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Residency Test

+4    The Residency Test App is designed to allow users to track the number of days they spend in Israel. The app works automatically, behind the scenes, and records the country in which the user is located each day. The records can ...    5 MB    Views 8325


tax taxi con
+28    Bienvenidos a la aplicación de despachos de taxi la empresa de su confianza (Tax La Feria) con más de 49 años de experiencia en el transporte de pasajeros, contamos con el parque automotor más renovado de la ciudad. A través de ...    25 MB    Views 7170

Car Mileage 101

+2    This app is a great tool replacing your car log book and great for tax purposes when you want to show usage of vehicle to the Tax man. It’s also great for those of us that like to keep a ...    200 kb    Views 2015
-1    The Chubu, Hokuriku TaxFree Shopping Guide is your key to the shopping paradise of Japan. It’s the first and only app dedicated to introducing shops where visitors to the country can enjoy taxfree shopping. Available in four languages and organized into 22 ...    3 MB    Views 7799
+10    Tipper lets you easily and quickly calculate tips on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Make it easier on yourself at the end of a meal. Who wants to do math? Let Tipper do it for you All the main functionality is ...    374 kb    Views 2762

Tax iT Pro

tax pro
+24    Tax iT Pro is a sales tax calculator let you easily calculate total & final price for every perches when you shop and travel around the world.    2 MB    Views 2663


trips trip time tax log auto reports
+28    Trips Recording Made Easy The AutoLog App, the essential motorvehicle log book for regular travellers. Tax time is never a fun period of time, and where possible, every dollar earnt back is valuable. AutoLog allows the user to log their trips ...    3 MB    Views 335
+2    Use Hey You to order coffee, food and drink before you arrive. Discover new cafes, view menus, order, pay and collect loyalty all from your mobile 1. Discover new places to eat and drink: Find places nearby or search a ...    37 MB    Views 9522

ATO Vehicle Logbook

tax business vehicle logbook multiple period vehicles fully canada
+9    ATO Vehicle Log book is fully compliant with Australian Tax Office requirements where the logbook method is used to claim the percentage business use of a vehicle. multiple vehicles. choose icon to represent vehicle. multiple logbook periods. calculates & reports your % business use. editing ...    659 kb    Views 2765
0    The Johnsons Garage app gives you some powerful tools for your car for free From reminders that your Car Tax is due to recording business mileage via your phone's GPS capabilities. With the recent removal of paper tax discs remembering your ...    552 kb    Views 2661
magic drivers ride cities pay taxi feedback support
+19    Taxi Magic is now Curb. Getting a great ride is faster and easier than ever. Curb connects you to professional, fullyinsured taxi and forhire drivers in 60 cities nationwide. Request a ride in seconds. Get picked up in minutes. Connect with nearby licensed, ...    26 MB    Views 6386


driver cab direct passengers
+4    TaxiRadar™ makes a direct connection to a nearby cab. There is no intermediate dispatching. Launch the application to see a street map with realtime locations of the nearest cabs to you. "It's radar." Hail a cab with the touch of a button. Watch ...    1 MB    Views 3763
tax calculator food people tip pro vat calculate rate amount price enter
+10    Tip Calculator Pro is a very simple, handy and helpful utility application intended for travellers, business people or any one that needs to calculate Tip based on Sales Tax or VAT amounts. Tip Calculator Pro allows you to enter an ...    8 MB    Views 1641
tax budget trips party tracker person time calculator apps people tip add spending tap easy amount check
+2    2 apps in one Tripulator, our popular Spending Tracker on one side + TipIt, a mulifunctioning Dining Tip Calculator on the other Tripulator • Create a Budget and give it a name tap Go • Add your Spending categories ...    1 MB    Views 1507

Tipit GOLD

tax people tip check gold split don select
+10    Tipit GOLD is the most versatile yet easiest to use single screen dining tip calculator in the App Store. Elegantly designed on one screen, Tipit GOLD makes splitting the dinner check fast and easy. Quickly calculate your parties check split, to ...    893 kb    Views 6989
flight history work time tax email business pilots personal web aircraft maintenance service pilot expenses hours view partnership
-5    What is AvConnect? AvConnect is a comprehensive solution designed to manage every aspect of your flying, from pilot logbooks and aircraft maintenance tracking to business / personal use hours, partnership splits and tax accounting. Designed by pilots for pilots, AvConnect takes ...    1 MB    Views 7573


time paris taxi waiting taxis ride sharing paul line direction
+30    SPECIAL PROMO 0.99 instead of 1.99 Thanks for yours feedbacks on forums and blogs ECONOMIC AND ECO FRIENDLY, ECOTAXI REVOLUTIONISES THE TAXI RIDE. ECOTAXI IS THE FIRST "TAXI SHARING" SYSTEM that allows: 1   sharing the cost of a taxi ride with another passenger 2 ...    412 kb    Views 4625
calculator email tax history currency rates currencies day display exchange shows 180 bank
+4    This powerful, easy to use app combines a calculator with currency converter functions, including 5/90/180 day currency rates charts. Currency rates are downloadable, free of charge, from Bank of Canada and European Central Bank. Among the very useful features are the calculation ...    3 MB    Views 336
-1    Multi Currency support saves whatever currency you choose after hitting the info button. When I say saves i mean once you do the currency once you won't have to do it again. This applies for whenever I say saves... ...    886 kb    Views 9434

Tip Your Server

people tax tip section slider simple amount discounts local set
-6    A simple and straight forward tip calculator that can quickly figure out not only the tip but also how to split the bill among multiple people. Features: a tax section to let you set the local tax amount a discount section to let ...    2 MB    Views 5077

Pocket Logger

trip trips gps tax business logger pocket log day data compensation calculation
-4    The easiest way to keep your logbook up to date is here The new Pocket logger system helps you keep track of your kilometers or miles by a simple press of a button The one thing that really irritates drivers who travel ...    2 MB    Views 1266

Customs Duty

gifts tax travel iphone ipad wine customs country countries regulations
+13    If you love to travel and like to take advantage of duty free concessions or want to avoid paying tax to customs, then this is a perfect app for you. Customs Duty App lets you know how much alcohol, cigarettes and ...    41 MB    Views 536
Related Apps time travel map locals trip line beijing taxi subway station kilometer
+5    Are you heading to Beijing? Here is some facts probably will help you: Beijing subway has 8 lines and 4 more coming before 2010. Total number of stations is 123. Daily ridership : 4 million daily Here is some instructions on how to calculate ...    2 MB    Views 6498

Shanghai Taxi Guide

shanghai locals time traveling trip driver chinese taxi application distance taxis fare subway destinations
-9    Are you heading to Shanghai? Do you plan to use the taxi? Do you want to get your destination on time and pay the proper fare or do you want to "get taken for a ride?" Do you speak Mandarin ...    907 kb    Views 2485

GST/VAT Calculator

+4    A simple GST/VAT Calculator that enables the traveller to quickly calculate the relative sales tax on items in all the major currencies. The user is able to enter the VAT/GST value & the amount & either calculate the net or ...    179 kb    Views 9442

Smart Currency

calculator tax history email currency currencies rates day exchange display shows base chart
0    This smart app combines a calculator with currency converter functions, including 5/90 day currency rates charts. Currency rates are downloadable, free of charge, from Bank of Canada and European Central Bank. A calculation history can be created and sent per email. CALCULATOR ...    3 MB    Views 3370
car drivers tax ipad motor insurance details date accident dates
+10    Owning a car can be hard work. You've got so many dates and details to remember and there are serious consequences if you don’t keep on top of them. My Motor simplifies all this by keeping track of all the ...    9 MB    Views 8328

Going Somewhere

+28    When you close that front door behind you, this app is the only thing you need On release sale You can find a parkingspot and later have the app tell you where you parked When going into a shop use handy calculators ...    4 MB    Views 445
discount shopping photos email tax home track currency quick calculations add spending items
0    Discounter helps shoppers and travellers calculate discounts and keep track of their spending. Need to do quick discount calculations on the go? Want to avoid checkout shock by knowing how much your total shopping will cost? Wondering how much a ...    2 MB    Views 5507
Related Apps shopping tax free shops japan information guide languages packed
-5    The Kyushu TaxFree Shopping Guide is your key to the shopping paradise of Japan. It’s the first and only app dedicated to introducing shops where visitors to the country can enjoy taxfree shopping. Available in four languages and organized into 22 shopping ...    2 MB    Views 7669
tax calculator currency price sales
-2    Planning a shopping trip to New York City? Be aware that price tags do not include sales tax With this easy to use calculator app, you can quickly determine how much the real price would be and if you ...    181 kb    Views 6661

Canadian Tax & Tip

tax canadian tip product calculate
+7    Canadian Tax & Tip will help you to calculate the Tax of product throughout the whole Canada. You can select any provinces or territories and can calculate tax. It also has option of calculating tip to save your everyday problem ...    927 kb    Views 8268

Pocket Tax Irish

tax irish refund screen forms apply click step seconds
+24    Thanks to the Irish Tax App, your smart phone has just got smarter The Irish Tax App provides a handy and quick way to apply for an Irish tax refund when you’re on the move. The Irish Tax App can ...    11 MB    Views 1655


trips trip car iphone tax work home program web regular addresses easy log kilometer
-8    fcMiles is a car kilometer registration app designed for the Dutch Tax system. With fcMiles you can create a balanced kilometer log to prove that you do not drive more than 500 private kilometers in your company car. fcMiles is a ...    23 MB    Views 9275
tax calculator tip total easy tipping sales desired bill percentage
+3    The tip calculator that makes Tip calculating and splitting as easy as it gets on both the iPhone and iPad Just enter the bill amount and "Tipping made easy" calculates the tip and total value. No need to do math after ...    4 MB    Views 4170
shopping tax free shops japan information hokkaido guide languages
+3    The Hokkaido TaxFree Shopping Guide is your key to the shopping paradise of Japan. It’s the first and only app dedicated to introducing shops where visitors to the country can enjoy taxfree shopping. Available in four languages and organized into 22 shopping ...    2 MB    Views 5951
calculator people tax tip easy number support beautiful enjoy simple
-6    The quickest, prettiest and most easy to use tip calculator ever Calculate tip and split the bill among friends in just 5 seconds with tax, international currency and 5 rounding support Enjoy another great app from iHandySoft, the creator of iHandy ...    16 MB    Views 1526


+5    Keeps a record of your motorbike fuel consumption and reminds you about your road tax, insurance, MOT, servicing, oil changes and when you need new tyres. You can also compare your bike with others of the same make and model ...    8 MB    Views 3554

iDev Taxis

address taxi companies taxis
+29    iDev Taxis is a small utility application containing a directory of Taxi companies in Santiago, Chile. Grouped by commune, you can browse and see details for the Taxi companies with the option to add them to your system address book. ...    132 kb    Views 1115

hisgo Flights

search time flight trip chinese tickets tax airline fare departure company tap details return
-8    hisgo Flights Application that every airline ticket gathers to go everywhere in the world hisgo Flights Application can search and book overseas airline tickets by selecting every city in the world quickly. It is supporting English, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (simplified Chinese, ...    16 MB    Views 724

Tax & Sizes

tax calculator iphone tool puzzles bright conversion sizes para vel animals
+5    Na Terra Do Tio Sam proudly presents it’s first iPhone application: Tax & Sizes. Tax & Sizes helps brazilian travelers in US (or returning) with these great features: Shoes size conversion tool; Pants size conversion tool; Tax calculator by airplane; Tax calculator by mail; Temperature converter; Fuel ...    413 kb    Views 4720

Safe Rides

tax safe rides
+5    Use Safe Rides for a trip to any event with your family or friends such as: birthdays, concerts, bachelor/bachelor parties, or night out at a club. Be smart, don't drink or text and drive Safe Rides offers you a safe, ...    11 MB    Views 3773
+2    Calculation of your Income tax is easy now, just download the app and give your income details and tax percentage and find the result. This app include different currency conversions like use,Pound,Yen,Euro..    4 MB    Views 3635


card tax shopping horizon free shops visitors process view
+1    Shops on your HORIZON TaxFreeShopping facilitates the logistics of shopping tax free for non EU visitors to Ireland. In conjunction with FEXCO Tax Free and the FEXCO HORIZON card, the process of tax free shopping has been transformed from a paperbased ...    4 MB    Views 2827


tax road plan drive expenses costs stockholm
+1    Travelling in Stockholm and wants to know the road tax costs? Do you want to plan when to drive so that you minimize your expenses? Stockholm road tax displays the current road tax expense and lets you easily see when it will ...    214 kb    Views 4625
tax horse sports italian italy authorities listen
+15    Planning a trip to Italy? Dreaming of moving to Florence or Rome? Then you can’t miss this new app featuring lots of Italian nouns and names you need to know before visiting the Bel Paese. Listen to their pronunciations and read the ...    20 MB    Views 5817


tax accommodation
+13    Have RooomLate, will travel. Traveling Japan you are taxed for your hotel accommodation in Tokyo, taxed for the bathing in ONSEN( hot spring ). Using RooomLate You could easily calculate accommodation tax or bathing tax from your room charge. Various fixes and improvements ...    628 kb    Views 1854


tax government history test number vehicle check details station information
+14    Easily check vehicle Road Tax and MOT status / history Check price of Road Tax Type in the REG and MAKE then tap "REG CHECK" Display shows whether the vehicle has current or expired Tax and MOT Scrolling window shows VEHICLE DETAILS and TAX ...    NAN    Views 8284
trip business tax trips email iphone gps driving travel costs track data easy mileage
0    Keep a track of all your trip details with Triplog. Triplog makes it easy to maximize employer reimbursements or tax deductions associated with travel costs. A rich, multipurpose business app for the business professional looking to save time. With Triplog, you ...    19 MB    Views 7455
tax people cities startup life location background tracking
-4    Teleport for Startup Cities app lets you discover and budget your next move: Define your personal preferences for cost, income and quality of life Drill into the details of how your life would look like at the top 100 startupfriendly ...    6 MB    Views 2986
calculator tax person tip countries percent settings accurate split multiple support
+17    Accurate Tip is easy to use tip and split calculator. Why did we create yet another tip calculator? The main problem of all applications, is the absence of predefine settings, so you have to know tip percent for all countries ...    1 MB    Views 2323


flight pilots tax enter easy set website
+12    EZPerDiem helps pilots and flight attendants prepare their taxes online. Specifically, EZPerDiem makes it easy to calculate the per diem deduction, which is a big component in a flight crewmember's tax return. The EZPerDiem app features a way for pilots & ...    1 MB    Views 1887

Pocket Tax Canada

tax canadian refund forms screen apply seconds instructions step
+5    Thanks to the Canadian Tax App, your smart phone has just got smarter The Canadian Tax App provides a handy and quick way to apply for Canadian tax refund when you’re on the move. The Canadian Tax App can also ...    9 MB    Views 1207
sale money tax discount calculator price save free interface easy
+2    When something is on sale, it has a “so much” percent off. But, how much is it? How much money can you save by buying this item? This sale price calculator will help you to find out. This tool app help ...    14 MB    Views 231
calculator tax tip results
+6    A remarkable yet beautiful tip calculator for your mobile device. Calculate your tips quickly and easily with only few taps. • Round Up and Down on any values to adjust the results. • Modify any amount or percentage to update the result • ...    3 MB    Views 5061
facebook twitter ondemandworld http taxi www linkedin company call buy
+14    ⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛ This app means you can instantly find a taxi whenever you need it. Wherever you are in the world ⊛⊛⊛⊛⊛ In 2 clicks you'll be talking to the closest (and therefore cheapest) taxi company to your current location. Never get ...    20 MB    Views 7069
time history shopping tax rate dollar exchange currency function foreign button computer
+5    When you exchange's foreign currency when shopping to go to overseas travel, it is not know whether the hand can be much exchange, does not it trouble is that? This application, just press the button to select a foreign currency, realtime ...    3 MB    Views 6003

Taxi Hold'em

iphone taxi hold favorite set tap screen tilt
+3    Tired of waiting for a cab? Taxi Hold'em is the perfect app to make a cab stop just for you. Taxi Hold'em simply signals a flashing TAXI sign in black and yellow. The app is “zero button” functional. Just tilt your iPhone ...    2 MB    Views 4786

OnSale SD

tax shopping sale home traveling sales final item price currency rate
+22    Universal App for iPhone & iPad This application is a must have for shoppers and value hunters alike. Ever have to do quick math trying to figure out what 35% off of a 179.99 item is with a 8.625% sales ...    5 MB    Views 3654

Expat Tracker

tracker tax reports expat visit countries
+23    Expat Tracker keeps track of the countries you visit and provides reports for your tax return. Your location is tracked to produce detailed, accurate tax reports of where you were on any previous date. The reports show which countries you ...    4 MB    Views 2986
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