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+4    Twizoo finds the best restaurants and bars… by cooking down what people are saying on Twitter We’ve listened to millions of Tweets in realtime to give you simple green = go, red = avoid, recommendations on where to grab your ...    12 MB    Views 4156


+9    Habitoom is the first reliable and simple social network for connecting people in search of a place to live and share with those offering such places to rent. Habitoom helps you find a place when you are out of town for ...    11 MB    Views 6406

AIFS TravelBuddy

+11    Want to meet new people while travelling abroad? Download the app and message 1 or more potential friends around you to share the journey, tips, eat, study, go for a drink or explore the country together The AIFS Travelbuddy app ...    29 MB    Views 4864

My Education .dk

education people
+5    Want to meet new people while travelling abroad? Download the app and message 1 or more potential friends around you to share the journey, tips, eat, study, go for a drink or explore the country together The My Education app ...    18 MB    Views 4957
people happen plans
+6    MyBranch shows you what’s Happening – Wherever you are. Simply swipe until you find an activity or event that Suits you; or Propose your own Plan and accept new Suitors. Discover your surroundings, meet new people, or connect with people you already ...    21 MB    Views 5013

Oga Taxi Driver

0    Oga Taxi is Nigeria’s premier community focused taxi service app. Our mission is to make movement of people within Nigeria quick, safe and convenient. Request a ride using Oga taxi app and get picked up within minutes. Watch your driver ...    14 MB    Views 9707

Truffle App

-1    Collect and discover the best places in a city according to the people you trust. Share maps with friends to pass on your local knowledge. Bookmark new places in your city that you want to check out. Ask the right ...    12 MB    Views 8968

Doodle Tour

twitter travel place select chapter
-6    Let's travel the world with the MARBLE HOW TO PLAY: 1. Select the place, 2. Select the chapter, 3. Assign the tool which MARBLE can travel with safe, 4. Start FEATURES: Various place content with puzzle. The obstacles makes games exciting and marvelous Star System ...    7 MB    Views 831
-5    This app serves as a convenient blogging tool on the go. User can easily record their journey with their smart phone . Our app will show all your pictures on a map, which help you recall the location, the scene, ...    13 MB    Views 4064

Nomads Adventurers

+11    Want to meet new people while travelling abroad? Download the app and message 1 or more potential friends around you to share the journey, exchange experience/tips, go for a drink or explore the country together With the Nomads Adventurers app ...    28 MB    Views 7105

Ants -

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+13    Ants is a fast and safe mobile carpooling/ridesharing service. Save money, reduce CO2 emissions and make new friends. Ants is linked with Facebook and Twitter, which makes it easy to connect with friends, family, colleagues and others who share the ...    11 MB    Views 365


twitter time parking
+7    Please don't buy anymore. parkingApp 2 is here The top 10 selling app from Germany You can keep an eye on your parking time no matter where you are thanks to the "parkenApp", the new parking application for ...    2 MB    Views 9537

We are on a boat

people boat captain www
-9    We are on a boat" is a boat sharing app. We match people who would like to be on a boat, with people who are willing to share their boat. All in realtime. How it works: Log in with Facebook Find a boat ...    10 MB    Views 6001


+4    Many people like outdoor activities. There is hardly a person who doesn’t want to go camping at a free time. Nature helps people keep their mind off daily problems and urban life. Camping is at its height now. Let’s see what ...    46 MB    Views 3972

Happy Camper

traveling people social
+4    G’day This is Australia’s number 1 beaut traveling social app. Designed for people driving, traveling or camping in the land downunder, Australia. Featuring a whole bucket load of great Aussie slang and themes making this social app heaps of fun for ...    14 MB    Views 3433

MAD Parking

people mad parking
+1 aims to promote parking properly, and improve people living standards. We believe that less mad parking, less mad people to be angered.    4 MB    Views 1032

Rome bus

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+6    Roma Bus (Departure Timetable Bus Atac ) The best App for Roman Transports Our App will change the way you live in Rome Thanks to the work of an expert team of developers, RomaBus App is one of the most downloaded (over ...    4 MB    Views 714


twitter city dishes
-2    Dishling for iPhone uses web, critic and user reviews to help you find the most popular dishes in New York City. Whether you are looking in a specific neighborhood or restaurant, Dishling will help you decide what to eat. Follow us ...    755 kb    Views 8365


-5    Welcome to Choob Choob finds the real status of the London Underground lines using Twitter Ever been waiting on a tube platform because of delays, and the TFL website says everything is fine? ... me too. This app listens to twitter to ...    3 MB    Views 2960

People Radar

people radar
+2    People Radar, simply put, helps you find your friends, no matter where you, or they, may be.    12 MB    Views 8617
+1    This app serves as a convenient blogging tool on the go. User can easily record their journey with their smart phone . Our app will show all your pictures on a map, which help you recall the location, the scene, ...    18 MB    Views 2884
twitter facebook english http
+24    先着順500名限定 500円 ー>200円 割引!!! ●お待たせしました!大人気iPadアプリがiPhoneで登場! ●お洒落な写真&サウンドが満載!女史必修アプリ! ●主人公が繰り広げるアメリカ留学体験記(全40話)から学ぶ! ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ 英語が苦手な久美子がニューヨークで繰り広げ る様々なエピソードを英語で学習。 ドラマのようなストーリー&雑誌のようなおシャレ な写真満載だからスタイリッシュに楽しく勉強が可 能! ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ こんな方に自信を持っておススメ! #自然な英語を身につけたい! #文法は分かるけどしゃべれない・・・ #旅行・留学先で使いたい! #アメリカの日常生活について知りたい! #今までの学習方法はたいくつ・・・ #リスニングを伸ばしたい! #英語をもっとオシャレに勉強したい! ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ Ⅰ. リスニングは3ステップで!   ①聞き流す(久美子の独り言付き)   ②考えながら(久美子の独り言なし+日本語案内提示)   ③整理しながら(ネイティブ同士の会話)  「繰り返し聞くだけで満点が取れるTOEICリス   ニング」でご好評を頂いたあの3ステップ   リスニング方式採用! Ⅱ.スクリプトOn/Off機能   お好みで字幕(日本語・英語)のオン・オフが   可能! Ⅲ.繰り返し聞ける!   必要なシーンをお気に入りに登録して繰り返   し聞ける!マルチタスク機能も! Ⅳ.パターン学習   各シーンの重要なフレーズはパターンで学習! ●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○●○ ○Part1.Survival English  空港での入国審査・バス・タクシー・アメリカの  食文 化のシーンで必要な基本情報&表現満載! ○Part2.Functional English  スーパー・銀行・郵便局等アメリカ生活の上で必  要な基本的表現を学習! ○Part3.Cultural English  ミュージカル・買い物・バー等様々なシーンで使わ  れる表現が満載 開発:Waterbear Soft Japan Inc ご意見ご感想はこちらまでお寄せ下さい。 Facebook: Twitter: Ameba:    543 MB    Views 662

Oga Taxi

drivers facebook people twitter driver taxi ride https location cash
0    Oga taxi is Nigeria’s premier community focused taxi service app. Our mission is to make movement of people within Nigeria quick, safe and convenient. Request a ride using oga taxi app and get picked up within minutes. Watch your driver ...    17 MB    Views 2055
people ride chauffeur moving
-3    Ride Now is Moving People... Request a ride using the Ride Now App and picked up within minutes. OnDemand service means no reservations are required and no waiting in taxi lines. Ride Now has partnered with fully licensed and insured ...    4 MB    Views 6351


-2    TripTripHurray is like a targeted and personalized TripAdvisor for people with specific, situational needs when traveling locally, nearby or abroad. These people, including families with babies & toddlers, dog owners, wheelchair or rollator users and people with special dietary needs, ...    17 MB    Views 1814

gfindr: gay finder

people love gay
+21    Are you looking for gay guys? Friends? Love? The app you need is gfindr gfindr is a simple and direct app, that show you gay people near you, to chat or say "i like u". Fast and discreet. Register now for free, and ...    8 MB    Views 3924


people wall world
-4    The application contains activities and location based challenges, where you solve riddles, take pictures and videos and share your discoveries with others. All related to the Western Wall, the Kotel, that is the most significant site in the world for ...    10 MB    Views 9673

Worlwide Flag Quiz

0    Discover the most famous countries' flags of the world. From America to Asia Guess the flag shown in the picture and promote to the next level If you don't know the name of the country's flag, you can use hints Ask for ...    18 MB    Views 690
people island rich
+4    Discover the island of Rab, a place of marvellous scenic diversity, a variety of beautiful beaches and cultural milieu dating back to preRoman times. Explore rich historic heritage, enjoy long pleasant walks and the kindness, hospitality and diligence of the ...    5 MB    Views 2017


people station
+12    Komuter is social life application for Commuter Line people in Indonesia especially Jabotabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi). With Komuter you can interact with any people in your station and you can see the schedule in easy way. Features: interaction with ...    5 MB    Views 7297
people cambodia journey
-6    A photographically documented journey through Cambodia. The photographs document the author’s experiences as he travelled through Cambodia and the wonderful people he met along the way. The App also includes additional video and background information about Cambodia’s people and culture.    307 MB    Views 3966


twitter information enjoy
-2    The CampoamorApp application gives you all the information you need to enjoy your holiday in Campoamor: Daily billboard cinema. News of the activities and major events in Campoamor. Information of restaurants. Services. Information about Campoamor Nautical Club and sailing courses. ...    2 MB    Views 6976

Go Arc

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0    Go Arc is a new engaging experience for people exploring places and connecting with other people. Go Arc guides you through fun and exciting games where you navigate a challenge course on a map, discover hidden treasures, solve riddles, take ...    7 MB    Views 4615

car drivers time music driver web twitter iphone people eating passengers download real share
-3 helps you share longdistance car rides and with friendly people. With the app you can message drivers and passengers in real time, instantly spot check your itinerary, leverage social networks to find passengers and drivers, set your preferences in your ...    19 MB    Views 2895

People of India

people india
+12    Watch the glory of the people of India All pictures belong to Joe Shpits and may not be used without written approval of their owner    8 MB    Views 1734
navigation gps maps iphone search apps facebook twitter people australia results location services view explore
0    Location Browser for your iPhone Localscope is a window to your world that lets you explore your surroundings like never before. Discover and find places, people and information around you using geotagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, media ...    9 MB    Views 9453


facebook twitter http tap
+27    Taxify is your reliable ride in more than 10 countries. ・Request a taxi with 1 tap and get going in minutes. Skip the waiting. ・Choose a car that fits your style and budget. ・The app locates your pickup location even if you don't ...    22 MB    Views 3630
+6    You are taking the train/bus almost daily for work or for touristy purposes... Why just sit there and stare blankly ?? when you could start iFlirting with other people on the same bus/train. This app allows you to see people nearest to ...    14 MB    Views 8692
facebook twitter meter uber https
+17    Use Meter to track how much your Uber cost while you're riding in it Like on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Keywords: Ubermeter Uber Meter Money Gauge Taxi Price Estimate    2 MB    Views 4419

Worldwide City Quiz

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+28    Discover the most famous cities around the world. From America to Asia Guess the city shown in the picture and promote to the next level If you don't know the name of the city, you can use hints Ask for help via ...    37 MB    Views 3985
twitter maps background journey progress
+8    Travelmeter visually shows the progress of your journey between two cities. Travelmeter is intended for long rides where you aren't driving and just want to know how much distance remains. It makes some assumption (such as straight line travel) and quickly ...    872 kb    Views 8473


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+3    What is TravelTime? TravelTime is a free Mobile App for the tourism industry. It allows restaurants, shops, hotels, and attractions to provide a unique engagement experience to travelers incorporating professional video overviews and captured images. Optionally, restaurants can publish their menus ...    4 MB    Views 5668
people bell
+8    Tired of being blocked by people with SAD (Situational Awareness Deficiency)? Use this bell at airports, shopping malls, boardwalks, and just about any place people get in your way. Ring your bell and pave the way. People snap to consciousness and ...    1 MB    Views 5974

Meteo Molise

twitter meteo regione sono
-4    La prima app meteo specifica per la regione Molise Meteo Molise offre previsioni meteo fino a 8 giorni per tutti i comuni della regione. Le previsioni meteorologiche sono suddivise in previsioni giornaliere dettagliate fasce orarie. Per approfondire, sono disponibili varie immagini Sat ...    20 MB    Views 8681
travel photos map trip people facebook twitter photography vacation search share places explore locations create discover
0    If you like travel, adventure & photography or just loves discovering, sharing and exploring new places then epical is the travel app you have been waiting for Epical is a travel guide built by local travel experts and the epical ...    31 MB    Views 7873
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-8    Discover and share what's happening around me in the real world. Follow and meet likeminded people nearby, see what they are doing, where they are and who they are with. Share geotagged information (e.g., photo, status, news, deal, review, classifieds) ...    2 MB    Views 5573
travel travelers profile traveling money gps facebook twitter time people earn traveler request location
-8    Zaldee earn while you travel, is the easiest way to earn money from excess baggage and storage space available with you while traveling across countries, states or cities. Zaldee is a global marketplace for people to list, search, book ...    13 MB    Views 5291
+11    観光案内アプリ「Dokoiku? 大連」は、大連を歩きながら観光ポイントやお店を検索することができるアプリです。 ========================= メンバー位置表示機能を新たにサポートしました。お友達とお楽しみください。(有料オプション機能となります。) 不備、または、ご不明な点などございましたら、下記連絡先までご連絡頂ければ、担当より回答させて頂きます。 メール twitter: ========================= 【特徴】 ・大連を歩きながら、近くにある観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・現在地から観光ポイント、お店へのルート(徒歩)を表示できます。 ・観光ポイントの画像や詳しい説明が表示されます。 ・お店の説明には電話番号が表示されていて、電話をかけることができます。 ・カテゴリ分けされた観光地、店舗の情報が、掲載されています。 ・無料アプリですので、どなたでもダウンロードしてご利用いただけます。 【主な機能】 ・検索中心からの距離を指定して、エリア検索ができます。 ・検索中心には、現在地か起点かを選択できます。 ・検索中心を起点に切り替えることで、現在地から離れた場所の観光ポイントやお店を検索することができます。 ・カテゴリを指定して、観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・キーワードを指定して、観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・検索結果を地図上や一覧表に表示することができます。 ・地図上にはピンが表示され、検索結果ポイントがどこにあるかを確認することができます。 ・ピンには番号が振られており、一覧表の番号と対応しています。 ・検索結果の一覧表では、インデックス機能によりカテゴリの先頭を簡単に表示できます。 ・大きなわかりやすい画像が表示されます。 ・選択されたポイントを次々にスクロール表示することができます。 ・目的の観光ポイントやお店までのルートが表示できます。 ・検索結果より選択した目的の観光ポイントやお店の詳しい説明が表示できます。 ・目的の観光ポイントの詳細画像を表示できます。 ・観光ポイントやお店のホームページを表示できます。 ・自動通知機能をオンにしておくと、検索したポイントに近づいたところで自動的にポイントの情報がポップアップで表示されます。 【掲載データについて】 ・観光ポイントやお店などの所在地データについては、定期的にメンテナンスを行っておりますが、観光案内アプリ「Dokoiku? 大連」に表示される店舗の一部は、現在の状況と異なっているケースもあることをご了承ください。    1 MB    Views 6968


chinese people words helps
-4    "What if you need to go to China but unable to speak Chinese?" This application helps you to communicate with Chinese people with some easy and useful words. Words that you can listen to learn Chinese language or to talk ...    17 MB    Views 8647

Sparksheet for iPad

people marketing media content
+11    Good ideas about content, media and marketing. Sparksheet is an online magazine all about how brands are using different platforms to get relevant content to people – wherever they may be. Original articles on everything from web design and print ...    314 kb    Views 6654

taxi seguro APP HD

people taxi trust seguro application
+13    Taxi Seguro is the first application to combat "express kidnapping". When taking a taxi, you can enter the license plate, take a picture, and you will be monitored online and through your device's GPS phone. People that can track your position, ...    6 MB    Views 6468
Related Apps map people information
0    Korea is building up their own culture in Asia. If you can use this application , you know the city well, can enjoy. No longer need to have a thick guidebook. Because each of the tourist district organized by station Shopping, sightseeing, walking can ...    756 kb    Views 1174


people gps facebook parents twitter car children track account find phone system device data
+3    Our service is created for safety of the people you care about and security of the things you treasure. With UonMap you can find your phone, track your car or see where your children or seniors are. All you need ...    13 MB    Views 6126
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-5    view information of Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre view activities calendar view floor plan plan visit information and map view facilities share activity via email, twitter, facebook, sms ข้อมูลกิจกรรมต่าง ๆ ของหอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร ตารางกิจกรรมในแต่ละเดือน ข้อมูลแผนผังภายในหอศิลปวัฒนธรรมแห่งกรุงเทพมหานคร รายละเอียดการเดินทาง และแผนที่ แชร์รายละเอียดกิจกรรมต่าง ๆ ได้ผ่าน email, ...    4 MB    Views 9756


facebook twitter social challenge people http quest privacy www earn instagram
+16    Questlooper is the new social gaming app for people all over the world. Take the challenges and earn experience points. Build up your profile to earn prizes from Questlooper partners. What you can do with the Questlooper: > take challenges > create your ...    7 MB    Views 5999


photo email twitter library frame facebook card people images image postcards printed application world postcard personalized
-7    PixyMe is the original, easy and fun to use, image personalization app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. PixyMe allows you to incorporate a person’s name directly into an image with amazing realism, making it look as if it was ...    3 MB    Views 9353


social drink facebook twitter people places galicia find traditional guide good
-3    Imos? The most genuine Galician social guide In Imos? you will find the best furanchos, taverns and eateries in Galicia. Also, the biggest database of Galician beaches in your pocket: more than 900 lands at just one click. And if you want ...    3 MB    Views 4167

US Embassies

Related Apps people embassies world
-2    US Embassies is very useful for American people go around the world, which has very detail about US embassies in the world. People need to know where the embassies are. They want to register and renew their passports when going ...    8 MB    Views 8651
people school areas avoid
-8    This app is to help people avoid bully areas in Lansing because people get bullied and the places are usually concentrated in specific areas that they usually go through everyday. Either to go to school, or work after school, or ...    16 MB    Views 2413
+5    観光案内アプリ「Dokoiku? 鎌倉」は、鎌倉を歩きながら観光ポイントやお店を検索することができるアプリです。 ========================= メンバー位置表示機能を新たにサポートしました。お友達とお楽しみください。(有料オプション機能となります。) 不備、または、ご不明な点などございましたら、下記連絡先までご連絡頂ければ、担当より回答させて頂きます。 メール twitter: ========================= 【特徴】 ・鎌倉を歩きながら、近くにある観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・現在地から観光ポイント、お店へのルート(徒歩)を表示できます。 ・観光ポイントの画像や詳しい説明が表示されます。 ・お店の説明には電話番号が表示されていて、電話をかけることができます。 ・鎌倉のカテゴリ分けされた多数の情報が、掲載されています。 ・無料アプリですので、どなたでもダウンロードしてご利用いただけます。 【主な機能】 ・検索中心からの距離を指定して、エリア検索ができます。 ・検索中心には、現在地か起点かを選択できます。 ・検索中心を起点に切り替えることで、現在地から離れた場所の観光ポイントやお店を検索することができます。 ・カテゴリを指定して、観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・キーワードを指定して、観光ポイントやお店を検索できます。 ・検索結果を地図上や一覧表に表示することができます。 ・地図上にはピンが表示され、検索結果ポイントがどこにあるかを確認することができます。 ・ピンには番号が振られており、一覧表の番号と対応しています。 ・検索結果の一覧表では、インデックス機能によりカテゴリの先頭を簡単に表示できます。 ・大きなわかりやすい画像が表示されます。 ・選択されたポイントを次々にスクロール表示することができます。 ・目的の観光ポイントやお店までのルートが表示できます。 ・検索結果より選択した目的の観光ポイントやお店の詳しい説明が表示できます。 ・目的の観光ポイントの詳細画像を表示できます。 ・観光ポイントやお店のホームページを表示できます。 ・自動通知機能をオンにしておくと、検索したポイントに近づいたところで自動的にポイントの情報がポップアップで表示されます。 【掲載データについて】 ・観光ポイントやお店などの所在地データについては、定期的にメンテナンスを行っておりますが、観光案内アプリ「Dokoiku? 鎌倉」に表示される店舗の一部は、現在の状況と異なっているケースもあることをご了承ください。    1 MB    Views 9446
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