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Tokyo time

+7    Imagine having access to the local time for any city throughout the world at your fingertips.  No matter where you are on the globe, you can quickly pull up the local time for your family or friends who live far ...    108 kb    Views 8240

Tokyo Metro Go!Go!

0    This is an application that help you to find the station information of Tokyo Metro simply and quickly. Features: 1, Can check the train information. 2, Display the station and the exits location on map. 3, Can check the time table of each station ...    6 MB    Views 4952
+23    ●Application It is 'TOKYO x CHIBA Route Map' that covers JR, the subway, and the private railway in TOKYO and CHIBA Prefecture. JR, the subway, and the private railway in one capital one prefecture are collected. TOKYO x CHIBA Route Map targets all ...    39 MB    Views 167
-2    Manila Ninoy Aquino Airport (MNL) is the largest airport in the Philippines. Manila Airport is the hub for all Philippine airlines. This app provides complete information for Manila Airport including parking, food and restaurants, terminal maps, directions to and from ...    33 MB    Views 6826
0    Fancy visiting Tokyo the capital city of Japan? If yes then Tokyo Escapade Travel app is a must for you. From planning your trip to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Tokyo to booking accommodations Tokyo Escapade Travel app ...    53 MB    Views 8166

Metro Tokyo Subway

Related Apps metro tokyo route planner city information
-4    This is Tokyo's best metro app. 1. Fully uptodate for 2015 Accurate metro map and metro information. 2. Routeplanner A really easy routeplanner. Get route, time and fare information. 3. Work offline Internet connection is not required. 4. 11 Language English, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, Español, ...    22 MB    Views 2461
travel guide japanese tokyo local world mondo
-3    Mondo Magazine's travel guide to Tokyo introduces you to the largest metropolitan area in the world. Get to know local districts such as trendy Shibuya, Shinjuku with its skyscrapers, futuristic Odaiba, stylish Ginza, Akihabara with its otaku nerds, and bohemian ...    123 MB    Views 2906
shopping airport free city areas tokyo coverage spots japan osaka
-2    Now 130,000AP Connect to all free WiFi spots in Japan free of charge An app that is simple to use, and once registered, you will have free access to WiFi spots offered by the operators listed below. Indispensable for visitors to Japan wanting ...    26 MB    Views 8196
tokyo main published version area
-5    After the "Odaiba" purchase of additional data, once it ends an application, Odaiba will come out on MAP. The "Tokyo version" following the Kansai version (Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Nara) is released The main area in Tokyo is covered. Convenient for the ...    73 MB    Views 2159

Tokyo Kart

-4    Shake iPhone to let your kart jump Tokyo kart is adventure game travel around TOKYO by kart. Here are total 30 stages including 3 bonus stages and each stage is popular spot in Tokyo such as Asakusa, Shibuya and Ginza. It's easy to ...    18 MB    Views 8251


Related Apps yamanote station line tokyo nearest direction distance swipe start
+3    YAMANOTE is an app that tells you the nearest station on the Yamanote Line from where you are now. Because there are many stations on Yamanote Line that are linked to major lines in Tokyo, you can go anywhere in ...    4 MB    Views 384


fashion tokyo
-9    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu has been garnering attention from all around the world as Japanese newest it girl, and this guidebook will tell you all about her favorite spots in Tokyo Embark on a tour of hot fashion stores, delicious food, ...    36 MB    Views 6069
Related Apps disneyland maps wait tokyo times
+6    This app displays the wait times and facilities maps for Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. You can immediately check the attractions, shops, and restaurants nearest to your location. You can also jump to maps directly from that list. The latest wait time for ...    11 MB    Views 4285 Net

trains version network connection information net prices tokyo
+4    [Apologies prices have not been updated after tax hike in April 2014. Trying to find the time to make the update. Prices are 3% or so too low in app] Quick and easy train information in English for the Tokyo ...    211 kb    Views 7799

48intokyo webcomic

tokyo days
+5    Asif Gill is a software engineer and artist whose longtime passion for the Japanese language and culture was enhanced by a 48 day sojourn in Tokyo, Japan in 2009. Armed with the luxury of free time, a sketchbook and pen, ...    17 MB    Views 5475
flight design airport information narita tokyo status live
+4    【 Beautiful Design for iOS 7 】 【 Live Flight Status Tokyo Narita Airport 】 Elegant Design in displaying the realtime flight information Offers bookmarks Provides alarm functions to remind you about upcoming flights Easy navigation for Facilities, Transportation, and ...    NAN    Views 7519


ipad metro subway newyork included seoul tokyo world connection
+2    世界の地下鉄はシンプルな地下鉄アプルです。日本全国の地下鉄や全世界の主要な34地域の都市の地下鉄が含まれています。 Metro HD is a simple world city of metro application program for the ipad. The subway of NewYork, Tokyo, Seoul, and all parts of the world in the main 34 cities is included, it is conveniently served to travel abroad. ...    31 MB    Views 3588

Skytree Camera

construction shooting photo change page tokyo slider added feature
+7    Let's try to shoot with an accomplishment photo of the Tokyo Skytree It is recommended shooting to overlay on the Skytree under construction. You can change the angle with the right slider. You can change the length with left slider. And you can change ...    1 MB    Views 2808

Tokyo Foodies

+7    Apple Watch App Get a taste the food of Tokyo on your Apple Watch with a selection of the style of foods available in what, for many, is the food capital of the world    29 MB    Views 5272

MasjidFinder JP

data correct tokyo
+20    AsSalamu Alaykum (peace be upon you). Masjid is a place where Muslims (followers of Islam) can come together for salat (prayer) as well as a center for information, education, and dispute settlement. And this app will help Muslims in Japan to find ...    459 kb    Views 3774

Tripbox Tokyo

navigation travel attractions tripbox location tokyo current
-7    Discover the highlights of Tokyo with Tripbox, your personal travel guide Travel tips from thousands of travelers – with attractions, restaurants, shops, hotels, and nightlife. Browse place information (stored locally) offline. Augmented Reality Viewer to locate the attractions near you. ...    5 MB    Views 8087

Japanese Lessons

language time japanese world lessons vietnam tokyo international
+13    "Japanese Lessons" is provided by NHK WORLD. NHK WORLD is NHK's international broadcast service. NHK operates international television, radio and Internet services. Together, they are known as NHK WORLD. In each lesson, you can learn a useful expression through an audio ...    219 MB    Views 5834
Related Apps art map tokyo find treasure street
0    Do not you get tired of normal tourism in Tokyo? This app introduces street art in Tokyo. Find street art, it's like a treasure hunt It is easy to understand where the art is displayed on the map. There are Achievement own. Find the eccentric ...    2 MB    Views 4723


compass north tree sky tokyo distance
+2    This is a sightseeing application. The distance from the compass present location which teaches not north but the direction in Tokyo Sky Tree is also known. It also becomes the compass of Tokyo Tower or Mt. Fuji, and will be helpful on ...    451 kb    Views 6079

TOKYO Route Map

+19    ※ Because it has released line of Nagoya, TOKAI Route Map, to provide a special price to TOKYO Route Map The reduction to 50% off (limited time only)Sale Exit It is 'TOKYO Route Map' that covers JR, the subway, and the ...    25 MB    Views 4980


iphone pro metro world ipod tokyo included seoul touch newyork
+26    "What's Hot" featured by Apple AllTime Top Free iPhone Apps 지하철 어플은 아이팟 터치, 아이폰 사용자를 위한 심플한 지하철 어플입니다. 전국의 지하철은 물론 전세계의 주요 20개 도시의 지하철이 포함되어 있어 해외에서도 편리하게 사용이 가능합니다 The Metro is a simple world city ...    14 MB    Views 3347

Tokyo Nightlife

Related Apps tokyo venue guide
-8    This is the ultimate guide to the best clubs, bars, and restaurants of Tokyo. You will find a summary, pics and general info of each venue before checking it out for yourself. With easy geo location of each venue around ...    5 MB    Views 9902

0    [Apologies prices have not been updated after tax hike in April 2014. Trying to find the time to make the update. Prices are 3% or so too low in app] Quick and easy train information in English for the Tokyo ...    35 MB    Views 6340

Tokyo Offline Maps

Related Apps maps zoom tokyo easy move offline
-4    Maps Offline Tokyo supports four levels of zoom, support for touch move, does not require network Feature Easy to use zoom in and zoom out Easy to drag and move the map around Show your current location    174 MB    Views 535
Related Apps map maps apple station tokyo stations route rail displays lookup
-2    SALE 50% OFF Tokyo Rail & Subway Map is a clear and concise route map of Greater Tokyo that features: OFFLINE DATA no internet connection necessary. TOKYO'S MOST BEAUTIFUL RAIL MAP representing the state of the art in information ...    103 MB    Views 1605


festival tokyo contents japanese japan
-3    In this free application program, a part of contents can be inspected. The charge is individually to see all contents necessary. We want to deliver to everyone a festival of Japanese culture In Tokyo today, alive and well from the Edo era, "chic" ...    2 MB    Views 1245

Tokyo Street Map

Related Apps map internet tokyo
+8    Offline map of Tokyo for your iPhone and iPad. Find streets and your location without an internet connection. Allows navigation (requires internet to get route initially)    11 MB    Views 7203
Related Apps travel people information tokyo local include experience tourist lite
-7    "Tokyo Information Lite" is a way to find travel and life information, around Tokyo. This is not only for tourist but also for local people. This app include information about hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar, transportation and sightseeing spot around popular ...    8 MB    Views 7199
2012 food people gps korean restaurant tokyo guide restaurants cuisine
-3    The Korean Restaurant Guide 2012, Tokyo aims to reveal the many qualities of Korean cuisine to the Japanese people who value a balanced and healthy diet, as well as people of other nationalities. This smartphone application is the foundation’s most ambitious ...    49 MB    Views 7062

Find Tokyo

tokyo landmark find place
+6    This application indicate famous Landmark in Tokyo, using GPS and electric compass device which is internalized iPhone 3GS or later and iPad3G. Distance from present location is calculated. Place data include Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree (Estimated completion December 2011) ...    744 kb    Views 2882
history tokyo shrine worship kyoto
-1    Since ancient times, Shinto has believed by Japanese. Some of their in “Yaoyorozu” are deified god of studies and wisdom, and then so many people pilgrimage. The gods of studies and wisdom are famous that like a Tenjinsama, or unfamous like a local ...    69 MB    Views 4683
flight ipad iphone realtime tokyo airport narita status
+22    Tokyo Narita Airport International Flight Realtime Status (iPhone/iPod/iPad supported) You can enjoy flight realtime monitor function, notification on status changing, this app also support iPhone and iPad at the same time 成田空港のフライト情報のページです。運航状況と時刻表(国際線)を掲載。 Realtime update the flight stat of Tokyo Narita Airport ...    243 kb    Views 7194
+2    After collecting travellers info about Tokyo National Museum, we have developed this guide based on visitors advice and stories. Mobile guide 100% offline developed for all those travellers willing to discover the great master pieces of all centuries. Containing: Tokyo National Museum ...    43 MB    Views 5853
tokyo find quickly special
-3    All the cool infomation about Tokyo is in this app You can search for information quickly. (Best way to move from airport, traditional culture to today's infomation etc) All content is recommended by Thai staff in H.I.S. travel agency. [Area] Shinjuku, Ueno and Asakusa, Harajuku, ...    6 MB    Views 1381


maps paris shanghai rail bahn tram tokyo san tramway oslo copenhagen
-5    The FIRST and the CHEAPEST database application of the most important world cities subway maps in your iPhone or iPod touch. Every traveler should have AllSubway app. No internet connection required to view maps. Zoom in and zoom out with multitouch (Two finger ...    186 MB    Views 1353
business design home time tokyo travellers choose day guide
+29    In addition to the '50 Things to do in Tokyo for Business Travellers' guide, Time Out Tokyo now presents '50 Things to do in Tokyo', a mobile app for the fastmoving business traveller that will make discovering Tokyo even more ...    17 MB    Views 2481

The Tokyo Subway

Related Apps zoom fingers double tokyo subway tap
+1    The subway of Tokyo at your fingertips Immediate, simple and intuitive use The map can be moved, zoomed and turned with just the fingers touch Use two fingers to zoom in/out and rotate. One finger to move. Double tap to ...    20 MB    Views 9090
Related Apps flight airport tokyo information japan domestic haneda restaurants
-2    Tokyo Haneda Airport (HND) is the largest domestic airport in Japan. It is the major domestic airport for Tokyo (Narita in the main International Airport for Tokyo). The airport has three terminals that are connected by a shuttle bus service. ...    14 MB    Views 9187
news japan tokyo blogs
+3    Latest Japan news, hottest blogs from Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and more. Over 1,000 top sources providing daily updates. News from Japan    13 MB    Views 9858
tokyo attractions top
-3    Visit Tokyo Find out which are the top 10 attractions and experience the sights and sounds of Tokyo all in one convenient place Offers beautiful photos, videos, descriptions and interactive maps.    26 MB    Views 9060
Related Apps flight airport tokyo information flights terminal restaurants japan narita
+3    Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) is the second largest airport in Japan and is the main airport for international flights for Tokyo. The airport is about 58 kilometers east of Tokyo station. The Skyliner express train takes about 36 minutes ...    14 MB    Views 8699
Related Apps map tokyo zoom bookmarks add updated offline
+4    Limited Time Offer 2015 Most Updated Tokyo Offline Map Super Detail version Pinch to zoom in and zoom out supported Add Location Bookmarks feature for planned places Add to calendar for reminding purpose Buy once, update many times after ...    272 MB    Views 2549

Tokyo Information

travel people information tokyo local include experience tourist
+4    "Tokyo Infomation" is a way to find travel and life information, around Tokyo. This is not only for tourist but also for local people. This app include information about hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, bar, transportation religious structures and sightseeing spot around ...    11 MB    Views 6680

Tokyo Metro Subway

subway metro tokyo route free journey city
-8    Tokyo Metro Subway gives you the subway knowhow you need to get from A to B in this capital city. Whether you plan to take in the sights of the Imperial Palace or the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden this FREE ...    10 MB    Views 2144
search tokyo buy sell free marketplace ads living cars
-5    Free advertising online in City of Tokyo (Japan). This application purposes a mobile way to sell and buy everything into the Tokyo market. Suitable for expats and foreigners living in Tokyo, was think to be useful for every one who want ...    19 MB    Views 9878
Related Apps map gps information guide offline tokyo city view location require
+13    Going to travel around Tokyo City Map Guide? Wait Our App will provides you the information where to go n what you can see. Tokyo Tokyo City Map Guide guide is designed to use on offline when you are in the ...    233 MB    Views 7653
map maps apple time stations route station tokyo version rail
+2    Tokyo Rail & Subway Map is a clear and concise route map of Greater Tokyo that features: TOKYO'S MOST BEAUTIFUL RAIL MAP representing the state of the art in information design. ROUTE PLANNER instantly finds the fastest route and displays ...    108 MB    Views 6338
travel japan city bars mid tokyo traditional kyoto spring
+3    Visit Japan to experience a land where cuttingedge modernity coexists with ancient tradition. Tokyo Japan’s capital city is one of the world’s premier technology hubs. With a population of more than 13 million people, the urban center is ...    35 MB    Views 9328

Tokyo City

Related Apps tokyo asia popular city
-8    As we all know, the international metropolis of Tokyo is Asia's regional financial, trade and other exchange activities. Recently become the birthplace of popular culture in Asia. In the eyes of many young people in Asia, Tokyo is a dynamic ...    994 kb    Views 555
time map design family disneyland iphone attractions tokyo disney beautiful
-7    【 Perfect Fit for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iOS 8 】 【 Family Time is Precious STOP wasting time in the queue. 】 Being together with your kids in Disney is a moment of life to cherish Download this app and start ...    NAN    Views 8456
virtual tokyo sounds sound lite noise silent copyright images
0    Take a virtual trip to Tokyo "Tokyo Vivid Noise Lite" is a sound library application. The sounds were recorded in 3D (binaural recording). You'll need stereo headphones for these to work. Make sure that the channels correspond to the correct ears. This Lite edition of ...    18 MB    Views 2281

Chuo City

Related Apps search map tokyo central sightseeing spots area information list
+11    You can search for your destination by sorted category lists of sightseeing spots, pull up in depth information, and even look at many hotels. You can also search within each major area, so as long as you have this app ...    478 kb    Views 4354
people photos tokyo cherry blossoms park earthquake hayashi kyoto
-7    This is a photobook written by Kaoru Hayashi, a photographer living in Tokyo, about cherry blossoms in Tokyo after one month later the Higashinihon earthquake, April 2011. News says everyday about the Higashinihon earthquake, suffering the hitearthquake area, Fukushima 1st nuclear ...    25 MB    Views 7753

Tokyo Facts

tokyo facts
-4    Tokyo Facts provides comprehensive facts on the different regions of Tokyo. The user can easily navigate using the touchable map to find information on every region. History,Language,Transport,Geography, Maps,Main Cities,population etc are provided so that it can be at your fingertips ...    2 MB    Views 3981
limousine services tokyo call provide
+22    Tokyo Limousine Services & Trading We provide Limousine Service around Singapore. We provide various services such as Client Pickup, for your VIPs. Meeting transfers will help you and your guests to get around. We can cover group outings too. We can handle your corporate events ...    NAN    Views 1945
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