China, It's great tool to have. You'll never again miss the fun on Facebook Are you frustrated when you ...    3 MB    Views 50
drivers money history fuel data track mobile log designed
0    Fleetio Fuel is the first fuel tracking mobile app designed specifically for fleets. Drivers can log fuel at the pump and review the fuel history for a vehicle on the go using their mobile phone or tablet. No more paper ...    10 MB    Views 4694

weTravel Lite

trips editing management presentation bookings participants booking clear multiple users currencies login
-7    weTravel is an app for your iPod touch or iPhone which allows the management of all incoming costs on trips or activities. It is not relevant if you are on a buisness trip or just on a family vacation ...    1 MB    Views 8518


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+5    The safest & easiest way to use a taxi in Vietnam This is not just a taxi directory app. We've provided 'Rate & Review' function to share users' experience to find a better taxi service. And our unique function, 'Save ...    7 MB    Views 8680

The Pnakotic Atlas

+8    The Pnakotic Atlas is an illustrated companion to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Compiled from locations described by the Old Gentleman of Providence, we are working with artists around the world to illustrate each and every place in the Atlas. Use ...    2 MB    Views 7861

Log Location

car log location mileage forget track truck
+5    Did you ever forget to keep track of your mileage on your car to give to your employer for reimbursement or you need to turn in your log book for your truck? Log Location is the app that is perfect ...    17 MB    Views 4276
sailing time gps routes sail log review data professional voyage boats
+14    Sailing Log is a revolutionary automated marine logbook and nautical GPS. Compatible for sail and motor boats alike, Sailing Log by Boatbook, will automatically recognize your voyage upon start and save your routes for you. Sailing Log enables you to get ...    74 MB    Views 1455
car time tracker driver fuel economy expenses cost supports log multiple
-8    As seen in The Mail on Sunday Track your car's fuel economy and expenses see exactly what you're spending and how much your car costs to run. Fuel tracker to log cost, quantity and date. Displays MPG economy ...    8 MB    Views 9730

My Travels Lite

travel travels items added places webpage add logbook ready pictures data
-8    This application allows you to prepare your travel. Every booking, departure or arrival date, renting information can be added for your latter use. It also provides custom notes to remember some address or places to go, or what the dangerous ...    654 kb    Views 4255

University Maps

maps email map iphone campus university location send http
+5    Never get lost on campus again. United States University Maps Only. See the available universities at Over 300+ of the major campus maps of US Colleges. If your university is not on the app, email us and we will get right ...    235 kb    Views 2359


+12    Generate a log of your trip, upload the log to your blog and post the blog link to your facebook and twitter, all with a single click Create your trip, record all your activities, take notes, capture the memories and ...    3 MB    Views 7461

TripLogger App

trips calendar trip program email log account website notifications posted saved
+8    The TripLogger app can be used to log trips from your phone to your trip log calendar. If you have set up a Trip Log Template, the app can also be used to confirm trips that are posted to your ...    8 MB    Views 4626
time driving gps map log drive edit day duration record
+6    TimeMyDrive is a premium tool designed to help student drivers keep track of their hours on the road. In many regions you must fulfill time requirements of supervised driving practice to obtain your driver’s license. With this app you can ...    4 MB    Views 7881

MPG LOG lite

+3    ▪ Keep track of your car's miles per gallon usage between fillups. ▪ Compare your car's rated MPG with what you're actually getting out of it. ▪ Enter gas prices during fillips to keep track of how much you're spending. ▪ View all ...    4 MB    Views 6589


gps email text maps log http locations works data great battery life power
+25    GPS Log is the best way for people of all walks of life to log their adventures great and small. Whether you're backpacking through Europe, or exploring your local neighborhood, GPS Log gives you everything you need to capture your ...    16 MB    Views 6

PilotLog Offline

pilots log book add edit roster duty flights account
-9    PilotLog Offline is a free companion program to the PilotLog online log book; the premier log book for professional pilots. Please note that this is not a standalone log book app; it requires synchronisation with an online PilotLog account to function ...    7 MB    Views 7881


travel locations log shared
-5    Create a record of your favorite travel locations including restaurants, museums, where you parked, where you live, where you are staying, any point of interest. TravelLog creates a saved list of locations with title, description, location and optionally a picture. ...    501 kb    Views 4413


information log device
+10    5Fleet is driver's log for your fleet and tracking of your machinery and assets in one place Once your 5Fleet GPS device is installed, the device will log all information concerning addresses, distance driven and time of operation. The transfer ...    2 MB    Views 5357


photos trip position boat pdf log logbook
-8    SailBook simplifies all around your Logbook With SailBook you can document your sailing trips in a simple, quick and innovative way. Your cruises are always accurate and documented in a perfect way. All inputs are made using special gauges and controls and ...    14 MB    Views 4507

NS Reisplanner Xtra

Related Apps trip card business travel time information services log station transactions
-7    Reisplanner Xtra is the official app of NS the Dutch Railways and is your personal and smart app for real time information during your trip. • Travel information Reisplanner Xtra offers a realtime journey planner for your complete trip, not just ...    32 MB    Views 2301


calendar places log foursquare favorite
0    Bintu is all about logging where you’ve 'been to'… Privately. Search nearby or favorite places using the power of Foursquare. Log them to your calendar for your personal records. Because let's be real... you don't always want to share how often you've ...    3 MB    Views 417

GL Diving

diving dives log save important information dive beautiful
0    A beautiful and simple app to log dives GL Diving With GL Diving you can log all your dives in one single place. GL Diving focuses on the most important information and organizes them in a beautiful and easy to use app. Features: ...    13 MB    Views 9730
tracker data fuel mileage gas odometer log track calculate statistics
0    Fuel Tracker is the ultimate app for tracking your vehicle gas consumption and mileage A simple, easy to use application to calculate and track your gas mileage (fuel economy/efficiency). When you buy gasoline, just enter the amount you purchased and your ...    7 MB    Views 4334

Booking Admin

-7    The Booking Admin app made for customers, who have listed Apartments or Hotels in website and have login name and password on booking admin site. If you use the Booking Admin app you need to log in once and you ...    93 kb    Views 9349

Learner Logbook NSW

trip driver gps reading time traffic iphone weather logbook record log rta hours application
+29    Learner Logbook NSW is an efficient, easy & safe method of recording your driver experience record as a NSW Learner driver. Maintain both an electronic and paper based backup of driver experience record all from your iPhone. Learners Logbook records • distance ...    NAN    Views 1513

The Best Place

facebook home press button place menu log form friends select add
-5    The Best Place will help you to make a choice where is the best place around you to relax, to do shopping, to be on entertainment, or to see something interesting. If you like here or not, leave feedback about ...    3 MB    Views 4784
profile log logging book logs viewing aussie application adding
+24    Aussie Log Book is a simple and reliable solution for Learner drivers in Australia. Instead of writing all of your trip details into your log book upon taking a lesson you can just bring your smartphone device and input all ...    37 MB    Views 1540


mile log easy
+7    Does keeping a mileage log book seem like too much trouble? Writing down starting and ending odometer readings is a pain. With Easy Mile, all you have to do is press a button when you get in, and stop it when ...    251 kb    Views 3689


driving log
+14    Application features: Driving log. Usage is really easy just start the app and when arrived to destination, press home button. You can export your driving log entries as PDF and XLSX (Excel) format for your email. Speedcam warnings in Finland    NAN    Views 1327

Schedule A Ride.

time ride schedule cancel log users shuttle location simply
+1    Sanofi and TransAction Corporate Shuttles have made scheduling a ride on the Brown or Purple Line very easy. With this app you simply create your account, log in and schedule your next ride. The driver of the shuttle has an iPad ...    5 MB    Views 5291

Bites Log

friends log save
-3    Save your favorite eateries and share them with friends Bites Log allows you to search and save eateries from around the world to your phone, and then send them to friends, coworkers, and anyone who might want a great bite ...    6 MB    Views 7334


seoul 2014 congress users information international log account
-6    This is the official interactive mobile app for SEOUL ICM 2014. The app includes the sessions, speakers, abstracts, locations, and more. About the SEOUL ICM 2014 The International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) is the largest international congress in the mathematics community. It ...    37 MB    Views 2470

map back

Related Apps map log location
0    Keep a perfect log of everywhere you've been when you enter and leave. You can add a note to your log and even share it with friends. Map back uses LocationKit, a location technology that keeps accurate location. Continued use ...    2 MB    Views 2239


gps email text maps log http data works great life battery remember
-4    GPS Log is the best way for people of all walks of life to log their adventures great and small. Whether you're backpacking through Europe, or exploring your local neighborhood, GPS Log gives you everything you need to capture your ...    16 MB    Views 8954


photos map iphone account places openstreetmap accessible place log public
+30    The Wheelmap iPhone App is the mobile app for, an open, free and global online map for wheelchairaccessible places provided by Sozialhelden e.V. With the app, all iPhone and iPod touch users can find, mark and add accessible and less ...    4 MB    Views 9476

CabLink Driver

driver drivers passenger log request fare send notification start
-9    Tired of driving around looking for fares? CabLink Driver takes the wondering away just log in and select online and nearest fare will send you a request, You will have 15 seconds to accept or decline. If declined the request will ...    12 MB    Views 6597
business tracker gps mileage journey life note log
+1    Jaguar’s Mileage Tracker App is an easy way to keep a log of your business mileage and gives you an instant mileage readout for any journey in the UK. You can either use the address lookup facility or let the ...    NAN    Views 1937
gps photos running work application move world log background point
+4    You can record your move, for example, walking, jogging, bicycle or car in this application. And then you can move toward as you like use your real move distance. for example , if you move train to your office everyday, you can ...    2 MB    Views 76


compass find log network point arrow
+4    This iPhone app helps you find locations you've recently visited. It does not require any network service You can log a place with a picture and description... later, Someplace will point its compass arrow at it so you can return. You ...    426 kb    Views 7276


car simple maintenance data log logs
-6    AutoLog LE Managing car maintenance made simple. AutoLog LE is a versatile app designed with the car enthusiast in mind. Yet, it is an essential app for anyone interested in keeping a detailed maintenance log for any type of car, normal, classic ...    2 MB    Views 7564

Gas Log

gas log mpg
-9    Gas Log let's you keep track of your gas. It logs price, odometer, mpg, date and how many gallons you put in. Use it for business travel or use it on a road trip to see what kind of gas ...    3 MB    Views 1215
travel photo recording gps photos map shooting twitter facebook log button location record share information save
+17    "PockeTraveL" is smartphones/tablets App that records the route and photos of your travel and share them with friends. Have you thought you want to record route and discovery during your travel? And Have you thought you want to share them with your ...    20 MB    Views 629

GPS Marker Simple

gps time map log simple marker location pin drop red flashlight
-5    Servin GPS Marker Simple makes it quick and easy for you to find your current location on a map, and to place a red droppin marker at that location. The red droppin marker stays at the location until you set it ...    64 kb    Views 727

iFish Alberta

search weather fishing apps directions time gps photos catch fish alberta proximity great log
+7    Top paid Sports App in Canada Get the App every Angler in Alberta needs and learn Where, When & How to Catch more Fish Featured on iTunes "Apps for the Great Outdoors", "Great Canadian Apps" and in "City Guides" Comments: " What ...    22 MB    Views 1252
dive log air water site tank paper
0    Dively is simple dive log book app which allows divers to create logs as quickly as using a paper log book. The app is designed for recreational divers who want to enjoy holidays instead of writing long dive logs. FEATURES: Simple ...    4 MB    Views 7411


Related Apps world password log usa
+12    Welcome, this app exclusively for CLC World USA members is designed to open up the world of exciting vacations now available to you, with brochures and other CLC World related content direct to your iPad. Enter your login and password to ...    66 MB    Views 7643
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