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+2    96% of respondents would recommend this App to a friend. PROS Great sound quality Attractive Layout Easy to use Good GPS directions HD videos of surfing at Lower Trestles √GPS driving coordinates for all the surf spots at Trestles, including Cottons, Uppers, Lowers and the State Park √Inside ...    312 MB    Views 2969
+5    Get your own GPS speedometer app for your Apple Watch and iPhone . Simple to use, suitable for running, car driving, biking, or hiking. Displays speed in miles or kilometres per hour. Apple Watch app includes three modes: car, bike and run ...    7 MB    Views 8406

Sunset Watch

-1    Discounting now "Sunset Watch" shows the sunrise and sunset time at your current location today. "Sunset Watch" also shows the sunrise and sunset times anywhere in the Asia and an any day. "Sunset Watch" is useful not only for travel but also for ...    NAN    Views 816

Icy Vision

+2    Icy provides contextual location information for visually impaired people. Icy has been designed, developed and tested alongside the visually impaired community. It takes advantage of VoiceOver accessibility information and has a simple high contrast interface for partially sighted users. The application ...    2 MB    Views 573
-2    TV App works with the Belkin TV hardware (separate hardware purchase required) so you can watch live and recorded TV on your mobile devices. Never miss a show, movie or sporting event: Watch live and recorded TV anywhere your tablet, smartphone ...    41 MB    Views 3782

Seeker Network

+14    Welcome to Seeker, a new network dedicated to the spirit of adventure and chasing wonder. Bold and provocative programming will follow hosts as they tour the world, uncover forgotten stories and abandoned places, and ultimately better understand the world and ...    11 MB    Views 7765


+5    iTunes Rank in 70 countries. Sky journey on the map. Get a bird's eye view of internationally famous spots and /or find world heritage. WiFi environment version 2.1 Add iPad version iPad version operation MapFlight 2011 iPad version PR Function Select airplane Chose location Get picture iPhone app MapFlight    2 MB    Views 8939


0    Staying in touch is specially designed for outdoor activities. With the APP your outdoor activities will be more interest and safe. You can communicate with team members and share your status with your friends even they are far away from ...    47 MB    Views 6846
currency currencies exchange rate sync easily watch convert
-1    Convert 32+ currencies on your device with this Sync Currency Exchanger. Currency change at once with 3 currencies. Exchange rate will updated automatically. All inputting currency can be calculated easily using the calculator. This App support Smart Watch. You can convert currencies by your watch ...    7 MB    Views 6361
+19    Do you know your altitude? Do you know your altitude from your wrist? Altimeter For Apple Watch is a slick, and simple app to see your altitude and location from your phone or your watch. Supports Meters and Feet.    303 kb    Views 4648
apple currency rates currencies converter watch exchange ready supported top
+10    A simple and lightweight currency converter. Get the current rates quickly and easily. The converter features daily updated exchange rates for over 140 countries. Apple Watch support We bring currency exchange rates to your Apple Watch. Convert currencies directly on ...    19 MB    Views 6891

Watch Tip by Sparks

tip watch designed
+1    Watch Tip by Sparks is a tip calculator designed for your ultimate convenience. Features a minimalistic design that helps you calculate tips. This app is designed for Apple Watch only.    2 MB    Views 8905

Drive Protected

driving drive protected speed watch faster save
+5    Drive Protected is a new way to safely monitor your driving speed using your apple watch. Simply set a comfortable speed on your iPhone, and your watch will let you know when you pass it. Never drive faster than you ...    3 MB    Views 8288


Related Apps apple design watch list expense features simple easy edit
+2    Travellet is application for you iPhone that help you keep tracking expense while travel Travelled features Easy to input data within 3 steps User can edit item for correction and more detail Simple interface design Date list and expense list for ...    10 MB    Views 8751
language apple watch spoken input hear instantly translations
+10    30% off for a limited time Speak another language, instantly, right from your Apple Watch Say anything, and hear it spoken back in your language of choice. You'll see it, too. Tap to hear it spoken back. Apple Watch users, be sure ...    5 MB    Views 5722


history apple points location interest watch locations based historical
-4    HISTORY Here™ is an interactive, locationbased guide to thousands of historic locations across the United States, brought to you by HISTORY. Use the app to learn the history around your neighborhood, when you visit someplace new or if you're just ...    15 MB    Views 522

Nature Channel TV

watch nature
0    Watch awardwinning nature films and documentaries from around the world. Stream now or watch later Easy inapp purchases Integrated with Twitter + Facebook Fully Airplay compatible MoboVivo TV Apps features HD episodes, no ads, and are also available for computers and ...    6 MB    Views 7117
parade world watch sea learn
+4    The Phillip Island Nature Park Penguin Parade app provides detailed and interactive information which will enhance your visit to the world famous Penguin Parade. This rich, imageoriented app will take you behind the scenes of the penguin colony and help ...    37 MB    Views 9778
+10    50% discount for launch week Grab it before it goes back to full price • Talk to your watch and get the translation immediately • Translate to 56 different languages from your wrist • Translation powered by Google Translate technology Dictation (source) languages supported: ...    1 MB    Views 1916

Belkin @TV for iPad

ipad hardware recorded watch mobile device devices live
0    TV iPad Page TV App works with the Belkin TV hardware (separate hardware purchase required) so you can watch live and recorded TV on your mobile devices. Never miss a show, movie or sporting event: Watch live and recorded TV anywhere your ...    41 MB    Views 3495

Bus Stop DC

Related Apps time apple bus stop glance watch receive predictions stops
+13    Bus Stop DC provides real time DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia bus predictions sourced directly from WMATA (Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority). Now includes Apple Watch app and Glance Features: Find bus stops closest to you or search via the map Receive ...    3 MB    Views 892


apple cash machines cache machine nearest report empty service watch
+9    Discover the new version of CashCache, with an entirely new code for iOS 8 Faster and easier to use, it is finally available in every one of our country's languages CashCache uses your location to find the cash machines that are closest ...    NAN    Views 1016
card smart world day watch information collection sound
+2    World Smart Card Collection, with sample of the card and special "BEEP" sound of each card. We are still collecting more smart card information DAY BY DAY We want to cover all Smart Card information in the world Current List: Hong Kong, London, Japan, Taipei, ...    4 MB    Views 333


apple dollar currency rate reference application watch foreign
-4    The currency converter made for your Apple Watch. Cambiste is an application meant for the Apple Watch. This application makes it possible to calculate and display on your Apple Watch, the value in a reference currency, of an amount expressed in ...    477 kb    Views 5666


-6    Setup the place where you want to remember with iPhone app and transfer the place to Apple Watch. You can reach to the destination only with Apple Watch.    3 MB    Views 8977
moments add simple capture moment phone watch button life
+25    Journal is an awesome app to capture the wonderful moments of your life as they happen so that you can relive those moments later. Seamless Integration between Phone and Watch The seamless integration between the app on the phone and watch helps ...    2 MB    Views 6376
Related Apps apple currency currencies rates exchange convert watch
+25    Get up to date currency exchange rates. Convert between over 160 different currencies. Use your Apple Watch to quickly view currency exchange rates and to convert another currency to your home currency. Tell Siri to "Launch Currencies" to start Currencies app on your ...    4 MB    Views 8416
-3    Simple tool for Apple Watch that lets you calculate a tip. Allows you to dictate total bill or use sliders to change value of total. Also can change tip amount.    2 MB    Views 4645
amazing beautiful fun mar tours spain watch
0    Embark on an exciting video tour of beautiful Spain Explore the beautiful Costa Brava, stop past a bodega for lunch, watch the graceful maneuvers of parachutists, get swept up in the excitement of a bullfight in Ronda, and more. Read ...    197 MB    Views 7822
fine watch stores including brands haute foundation find locate
+2    Locate fine watch points of sale in real time. At home or travelling, find fine watch stores in cities all over the world, including Geneva, New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris and Singapore. You'll also find stores for the Foundation's ...    4 MB    Views 2636

Space Traffic BR

traffic game space amazing effects watch youtube galaxy
+25    Welcome to the Brazilian version of Space Traffic. Watch our video on YouTube: This galaxy is about to be destroyed. You’ll have to take the planets to the galaxy next door, but only the red planets are able to move forward. Space Traffic ...    5 MB    Views 9038

OnTime Switzerland

apple watch station find departures switzerland
+21    Check the departures of leaving trains quickly on your Apple Watch or simply find the closest station in your surrounding. Works for all public transportation methods in Switzerland. This is a must have app if you own an Apple Watch and ...    5 MB    Views 9458

Sushi Watch

apple sushi watch turn
+2    Sushi Watch, for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch, is the ultimate mobile resource for sushi lovers, sporting three key features: 1) a detailed dictionary of sushi types with calorie and nutritional information 2) a builtin Text to Speech tutorial for speaking Japanese ...    24 MB    Views 2329


content watch
+1    Take3 is multiscreen Video on Demand Service for Hospitality and provides endtoend Digital Rights Management and Content Security.Take3 permits VOD content to be viewed from PCs, iPad and Tablets as well as the inroom TV set. This allows guests to ...    7 MB    Views 2943

Pin Point Me

apple watch address current location quickly designed point pin
-4    Pin Point Me Designed for Apple Watch Always know the Address and Zipcode for your current location. Your current locations Address is conveniently displayed on your Apple Watch. Perfect when you quickly need to know where you are, when calling a ...    12 MB    Views 9901

SL watch

Related Apps gps watch
+18    Keep yourself updated on when the train or buss leaves from nearby stations just by glancing your Apple Watch The application uses your iPhone's GPS and is required in order to function. (Works only in Sweden) Continued use of GPS running ...    6 MB    Views 373
Related Apps map places cities visit localize play quiz fun information watch
+1    Get to know 10 of the most wonderful cities in the world. If you like to travel, you can't miss visiting this awesome places. You will be able to: Watch many pictures. Get the information you need about this cities. Localize them on the map. Play ...    28 MB    Views 7062
-7    Discover Africa Northern Tanzania is an interactive magazine completely designed for iPad. This beautiful magazine shows you the amazing nature and wildlife of one of the most spectacular safari destinations in the world. Read about: the Serengeti, get the 'out of ...    162 MB    Views 572


flight apple status airport watch flights day information
0    FlightStats is a free realtime flight status and airport tracking application for iPhone and Apple Watch. Take control of your dayoftravel by downloading FlightStats: Quickly access worldwide flight status by flight number, airport or route Watch flights as they move across ...    16 MB    Views 574

How Long is it?

Related Apps map apple long watch load results place fast
+10    How Long is it? answers two questions in a simple and a fast way. How long does it take from Place A to Place B and How long is the distance between them in both walking and driving. It's targeted ...    318 kb    Views 6598

World Watch+

world watch
-4    World Watch + is your view on the modern world. For any locations in the world, you can watch their weather, timezone, and currency. Very easy to use, and powerful.    3 MB    Views 6075
alphabet arabic letters letter watch left move learn
-6    ILM Publishing presents apps which encourage parent and child participation. In The Arabic Alphabet app, you can do the following things: 1. Listen to the 28 letters of the Arabic alphabet. 2. Learn more about how the letters; see how the letter ...    14 MB    Views 7817


apple bus information taipei parking stations public taiwan watch
0    The musthave App for commuters in Taipei. Have you ever stopped to think how much of your life is wasted waiting because you missed a particular bus? Well, now you no longer have to suffer the stress caused by long waits or ...    29 MB    Views 3844

Pilot Watch

flight pilots pilot block times created watch
+6    Pilot Watch 2 is a tiny app for pilots created by a private pilot. Instead of writing down block and flight times the app user has only to press buttons. There are 2 timers for indicating the elapsed flight and block ...    13 MB    Views 6554
calculator apple distance lightning position feet calculation meters watch
+4    "Lightning Distance Calculator" calculates the distance between the position of lightning and Your position. Pressing the button "Lightning" when you see the lightning and “Thunder” when you hear the thunder, the application will automatically calculate the distance in meters and feet. Useful ...    8 MB    Views 1275
time trip journal watch enjoy show free moments document
0    Fellow traveler, of our common passion for traveling and exploring new places, of the desire to document our journeys for presentation and for reminiscing, we gave birth to iTraveler. What is your next trip destination? North or south America? Africa? Large ...    14 MB    Views 8165


Related Apps currency watch rates exchange
0    Track the latest world's currency exchange rates with CurrencyWatch app. Select a base currency of your choice and view up to 30 exchange rates updated several times daily. Sort how currencies are displayed and convert specific amount to currency desired. ...    4 MB    Views 7310
home map track phone watch watching
+6    Track Me Home Watcher is the watching only version of Track me Home. This app lets you watch another phone that has your phone selected as a watcher. Track me Home Watcher is easy to use and you don't need to ...    602 kb    Views 4672
apple iphone watch rewards balance quickly higher affordable
-7    With our app you can quickly see your balance and which Avios rewards you can get. All of this is available on the Apple Watch or the, accompanying, iPhone app. We will be updating the app regularly to take advantage of ...    NAN    Views 9637
watch items location locations foursquare shows searches easily database
+2    App that will let you save favorite locations. You can then easily click on these searches on watch and then it shows you closest items to your location using Foursquare API database. One can add additional search items while on ...    4 MB    Views 7272
time apple bart real support watch arrivals
-8    QuickBart is the easiest and quickest way to get realtime arrival information for BART on your iPhone and Apple Watch Features Real time arrivals using current location Apple Watch support Today screen widget Station map Ad free Please contact with any ...    6 MB    Views 55
Related Apps time ride wait cedar watch point current update submit
+4    Standing in front of Raptor? Wondering if you should ride or walk back to Millennium Force? CP Ride Watch can tell you. This free app shows ride wait times for the top attractions at Cedar Point. The Ride Watch app collects ...    3 MB    Views 5630

Mijn Trein

trip trips train station determine location watch
+8    MijnTrein is a super simple app for helping you quickly find your train. You input your trip once, and MijnTrein uses your location to determine which station you're at and where you're going. No need to enter the same trip ...    4 MB    Views 5708


time clock watch double single ships display
+1    Chimes as a Ships Bell every 1/2 hour w/ adjustable watch patterns. Like eight bells. Marine Chiming Clock w/multiple clock faces for ships time, local time and gmt/utc Displays an adjustable watch(shift) progress display and who is on now. MarineChimer is a ...    6 MB    Views 126
Related Apps london apple status watch underground view quick
-8    The quickest way to view the status of the London Underground network on your iPhone and/or your Apple Watch. Seriously, it's super quick. If you're like me, and you just want a quick and easy way to view the current London ...    7 MB    Views 368

Jungle Feathers

apple birds facts watch supports jungle
+23    •• Supports Apple Watch •• This multimedia app helps your child learn more than 80 encyclopedic facts through the birds in Singapore Jurong Bird Park. It features insightful episodes on Parrots and Crowned Pigeons and include a wide range of birds ...    255 MB    Views 7958
mexico watch city historic itza journeys
+25    Embark on a video journey through the culture and history of Mexico Let professor of anthropology and archaeology Dr. Dwayne L. Merry guide you on a fantastic tour from Mexico City to the Yucatán and beyond. Take a boat ride ...    270 MB    Views 3930


game watch play catch head air balloon rescue friend
-8    What was to be an exciting skydiving adventure for a den of intrepid rabbits has gone awry. Despite their careful preparation and training, the parachutes they purchased from Bargain Parachutes fail to open once they are airborne. Unable to witness ...    16 MB    Views 8130
Related Apps apple iphone die sie berlin der watch und
-6    Die besten Ausgehtipps in Berlin auch für die Apple Watch Einführungspreis: 0,99 € Die Berlin Tipps GEO SAISON App bringt Sie zum Ziel: Finden Sie die angesagtesten Restaurants, Bars, Shoppingtipps und Clubs der Hauptstadt. Die Apple Watch zeigt Ihnen ...    18 MB    Views 9872
clock applications talking deutsch german hard find finally watch
-2    German Talking Clock. Finally a clock in Deutsch :) Finally, after much request, a clock in your iPhone that is both filled with functionality and beautiful Some of the main features include: Deutsch (German) Talking watch. We’ve made it extremely convenient, especially for when ...    3 MB    Views 448
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