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Plessas Palace

0    Do not miss this app if you are about to visit Plessas Palace Hotel. This magnificent app has detailed information about the hotel facilities and services, travel guide, maps with attractions and hot spots close to the hotel and integration ...    6 MB    Views 5993
taxi order
+6    Taxioma is the easiest way to get a taxi in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov. (Other Ukrainian cities are in progress) Advantages: 1. Order a taxi in one tap 2. Order a taxi from bar, restaurant, night club and other loud places without calling ...    12 MB    Views 5201
time map taxi order premier taxis
+15    Welcome to the Premier Taxi booking App The Best features of this app include: • Instantly order a taxi, no need to call, no more waiting for the phone to be answered • The GPS on your device orders the taxi to exactly where you ...    24 MB    Views 9375

Polish Delicacies

+23    This app was provided by a native Polish so you are 100% sure the courses are presented properly. Polish Delicacies is a group of popular polish foods and also drinks. Our professional lector reads the names of the foods and you can ...    69 MB    Views 8956


taxi book cab vehicle order
+6    With Herning Taxi APP on your Smartphone, you can quickly and easily book a taxi — bypassing any telephone queues — directly into Herning Taxi's booking system. Herning Taxi receives orders in Herning Municipality, based in the city Herning. Via GPS, the ...    8 MB    Views 7809


order antwerp
+24    Order your cab in Antwerp and surroundings to your current location with just two clicks Add special attributes and confirm your order. Your approaching taxi is displayed on the map. If you supplied a destination address you may request a ...    NAN    Views 896


-3    iPoodThai is an English to Thai talking phrase book including 500 phrases and words. It is useful for people who are traveling around Thailand. It can also be a good starting point for those who want to learn the Thai language. ...    8 MB    Views 102
mass order church find
+1    This app allows you to: Find a church near your current location Follow along during mass with the order of mass Order of Mass different languages coming soon Reference prayers such as act of contrition and the rosary If you like this app and wish ...    698 kb    Views 9061

Capital Cars

taxi capital cars order
+27    Thanks for showing your interest in capital cars App. Capital cars is the fastest growing taxi and private hire company in Berkshire. This app will allow you to book a taxi with us, you will also have text back service ...    9 MB    Views 1974

Track Drives

+18    Track Drives is a simple app designed specifically to help teens, keep track of how long, when, and where they drove, in order to meet the 50 hour requirement Track Drives automatically gets your location keeps tack of how long you drove saves your ...    3 MB    Views 7583

RelyLocal - Mobile

+26    RelyLocal is a campaign to support local businesses in an effort to rebuild local economies (in order to create healthy communities). Do you want to support local businesses in your community? RelyLocal Mobile is a fullfeatured gateway to our local members ...    3 MB    Views 8868
food order delivery restaurants allowing place local restaurant
+17    Order On The Way is Columbus and Toledo, Ohio's premiere restaurant delivery service. Offering food delivery from many local restaurants at the touch of a few buttons. The Order On The Way app makes the ordering process even easier Allowing ...    23 MB    Views 2654


food facebook menu order favorite view thai
+18    Tamsang : แอพสุ่มเมนูอาหารตามสั่ง เมื่อไอเดียตีบตัน Tamsang : Help you order Thai food in cooked to order restaurant. ความสามารถ + สุ่มเมนูอาหารตามสั่ง หรือเลือกเมนูที่ต้องการได้โดยตรง + ดูส่วนประกอบของเมนูอาหาร + กด Like เมนูที่ชอบ เพื่อจัดอันดับเมนูยอดนิยม + แชร์เมนูอาหารที่ชอบไป Facebook Features + Provide all popular Thai food menu. + Random menu when you have no idea to order. + View ...    8 MB    Views 2124
+4    Tired of reading up here and there, and wish all the top travel destinations in France would all be there in one place, and you could read it up all at one shot, right? Look no further "100 Best Places ...    20 MB    Views 8019
transfers airport order visit
-8    Quick and simple ordering Limo ´s Mercedes E or Audi A6 from or to the airport Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Brno or other transfers between these cities and EU countries. We also provide transfers for companies, transfers in the city Brno (CZ), ...    5 MB    Views 9774
search spain 100 place alphabetical indexed destinations order places
+26    Tired of reading up here and there, and wish all the top travel destinations in Spain would all be there in one place, and you could read it up all at one shot, right? Look no further "100 Best Places ...    21 MB    Views 9802

Abbaye Thiron

abbey discover visit peak order site application
-6    The Abbey of Thiron app invites you to discover in 3D the Abbey of the Saint Trinity of ThironGardais, today partially destroyed, as it was at its peak. // A travel back in time Discover the Abbey over the centuries, thanks to ...    223 MB    Views 3856
driver work cab united company taxi order
+2    United Cab Company is a reliable, safe, and affordable way to get around. Request a cab and be notified when a driver has been assigned, when then driver is on their way, and when the driver is outside your place of ...    8 MB    Views 5219

Mr. Pizza Head

+21    Welocome to Mr. Pizza Head. PLANNING A PARTY OR EVENT WHEN WE ARE NOT OPEN? We can make any order over 75.00 anytime day or night with 2 days advanced notice We also offer large order discounts.    6 MB    Views 3553

CR Taxi

taxi user rica order costa
+3    CR Taxi is the new way to order a taxi in Costa Rica. By introducing a friendly user interface, you no longer have to wait on the phone or give confusing directions to order your taxi in Costa Rica. Just download ...    8 MB    Views 6640
driver order vip service cities pre vehicle
-3    eCab, the smart city move. Available in 10 cities in Europe: Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Lyon, Lille, Rennes, Bordeaux, Reims, AixenProvence and Douai. More cities around the world will be soon available. With eCab: Order in 1 click with your iPhone. Prebook your ...    28 MB    Views 6846
service room order hotels enjoy stay
0    Enjoy your stay in hotels with Roomz app. Order fresh towels, new pillows, request an alarm and more. Our sleek app lets you have an amazing experience while interacting with hotel staff and services. Avoid unnecessary calls and order a service ...    15 MB    Views 1370

That Was Tasty

food dishes find list worth order restaurants establishments
+16    Changing the way you experience restaurants and other food establishments, That Was Tasty is a new app working hard to find the best, tastiest dishes. Next time you dine out, get something truly worth eating. Looking for something different to try ...    26 MB    Views 9029

VHail Driver

driver drivers gps system order ride download
+3    VHail Driver is the driver app for the VHail system. Taxi and limo drivers can download this app to receive ride requests from users of the VHail app. Drivers can use this service for free at the current time. If you ...    1 MB    Views 9622
+17    The very 1st App ever in Rome you can use in order to book a car rental with driver in a such easy and fast way from all over the world. One of our driver will be at your disposal welcoming ...    9 MB    Views 3350
travel eating thailand local order
-5    Order food with confidence at authentic local eateries when you travel in Thailand. travel iago helps you discover and order dishes to try in Thailand by just selecting what you feel like eating. iago will even help you explain to ...    11 MB    Views 2639


car map taxi address book stops receipts order
+5    Key Features: 1. book a taxi I want the taxi now. Here you can book a taxi with retrieval as soon as it's a free car I want taxi later. Here you can order a taxi later time (advance) Cancel Taxi (before the ...    5 MB    Views 2831


+18    Welcome to LoCab. LoCab is the most convenient and easy way to order a taxi/cab in your local area. Have you ever been in that situation where you are in the new area without any local knowledge and need to get from ...    3 MB    Views 1922

Monaco Ride

car monaco ride prix information transfer order grand
0    Monaco Ride is an application that enables you to order your car transfer with total security. Order your car transfer on your mobile and immediately see which cars are in your vicinity. Monaco Ride also provides valuable information about parties and many ...    3 MB    Views 4983

Geneve Taxi

geneva taxi booking book order manage
+13    It's the best way to book a Taxi in Geneva. With this Taxi App, you will be able to : Make a booking Check its status Cancel a booking Track the vehicle on a map manage your previous bookings manage your ...    1 MB    Views 4042

What to Order

chinese time cuisine order
-5    Love Chinese food but ended up ordering KongPao Chicken every time since that is the only dish you know? Tired of pointing to other people's plate and say "I want that"? Well, this application is for you. You will find a ...    16 MB    Views 663


restaurant order waiting
+16    No more waiting for the waitress With the Dinnify app in your phone you will get a more pleasant restaurant visit. No more waiting for waitresses to get menus, to order or to pay the bill Look through the menu, as soon ...    5 MB    Views 9148

Corfu Guide

Related Apps application corfu order information guide free
+5    Discover Corfu free and benefit from our exclusive special discount offers Corfu Guide is a free accessed application, with more than 200 entries and useful information, updated frequently. What is more, the application uses high quality maps in order to get ...    2 MB    Views 4015
park window ordering order arts festival
+5    The Prop is our onsite restaurant at the Prescott Park Arts Festival. During events here at the park, you can choose from a selection of delicious fare right from your phone. The App offers a limited menu with easy, secure ordering ...    34 MB    Views 6984

ieatapp - pizzabox

business application detail order restaurant
-2    This is just the sample application and for testing purpose only Contact us to build similar application for your business. Restaurant business application Features: View menu with detail of item and price Place order Reservation facility Detail about restaurant (facebook page, twitter, youtube, map) User profile ...    9 MB    Views 3510

Stevens Motel Free

email order motel room
-5    Welcome to Stevens Motel. We build this app to allow user could be ordered room from us faster and easier. Main features from app: 1. Select amount and type room that you would like to order. 2. Review and summary prices for your order. 3. ...    4 MB    Views 7725


food order picture org comprehensive restaurants easily
+8    Do you like seeing how food looks before you order? Do you like taking pictures of the food you do order? Well, now SnapMenu combines these two ideas into one powerful concept in hopes of creating a worldwide comprehensive picture ...    3 MB    Views 472

Topaz Energy

-2    The free Topaz app is better than ever giving you access to order Topaz Home Heat, collect and use Play or Park points and locate your nearest Topaz with Topaz Finder. Order Topaz Home Heat Download your digital Game Tag ...    14 MB    Views 2136
kids words order image internet
+2    Arrange letters in the correct order and complete the words. A fun and educational app for kids in Kindergarten and above. Features Image Hint for all words. The app does NOT need internet connection, so your kid can be occupied while on ...    7 MB    Views 3675

Iron Tree Coffee

coffee order tree iron choose simply offers
0    Ever want to order your morning coffee, afternoon treats, late evening coffee from your iPhone, Iron Tree offers exactly that? Simply choose your items from the menu, choose any options you might want and then add to your order. Choose the ...    46 MB    Views 7563
Related Apps hotel holiday inn stay athens order airport
+2    Do not miss this app if you are about to visit Holiday Inn Athens Airport hotel. This magnificent app has detailed information about the hotel facilities and services, travel guide, maps with attractions and hot spots close to the hotel ...    4 MB    Views 6976

United Taxis

Related Apps taxi bournemouth order
+1    Get a Bournemouth Taxi, Order a Taxi in seconds. Track tour Taxi and know exactly when its arriving, Why wait at a rank when you can order a Bournemouth Taxi with a tap of you fingers?    9 MB    Views 9724


Related Apps chinese food order
+9    While traveling in a Chinesespeaking country, you might be confused when given a Chinese menu. The APP is designed for the nonChinese speakers to order food in Chinese. Features Chinese menus with English translation. Easy to make a order by entering quantity, flavor, ...    2 MB    Views 6563
order japanese japan starbucks button easily
+30    Completely cover the Starbucks on the order of Japan Easy customization in English, Order easily in Japanese I'm sure there is such experience When you travel to Japan, want to get a break in the Seattle's coffee But Since not know Japanese......, you order the ...    3 MB    Views 9886


Related Apps food indian order
-1    Elachi is the FIRST app to order Indian food for pickup. Elachi brings together, the people who like to order Indian food in great comfort using their phone or tablet and the restaurants who sell food with seamless integration keeping ...    10 MB    Views 2950

Go Green Taxis

time green map taxi taxis order
+12    Welcome to the Go Green Taxis booking App The Best features of this app include: • Instantly order a taxi, no need to call, no more waiting for the phone to be answered • The GPS on your device orders the taxi to exactly where ...    24 MB    Views 7019

Agora Taxi

Related Apps taxi order
0    Users will be able to directly order taxi from Agora Taxi's application without call to operator, determine the travel fees before make the order and can to observe the movement of the car before his arrival. Currently only works in ...    8 MB    Views 2792
driver facebook step community order enjoy ride
-1    Enjoy your night out. Getting your way around town has never been easier : within a couple of clicks, a driver from the Heetch’s community picks you up and drops you off where you want, always in a great mood. Step 1: ...    25 MB    Views 7280
order 1886 guide enjoy achievements
+16    Welcome to Best Guide for The Order 1886. Tons of useful information, tips and guidance await for players who love The Order 1886. Features: ● Collectibles for The Order 1886. ● Walkthrough for The Order 1886 ● Description for Enemies. ● Walkthrough for Achievements & Trophies. ● ...    6 MB    Views 7689


Related Apps taxi company book order service easier
-2    Jump the queue and book quickly a taxi with DanTaxis app when you are in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Skive, Randers, Aabenraa, Sønderborg, Vordingborg, Nykøbing M., Viborg, Thisted, Guldborgsund, Silkeborg, Hjørring, Skanderborg, Odder, Vestsjaelland and Bornholm. DanTaxi is the largest taxi company, and it is ...    6 MB    Views 8088


taxi book cab vehicle order
+28    With Ikast Taxi APP on your Smartphone, you can quickly and easily book a taxi — bypassing any telephone queues — directly into Ikast Taxi's booking system. Ikast Taxi receives orders in IkastBrande Municipality, based in the city Ikast. Via GPS, the ...    8 MB    Views 3408

Varde Taxa

taxi book cab vehicle order
-5    With Varde Taxi APP on your Smartphone, you can quickly and easily book a taxi — bypassing any telephone queues — directly into Varde Taxi's booking system. Varde Taxi receives orders in Varde Municipality, based in the city Varde. Via GPS, the ...    6 MB    Views 5375
audio guide chester stops city order
+24    The Audio Guide (Chester) is an app designed to help tourists visiting the City of Chester find out more about some of the key iconic landmarks. Stops on The Audio Guide are presented in a logical order if you are taking ...    11 MB    Views 4383
hotel holiday athens stay order suites
0    Do not miss this app if you are about to visit Holiday Suites Hotel in Athens. This magnificent app has detailed information about the hotel facilities and services, travel guide, maps with attractions and hot spots close to the hotel ...    8 MB    Views 7526


price order
+8    With TaxiSmart you order taxi at a low price, easy and secure. You always get the to know the price before you make the order.    NAN    Views 8110


companies order cab offer phone wait taxi simply
0    Cabbis is a smartphone application developed specifically for Lebanon. It allows you to order a cab in a click by automatically sending your geolocation to Taxi Companies and helps you get the best offer. 1Download: No more lengthy phone calls to order ...    10 MB    Views 6933

CrestaCars Mcr

Related Apps turn fares buses wheelchair taxi order cars
+21    Cresta Cars established for over 40 years serving the community of Manchester. Fares starting from £1.50, we have over 23 buses, 5 Wheelchair Buses and over 400 cars. We will not’ be beaten on Minibus fares or long journeys. Give ...    26 MB    Views 7633


time flight booking flights service system order lion real
+29    Lion Flights application provides realtime flights information and the price of available seats. The booking engine is powered by Abacus which is a leading brand of flight booking system and provides immediated reservation service for all of travellers. Major features: 1.Airline timetable: ...    13 MB    Views 5281

B&W Taxi

time taxi ride request location months order
+5    Order a taxi cab in the Minneapolis/St Paul area from Blue & White Taxi using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Order any time, 24/7/365, and request rides as far as 3 months in advance. FEATURES INCLUDE: • Request a taxi anytime ...    5 MB    Views 1645

Beach Butler

order butler beach mobile
+10    iRiS F&B Mobile Beach Butler: the flexibility to order wherever you are no more waiting at the bar and standing in queues. Beach Butler is a multilingual digital menu available to download on your mobile. You can browse for and ...    3 MB    Views 2983
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