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+5    Locate Truck Stops on your way. Truck Stop Locator map all truck stops including Loves, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Travel America (TA), AmBest and Sapp Brothers and many other independent truck stop on Map. This is a convenient tool for ...    2 MB    Views 2923

Notibus Barcelona

bus barcelona stop
0    With Notibus you can take the bus in Barcelona with no worries. Enjoy the ride, Notibus will notify you when your stop is close at the right time Select your bus, your destination bus stop and when you want to be notified: ...    4 MB    Views 7572


card stop truck locations
+29    This is the official app of the North American Truck Stop Network (NATSN). Inside our app you can find all of our members truck stop locations, addresses, driving directions with interactive maps, phone numbers and amenities they offer. Apply for the ...    7 MB    Views 9889

Chania city bus

+2    Routes, timetables and stop areas of public transport of Chania city. Information related to routes, timetables and stop areas of public transport of Chania city.    14 MB    Views 9185
+4    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of the Statue of Liberty just off the foot of Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty is the most iconic landmark in America. It represented the Promised Land to so many arriving immigrants. How the ...    22 MB    Views 4508


-4    RideTime is a realtime transit platform that utilizes GPS to give you arrival and departure information for bus, light rail, and train based transit systems. Users can pull realtime information 24 hours a day right from their handheld device by entering ...    6 MB    Views 7372


+18    Pay your parking with Parkster: Faster, easier and cheaper No service charge just pay the regular meter price Stop overpaying start and stop parking manually The app will find your parking lot through you iPhones GPS Parkster makes your life ...    3 MB    Views 250

iBus MTA Bronx

Related Apps iphone ibus mta bus stop find stops
0    iBus MTA Bronx is hands down the easiest way to track bus arrival times for the Bronx Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) iBus MTA Bronx has an elegant and easy to use interface which allows you to filter stops by direction and ...    369 kb    Views 5195


Related Apps iphone ibus mbta stop stops find bus
+30    iBus MBTA is hands down the easiest way to track bus arrival times for the Massachusetts Boston Transit Authority (MBTA) iBus MBTA has an elegant and easy to use interface which allows you to filter stops by direction and routes so ...    386 kb    Views 2624


0    Tired of wasting time in Rome's traffic? iMetroRoma is the right app for you iMetroRoma lets you to: see all the subway's stops, even offline; view information about a particular stop; calculate the shortest path to get to the closest subway ...    14 MB    Views 7047
Related Apps iphone ibus streetcar portland stop find stops bus
-7    iBus Portland Streetcar is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to track bus arrival times for the Portland Streetcar system. iBus Portland Streetcar has an elegant and easy to use interface which allows you to filter stops by direction and routes so ...    301 kb    Views 1481

Don't stop Driver

driver don stop
+1    Don't stop Driver Download and start using it.    7 MB    Views 1398

Metlink RealTime

+20    Gain instant access to RealTime Information for Wellington's Bus and Rail network. Choose up to five of your favourite stops Filter services at each stop to show only relevant trips View relevant service updates View your stop locations Add Metlink ...    16 MB    Views 2450

London Night Buses

-3    London night buses is your guide to getting home after dark in London. From about 12 to 12am onwards, the normal buses stop running, and the night buses come into action. This app will help you find the nearest night bus ...    11 MB    Views 6705

NYC - Battery Park

Related Apps tour minutes stop planet museum battery park
-8    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of Battery Park at the historic foot of Manhattan. There are old and new monuments here. All of them have tales to tell. Some will break your heart. Others might give you hope. Every ...    40 MB    Views 1926


Related Apps routes map trip bus stop find website
-8    OSU Bus lets you see when the next busses will arrive at your favorite OSU CABS bus stop It's a native iPhone client for the OSU TRIP website. Save favorites on the main view for quick access. Look at the ...    708 kb    Views 8785


+1    Over 195,000 train and bus stop locations. Translarm alarms you as you approach your destination. Perfect for the everyday commuter.You can doze off and never miss your stop again. Remember When not using the application please shut it down. Continued use ...    6 MB    Views 6316
time train stop subway mta timing auto times
-7    Best way to get your subway timing. With this app you don’t have to wait at the station for the train to come. It will tell you exactly when the train will come to your stop in real time. First select ...    2 MB    Views 408
0    YNot Stop's mission is to refuel and refresh the communities of Louisiana. We are dedicated to making your visit a convenient and enjoyable experience Download the YNot Stop app to receive great deals and find locations near you.    35 MB    Views 895

AT Public Transport

Related Apps iphone transport public auckland stop easy information
+5    AT Public Transport information on your iPhone. Auckland Transport brings to you the AT Public Transport Mobile App for your iPhone featuring Journey Planner, Real Time Board for buses in the Auckland region, and ‘Find My Stop’ functionality, making it easy ...    3 MB    Views 3066
bus schedule location pro stop transit vancouver offline
+4    Transit Pro is an offline bus stop schedule for Vancouver. The App is developed to support GTFS database and dedicates in speed, reliability and simplicity. Features: Bus Stop Location Bus Schedule (Offline) Bus Routes Nearby Bus Stops RealTime Bus Location Favorites    61 MB    Views 5194
london tracker bus live searchable stop tfl nearest
-9    Fed up of not knowing when the next bus is coming? Just missed a bus and need to know if its worth waiting for the next one? Need to know where the nearest bus stop is? If like thousands of other ...    3 MB    Views 8445

Long Haul

long stop trucker information
-9    The Synergyn Long Haul Trucking app is your one stop stop for everything a trucker could need. The Long Haul app provides drivers with the information they need for a successful trip. Highlight weight stations, special truck stop deals, and ...    20 MB    Views 1487

NUS NextBus

Related Apps time bus stop application arrival location nearest current
0    Download the NUS Next Bus application to get uptotheminute bus schedules and be informed well ahead of the next bus’ arrival time. The application also comes with detailed maps of the bus stop locations and the user’s current location within ...    20 MB    Views 1822

CDTA BusPlus

+29    BusPlus, CDTA's new limited stop service for New York's Capital Region. Consider this application your goto source for BusPlus. Full schedules for all 18 BusPlus stops. Interactive map, touch a stop and view its schedule. Frequently asked questions, what you need ...    2 MB    Views 4156
tour art church historic minutes stop museum planet
+6    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of historic St. Bartholomew's Church in New York City. This historic Episcopal Church on Park Avenue is a repository of faith and art. Designed by Bertram Goodhue Jr., the church through its art is ...    128 MB    Views 6072
Related Apps reminder places location stop based
-3    Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Places is the reminder based on your location. When you take a nap on the bus, you may miss the stop. When you visit a new city and ...    4 MB    Views 5497

Stop Here

+2    'Stop Here': uses the location of your smart device to provide push alerts to let you know when your public transport stop is approaching; can be used in addition to other announcements which may already be provided by your public ...    1007 kb    Views 923
stop minute festival making
+9    The official Stop Making Sense Festival mobile application. Minute to minute timetables for all stages with updates and notifications. Get the latest News, informations and maps with points of interest.    5 MB    Views 5069
north metro destinations stop worry battery perfect
0    Metro North Destinations is the simplest way to make sure you get that stressfree nap on the train, without having to worry about sleeping through your stop. By using advanced geolocation alogrithms, Metro North Destinations checks how far you are ...    10 MB    Views 9408

Nagasaki Bus Navi

map bus stop navi timetable
+2    The “Nagasaki Bus Navi" application is a bus timetable & a bus stop map of the Nagasaki City. This bus stop map is linked with the bus stop passage timetable. This bus stop map displays the bus stop position of a route. This ...    6 MB    Views 8401

Sudbury Bus

stop bus
+3    This app was developed for the Sudbury Transit in Sudbury, Ontario. The main purpose of this app is to tell the user how much time is left until the bus is coming at any specified stop by simply typing in ...    1 MB    Views 1102


stop bus
0    Companion App for The following features have been included: Easy access to contact info. Bus Stop List. Direct Bus Stop GPS guidance.    9 MB    Views 9344

Ride Bus Collector

Related Apps bus stop
0    Visit record of the Bus Stop in Japan can be registered. The photograph of a bus stop can also be taken. This application supports only Japanese.    30 MB    Views 9625
tour audio oakland cemetery tours stop atlanta
-8    Explore Atlanta's Historic Oakland Cemetery with selfguided audio tours. Oakland Cemetery– the oldest cemetery in Atlanta– is home to over 70,000 inhabitants, including noted citizens like Bobby Jones and Margaret Mitchell, and over 6,900 Civil War soldiers. Situated only 5 blocks east ...    52 MB    Views 7861

Kid Stop

kid stop
+1    Long trips with kids can be painful. Kid Stop lets you know where kidfriendly eating, playing, and sleeping destinations are along the way.    2 MB    Views 5495

Travel Alarm

travel alarm stop bus works train
-4    Travel Alarm by Savysoda Travel Alarm will detect when your approaching your stop using the GPS locator and wake you up through a audio alert and a vibration. ♨ HOT NEW APP ♨ ➂ iPhone OS 3.0 EXCLUSIVE ➂ Sleep soundly during everyday commute and ...    2 MB    Views 9734

Joy Ride Inc

+3    The Joy Ride mobile application allows you to connect and book a ride from our network of drivers. All rides are flat rate. The cost is 15 for a one way stop "in town" from 9am to 7pm and 20 per ...    13 MB    Views 6579
Related Apps gps bus subway train works stop
0    This app helps you not to pass your stop when you're on a bus or a subway train. It works based on your GPS location data instead of estimated time. So you don't need to worry about passing your stop. Even if you're ...    16 MB    Views 3605
dragons touch stop dragon
-4    Rubber Dragons first time on iOS Rubber Dragons can't stop bouncing. Keep away from pointy things and your dragon will be fine. If you touch something pointy OUCH game over. • Touch the arrow to move forward • Dragon bounces on their ...    22 MB    Views 6401


-4    NON STOP Client . Download and start using it.    21 MB    Views 2624
Related Apps location picture stop background friend record
+18    You can record log of your move with picture and memo. You can see your friend's location and picture who login in the same room. You can check your friend' picture on whose rout. Attention Continued use of GPS running in the background can ...    6 MB    Views 7705


Related Apps gps routes stop position public transport
+8    With the RET app, you can plan your public transport trip in a very easy way. Not only on our own routes in Rotterdam, but also on routes of other public transport operators in the Netherlands. Your point of departure ...    NAN    Views 2623

On Time PHX

Related Apps time train tracks stop light rail
+23    Take back control of your schedule. On Time Phx eliminates guessing, “Where’s my train?” We’ll tell you by the second when your train is coming so you’re not peering down the tracks at the stop. Instead, grab a coffee, finish ...    6 MB    Views 365

Thru Navajo Eyes

book stop twenty information eyes
-5    Descriptions, GPS coordinates, Geotracking, and images guide you through a series of twentytwo different locations between Bluff Utah and Monument Valley Tribal Park. Each stop held sacred and filled with incredible stories from the Navajo culture. Whether you physically visit ...    75 MB    Views 3371

iBus Chapel Hill

Related Apps iphone ibus hill chapel bus stop find stops
-2    iBus Chapel Hill is hands down the easiest way to track bus arrival times for the Chapel Hill Transit System iBus Chapel Hill has an elegant and easy to use interface which allows you to filter stops by direction and routes ...    348 kb    Views 4191

One Stop Directory

Related Apps find stop directory
+15    Find a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur? Find a good massage in Selangor? Find a child care center for your son in Johor? Simply download One Stop Directory and with few simple clicks, You will get everything you want Try now...    5 MB    Views 2979

My Dublin Bus

search bus stop dublin information glance
+18    My Dublin Bus provides information on when the next bus is due for your bus stop in Dublin. It simplifies the process of checking real time bus information, and provides it to you ataglance. Adding your stops is simple don't "search ...    12 MB    Views 1954
Related Apps london time bus western transit university stop ontario real
+6    Western (UWO) Transit is a one stop information source for Western University community. Also includes London Transit Commission (LTC) bus schedules in realtime. FEATURES News that cover Western University and the City of London. Social media sharing, eg. Facebook ...    11 MB    Views 2336
rail schedule light baltimore line arrival stop
+21    The Baltimore Light Rail App displays schedule information for the rail line in Baltimore that travels between BWI Airport, Cromwell, Penn Station and Hunt Valley. Arrival and stop times are displayed for stations and trains based on the published schedule for ...    552 kb    Views 1673


Related Apps bus stop information location offers find
-9    NaraBusNavi Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co.,Ltd. provide free application. For customers who use the bus, it offers useful information. You can find the location of the bus stop from the current location using the GPS function. And Search of the bus stop near landmarks ...    5 MB    Views 2037


time program price distance start stop
+3    Taximeter with customizable : Price per mile/kilometer Waiting price per hour Minimum amount of trip Base price Ability to select kilometers or miles Possibly round up to tens After you click "Start", the taximeter starts counting the distance traveled. If you get ...    3 MB    Views 9460
london search bus stop stops buses live information
-2    Great app for all London buses users. • Live Bus Departures for London Buses • Realtime maps and geolocation tracking • Live local bus stops information • Search bus routes • Search Area/Post Codes • Auto fill bus stops name • Bus stop picture • Add unlimited stop ...    2 MB    Views 7388
Related Apps time train tram bus stop adelaide real
+9    Realtime Adelaide Metro bus, train and tram arrivals, on your iPhone or Apple Watch NextUp ADL will automatically find your nearest stop and show you upcoming departures. You can manually select a stop, see walking directions, and see a map of where ...    NAN    Views 9884


search map location stops stop
+19    Search for your Bus stop (AZ and by Nearest to your location) Search by Route (and direction) to view stops on a list or a map Search by Map (with your location) Save your stops to Favorites See the ...    13 MB    Views 6186

UrbanStep Bilbao

map stop bus list buses bilbao
+23    Interactive schedule for public transit buses in Bilbao. You can learn the arrival times of buses in any stop in the city. Use the map to find the closest bus stop and add it to your favorite list. View bus ...    4 MB    Views 9255

Truck Stops Finder

Related Apps map truck stops stop service
-2    Locate Truck Stops on your way. Truck Stop Locator map all truck stops including Loves, Petro, Pilot, Flying J, Travel America (TA), AmBest and Sapp Brothers and many other independent truck stop on Map. This is a convenient tool for ...    2 MB    Views 2872


shuttle stop loop college information
+27    MoCoGo provides realtime location information for the Moravian College Shuttle service, with an interactive map display of all shuttle buses and stop locations on the Moravian Shuttle Loop. With predicted arrival times and next stop information for all of the loop's ...    11 MB    Views 9791

NYC - Ellis Island

Related Apps tour island room stop historic museum planet
+15    Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital tour of Ellis Island just off the the historic foot of Manhattan. Ellis Island was the historic gateway for eight million immigrants to America. Perhaps you ancestors came through it? Take this simple tour ...    27 MB    Views 2722


bus transport list stop public application
+2    Mobile application for Ternopil citizens and city guests that helps them easily navigate public transport system. The application features both offline and online map, real time schedule of public transport, list of bus stations etc. Need to find a bus ...    30 MB    Views 2528
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