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+10    With this app, you can find places near you at all times All you need is wifi, and you can find practical places near you    338 kb    Views 9934


santa places
+26    Conoce la oferta turística de Santa Fe de Antioquia. Sus Atractivos y los lugares claves que debes visitar. Mapa de Ubicación de Hoteles, Restaurantes y Sitios para Comprar Meet tourism in Santa Fe de Antioquia. Its key attractions and places that you must visit. Location ...    35 MB    Views 1299


comment places
+5    You don't need a couple different apps to manage your places. Mapnaut does it all in a beautifully simple way: save, share, comment and discover the best spots with 140characters captions, hashtags and pictures, Twitterstyle Wherever you are, you'll get a feed ...    4 MB    Views 3524

Kroatien 2015 HD

places bay express
+15    Every year thousands of sailors and guests sail along the coast between Istria and Dubrovnik. Bay Express offers you for the first time a culinary guide of the restaurants which you can visit by boat (80% of them can also be ...    1 GB    Views 5396

Scout Misawa

-2    New to Misawa? This is the App that will help you navigate the area like a native Find popular Dining, Onsen, Shopping, Sports/Outdoors, Museums, and Tourist Attractions all around Misawa. See how others have rated your destination and provide ratings for others to ...    3 MB    Views 9343

Eremi Majella

+23    Majella, the holy mountain of Abruzzi people, was the shelter of Pietro da Morrone, the humble hermit who became the Pope of the “Great Refusal”. Retreats and small rocky places of worship still bear witness to the Celestine events and ...    15 MB    Views 4280

TM Dubai 2014

malaysia places
+26    It is about Tourism in Malaysia, shows you the most beautiful places in Malaysia, cities, maps, and packages of offers for hotels and tickets to choose. You can also explore Malaysia to know every city and places to have fun.    86 MB    Views 8109
cool place places
+5    Very useful for navigation. It will help you keep cool places in the program database , and then go back , focusing on the map . You can add a detailed description and pictures to accurately mark a cool place ...    6 MB    Views 1605


amsterdam places
0    Find out what makes Amsterdam such a wonderful city by exploring its variety of activities, experiences and places to stay. Amsterdam+ gives its users an overview of the interesting locations in the area of Amsterdam. Places included are restaurants, hotels, ...    3 MB    Views 9922


0    Forlocations for Iphone is the greatest tool to have when it comes down to finding the best and most convenient places to fill up gas, take out cash, buy groceries, grab a bite and much more. Here are some of the ...    4 MB    Views 4225
lima amazing places
+8    Discover amazing places in Lima, as never before had seen. Enjoy unique aerial photographs and videos. The frequent updates will show you new places and others news. Lima is more than a capital city. Its extensive territory and geography offer us: historical sites, ...    162 MB    Views 9859

is A

places accessibility
+3    Is A is a free App that allows you to rate the accessibility level of the places you go, while learning about the accessibility of places you may want to go. It's a tool that turns experiences into useful information ...    9 MB    Views 1646


+1    Get a list of your local places where you are and add new favorite places in your own personal place. Locate places and deliver your own experience by adding your own personal locations. Load it before your trip and have ...    468 kb    Views 7149


+8    Greenbook is an app for you to bookmark places to visit for upcoming trips. That's all the work you have to do Greenbook automagically organizes your selected places on a list with a map. And because you’re constantly on the go when ...    47 MB    Views 4424

Avventure solitarie

+4    You will have the opportunity to get to know the stories of my travels and experiences in South America, Africa and in the humanitarian context, through texts, images and videos. You will read stories on extraordinary places and you will ...    17 MB    Views 761


time hamilton places
+18    Are you visiting Hamilton for the first time and wanting the inside scoop on the best places to explore? Hamilton NZ is your own personal guide to Hamilton – helping you make the most of your time in the city ...    4 MB    Views 1747


+6    ZeSight will guide your eye to the most Top Ranked interesting places around you, it lets you to feel yourself everywhere as if you are at home place where you know each sacred beautiful corner. No matter where you are, ...    858 kb    Views 7434

Visit Corning

places itinerary
+13    Explore Corning, New York, and all it has to offer with this interactive travel guide. Easily find things to do and places to stay—all on an integrated map, so that you know exactly where your itinerary will take you This app ...    21 MB    Views 3966
+14    Have you ever dreamt of visiting any of your favorite places? Most often, you will hear these words from your friends, family members or any others. Every one of us desire to visit our favorite places in our lifetime. It ...    487 kb    Views 7832


-7    Travelpedia : an insight to all tourist places spread across Asia,Africa,Europe,Middle East and America.all of us love to expedite toursit places across globe and get glimpse of wonderful places which serves as treat to our eye and down the age ...    17 MB    Views 6987

City Fever

+25    Best places in the city in the palm of your hand. Choose how you want to spend your free time and we'll take you there. We know where you should be. Discover London, New York City and soon coming Cleveland. ...    10 MB    Views 8105
+13    Travel guide for the city of Genoa: places of interest, suggested itineraries, fact sheets for most relevant places, restaurants and hotels and audio guide. All accessible with a simple browsing of the categories, or by means of the handy map. The ...    42 MB    Views 9620


-2    TravelOrbs are magical orbs for travelers who are troubled in finding information of places they are going to visit. Frustrated in planning your trip? See if TravelOrb can shed light on your plan. Features: Search blogs by places. Subscribe places to ...    7 MB    Views 4463
+13    Tourist information about attractions, activities, events, places to stay and places to eat that matches your location in Kalundborg.    9 MB    Views 5979


+9    This app is full of events to attend, places to visit and attractions from around Northern Ireland. It’s designed to help you get out there and make the most out of our wee country and maybe experience something you have ...    5 MB    Views 5626

Which Place? Quiz

quiz logo places
+28    From the developer of the logo quiz games The new logo quiz generation A world trip on your SmartPhone or Tablet. How many places do you know, which sites can you recognize? Put your geography knowledge to the test and ...    49 MB    Views 3560

Near Me Must See

-4    No matter where you are in the world, we will find the cool stuff around you. With over 20,000 must see location, plus images, you get lots of details with this app. We will show you the nearest 10 places to you ...    713 kb    Views 648
0    Geotagging app has the ability to store names of places together with their location acquired thru iPhone's GPS or WPS. Particularly useful for remembering places especially for travel and photography.    2 MB    Views 788


holy places
+13    Visit record of the Shikoku Holy Places in Japan can be registered. The photograph of Holy Places can also be taken. This application supports only Japanese.    19 MB    Views 6835

Marche in Blu

marche blu places
-7    destinazionemarche Marche in Blu is a valuable app for guests arriving in the Marche who want to stay on its coastline, which boasts 17 blue flags. It contains hundreds of useful information about places to visit, events, sports practice, restaurants and ...    4 MB    Views 6598


+2    Find out what makes Renesse such a wonderful city by exploring its variety of activities, experiences and places to stay. Renesse+ gives its users an overview of the interesting locations in the area of Renesse. Places included are restaurants, hotels, ...    3 MB    Views 4498

GeneXus Places

-2    View Places near your location Data from Places API    3 MB    Views 8144

Instaplace Cyprus

places cyprus
+2    Instaplace is your personal guide, offering you a limitless choice of things to do and places to go. Discover great places all around Cyprus everything from the city's tastiest burger to the best event venue in town and get around wherever ...    12 MB    Views 6790

Visit Gallup

places itinerary
-6    Explore Gallup, New Mexico, and all it has to offer with this interactive travel guide. Easily find things to do and places to stay—all on an integrated map, so that you know exactly where your itinerary will take you This app ...    18 MB    Views 6509

Pin My Trip

+30    Track countries and places you've visited. Add new places using your current location or search them by name. Share to social networks.    4 MB    Views 3980

Visit Helena

places itinerary helena
+22    Explore Helena, Montana, and all it has to offer with this interactive travel guide. Easily find things to do and places to stay—all on an integrated map, so that you know exactly where your itinerary will take you This app showcases: ...    14 MB    Views 2793


-3    Ankringstips from Atlantica With our Ankringstips you can read and listen to tips on places to moore along the Swedish coast line. We hope that you will be able to find som new places to visit. You zoom and click on ...    NAN    Views 6979


+17    Locales is an easy way to find places near you Quickly search using default filters, or make your own. Locales finds the best, and closest, places that match your search    457 kb    Views 5013

Makkah Tour

places makkah
+21    .You well see the exact places visited by The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). ( Pictures, Map, Information in English) .Guide you in Makkah during Umrah and Haj . .Arabic messages for the taxi driver , so he can take you to the places ...    36 MB    Views 2837
-6    Discover and share places around you through Instagram and Foursquare photos. With Atmosphere you can quickly checkout restaurants, coffee shops, parks and more Now with real photos, menu, and Google Street View.    24 MB    Views 7990
love 150 places
-1    150 Places they love : 150 ร้านโปรดของคนที่คุณชื่นชอบ หนังสือที่รวบรวม 150 สถานที่โปรด ของ 15 คนดังหลากสไตล์ ที่หลายคนอยากรู้ว่า ยามว่างเว้นจากภารกิจหลักแล้ว พวกเขาชอบไปกิน ไปดื่ม ไปเที่ยว ที่ไหน พร้อมรายละเอียด แผนที่ และ พิกัด เพื่อใช้ในการตามรอยเหล่าคนดังไปกิน ดื่ม เที่ยว สถานที่นั้นๆ ได้อย่างสบายๆ    3 MB    Views 1084


+1    Find out what makes Scheveningen such a wonderful city by exploring its variety of activities, experiences and places to stay. Scheveningen+ gives its users an overview of the interesting locations in the area of Scheveningen. Places included are restaurants, hotels, ...    3 MB    Views 8510


-2    Tours is an amazing travel planner: Plan your visits — organize location, contact info, prices, notes and opening hours; Add events to calendar; Explore Wikipedia and Foursquare places, save it and rate it; Autogrouping by cities and ability to set locationaware notifications; WikiTravel news — ...    29 MB    Views 346
+1    This adventure walks you through the great places in Abu Dhabi, guided by a white gazelle. The Emirates Palace's halls and gardens, the famous Corniche, the Great Bin Zayed Mosque, or the Heritage Village are portrayed among other places. Drawing: Noredine Allam Story: ...    37 MB    Views 4571


+19    With this app you will know where you are, will find the streets you are looking for, places you want to go, museums you want to visit, hotels to stay, places to eat and much more.    1 MB    Views 1079

Family Days Dorset

families dorset places
+12    Lots of places to visit in Dorset for families. All places suitable for families including museums, castles, zoos, soft play areas and more.    756 kb    Views 4235
places catalonia
+27    Discover most beautiful places in Catalonia, selected by our local team. Some places are only known by Catalonia's people, so you will not find them in touristics guide.    14 MB    Views 6724

Minicards for iPad

application places give
0    Are you travelling or on a business trip? And you want to get more info on all the things you can do at your destination? Our application will help you with it. Application “Minicards” will not only give you lots of ...    3 MB    Views 7001


0    SwiftPin is a great way for you to keep track of places you've been, places you're going to or places you want to go. With SwiftPin you'll be able to quickly add and save locations to the map as well ...    232 kb    Views 5582


traveller places
+5    Stampy is the best way to trace your travels. As a traveller, i would like to see on the globe which places i have been, so that way i could have an idea of my next place to visit, I hate ...    7 MB    Views 1932
-6    WORLD in the Pocket helps you to enjoy your trips with the best tips about places, restaurants, clubs, hidden gems as well as chat,network with new friends. TOP 20 sightseeing places, best food and good advice you can find here easily SMART ...    45 MB    Views 439

Great Places

Related Apps places location pictures
0    You just discovered an amazing restaurant, club, parc, hotel or you are ready to go in your dream trip ? This app lets you to save comments, pictures, video and audio files for all those places. You will be able to see ...    1 MB    Views 3132

Truffle App

Related Apps people city places
-3    Collect and discover the best places in a city according to the people you trust. Share maps with friends to pass on your local knowledge. Bookmark new places in your city that you want to check out. Ask the right ...    12 MB    Views 8968
0    When I first moved to NY from London, I had no idea WHERE some of best places were to shop. Not the big name stores. We all know those. But those cool boutiques squirreled away across the city that a ...    20 MB    Views 979

video places
-7    Online video guide Geoclip RU presents the travel videos, which were filmed during travels to different places around the world. Most clips are made as video guides. The main purpose is to help the viewer to chose the places for ...    25 MB    Views 3912
world places
-7    Crane is an application that lets you search for and view photos from all over the world: sophisticated New York, enchanting Paris, historical Kyoto, luxurious resorts in the Maldives, a cathedral in Moscow, mysterious North Korea, and many other amazing places. Crane ...    10 MB    Views 6126


brighton places
-9    Brighton app guide will only take you to the top places to check out while in Brighton and Hove. It doesnt give you a listing of hundreds of places but mainly the best and most recommended venues. You will find ...    16 MB    Views 2276

Places to Visit

Related Apps places download visit
+15    Download the official Canal & River Trust’s App ‘Places to Visit’ and discover some of England & Wales’s best hidden waterside gems. For a great family trip each destination has a beautifully designed map and info sheet for you to ...    10 MB    Views 2354

Nad Morzem

-7    The app provides convenient list of accomodation, leisure and entertainment destinations in Polish seaside places. Results are sorted by distance to your location, so you can easily find closest places, wherever you are. It's simple and useful.    2 MB    Views 164


+13    Tipi helps you meet new people, discover new places & try new experiences while you travel. Sign up via Facebook it's quick and easy See if you have friends, interests or places in common with travelers or locals – it all starts ...    26 MB    Views 3153
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