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+5    Kathy G's Tabata Tabata Timer is a simple but effective timer used to your Tabata intervals in conjunction with Kathy G's Tread Tabata class. This class is a high intensity interval workout using the treadmill, combined with full body intervals ...    2 MB    Views 7824

On The Go!

+14    On the go is an app for music lovers. It allows you to have fun with your friends while you're sharing music files.    6 MB    Views 4364

Floripa by Music

+10    Descubra os lugares mais especiais de Florianópolis através da música e textos de artistas locais. As melhores dicas da ilha da magia na palma da sua mão, com uma trilha sonora de primeira. Floripa by Music é o primeiro aplicativo do ...    NAN    Views 3520

Bach Music

+10    Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist, and violinist of the Baroque Period. He enriched many established German styles through his skill in counterpoint, harmonic and motivic organisation, and the adaptation of rhythms, forms, and textures from ...    2 MB    Views 4769

YouGo - Lisboa

+4    Travel to Lisboa with your YouGo Guide A Guide that gives you immediate access to relevant information on all the tourist activities of Portugal's Capital and also a Cultural Calendar covering the Estoril Coast, Oeiras, Sintra and Mafra, with information on ...    2 MB    Views 59

Healthy Sleep lite

+11    Healthy Sleep lite is a lite version of Healthy Sleep with fewer amounts of music and icons. Are you having a healthy sleep? Or are you troubled by insomnia and have to do the sheepcounting over and over again every night? With ...    42 MB    Views 9376
+14    ••• Insider's Guide to the Queen City ••• Whether you are in Charlotte for a day or a week, visit the places on and off the beaten path. Charlotte Essential Guide takes you to great restaurants, tells you how to find ...    28 MB    Views 3284

Romania Radios •

-2    Romania Radios This awesome radio station app will amuse you It allows you to stream the most amazing music radio channels. Great songs always make good times right? This app features: Full IOS 8 compatibility and support to old IOS versions – stream music ...    41 MB    Views 1704

Visit Stillwater

+5    From live music at our legendary nightlife venues to iconic Oklahoma dining options, our Visit Stillwater app will keep you in the know about all the happenings and hotspots in Stillwater, Oklahoma Locate live music events, hotel accomodoations, local attractions, ...    16 MB    Views 9438
+29    Buzz Alarm is an alarm activated based on your current location. Do you enjoy taking a nap while traveling? Buzz Alarm is a perfect solution for you It will help you to do that without worrying about missing your bus stop ...    3 MB    Views 3543
music sound player files
+3    Music Player Playlist Manager Sound Mp3r is a music player which can play MP3 and M4A (Apple's Lossless Music File Format) files. You can directly input your music files and there is no need of iTunes sync. When operating using remote ...    22 MB    Views 7490
music travel world images stunning america
+8    Follow a visual journey around the world while listening to dramatic and uplifting music, all while choosing images to dress up your device's wallpaper. It's an adventure This collection of 220 stunning images taken by photographer and world traveler ...    32 MB    Views 1746

Carnival Info

music carnival latest friends events info
+6    Get the latest carnival costumes, events and music for Caribbean Carnivals all over the world. Carnival Info is a must have app for anyone going to carnival. Find the latest Costumes Search for upcoming events for all Carnivals Listen to ...    18 MB    Views 8529
travel wallpaper music text images world image stunning america
0    Follow a visual journey around the world, read fascinating text on each image and listen to dramatic and uplifting music, all while choosing images to dress up your device's wallpaper. It's an experience unlike many wallpaper apps. It's an ...    110 MB    Views 5

Barcelona Music

music song stations listen title barcelona album itunes cover
+5    Listen a selective list of Barcelona Music with a very easy interface. Variety of radio stations. Stations are dynamically loaded, we will be adding more and more stations without you need to upgrade the app. If you have any station ...    2 MB    Views 3044
music photography web yosemite john explore interactive development
+20    Discover mountains, meadows, waterfalls, lakes, and forests in this multimedia installation illustrating the writings of naturalist John Muir with interactive photography and music. An engaging new interpretation of Muir's vision of nature created by composer and visual artist Nell Shaw ...    204 MB    Views 367

Sleep HD

sleep music features timer mood create ability
-5    Sleep HD App is designed for not just helping ADULTS but also TEENS, KIDS and BABIES with some of the most relaxing, soothing tunes along with some changing mood tunes Ability to also CREATE YOUR OWN COMPOSITIONS SLEEP HD comes with ...    154 MB    Views 2953

UK Radios •

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+19    This awesome United Kingdom London radio stations app will amuse you It allows you to stream the world’s most amazing UK music radio channels. Great songs always make good times. Find the best out of the best radio streams here This app features: ...    8 MB    Views 960
-9    Take a majestic dive into the heart of the Ocean Origins, thrilled by the magic of the large format and enhanced with spellbinding music, Ocean Origins invites us to an extraordinary adventure: 4 billion years in the ocean, from the ...    542 MB    Views 4652

puraSonica Radio

music stream community
+13    The puraSonica mobile app provides you with a neverending, anytime/anywhere stream of beautiful music from the most talented DJs and artists around the world. Our cuttingedge music stream delivers the best in beach music to a community of dedicated listeners ...    9 MB    Views 822
music language method state easy
+9    With no books, no memorising and no homework, Michel teaches the basic grammar of the language painlessly. Using the method he perfected over 50 years, he shares his secret with the world and \'makes it simple\' (Sunday Times). In only ...    26 MB    Views 5809

W Hotels Worldwide

hotel music hotels room special find tab page worldwide check
+30    W Hotels Worldwide brings its signature sounds and insider access to what's new and next at our iconic destinations around the world to the iTunes store with this exclusive mobile app. Stream custom music mixes by some of the most talented ...    23 MB    Views 939

London Shophound

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+26    An insider's guide to London's best shopping London is one of the world's great shopping cities. With 15% of the UK's retail business headquartered in London, operating nearly 40,000 stores, Napoleon probably just meant London when he called the ...    35 MB    Views 4116
music sleep time timer stop application mode tracks ipod
+18    If an music will stop automatically before you fall asleep, its will be cool, wont it? This application is an music will stop the time you have programmed. It's "MusicPlayer Sleep Timer" The free version only allows you to play music which ...    1 MB    Views 5810

Local Music

-4    Simply find the latest music events going on near you. Using your GPS, we will find out what events are going on near you. We tell you who is playing, where they are playing, the venue details, and how to get ...    178 kb    Views 148


music card file devices hard page
+8    CloudShare App can be used for wireless data sharing, USB file access (SD file access with some devices), network configuration and music streaming. You can use CloudShare App to stream music to the speaker connected to our product wirelessly. Beyond that you ...    22 MB    Views 5730
music people visitors historical guide costa verde typical regional tourists
+6    The Costa Verde Cultural Guide lets visitors enjoy a firsthand experience of visual artists and craftspersons on the job, including in the creation of regional apparel, in their workshops and studios located throughout the municipalities, regions and locations described. It ...    326 MB    Views 9689


music places rich world culture
0    The ‘Land of Kings’ – Rajasthan. A state that beautifully blends Rajputana gallantry with a cultural brilliance like no other place in India. A favourite with tourists the world over, Rajasthan has always been an epitome of royalty and rich ...    191 MB    Views 7378
photos music slideshow screen list peace japan mind
+11    It is the slide show such as nature or the sightseeing spot of various parts of Japan. The application will give you a peace of mind through photograph and BGM. [Features] 1) The slideshow starts when a screen was tapped. 2) It displays 16 ...    34 MB    Views 5191
iphone music product products service names bring sound real
-3    Standout among the hordes of guitar and rock star wannabe's and bring something fresh to the music scene....bring your xylophone? You're darn skippy, I said it, the xylophone A simple instrument with a sunny and cheerful sound, the xylophone has ...    914 kb    Views 2359


music library train alert beautiful choose stations fun rest
+2    Triply is an exciting new way of making sure you never miss another train stop. Like to snooze on the train? Long day at work and want to rest your eyes without worrying you might end up in some random part of the ...    NAN    Views 885


music guide links location
-5    With Ryfylke MultiGuide, you can be your own guide along National Tourist Route Ryfylke. Information will be presented on the spot through sound, pictures, text and links at the right time and place. Ryfylke MultiGuide uses GPS, audio, photos, texts and ...    5 MB    Views 8794
music choose 2048 game tiles power tile swipe classic type
+7    2048 Classic most played puzzle app, now with 3X3 and 5X5 Join the numbers and get to the 610,729,2048 and 8192 tile Choose Game type from the settings swipe the tiles while listening to a relaxed music Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with ...    17 MB    Views 4385

7 Days in Georgia

music georgia georgian quality days sounds application
+13     A luxury application for unique individuals ... The intuitive application will take you on a journey through the cultural tapestry of Georgia, reflected in music. if you liked the soundtrack from the film " The last temptation of Christ ", you will ...    122 MB    Views 7881

Kazan Kremlin

music gps time location user application territory close
+1    This application allows the user to listen to the fragment of music composition during his travelling along the Kremlin territory. The music corresponds to an object which is close to the user at a time. The iPhone with builtin GPS ...    182 MB    Views 4920
music island enjoy relaxation sun
+6    In an increasingly hurried and busy world, it is important to take time out to relax, to recharge one’s batteries, chillout and perhaps enjoy a little selfindulgence. Come and enjoy this Island in the Sun and experience the sublime pleasure that ...    307 MB    Views 7680

Spirit of Nashville

+28    Take an artsy virtual tour of Nashville, Tennessee, inspired by the Spirit of Nashville Classic Poster Collection, bestselling coffee table book, and DVD. Experience the Art & Soul Of Music City through video clips, vintage art, and links to Nashville’s ...    16 MB    Views 4970
music sleep relaxing features lot night
+14    Enhance your mood and sleep with our RELAXING & SOOTHING musical tunes. Our App is designed with lot of features including COMPOSING your own tunes. Create your own compositions that will help you with relaxing and enhancing your sleep. We ...    152 MB    Views 968


music pictures sharing missing beautiful function
+4    Lyric&Melody, coming across the next unknown landscape. From Lyric&Melody, you could find pictures, writtings and music about your own feeling, which are available for sharing with friends or localsaving. Meanwhile, you may also share what you feeling at moment with others ...    3 MB    Views 9310
music songs memory move wings light background
+14    A collection of the most beautiful light music in the automotive,including many famous classics,background music often heared from familiar films,broadcasts. Classical melodies that you may not know the name yet....To accompany you all the way ◎ WE Player,Innovation for You,Characteristic: ▪ Edit ...    220 MB    Views 1651
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-1    The Kauai GPS Tour Guide talks to you as you drive around Kauai It's like having a local expert with you in the car as you explore the island. The Only App of it's Kind for Kauai Using the GPS built into ...    52 MB    Views 6399
clock weather ipad music podcasts alarm night mode great display
+2    Alarm Clock is the most realistic alarm clock app ever made for the iPad. APPLE picks the Alarm Clock as a "Staff Favorite" writes: "A one stop app that is not only beautiful to look at, but one which you can ...    32 MB    Views 3179

SF Music List

music area bay list bands find date
-6    See when and where all the Hottest Bands in the Bay Area are performing with our uptodate application. This is a mobile adaptation of Steve Koepke's excellent (San Francisco) Bay Area concert guide. FEATURES List By Date, Bands, or Location Find driving ...    4 MB    Views 8793

2X Musical Lights

music lights screen effects fully musical special info customizable
0    Musical Lights with variation of various music uses different varieties of lighting styles on iPad & iPhone to fill up your screen with bright lights to illuminate any dark area around you along with trance music. Musical Lights gives: Trance/Meditation ...    23 MB    Views 4385

CityJet Music

+23    CityJet Music was built to allow you to interact with CityJet beyond your final destination. Enjoy streaming hundreds of songs from our own handselected artists.    1 MB    Views 8478


music board train station location find note listening addition
+6    Oops Have I missed my stop? Where am I? Try to find the station name through a train window, but I cannot I cannot help nodding off. I am absorbed in emailing. Then,I find myself looking around. Where is a sign board of this station? The ...    NAN    Views 7378

Festival Flash

festivals artists music line festival flash ups results
+1    The free Festival Flash app recommends music festivals to you based on your own music collection. Browse over 250 UK festivals with their line ups tailored to your tastes. Search for specific artists and filter results by price, distance ...    12 MB    Views 448
music travel media boston groups globe sutro including
+1    Entertainment of every kind in this town Want to know what the best Boston theater is? The most wonderful (and the most unusual) orchestras, choral groups, festivals, museums, art galleries and everything and anything cultural, from downtown all the ...    34 MB    Views 9542

Rome Music Radio

music rome radio song listen stations cover itunes title timer
-2    Musica a Roma Listen a selective list of Rome Music with a very easy interface. Variety of radio stations. Stations are dynamically loaded, we will be adding more and more stations without you need to upgrade the app. If you ...    2 MB    Views 209
music travel city nashville capital enjoy
+27    Music City On this tour of The Music City, you will enjoy a fast paced look at some of the attractions that have made this city the tourist destination it is today Nashville is the State Capital of Tennessee. See the ...    249 MB    Views 4312

Iran Attractions

music heritage persian iran world support tourist national application
+3    Iran has one of the oldest civilizations and biggest empires throughout the history, and probably is the first nation state in the world. Despite its historical importance the tourist industry in Iran has not received the attention it deserves. As ...    35 MB    Views 6135
music culture toronto corridor arts museum centre jewish royal
-7    The Bloor St. Culture Corridor is Toronto's most diverse arts and culture district, with more than a dozen permanent worldclass arts and culture organizations all within one mile (1.6 kms) along a vibrant corridor of Bloor Street West, from Bathurst ...    33 MB    Views 6833
music prague czech application created
-3    This application helps you discover Prague’s rich music heritage. Explore the places where composers from Mozart to Dvořák lived and created, read their life stories, and find old and new music to enjoy, performed by the finest Czech soloists and ...    124 MB    Views 7544
music business express view services 800 worldwide chauffeured
+22    Book chauffeured services with Music Express in over 650 cities worldwide. View chauffeur information, view your vehicle on a live map in most cities, make changes/cancellations, get receipts, store preferences, and much more. All the convenience of online bookings are now ...    8 MB    Views 9201


music card files set hard products page
+15    An application for AirMobi products, such as iShare, iPlay, iTravel, iStorage, iReader, iDisk etc., the AirMobi can be used for wireless data sharing, USB/SD files access, network configuration, wireless music playback. You can use AirMobi App to stream music to the ...    22 MB    Views 342
music london iphone search landmarks rock visit stories
+15    BBC legend Bob Harris guides you through the key music venues of London Featured on: Music Week, NPR,, What HiFi, iPad and Gravy, Rockpulse, iPadtip, Antimusic, BestappsiPhone,, Buzzinmobiles,, “Because of its friendly interface, I loved Rock Music ...    105 MB    Views 1252


music audioguide experience guide links location norway
+16    Fjord Norway a spectacular travel destination As you might know, the fjords is the soul of Norway – and certainly its most magnificent attraction. When you come and visit us, you will find there is so much else to explore ...    4 MB    Views 1024

Healthy Sleep

sleep music software healthy
-3    Are you having a healthy sleep? Or are you troubled by insomnia and have to do the sheepcounting over and over again every night? With Healthy Sleep, you are almost free from insomnia now Healthy Sleep can relieve the agony of ...    40 MB    Views 4143
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+15    Effortless, enjoyable, fast and effective language learning through music. Words anchored deeply into your memory by gentle repetition to music. The term earworm or catchy tunes refers to those songs which you hear a few times and then just can t get ...    66 MB    Views 4506
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