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+24    NEWNEW Use this awesome app to save your most amazing trips or vacations. Write a journal to your adventures and impressions. Found a good restaurant? Met nice people? Put it to your trip easily and never forget the location or address. You can ...    2 MB    Views 2628


0    SOS GPS is a tool to locate the position at a given time. You can send an automatic email with details of the location and a short personal message to two email addresses that can be configured in the application. Can get ...    84 kb    Views 907

My Position App

position target bearing
-1    Quickly see where and how high you are on earth. If you define a target you can see how far you still have to go and in which direction. It uses the a constant angle on a so called rhumb line ...    398 kb    Views 1032
0    The Volkswagen Service App reliably assists you in different situations on the road. You will be provided fast and easily with useful information around your Volkswagen. You don't find only the Volkswagen Service dealer network, the addresses and the routes there but ...    NAN    Views 1607
+4    Everything what you should know, see and do in Trento Trento App is a unique application for the city of Trento and its museums. Between manifestations and exhibitions Trento App provides special trips in the city centre for lovers of culture ...    8 MB    Views 769

Cities AR

0    Ever stood on top of a mountain and wondered what city you saw at the horizon? Now you can answer this question easily with your iPhone – and Cities AR. Simply look through your iPhone’s camera and have the cities ...    4 MB    Views 680

Tomstrails GPS Pro

-1    Provides a clear and concise display of your position in map coordinates used widely around the world. GRID FORMATS • British Grid, used by Ordnance Survey in Great Britain. • Irish Grid, used by Ordnance Survey in Ireland. • MGRS (Military Grid Reference System) • ...    850 kb    Views 2315

Naples iMetro

+19    Naples Metro ========= This app is for people who visit Naples and want to use subway railway for travel. With this program You can easily find stations. The app calculates the distances of each station from Your current position and shows them ...    4 MB    Views 6994

Flash Spanish

card spanish cards translation phrases flash move choose phrase position
+26    Flash Spanish is a simple, easy to use Flashcard App for learning 50 essential phrases every traveler to Latin America may need. Features 50 essential phrases in Latin American Spanish and English with a phonetic pronunciation of the Spanish phrase. Touch the card ...    437 kb    Views 3286

Here I am

0    Here I am is a universal app for iPhone, iPod and iPad to let you find your coordinates using builtin GPS. Once your position is detected, you can: Displayed on Google Maps Share by email Post them on your Facebook wall ...    1 MB    Views 490
search time travel photos vintage geo based community position
0    V like Vintage Time Travel loads images from the historical photo community based on Your current geo position. You stand in front of the Louvre in Paris and like to know how it looks like 30 years ago? In ...    228 kb    Views 3885


iphone search people audio detect interesting guides position
+6    Woices for iPhone makes it easy to access WOICES FREE AUDIOGUIDES SERVICES. Woices is a FREE service for creating, sharing and listening to audioguides made by people for the people. Nobody knows better this place you are going to than ...    2 MB    Views 7965


find position user users part degrees
-3    findMe can send your position automatically by email. The message has two parts: One part customizable by the user ("settings"). Another part filled by findMe which determines the position of the user at the time of transmission: geographical coordinates in two formats ...    141 kb    Views 5393

My Car Finder

Related Apps car position vehicle finder view
+15    Car Finder FREE saves the position of your car and find it. You can also use the Maps application to be guided. features: View Executive Viewing distance Save position of the vehicle and stores it. Shows the vehicle position as an ...    12 MB    Views 6089

Location - Position

Related Apps navigation position features export location display city street
+3    location Features: Position Display the street, house number, postcode, city. Display of longitude and latitude fast update Indication of the position on the map Send the current position Unlimited saving of positions View the position in the alerts Navigation with Navigation Software Find a country, a city, a street or ...    30 MB    Views 7603


+5    Positweet allows you to tweet or mail a link to your position (or the position you select from the map) in Google Maps. Additionally it displays the street and city name of your position or selection in a head up display, ...    240 kb    Views 9982
family logbook power set position
+4    The main function of a logbook is to provide a logical framework for the recording of navigational and related information. Power Logbook is dedicated to all yachts and boats users. Easy way just two clicks You can set Your ...    10 MB    Views 8681


iphone french iradar position radar speed radars fixed
-3    Iradar: French warning fixed radars and mobile area for your iphone 3G. Iradar locates your GPS position, displays information from the radar fixed closer in real time and will notify you via a tone and visual approach too large. Iradar tells you the ...    3 MB    Views 6158

UAE Must Have

0    In this application, we aimed to collect a number of tools that most of UAE citizens and residents often use. We started with three main portals: SALIK the electronic toll collection system which is being used by thousands on daily basis. ...    851 kb    Views 3066
bike sports sailing garda visualize lake position offers places
0    Garda App is a unique application that guides you to unknown trails for your MOUNTAIN BIKE, to PORTS, CLUBS and spots for SAILING, WINDSURFING and KITESURFING in the middle of the incomparable panorama of Lake Garda Beside manifestations, tasting and exhibitions ...    8 MB    Views 7829

The Way Back

Related Apps map gps car position location find application
-5    "The Way Back" a.k.a. "Where is My Car" ("Find My Car") is an application that lets you bookmark your current GPS position, and then find a route to return to the location later. The circle around the icons indicates the ...    7 MB    Views 7072
Related Apps friends background position duration current share
+10    with lemontrack you can share your current position with your friends just press start, select the duration of your localising session and send an email your friends can watch your current position for the selected duration live on their browsers (e.g. iPhone or almost any other device ...    341 kb    Views 7362

Paris <> Lille

paris vous application lille sont elle position est cette tro
-8    Enfin une application spécialement dédiée aux habitués de la ligne ParisLille En un coup d'oeil, l'application vous dira quelles sont vos chances d'attraper le prochain train. Pour vous, elle évalue le temps de parcours entre votre position et la Gare ...    2 MB    Views 4340


bus data position mile curious due show
+16    Free version of LAfetch. LAfetch is a realtime bus display program for the Los Angeles Metro bus system. LAfetch uses live GPS bus location data. LA fetch will show all the bus within 1/2 mile of your current position as indicated ...    3 MB    Views 277


+5    Display your position and the maps in real time. You can know speed and altitude along longitude/latitude position from GPS. You can quickly compose a mail with your current location with link to the map that display, to send to any ...    48 kb    Views 2016

Donde estoy?

Related Apps location application position
+19    "Where Am I?" is a useful application. Thanks to the GMaps public information, we will indicate which district / region you are located. Many times we find it difficult to pinpoint our location indicating an intersection, than a small geographic area. ...    1 MB    Views 7757
volkswagen service accident position easily find vehicle
-7    The Volkswagen Service App reliably assists you in different situations on the road. You will be provided fast and easily with useful information around your Volkswagen. You don't find only the Volkswagen Service dealer network, the addresses and the routes there but ...    NAN    Views 7013
+5    Quickly identifies your position and get the place nearest such as ATM, Bank, Bar, Cafe, Restaurant and etc. Main functions: + Search for a place, address, city or anything that’s nearby you. + Showing directions on how to reach your destination on Google ...    2 MB    Views 1482
Related Apps les votre bus pour nous position
+4 utilise la fonction GPS de votre navigateur pour repérer votre position. Une fois votre position acquise, nous cherchons les 5 stations de bus ou de tram les plus proches de vous. Pour chaque station, nous demandons les 3 prochains ...    6 MB    Views 152

Park & Time

Related Apps time parking fast connection internet control paid ios parked position
+5    Save easy and fast your parking position even when you have no internet connection. Control your parking time when you have parked in a paid parking. Save your parking position easy and fast (even when there is no internet connection ...    390 kb    Views 8431
Related Apps apple search stores germany position services find store
0    THIS APP ONLY SHOWS STORES WITHIN GERMANY Find the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken Restaurant in Germany — no problem with this app. Position fixing with location services (e. g. GPS) or search for address, city or point of interest Search radius ...    424 kb    Views 868
Related Apps map compass find city position
+3    This app takes you where other navigation Apps can't This is the "must have" tool to locate yourself easily whether it be in a town/ city, whilst out hiking, on a boat... Always know where you are, and where you are ...    67 MB    Views 5238

My Position HD

position bearing target
+25    Quickly see where and how high you are on earth and how fast. If you define a target you can see how far you still have to go and in which direction. It uses the a constant angle on a ...    596 kb    Views 5185


-7    Soon version 1.1 with iOS 3.x compatibility... Send via SMS or email your position Find Me Now is a geolocalization utility intended for cross platform sharing of your GPS position. Coordinates are sent as an internet map link compatible with all smartphones ...    830 kb    Views 1661

iLOC - OSM Copilot

Related Apps map maps main position choose functions speed riding
+1    iLOC iPhone Little OpenStreetMap Copilot is an app to assist you while driving, riding or walking. One of the main features are the possibility to easy post your position on Facebook. Though your friend and family know where you are. ...    3 MB    Views 2708


photos trip position boat pdf log logbook
-9    SailBook simplifies all around your Logbook With SailBook you can document your sailing trips in a simple, quick and innovative way. Your cruises are always accurate and documented in a perfect way. All inputs are made using special gauges and controls and ...    14 MB    Views 4507
dog photos parks denmark overview park comment position
+21    With the official "Dog Parks in Denmark" app from Vi ELSKER Hunde (We LOVE Dogs) we give you an overview of Dog Parks and other dog friendly areas in Denmark. The dog parks are sorted by region and distance from your ...    27 MB    Views 407


-5    Never get lost again Let TakeMeBack guide you back to any place on Earth with a tap of your finger. It's amazingly simple, just: 1. Tap "Store Location" 2. Run off to anywhere 3. Tap "Take Me Back" TakeMeBack can either provide you with driving ...    146 kb    Views 3830

Altitude App

gps altimeter altitude device switch position current
-1    This altimeter delivers the altitude of your current position either from the device (GPS) or from the ASTER digital elevation model (with a horizontal accuracy of 30m). Depending on your current position and your device one of the two methods is ...    22 MB    Views 6962

Altimeter Digital

altimeter web gps height service feet backgrounds position meters
+10    Altimeter is a simple altimeter. The data comes from the gps of the phone. Units: meters, feet. The height can also be determined via a web service. The altimeter can also be adjusted to any value you want. The position can be displayed on ...    24 MB    Views 3324
Related Apps gps position britain ireland grid reference great
+15    GPSGB provides a fast and highly accurate way to locate your position on an Ordnance Survey map, both in Great Britain and Ireland. ∙ No need for a mobile phone signal GPSGB will work in the most remote locations. ∙ GPSOS ...    669 kb    Views 6655
Related Apps maps member members sponsors information contact position tap
+7    The AGLCA Directory app provides the ability to search the member database to quickly find information bout members and sponsors. Enter a name, a city, a zip code, a boat name, etc and get back a list of members who ...    5 MB    Views 323


position address current
0    MyPos locate your current Position and geocode the Position in a valid Address. You can easy send your current Position and Address incl. Map link to anybody.    2 MB    Views 4991


search parking space spaces distance address position information real
+10    Find the nearest disabled parking spaces from where you are or from the place you chose. NOTE: If you think Parkible should be available on new areas, let us know (Local PublicAdministration support needed) Features: Search of parking spaces with the current ...    3 MB    Views 2001
compass magnetic position hand bearing
-2    Use your iPhone/iPod/iPad on its edge, as a Hand Bearing Compass. Press the screen to take a sight. After 3 sights, go to the chart table The Magnetic variation is calculated, depending of your position, using the WMM algorithm and data. Notes : To ...    2 MB    Views 3714

Bring Me Home

Related Apps home gps button return location position press find bring
-7    This is the world's simplest GPS and it’s made for all of us who like the functions, but not the hassle, of new technology Press a button to indicate the point you want to return to, go about your business, and ...    4 MB    Views 5036

Back to my car!

Related Apps car map position parked
+27    FREE VERSION With “back to my car” you can easily save the gps position of the place you parked to find it afterward. You can drag the placeholder of where you parked on the map to adjust location. The app guides you to ...    6 MB    Views 8510
request taxi position requests quickly user moving spain
+11    Click4Taxi is an application allowing you to request a taxi from your mobile telephone in a quick, easy and free way. Where can I use Click4Taxi? At the present moment the service is working in Lisbon (Portugal), Oviedo (Asturias Spain), Siero ...    3 MB    Views 5646

Talking Trails

gps hiking coordinates position network
+20    This APP is intended for all lovers of mountain hiking. And precisely for all those who do not see hiking as an athletic or sporting feat, but also as an opportunity for learning more about the history and culture. It's so ...    51 MB    Views 408

Altitude Gear

altitude current position support data checking pressure gear
-8    Altitude Gear is an application for you to check your current altitude and altitude in other regions; it is an indispensable tool for your outdoor activities. When the software starts, it will automatically scan the altitude of your current position and ...    1 MB    Views 1876


wifi gps application mobile attractions position
-7    GPS / besoin du wifi ou 3G visiteMontreal mobile est une application qui permet à son utilisateur de se guider à travers les attractions de Montréal tout en étant averti par un affichage visuel et sonore selon sa position géographique. 3G ...    2 MB    Views 7488
Related Apps car gps position parked remember
+4    Tired of searching where you have parked your car? remember the GPS position of your car, hotel or any other location (with GPS) show your current position and your car position on the map (+ path) your car easily. Never again ...    1 MB    Views 6360

Back to my car PRO

Related Apps car map parked position
+10    ADFREE VERSION + APPLE WATCH SUPPORT With “back to my car” you can easily save the gps position of the place you parked to find it afterward. You can drag the placeholder of where you parked on the map to adjust location. The ...    4 MB    Views 1795


program compass shown fixed data position button displayed direction
+5    The program gtCompass enables you to use your iPhone as an amplitude compass. When starting the program, the current positioning data will be shown as numbers on your screen. In addition to the position, the following data is displayed: + Direction (CoG) + ...    2 MB    Views 6306
blog http view position
+30    ■主な機能 ・「早帰り」電車オフライン時刻表 は「早帰り」のシンプルバージョンです。 ・必要な電車駅の時刻表データを予めスマートフォンにダウンロードしておけば、オフラインでも活躍します。 ・時刻表データは有料バージョンと同じ日本全国の鉄道駅は利用可能です。 ■使い方 ■車両アイコンを設定する方法 ■時刻表の強調表示(フィルター) ■開発者について ・メードイン「勝@工作室」でのアプリをご愛用頂き、ありがとうございます。「早帰り」シリーズの一つとして、より高い顧客満足度を得れるように頑張ります。 ・乗換ルートの所要時間&乗換駅での待ち時間を計算する機能などもご希望の方は「早帰り」フルバージョンをご利用ください。 ・アプリに関するご意見、ご要望、バグレポートなどがありましたら、( )Twitter、またはメールで ( )ご連絡頂ければ幸いです。    7 MB    Views 5798


Related Apps gps routes stop position public transport
+14    With the RET app, you can plan your public transport trip in a very easy way. Not only on our own routes in Rotterdam, but also on routes of other public transport operators in the Netherlands. Your point of departure ...    NAN    Views 2623

Fari e Fanali

map shows lighthouses list application position italian
-6    Lights and Lanterns (in Italian Fari e Fanali) is an application that allows you to locate lighthouses of the Italian coast, Croatian, Montenegrin, Albanian, Greek and French Riviera. The map view shows all the lighthouses that are located within two degrees ...    1 MB    Views 6313
calculator apple distance lightning position feet calculation meters watch
+7    "Lightning Distance Calculator" calculates the distance between the position of lightning and Your position. Pressing the button "Lightning" when you see the lightning and “Thunder” when you hear the thunder, the application will automatically calculate the distance in meters and feet. Useful ...    8 MB    Views 1275
track location spots zoom position view open finder
-4    Track My Spots Is A Free Location Finder Open the app on your iPhone or iPod touch and immediately see your position on the map. Save the location for future reference or to track areas you are not familiar ...    5 MB    Views 9971


bus data position mile show curious due
+13    LAFetch is a realtime bus display program for the Los Angeles Metro bus system. LAfetch uses live GPS bus location data. LA fetch will show all the bus within 1/2 mile of your current position as indicated by your iPhone/iPad. LAfetch ...    2 MB    Views 5173
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