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+13    Want to find out what's on in the City? Your search starts here search, save, and share Find out what's on in Toronto, now and coming up. Updated regularly, you'll have a complete overview of the best shows, films, children's ...    5 MB    Views 7296

Discovery Scan

0    Discovery Scan is a fun, innovative and easy to use app that will change the way visitors interact with exhibitions and attractions across the globe The app was developed out of the desire to ‘know more’ and with the aim ...    2 MB    Views 7956


0    Primecard is the easiest way to save up to 50% on dining throughout South Florida & the New York Metro area. The Primecard iOS app delivers all the participating restaurants, so you can quickly find both the destination and the ...    15 MB    Views 6008


+29    This app is trying to track yourself and your friends where they have been, where they are going real timely, save history to local and server(need internet), either you open the app or not, with internet or not. 1. If you ...    8 MB    Views 6597
+14    "Defend the crazy radish town " is coming again The bunny in the field became the king of destruction.The magic bunny was up to mischief.The cross tombstone went to the battle. New achievements board, lovely radish elfin, infinite steps 38888 gold ...    21 MB    Views 7272

TZ Car Locator

+6    You'll never lose your car again. Tz Car Locator help you to find your car. Save your location when you park and TZ Car Locator will help you find your car. TZ Car Locator is the ultimate application that uses the ...    17 MB    Views 8233

Go Austria Card

0    Save loads of money with the Go Austria Card If you’re interested in saving real cash across beautiful Tirol and Salzburg, the Go Austria Card is definitely a must have for you and your family. The Go Austria Card is basically ...    28 MB    Views 3975
-6    "Europe Travel Guide part I Preparation of Travel" is a book introducing how to prepare the travel to Europe by your own and how to travel in an economic way. Travel preparation is very important. As most travel expanses are ...    11 MB    Views 2108


photos facebook 2011 save share iphone4
+17    已經推出全新軟體"Photo and Map 地圖卡片EX",更多更實用的新功能 Pick or take photos and Share. That's it Simple and easy Language support: English, 中文(繁簡), 日本語. Lifestyle New & Noteworthy ,May/27/2011 Taiwan 選擇你的照片或拍照成為地圖卡片再分享到Facebook,輕鬆容易 写真や地図と共有好きな場所. Locate your current position. Share favorite location with photos on Facebook and Email . Save coordinate with address and photos. Save ...    11 MB    Views 9189


+4    Do you like traveling? Make your own guide with IvBeenThere. Log your travels with location in map, photos and memos. Share your log with your friends and neighbor just say Have you been there? No?? Take my log, this will help you go there.. save location ...    2 MB    Views 6312
ski search property properties save favorite springs view
+6    Finding the perfect mountain property around picturesque Steamboat Springs, CO has never been easier. Save customized searches and favorite properties, view listings near your current GPS location, or search for SkiInSki Out, Luxury, Western Ranches, Waterfront, or Distressed Properties. Brought ...    2 MB    Views 9503

Taxi to Share

home taxi share save lot
-5    Taxi To Share...Save money, Make new friends & Save the environment With the use of Taxi To Share, taxi fares become up to 75% more affordable. Going out & getting home just became a whole lot cheaper... Taxi To Share has been ...    21 MB    Views 9366
notes save location note
+2    Did you spot a new coffee shop while on the bus? Or found a great place for a photoshoot that you need to save for later? NoteSpot is a notes app that saves the location of every note you take, as soon ...    6 MB    Views 8953

Marion County CVB

Related Apps shopping marion county events dining save find
+5    Marion County in the palm of you hand Brought to you by the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Marion County WV. Explore historic sites and indulge in unique shopping and dining experiences with up to date listings: Lodging Dining Shopping Upcoming Events ...    23 MB    Views 9825

Gemma GPS

Related Apps gps save lost battery
+7    Don't get lost A digital compass built to save battery power for people who enjoy traveling outdoors and featuring a night vision mode, Gemma GPS is an easy tool to save a location and guide you toward it. With one ...    1 MB    Views 1553


location save favorite spot places
+1    ScoutAtlas is a location finder app. This app helps you save your location, keep a list of your favorite places, and share these coordinates with your friends. You could save the location of your parking spot as you exit the ...    4 MB    Views 4433

Outdoor Positioning

poi save outdoor track show gpx
-5    Import and export your .gpx files through iTunes. Orientation during offroad outdoor activities. Track the .gpx route followed and show it at the end of the journey. Place POI everywhere you want and save it with own name and own data, the app ...    7 MB    Views 4463
maps zen beautiful favorite location places pins locations save
-9    Zen Maps is a beautiful and simple way to save the locations and places that matter to you. The app allows you to create pins of your favorite spots and save them to the location. Pins can have photos and ...    10 MB    Views 5525
0    An easy use app to save the favorite places you have been and associate a picture you take there within app or select from photos albums in your device, as well you can share places with your friends. The app ...    289 kb    Views 6806


local benefits great save
+15    There are great benefits to the Splurge way of life Whether you live locally or are enjoying a holiday in the Great Yarmouth area Splurge Card will save you money and provide you with some fantastic places to go to. Spend, ...    NAN    Views 8398
Related Apps places place store location save
+15    Through "easyReturn", you can save all the places you want on a map and create a route from your location in order to return to them easily. You can also store images and notes of each place. For example, you can ...    12 MB    Views 6631
earth enemies alien crazy game save
-9    Prevent Alien Invasion and be a Space Hero Crazy Earth is about to be attacked by enemies and our alien friend are the ones who can save it Kill all enemies before your UFO crashes the earth Just shoot and ...    19 MB    Views 7825


car map parked parking save position
+12    Do not remember where you’ve parked your car? Or you do not know where your son parked or maybe the car was taken from your wife? And where’s the bike? I took it since two weeks, but with this beautiful day would ...    27 MB    Views 76

SAVE in San Antonio

save deals great find san antonio
+8    Get up to 1,800 in discounts from the San Antonio Vacation Experience (SAVE). You’ll find great deals on some of our most popular hotels, restaurants and attractions, including museums, theme parks, shopping and sightseeing. And with this app, you can ...    12 MB    Views 2066

Gresham Hotel

+9    The Gresham Hotel is the first hotel in Ireland to launch a superhigh quality guide to Dublin city for guests. It's free and works offline, so no roaming data required. The Gresham Hotel app uses your location to show you the ...    28 MB    Views 2412
hiking vacation save version background paths entries
+5    tourLog is a hiking vacation diary. It records your hiking paths and replays the paths, also showing the photos you have taken during your tour. tourLog runs in the background. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease ...    10 MB    Views 2484


Related Apps location save
0    Whether you're an amateur photographer learning the trade or a professional hunting for your next great shot, finding the right location can make a huge difference to the quality of your photos. PhotoScout lets you save locations as you stumble across ...    1 MB    Views 1928

GeoCard FREE

0    Pick or take photos and Share. That's it Simple and easy Language support: English, 中文(繁簡), 日本語. 選擇你的照片或拍照成為地圖卡片再分享到Facebook,輕鬆容易 写真や地図と共有好きな場所. Locate your current position. Share favorite location with photos on Facebook and Email . Save coordinate with address and photos. Save "Retina display quality" images.(iPhone4) 使用GPS定位你所在位置。 使用地圖卡片輕鬆分享你的相片集及喜愛的地點。 將地圖卡片上傳到Facebook、Email或存到你的iPhone。 自動顯示地址及座標。 支援視網膜螢幕畫質(iPhone4)。 存檔品質佳,地圖、照片畫質清晰。 沒有複雜的設定及操作,簡單易用 使用地圖卡片記錄及分享歡樂時光    11 MB    Views 8848

Bait App

time save fly
-9    Bait was built with the fisherman's life style in mind. More time on the road means less time on the water, and we want to get you there quicker. If you've found a new honey hole, all you need to ...    4 MB    Views 134

Bici Las Condes

routes las friends location save check
+4    To enjoy with just a click of your mobile, with bike Las Condes you will be able to: Save your favorite bikestations Check user registration Contact service center Know the bikestations locations Check bikestations and bicycles available Create travel routes ...    16 MB    Views 7277

Bites Log

friends log save
+3    Save your favorite eateries and share them with friends Bites Log allows you to search and save eateries from around the world to your phone, and then send them to friends, coworkers, and anyone who might want a great bite ...    6 MB    Views 7334


web save offline utility
+12    A web reader utility that can save web pages into PDF files for offline reading. Everything on the web page will be saved, including images, texts, and links etc. This utility is a perfect tool when you want to save a ...    173 kb    Views 1422
Related Apps chinese search tag favorite names save english colors
+4    This app will tell you what's your Chinese name is. You can search the name database to find out, and then save it as your favorite. You can display it as a name tag to tell everybody your Chinese name ...    508 kb    Views 5021
calculator culture profiles country phrases key articles save
+6    Now you can take CultureWizard with you. If your company has a CultureWizard site, you can use this app to login and save the Country Profiles Articles to your device, as well as take and save your Culture Calculator. Then ...    30 MB    Views 3809
save places 2015 place
-2    My bookmar Place new in 2015 This application is the storage, mark the places you went to. You can also save the location where you would come to perform in future trips. Simple, easy to use, however it is the ...    2 MB    Views 454

Your Translator

language time translator translate world save sentence languages
+4    YOUR LANGUAGE TRANSLATOR Now you don't need to learn different country languages......... Your Translator is the app which will help you any time & any where in the world by translating any language in the world into your own native language. Just enter ...    4 MB    Views 621
location locations precise share save worldwide
-1    HereGPS is a simple to use location tool to help you share and save locations that don't work with traditional addresses. Tell someone your current location. Meet up at a precise location at a park. Remember your precise parking spot. ...    14 MB    Views 4599
-2    Park in Barcelona and Madrid for 2 cents and save 50% on your parking. 25,000 drivers park their car faster and cheaper and no longer pay expensive parking or blue zone. Try it for free with 5 free hours with ...    6 MB    Views 8924


Related Apps car find save location
-7    When you park your car in the big parking, this app can help to find your car. When you disconnected the charging USB cable, this app save your location automatically. And find your disconnected location by map. This app can save 3 latest ...    1 MB    Views 9056


transportation connection points save diesel trucks www
-1    NomadPower is the international service for the supply of electricity to temperaturesensitive road transport. You can find NomadPower electricity connection points along the major European transportation routes. Truck and transportation companies can easily activate these connection points by using this app, or ...    4 MB    Views 8821


cards card traveling credit includes save compare
+22    Your companion for spending abroad. A set of tools that help you save money while traveling. Tool 1: TrueCost Get the actual cost of using your credit cards abroad Includes exchange rate predictions and foreign transactions fees per card 196 countries and ...    9 MB    Views 5762


application destination choice give save
+19    Are you travelling or on a business trip? And you want to get more info on all the things you can do at your destination? Our application will help you with it. Application “Minicards” will not only give you lots of ...    2 MB    Views 5410

Places Locator

places find event location easily locator save
+8    Places Locator lets you save your current location so you can easily find them on your phone or Apple Watch later. For example, go to an event and save your location when you park so you can easily find your ...    457 kb    Views 3986


gps speedometer gear save
+30    ALLOWS YOU TO SAVE UP TO 40% OF FUEL PLANET FRIENDLY APPLICATION. FREE EcoSpeed is a speedometer that uses your gear box settings and GPS data to help you drive more efficiently and save money and presents you useful information while ...    701 kb    Views 915
Related Apps places favorite save
-2    Save your favorite places Keep your essential points hamdy and / or share them with whoever you want. Do you like a restaurant, hotel, leisure and want to remember / recommend it? With MyPlaces you can organize and store those places and ...    11 MB    Views 8635


Related Apps search trips trip sights save place helps
-2    Scenica helps you discover all that's beautiful and inspiring around you. Simply swipe to instantly explore dramatic local sights, from towering mountains to historic buildings. If there's a place you love, save it to a trip. Create the ultimate dream ...    4 MB    Views 1829

Caribbean HotSpots

caribbean save list cruise events hotspots
+2    Caribbean HotSpots link you up with the Coolest Spots in the Caribbean On the Moment On the Island. Adventure with Us and Take App for Free SPECIAL FEATURES Make your Bucket list Beach of the Week Weather Forecast Currency Exchange Rate Caribbean Map. ...    15 MB    Views 2301


providers road save service pay
+8    CKure is a free app that allows any stranded motorist to get help when they need it most. With a single tap, Ckure instantly connects stranded motorists with multiple service providers who are closest, and ready to help. If you are ...    15 MB    Views 5050
position export features street city find save
+30    quick display of GPS coordinates features position Street, house number, postcode, city Latitude, longitude Date and Time accuracy Position on the map Save position Send Position export VCard Export CSV export Wifi Import and Export features Search Find a country, a city, a ...    29 MB    Views 5769

Destination Bali

Related Apps save destination bali articles notifications categories images share push
-2    rom the pounding surf to the fragant frangipani, the serene paddy fields and the enchanting temples, the bitesize destination of Bali means different things to different people. If you’re planning a trip to Bali, make us your number one destination. Read & ...    7 MB    Views 1240

Cool Czech Guide

czech places tips guide republic plan save
+10    Do you like travelling? Download the COOLest guide for the Czech Republic. Choose from hundreds of interesting places, save the tips, plan your itinerary and set off to discover the Czech Republic Experience the Czech Republic as if you were born ...    13 MB    Views 7050


driving car money rewards journeys gold save
-1    Say hello to Rewardrive, the app that makes driving more rewarding. Rewardrive gives you access to great moneysaving offers and rewards from the brands you know and love. Use Rewardrive to help reduce the cost of motoring all year round, and ...    10 MB    Views 1276


money taxi save manchester book compare fare
+18    JusTaxi is Manchester's taxi fare comparison app. Use the app and save up to 35% off a taxi fare in and around Manchester. Simply download the app. Compare the taxi prices. Book your taxi and start saving money. You even get an extra £5 off ...    20 MB    Views 9565
Related Apps places favorite save
-6    This app doesn't have ads Save your favorite places Keep your essential points hamdy and / or share them with whoever you want. Do you like a restaurant, hotel, leisure and want to remember / recommend it? With MyPlaces you can ...    9 MB    Views 3131

GL Diving

diving dives log save important information dive beautiful
+4    A beautiful and simple app to log dives GL Diving With GL Diving you can log all your dives in one single place. GL Diving focuses on the most important information and organizes them in a beautiful and easy to use app. Features: ...    13 MB    Views 9730


gps car save stop tracks free
+9    MERA.DVR is a free InCar Camera system embedded into your iPhone or iPad device; it continuously records what you see through your car's windshield during your journeys. Cyclically record your journey or save it permanently. Just tap on the screen ...    4 MB    Views 4064


money car easy good save
-5    Easy driving means easy money The TootTootClub rewards you for freewheeling with your car. Just take your foot off the gas, switch to neutral and let your car roll out. You're freewheeling now You can do it when you drive ...    6 MB    Views 2446
Related Apps locations save find share friends location shake
+5    Invitu makes it easy for you to save your locations on the map. You can also share your location with your friends. Find your car in the big parking lot. Tell your friend where to pick you up. Or find the way ...    5 MB    Views 1239


0    7 Lunches shows you daily specials near you right when you want to eat. With 7 Lunches you can save money, save time and discover great restaurants while traveling or even in your own home town.    706 kb    Views 9367
money petrol amount simple save
+2    Tired of feeling taken advantage of by petrol companies? Discover a simple hassle free way to save money on petrol and feel the power swing back. Servomate fits into your daily routine with ease. It's as simple as checking Servomate when you ...    NAN    Views 517
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