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+1    GTRIIP effectively reduces the checkin process by 50% of the time. This allows for more time to enjoy in your hotel room, and less time wastage in the lobby. We store your data in the safest way possible by ...    4 MB    Views 4449

Air Time Calculator

+5    Calculate the flight time and air time for your private or rented plane using either liftoff/touchdown time or a fixed time from engine start/stop. No need to convert between minutes and decimal time.    201 kb    Views 4378

the best in Japan

+15    Do you wanna getknow about the best in Japan ? This appli is the 4 choice quiz limited at time(1Q 10 sec) . I'ts difficult for another country guys to learn about Japanese trivia. Let's become "Japanese OTAKU" We're going to update periodic, ...    7 MB    Views 3103

Mexico Club Guide

+5    We have been around Mexico and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. There is also ...    4 MB    Views 5527

Ramsis Travel

travel time
+14    Ramsis travel is one of the leading travel agencies in Kuwait that was established in 1993 with a young & active team but at the same time having an experienced members with over than 10 years experience in the travel ...    5 MB    Views 2088

Berlin Club Guide

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0    We have been around Berlin and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. There is also ...    5 MB    Views 8545

SafeMate by NECTEC

+26    Safemate for iPhone is a free application to evaluate your driving style. Users will be given a score in realtime based on their actions during the journey. Alerts and warning will be triggered for any dangerous and sudden movements during ...    4 MB    Views 1458
0    Quality application that uses location services to help you find your way back to hotel. The distance to your hotel is displayed in real time as you walk. This app saves your valuable time. Now you will never get lost in ...    5 MB    Views 5230

TZ Clock

clock time zones
-7    Travel a lot and always don't know what time you are in? Need to setup online meetings but participants are all over the world? TZ Clock is here for you Optimized for time zone users, TZ Clock presents you all of your favorite ...    6 MB    Views 1840

Singapore Time Walk

0    See Singapore as you’ve never seen it before. Look around and select landmarks you want to know more about. Or use the map to find places to explore through the lens of your device. • Watch Singapore evolve over time. • Learn ...    230 MB    Views 8279


-7    London Underground route planning and time tables. Fast, self contained database enables routing and planning without network connection or charges. Ideal for use on tube itself. Calculates routes and times from a selected time and also first and last trains. ...    15 MB    Views 8627

Hotel Time Share

Related Apps time hotel
-8    합리적인 호텔사용법 나만의 특별한 호텔 사용법을 경험 해 보세요. HOTEL TIME SHARE란, 언제 어디서나 실시간으로 시간제 및 당일숙박을 저렴하게 예약할 수 있으며 여럿이 모여 공동구매(베스트 딜)을 통하여 객실뿐만 아니라 호텔의 부대시설을 합리적으로 이용할 수 있는 전 세계 모든 사람들을 위한 스마트 앱 ...    2 MB    Views 7883
+14    ✶This is the adfree version✶ ✶No more annoying banner or interstitial ads✶ Want to keep track of your car's consumption? Fill up a tank of gas and write down the distance you drove since last time you filled. Then simply enter your gas ...    2 MB    Views 3898


time recording
+2    Confucius said in the Analects "Time flies so fast that it makes no distinction between day and night." Every minute and second seems quite precious in our lives due to the sigh of loss of time. Recording will be the ...    520 kb    Views 5121


time bus bologna
0    Get real time arrival information of Bologna Bus Help you get rid of strike    3 MB    Views 5859

Call Checker

-9    In a global world it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of the local times of all your important contacts. If you want to avoid to call them at a bad time this application is for you. A ...    366 kb    Views 4428


time real
+1    Track your ComoConnect Transit buses in real time App features: View bus locations in real time Get ETA predictions for the stops you use Choose the routes you want to see Stay updated on the latest changes in your system Continued use ...    3 MB    Views 854


-6    World clock tells you "What time is it now in US or UK". But does not tell you "What time will be in US corresponding to tomorrow 8:00 in Japan?". This application tells you any time in any place as you ...    287 kb    Views 6003


-5    When you need to get somewhere safe and on time, let us help you with our airport, corporate and personal services. We can make sure that you arrive at your destination every time in style and comfort. Talk with us today ...    29 MB    Views 8909

ASU Trip Check

+24    ASU Flights/ ASU Trips (TripCheck) allows you to search flights on over 130 airlines worldwide for available seating. App reports seats Airport city pairs along with departure date and time can be saved. The ontime status of all flights can ...    6 MB    Views 8166


time address
+4    Sereni currently only works in Sweden We believe your time is important, so we created an app that helps you optimize your daily transit. This is how you use Sereni: 1. Enter an address where you travel often. Your home ...    4 MB    Views 1878
+5    Thailand do and don't. Telling what you need to know before travelling to Thailand : A land of smile. Feel free to give us your comment or what you need to know. We will update this applications time to time. __ Welcome ...    17 MB    Views 8922

Singapore Nightlife

singapore time places bars
-7    We have been around Singapore and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. There is also ...    4 MB    Views 8441

Live Cams - HD

+29    Travel the world with EarthCam’s LiveCamsHD app Explore famous cities, relax on beautiful beaches and learn about historic landmarks from your mobile device. Want to show friends and family pictures from your virtual vacation? Send images via iMessage and email, ...    31 MB    Views 6767

Paris Nightlife

paris time places bars
-1    We have been around Paris and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with pictures, a summary, info, and what people say of each venue. With the around ...    6 MB    Views 7992


0    A departure time app for Caltrain. The unique feature is you can know time left for the next train to departure in real time.    652 kb    Views 9432


-1    With Sandals Resorts' exclusive Discovery Dining you will indulge in specialties from around the world. Our culinary philosophy involves taking the time to truly enjoy the moment, the aromas and the flavors that surround you so take your time ...    304 MB    Views 3935


time tram
+19    The most downloaded app to get the real time schedule of Padua metro service and calculate the walking route from actual position to a selected tram stop. This app integrates iOS accessibility support for visually impaired, tram stops are clearly spelled ...    4 MB    Views 1962

Schwerin Quiz PLUS

time version
0    Welcome to the PLUS version. This time it comes to fast reactions under time pressure. Cityscapes will be displayed in sequence . If you recognize Schwerin, tap the image. If you think it is another city, you can simply pass ...    46 MB    Views 4712

Timezone View

Related Apps time timezone world
-7    Your guide to every timezone around the world. Add in only the cities you are interested in. And find out what time it is there now, and what time it will be in the future and in the past. Very easy to ...    185 kb    Views 2977


+19    Metro Time is a travel application for aiding in commuting on the Saint Louis, MO MetroLink.    1 MB    Views 6000


+14    You can easily locate a store from where you are your own. You can check in real time the congestion situation of stores that are open 24 hours a day. Internet cafe, parking, and karaoke, has been published. Please use at a time ...    NAN    Views 7832
time high
-3    Have you ever wondered at any given time how high you were?? With How High you now can. How High measure how high you are from sea level. The next time your on a hike , mountain climbing or just bored ...    444 kb    Views 4426

LaCosta Limo Mobile

time mobile
+15    La Costa Limousine is dedicated to providing safe, clean and reliable luxury transportation to corporate and personal travelers, DMC companies of any size and the finest hotel chains worldwide. LaCostaLimo Mobile provides its clients with a swift and effortless solution to ...    16 MB    Views 125
+22    If you have not a lot of time to visit Naples you can take this App. You will have the city in your hand through a tale of particularity, excellence and rarity along undiscounted route. Italian and English language, photos ...    107 MB    Views 8503


time ferry
+13    Are you a regular at the TauStavanger ferry? This app provides you with a countdown towards the next departure, which means you can stop worrying about whether it's Saturday or Sunday, what time it is, or if you're looking at ...    3 MB    Views 9206

Backpacker App.

+5    Simple and quality application that uses the location services to help you find your way back home. The distance to your home is displayed in real time as you walk. This app saves your valuable time and the hassle of searching. ...    6 MB    Views 8486
+25    Fast Time Calculator: The fastest way to sum up different times. Perfect for flight books :) If you have any ideas for more helpful flying apps, let us know.    328 kb    Views 3188


time red
0    Welcome to the soundscape of time. You are blue Time is green Death is red and Purple is mean Survive as long as you can. —————————————— Try to avoid hitting the red squares while gathering as many time orbs as you can. Beware the bouncers. Gain as ...    18 MB    Views 4218

Time At

+2    An easy to use app to find what time it will be, anywhere in the world, at any time in the future, or past. Great for scheduling meetings or pickups, or informing people when you will arrive, or so much more.    95 kb    Views 4534
time clock
+6    What time will it be in New York when it is 4pm in Sydney? Are they ahead or behind? Are they in daylight savings time? Are we? With this App, you will never need to worry about questions like this again Easily select cities ...    281 kb    Views 9771
+2    Can I bring my dog with, how crowded or polluted is the beach right now? For the first time ever, Beachers gives you access to all the info you need to know about your beaches, allowing you to plan your day ...    5 MB    Views 3944


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-8    We have compiled a list of the best clubs, bars, and restaurants of Miami. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with pictures, a summary, info, and what people say of each venue. With the ...    7 MB    Views 8672

Simple TimeZones

time simple timezones
-7    "Simple TimeZones" helps you check the time of different time zones at once.    9 MB    Views 7772

Travel Time

Related Apps travel time trip current
+10    Wondering how much more driving you have to do on your road trip? Travel Time is here to help. Travel Time is a simple application that calculates travel time left on your current trip given the distance to your destination and ...    2 MB    Views 4776

Time for Taiwan

time taiwan
+14    台灣擁有豐富的生態、繽紛的購物環境、創新的文化、遠近馳名的特色美食、浪漫驚艷的風景名勝以及揚名國際的自行車道。 Time for Taiwan英語主題旅遊節目APP,內容除了介紹台灣必遊的景點之外,還有外國朋友推薦的私房景點,想知道發現更多台灣好吃玩的地方嗎?旅行台灣,就是現在! 更多旅遊景點資訊: 觀光局官網    9 MB    Views 7548


time hamilton places
+12    Are you visiting Hamilton for the first time and wanting the inside scoop on the best places to explore? Hamilton NZ is your own personal guide to Hamilton – helping you make the most of your time in the city ...    4 MB    Views 1747


Related Apps time metro route stations
+6    Taipei Metro Guide (rGuide Metro Series) Route map of Nanjing Metro (Jiangsu). We use unique algorithm for calculating route between any two stations, minimum traveling time and service time. The app helps you arriving destination on time. View roadmap of stations. Free offline ...    7 MB    Views 5101

HKG Flights

Related Apps time flight flights
+7    Real time passenger flight information for the Hong Kong International Airport. super fast loading show both departure and arrival flights auto highlight a flight closest to current time search for destination/origin, flight number, and even time We will keep improving this ...    289 kb    Views 6759


Related Apps gps time facebook
+27    A friend along your journey, make you feel safe and comfortable when you taking cab in Thailand. Features: Real time meter. Calculate estimation fare, distance, and time duration. Easy to use interface. Buildin note. Traveling route and other information are keep ...    6 MB    Views 4497

Trekking Bird

time bird trekking
-4    Trekking Bird talks to you and jots your visited locations. It tells where you are and most importantly where you were. Trekking Bird announces your present location at your specified time interval. At the same time, it helps you keep log ...    656 kb    Views 504

Istanbul Nightlife

Related Apps time istanbul places bars
+25    We have been around Istanbul and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. There is also ...    4 MB    Views 9204

STL Synchro

Related Apps time routes stl real
0    See, at a glance and in real time, the next buses that will arrive at your favourite stops. Customized functions: o Customize your routes and schedules in real time o Chronobus o Advanced mapping o Alerts and detours on your routes o Get in sync with ...    13 MB    Views 7222


car time
+4    Share your car with your family, friends and neighbours. The Cartribe application allows you to create time slots when your car is available to be used, to book it, to lookup the parking location, the duration of the booking, and ...    NAN    Views 9022

ZonedOut Lite

Related Apps time lite
+8    The best and most comprehensive time zone utility available for business meetings, travel planning, and making sure your friends are awake before you call. ZonedOut Lite has a few restrictions(limits you to five custom places, maximum of 24 displayed time zones.) ...    6 MB    Views 2456


+4    Royal1 is a professional car service that is always on time Our safe, courteous drivers will get you to where you need to go. Schedule rides ondemand or in advance. Watch your driver arrive on a liveupdating map, and pay ...    4 MB    Views 2276


time friends
+4    Limited time free from 12/301/5 for celebrating Near Year. With Teammates, you can share your current location to your friends, in the same time, you can also locate your friends on the map. All you need is to use the same ...    3 MB    Views 1616

Cancun Holiday

Related Apps time places cancun bars
+13    We have been around Cancun and compiled the best places to check out. You will only find the top clubs, bars and restaurants and tours of the city. Its loaded with a summary, pictures, info, and what people say of each venue. With ...    5 MB    Views 706

Maybe Later

Related Apps time friends
+28    VERSION FOR OUR FRIENDS Have you ever walked by a restaurant or a bookstore that you really wanted to check out, but you couldn’t because you didn’t have time? And then you later couldn't remember anymore where it was or what ...    5 MB    Views 1599
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