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+17    Walking ghost tour of Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville: Honkytonk capital of the world, or a respite for restless spirits? Both Come explore the dark, ghostly side of Nashville with us. Civil war heroes mingle with country music legends; tales of southern belles from ...    97 MB    Views 2052
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+20    New York City ghost tour New York City is famous for its amazing skyline, topnotch theater and dining, great ethnic communities and.... ghosts. Yes, ghosts. From Edgar Allan Poe to Harry Houdini, a haunted NYU dorm to a mass burial ground, ...    111 MB    Views 1151

GyeongjuCity Tour

sites historical
+12    Gyeongju was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla (57 BC – 935 AD) which ruled most of the Korean Peninsula between the 7th and 9th centuries. A vast number of archaeological sites and cultural properties from this period ...    3 MB    Views 7908
+14    The Northern Rockies Ecotour App is a free iPhone/ iPad based travellers’ guide to the Northern Rockies region of Alberta, presenting the region’s rich First Nations history, exploits of early furtraders, artists, missionaries, tourists and scientists and the ongoing interplay ...    54 MB    Views 4595
tour photos key west town haunted tours sites
-3    Key West Ghost Tour. This laidback beach town will surprise you with its dark, sinister charm. Infanticide, suicide, and necrophilia are all part of Key West's tragic past. Was Carl Tanzler a hopeless romantic, or was he a raving lunatic? ...    84 MB    Views 7924
+9    This application has a list of useful phones and sites in Sao Paulo City. Pretty simple to use. Just select and click. Has settings to add prefix to called number New phones and sites can be add. just send an email to Thanks Rogerio    307 kb    Views 7132

Historic Sites

+16    NOW WITH CUSTOMIZABLE LOCATION Also, updated for iPhone 3.0 OS (still works with 2.x) "Historic Sites" gives you instant information about Historic Sites, districts, and landmarks near you. Using your device's GPS and the database from the National Registry of Historic Places, "Historic ...    93 kb    Views 9582
war civil virginia sites places guide state
+28    This app is a tool to help create a selfguided tour of the most important Civil War sites in Virginia. By any measure Virginia is ground zero for the American Civil War. Of the 348 places listed as “principle battlefields” by ...    46 MB    Views 8836

World Heritage Map

+1    Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Discover the UNESCOlisted World Heritage Sites in the World, from the historic Machu Picchu, Peru to iconic attractions in Taj Mahal ...    24 MB    Views 1803
+29    Madeira History Guide is a new and innovative tool to help you find places of interest and mustsee sites in Funchal. Using your smartphone’s GPS system, Madeira History Guide gives you a list of nearby places, such as museums, monuments, churches, ...    37 MB    Views 7436


+1    Looking for a powerful, but simple to use radar app? U.S. NEXRAD RADAR provides current radar images for more than 150 NEXRAD radar sites throughout the United States. In addition to the basic radar “reflectivity” images (typically seen on most weather ...    743 kb    Views 8153

Gap Filler Map

0    Welcome to the Gap App Woo Now you can find Gap Filler projects all around Christchurch. ? See all the Gap Filler sites on a map of Christchurch ? Learn about Gap Filler projects ? See photos of the projects ? Share projects with ...    2 MB    Views 788
sites locator
-4    iFlyers is a Universal (iPad/iPhone) app designed to make it easy to find CFN cardlock fueling locations, as well as Flyers sites. Features include a locator that shows all CFN sites within a 10 mile radius of the user's current ...    27 kb    Views 8843

Story of Where

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+5    Story of Where is a fun and social way to explore and discover the rich natural and cultural history of our amazing blue planet. Story of Where includes nearly 100,000 sites including National Register of Historic Places, National Historic Landmarks, National ...    5 MB    Views 1539

Australian Outback

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+11    Free DL for limited period only  Australian Outback is a travel guide application with rich contents in terms of photos and information about world of Australian outback. MAIN SITES ・Broome ・Mataranka ・Devil Marbles ・Cooper Pedy ・Derby ・Fitzroy Crossing ・Kununurra ・Wyndham KEY FEATURES Photo Slide Show 8 slide shows with ...    32 MB    Views 1377

Birding Utah

birding sites find turn bird utah
-3    Developed in partnership with Wasatch Audubon Society and Great Salt Lake Audubon, “Birding Utah” brings you over 150 excellent areas for birdwatching throughout this beautiful state, all vetted by local experts. • Use GPS to find birding "sites near me." • Plan ...    26 MB    Views 2548

Istrian Cities

hill sites nel del
-1    Considerato che sono sorti su un sostrato di dimore preistoriche e castellieri, tutti i nuclei storici delle citta situate nell’entroterra istriano evidenziano una presenza umana costante nel tempo. D’altronde questo fatto deriva dalle necessita di uno stanziamento stabile, per cui ...    127 MB    Views 440
war tour civil heritage sites descriptions approach
-9    The Wheeling Civil War Tour represents a new approach to the ‘walking tour’ and is a must for all iPhone users visiting the city. Easy to use and jampacked with historical content the Wheeling Civil War Tour allows visitors and residents to ...    4 MB    Views 4855

Visit Mechelen

-2    Step into the magnificent past of the city of Mechelen. With over 300 listed buildings and five UNESCO World Heritage sites the former capital of the Burgundian Netherlands is like a large storehouse of treasures. This app contains the best ...    38 MB    Views 7829

Nature Near Me

nature places great share sites
+2    Nature Near Me has been created by the NSW Government to help you explore and share NSW’s unique and wonderful nature places. Use the map to view different types of nature places like old growth forest, rainforest, woodlands, grasslands, great spots ...    148 MB    Views 5181
nebraska authors literary sites
+3    Explore the sites that inspired Nebraska authors: their former homes, schools and other places. Sites link to your map app to help you navigate Nebraska's highways and country roads, Literary excerpts included for each location. Presented by Humanities Nebraska and The ...    16 MB    Views 7587
paris web sites landmarks hunt scavenger
+4    Paris Scavenger Hunt is an app to find all the best sites to visit in Paris. It includes over twenty sites in Paris with information about landmarks, interesting tasks to complete, and links to web sites like Wikipedia where you ...    23 MB    Views 4027

Via Flaminia

ancient roman sites dedicated
+8    The app, dedicated to the Antica Via Flaminia [Ancient Via Flaminia], is a valuable tool to discover the archeological areas located along the course of the ancient Via Flaminia, within the regional Umbrian territory. Along the tract crossing the municipalities ...    32 MB    Views 9182

Armenian Navigator

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+15    Armenian Navigator is the map for the Armenian world. It provides information on monuments, museums, parks, restaurants, shops, and other Armenianrelated attractions. Each location provides a description, information, and photographs. Features: Ability to find local attractions on the map. Ability to search for ...    6 MB    Views 6584


+11    HistoryPointer is your portable copy of the US National Register of Historic Places, over 100,000 sites, buildings, battlefields, vessels, and historic districts of significance in the United States and territories. Find the sites near you or along your next road trip. ...    62 MB    Views 5470
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+6    Find Underground Railroad sites and related places in your area or on your travels. Up to 500 places can be displayed on the map at the same time making it very easy to find Underground Railroad sites in any city, ...    1 MB    Views 451

Vatican City/Italy

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-3    This app is your guide to the most important historical sites in Vatican City, such as the Vatican Museum and Saint Peter's Basilica. Users of this app enjoy: ・ Viewing beautiful photos and reading descriptive text ・ Discovering historic sites from using ...    27 MB    Views 5861
+10    The Historic House Consortium of Metropolitan Washington D.C. app offers a look into the diverse collection of over 40 sites open to the public as museums and historic attractions in our nation's capital and surrounding suburbs. From taverns to presidential ...    14 MB    Views 6276

CA Haps

sites parks events includes
+3    Twenty of California's popular tourist sites, listed with descriptions and helpful links including addresses, taptocall phones where appropriate. The sites includes national parks, theme parks, and historical attractions; a photo gallery of the same sites is available as well as ...    29 MB    Views 8787
tour art map sites site access share public
+3    Whether you are strolling through Capitola Village or driving through the commercial district, there are many delightful pieces of public art and sites rich with history to take in. Plan a tour, or just browse the map to find out ...    21 MB    Views 5314


travel sites options consumers
+19    BookingWiz is the iPhone app brought to you by With BookingWiz, you can easily search the best travel sites for flights, hotels and car rentals in every country in the world. Our team of experts analyze the various travel sites ...    3 MB    Views 7372

Camping Life

camping sites campers
-2    This app is camper's best companion. The app show all the camping sites in the United States. Campers can easily locate a campsite and find out the phone number, direction, and services that is offered such as dump station, electricity, ...    29 MB    Views 896
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+2    With the Guide ID Podcatcher Audio Guide App you are able to take audio tours in various types of heritage sites like museums, galleries, castles and gardens, by using your own iPhone/iPod Touch. By using the App you use your ...    7 MB    Views 1882


sites provide oman
+11    Murshid is one of entrupedia initiatives in Oman aiming to provide a valuable knowledge related to the main tourism sites of Oman and acts like a guide to local as well as international visitors coming from abroad. Whatever you see ...    NAN    Views 861
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+2    Experience the majesty of the historic English Heritage Sites right from your iPhone and iPad View informative videos from Youtube for every major attraction Browse all sites on an interactive map View sites by category and type    15 MB    Views 7079

Ypres Guide

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+9    A concise guide to the four Ypres battles from 1914 to 1918. Lines of battle are shown and over 50 sites of interest from memorials to museums via war cemeteries are precisely located, described and pictured. These sites may be ...    30 MB    Views 847
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+3    TripBucket brings you an interactive guide to all the things to do around Iceland. The App is a fun and easy way to Plan, Do and Share those "MustDo" experiences that you dream about. Check off activities and sites you ...    29 MB    Views 8732

Heritage Sites

+3    Shows you the closest heritage sites to your position, worldwide. You will not miss to visit your heritage site again while traveling to unfamiliar locations. This App includes the worldwide positions in one Application (over 600 Positions)    2 MB    Views 9325


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-3    Best hotels prices. Compare thousands of travel sites and save up to 80% Find the best deals from all the major hotel & booking sites. Best Price Guaranteed easily find the best price and availability from all major travel websites at ...    31 MB    Views 6700
berlin sites 1933 1945 material jewish life
0    Sites of Jewish Life in Berlin 19331945: Persecution and SelfAssertion. This app offers informations on sites of Jewish life in Berlin between 1933 and 1945. It is accompanied by a web site: Sites and tours can be found in the town ...    221 MB    Views 2917

Tunisia Guide

Related Apps tunisia pictures sites application guide add
+17    Tunisia guide will give you an idea of the best archaeological sites and beaches in Tunisia. If you are Tunisian please add new pictures for the sites that are still not extensively photographed, and then add a caption for these pictures. This ...    4 MB    Views 2967
tracker application monument sites simple hand monuments historical
+23    Brest Monument Tracker: go hunting for monuments and historical sites Look no further, the application Monument Tracker puts technology at the service of Culture and History. The principle is simple: the application locates nearby points of interest and provides relevant information ...    15 MB    Views 3521


virtual information locations sites
-4    TECHCOOLTOUR mobile app offers unique range of multimedia informations about Roman and Byzantine cultural heritage sites. Users may find information on archeological locations layered over the camera live view and access additional information such as images, stories and routes to ...    238 MB    Views 7297

iAustria Kultur

travel personal guide austria sites version experiences
-1    is your personal guide to extraordinary travel experiences in one of the world’s most exciting countries. Find one of a kind suggestions and ideas for discovery and exploration beyond the ordinary. Our slider system allows you to get travel information based ...    6 MB    Views 2499


route sites find guide unesco application
+6    The application will guide you along a route joining the four wooden churches in Małopolska, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Gripping accompanying texts, photos and video materials will help you discover the gems of architecture in Dębno ...    14 MB    Views 5266
attractions tourist sites tourism find offline
+1    Know about various beautiful tourist places in allahabad. Allahabad has very rich and dynamic culture that attracts every traveler. Allahabad Tourism provides the users a better experience of accessing tourism info. Allahabad Tourist Attractions is designed to use on offline, its ...    8 MB    Views 7479

Attractions Ireland

ireland attractions sites west county castle include visited popular
+25    There are three World Heritage Sites on the island: the Brú na Boinne, Skellig Michael and the Giant's Causeway. A number of other places are on the tentative list, for example the Burren, the Ceide Fields and Mount Stewart. Some of ...    9 MB    Views 4741
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-4    This high quality audio tour recognizes your vacation time is limited and focuses on the top 2025 sites and attractions of New York. With (family friendly) humor and interesting anecdotes, in 510 minutes you’ll get the scoop on each of the ...    48 MB    Views 647

Geograph IL

web school link districts state usgs sites site information layer
+7    The ultimate app for Geography/Geology amateurs and professionals." Mel Martin, Geograph IL is the edition of the popular GIS (geographic information system) covering the state of Illinois. It is a selfcontained application (no Internet or cellular access required) that contains ...    36 MB    Views 6635

TourHip! Riga guide

sites riga interesting hear tourists facts city important
+10    "TourHip" is a unique mobile app about the capital city of Latvia Riga in English, which provides tourists with interesting and exciting travelling experience on a smartphone or a tablet. "TourHip" allows its users to get to know the ...    41 MB    Views 617
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-8    WILD ABOUT KRUGER INFO APP Planning your trip to the Kruger has never been easier – whether you are a seasoned visitor or new to the great experience. The Wild about Kruger App gives you all the information you could need ...    256 MB    Views 3619
county sites
-2    Explore the outdoors, cultural sites and southern food with one amazing destination in East Alabama. Calhoun County is the natural attraction with plenty of fun, memories waiting to be made. Check out events, sites, and restaurants in and around our ...    17 MB    Views 5561


tour history sites american buildings walk walking
-6    Take a walk through Provincetown's architectural past in this historic walking tour app Few places in America can claim the rich history of Provincetown, with recorded events stretching back nearly 400 years. Provincetown is known as the birthplace of American democracy, ...    54 MB    Views 5632
sur sites
-5    Useful information through Napoleonic sites thanks to this free application. Quizz, footpath, hotels and restaurants, all the history of Boulognesurmer Napoleonic sites.    6 MB    Views 9794
history historical sites county museum locations
-6    Travel through the history of Marin County, California with access to the largest collection of Marin County historical content anywhere. Whether you're a Bay Area resident, visiting from out of town or a history buff, the Marin History Museum App ...    4 MB    Views 8146
tracker application monument palau hand sites simple monuments historical
0    Palau Monument Tracker: go hunting for monuments and historical sites Available in English, Italian & French. Look no further, the application Monument Tracker puts technology at the service of Culture and History. The principle is simple: the application locates nearby points of ...    16 MB    Views 7528
liguria heritage cultural sites application
+13    Liguria Heritage App audioguides is an application for smartphone and tablet of the project Liguria Heritage of Regione Liguria for the site intervention valuing of the Asse 4 of the POR20072013. By this application you can download the audioguides of cultural ...    15 MB    Views 4666


camping sites taiwan
+2    全台灣52個露營地點大搜查,讓你花小錢就能宿遊全台灣 媲美飯店等級的五星級營地、芬多精環抱的森林營地、垂釣戲水烤肉的親水營地、盡情迎風馳騁的單車營地、喚醒身心靈的溫泉營地,還有歡笑同樂的休閒農場營地…… 本書匯集6大類型的話題露營地點,提供全方位的戶外旅行情報,並由資深玩家針對野外生活的課題,教你如何第一次玩露營就上手。 APP功能介紹: 1. 導引式目錄,隨點隨見 2. Google地圖秀地點 3. 遊玩關鍵字一搜就到條列式的主題,如烤肉、騎單車、賞櫻花….等關鍵字,立刻出現有此關鍵字的露營地點提供您參考 新手露營教室,資深玩家教你第一次玩露營就上手 1. 定點度假、家族出遊、玩一次就上癮的露天旅行 2. 帳篷挑選原則 3. 營地挑選原則 4. 超好用──野外生活的必備器具 5. 召集人的規畫原則 6. 簡單易懂又實用的野營知識 7. 遠征海外的露營冒險──小夫妻的北海道露營紀實 6類型話題營地,花小錢就能宿遊全台灣 1. 五星級營地 2. 森林營地 3. 親水營地 4. 單車營地 5. 溫泉營地 6. 休閒農場營地 We collect 52 best camp sites in Taiwan, let you visit the beautiful landscapes all around the island in reasonable cost. In this book, ...    34 MB    Views 9037

Ziyara GPS ™

Related Apps gps sites religious mosque city
+7    'Ziyara GPS ™' is the world's leading major guide to religious, historical and tourist sites in the Holy Cities of Islam Makkah alMukarramah, the City of the Sacred Mosque, and alMadinah alMunawarrah, the City of Prophet Muhammad's Mosque. It ...    38 MB    Views 6494
saint michel mont install recommended sites users
-5    This app is your guide to the most important historical sites in Mont SaintMichel, such as the Abbey at Mont SaintMichel (a registered World Heritage Site). Users of this app enjoy: ・ Viewing beautiful photos and reading descriptive text ・ Discovering historic ...    42 MB    Views 126
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