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Tire Facts

+3    Information that impacts your health, safety, and financial interests should be easily accessible. As seen on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC news, this app helps you avoid buying, selling, or driving on dangerous tires. Enter the DOT code from any ...    30 MB    Views 9276


+11    Never lose your photos' location information again even when printing them GeoPic saves the location where a picture was taken as a small, unobtrusive QR code directly on the photo that way this information will never be lost again, ...    10 MB    Views 1656
0    Ever had your Oyster or Contactless Payment Card rejected in London? Never be mystified by a ticket barrier error code again Revealing the secret error codes at ticket barrier gates on the London Underground (Tube), Overground, DLR and National Rail. Just pick or ...    368 kb    Views 4291


flight check access boarding code miles information fast
0    With the new app, access to Alitalia services is easier and faster. Here the main new features: PURCHASE Choose your flights and buy your tickets for any Alitalia destinations with your credit cards CHECKIN Checkin from your smartphone with your reservation code (PNR), ticket number ...    18 MB    Views 2556

Dress Code Finder

code specific advice information finder world
0    Dress Code Finder is the world's first whattowear app Get specific dress code information for over 100,000 restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the USA and around the world. Shoes or sneakers? Jeans or pants? Gucci or Gap? We'll help you ...    3 MB    Views 7983

Airport Codes

-1    THE ONLY AIRPORT CODES APP YOU WILL EVER NEED Airport Codes is an exhaustive airport codes reference app that provides you with fast, easy access to thousands of airport codes. Never again will you have to waste time looking up an ...    1 MB    Views 2432
+5    Packing checklist is an amazing fully functional packing list handling application. Create your own checklist to different trips. This is fully offline support application where all items are saved into the local database. So there is no need of internet at ...    6 MB    Views 2726
sms 4411 van kan het code
+21    Met behulp van de SMS 4411 QR app kan je de QR code van de parkeermeter inscannen. Indien de parkeermeter geen QR code bevat kan je manueel nog altijd het nummer ingeven. 4411 is de smsparkeerdienst van Mobilefor en is ...    397 kb    Views 2083
flight code status
+25    Flytes is a Flight Status Application made to iPhone. Get the latest Stats on the flight with the Airliner Code. Just enter the Airliner code and you are good to go, this app allows you to save your favorite flights and track ...    4 MB    Views 6599

QiplahPro for iPad

+11    QiplahPro, is the ultimate version of Qiblah locator with GPS capability, Plus Map and High level Information related to any Country in the World( Capital City, ISO code, Population, Country Code, Area Sq. Kilo Meter, and GDP(USD ) and also ...    419 kb    Views 8845
learning airport codes quiz lufthansa code learn
+22    Do you want to look up or learn the airport codes of the airports that Lufthansa and its partners are flying to? Then this app is for you. This app offers the following features: Search: Just enter the airport code and ...    9 MB    Views 7649
time search text contacts user country application based code world local countries
+1    App provides you local time, place of the contacts for all over the world in an intuitive way. Application is integrated with your contacts, hence doesn't need any additional effort and is very easy to use. Well, you need to call ...    11 MB    Views 7770


code phone notifications
+3    No need to phone a friend or to search your notes for the door code. This application allows you to store your code and receive notifications when you need it Easy to use: Save your codes and their geographical position, As soon ...    355 kb    Views 4507


members club exclusive pin code offers
0    As the most exclusive automobile club in the world with no more than 500 members worldwide, the Centurion Car Club offers its elite members access to the most exclusive rental offers for the most highend cars on the planet, not ...    14 MB    Views 5229


iphone code friend country roaming idd access pre number
0    We normally store our friend phone number in address book without the country code information. However when we travel oversea, the problem occur, the number will not go through. Iphone Roaming Friend become our good friend Roaming Friend will detect and ...    192 kb    Views 437
information code station tide devices
-3    Tide Guages provides accurate tidal information on your devices. Provides world wide Tidal information This app provides: Station ID Station Code Coastline Code Country Time Span of Data Completeness Frequency Code Date of Last update Simple Design Thoroughly tested Easy to use functionality Compatible with all your ios devices Note: This app is only for ...    12 MB    Views 7930


travel deals access code
-3    Why travel in just any taxi cab, when there’s DigiCABs By travelling in a DigiCAB, you can enjoy FREE WiFi access while you travel and get access to loads of great money saving deals instantly on your smartphone. Just scan the DigiCAB ...    NAN    Views 9560


sms txt parking code application service park 7275 number
+1    For use with TXTaPark™ payanddisplay parking meters in New Zealand that allow you to send a code by SMS TXT message to the number 7275 (PARK) to pay for your parking. The system is found in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and ...    NAN    Views 4596


+3    Standard Diagnostic Trouble Codes reference book. A Diagnostic Trouble Code is set in a vehicle's onboard computer when a fault occurs in any monitored system. The code number corresponds to the type of fault, and can be used to diagnose the ...    22 MB    Views 105

Museums Pool

museum code museums application mobile pool visitor
-1    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++ ถ้าเปิดแอพพลิเคชั่นไม่ได้ ให้ลบแอพฯออกแล้วลงใหม่นะค่ะ +++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is one application for all museums. As the visitor is outside the museum, mobile application will display information such as where is museum, how to get there, what is the highlight in the museum. When the ...    39 MB    Views 5824


create helps code
+2    Zippr is an innovative app that helps users create a short code, a combination of 4 alphabets and 4 numbers to replace the traditional long address. This code can then be shared with anyone, either verbally via the phone or ...    15 MB    Views 1739

Makaney Code

code places earth countries postal identify easily
+5    Towards hasslefree commuting, Makaney Code a great idea to easily identify places anywhere on earth. The code is a humanfriendly alphanumeric representation (like postal or zip codes) of the geographic latitude and longitude coordinates. Using Makaney code helps easily identify ...    269 kb    Views 6544

Permis à points

les points application route sur code
+8    Tarif spécial (50%) Nouvelle réforme Nouveau la gestion de vos points de votre permis B Avertisseurs de radars fixes et mobiles, Téléphone au volant, plaques d'immatriculations illisibles...Toutes les nouveautés de la réforme du 3 janvier 2012. Découvrez la solution optimale pour ...    532 kb    Views 4646


Related Apps code area call location city
+11    ZipSearch will geolocate your current location and provide you with information such as the location's address and telephone area code(s). ZipSearch also has the ability to cross reference and search by zip code, area code, and city. If you get a call ...    1 MB    Views 9359
-9    Do you want to make phone call by your iPad and iTouch? Do you worry about expensive international phone bill? CallMe is just for you. One call, one dollar, to any county, unlimited time for each call. Buy more, it's cheaper to ...    7 MB    Views 5126

MyDrive App US

driving score journey free access based press code
-8    The MyDrive app is a free app that uses smartphone technology to measure driving, identify driving habits, and provide advice to help you improve your driving style. The MyDrive app looks at your individual driving journeys and provides an overall score ...    3 MB    Views 8092


time tesla code scan long api
-5    As the number of deliveries of the Tesla Model S grow so does Supercharger congestion. Every Tesla owner seems to want to be a "Good Citizen" when using the Supercharger network but sometimes we just lose track of time or ...    9 MB    Views 1029


-1    This APP is designed for global travel product suppliers who have a contract with, and enables them to conveniently view orders, as well as to authenticate messages through Message Authentication Code. This APP currently supports realtime push notification of travelers' ...    4 MB    Views 9207
iphone spaces promo code free peace
-2    Breather is a network of beautiful, private spaces where you can work, meet and relax. Browse, reserve and unlock Breather spaces with your iPhone. With over 70 locations in NYC, SF, Boston, Montreal & Ottawa, you can book a Breather on the ...    22 MB    Views 1988

Salomon's Code

background code
+4    Experience an Active Urban Adventure. Search for Baron Rothschild´s Magical Talisman. It can be a family outing, that explores the highlights of Ostrava, or a race with friends, or just a game that tests your wits. Whether you´re just visiting Ostrava ...    485 MB    Views 3110
travel business time trip travelers activities code tourists local events http guest
+15    JAMES IS A HUMAN APPLICATION, CONNECTING TRAVELERS WITH A PERSONAL GUIDE ↯ Info Update : HiJames 2.0 is now available with a guest code system in order to propose the best deal based on weather, location and time. You can get ...    14 MB    Views 8794


driver email trip corporate quality free voucher code
+2    GET FREE TRIPS Have a voucher code? Just enter it in the app to get a free trip. Earn more credits with your personal voucher code. Open the app and go to 'Invite Friends' FEATURES Track your driver live on the map ...    17 MB    Views 4950

Friendly Cityhotel

hotel booking code kilometers
+1    Our hotel is at the suburb of NeuIsenburg. It is from the motorway about two kilometers far and way and from the airport Frankfurt and from the Fairground it is abou ten kilometers far away. With our App you have ...    10 MB    Views 5205
navigate airport code database city codes airports finder tool
+23    The US Airport Code Finder is a tool that allows you to quickly and effectively find the airport code and airport name through a database that is created by choosing a city. This is a helpful tool for those that ...    174 kb    Views 7009

Delays Airports

time airports delays airport application current code show city
-9    The "Delays Airports" iOS application allows you to see the delays at world airports, we use professional aviation information from airports weather stations for calculate delays. You can save a list of airports that you frequently go to and check ...    5 MB    Views 5890


scan code
+11    Free QR Code Scanner by MOME.CO Scan QR Fast Scan Barcodes Automate Scan Share Scan Results Flash Light Save History    873 kb    Views 9790

Light Tool

mode light motion iphone4 flash strobe code flashlight
0    A real LED flashlight for the iphone4 Features: Solid mode: Straignt on/off flashlight Flash mode: power the the light only when the button is being touched Motion mode: powers the lamp only when motion is detected via accelerometer or gyros. shuts off when the ...    473 kb    Views 3602

Koi Ride

+5    Koi is the UAE’s first luxury car service, giving users a private journey from where they are to where they want to be. From its firstclass vehicles to its welltrained chauffeurs, Koi offers passengers a comfortable and classy ride to ...    34 MB    Views 7285


audio guide museum download automatically code screen
+20    MyGuide is a free app for playing audio guide. By scanning QR code, you can download and play the guides easily. +++ How to use +++ 1. Scan QR code (at a museum etc.) and choose your language. 2. The app will automatically download ...    4 MB    Views 9090

Find My Airport

search airport find code airports information
+2    Do you ever need to find out which airport is associated to an airport code or vice versa? Whatever airport information you are searching for, this app can help. Search a database of thousands of airports by IATA, ICAO or ...    2 MB    Views 7048

London Hotel

london hotel questions code hotels
-4    "London hotel" app lists all the hotels in london for your choices. The app also makes it really easy to search by city name, post code etc or to filter by hotel name etc. The app brings up all the hotels ...    3 MB    Views 6248

Travel Code

travel code names codes letter categories top list airline airport
+12    Travel Code App is designed to assist Travel & Tourism industry professionals to fulfill their daily duties with enhanced productivity. At the same time, Travel Code App assist tourists and travelers to decode any country, city, airline and airport specific ...    1 MB    Views 7939

MyDrive App

driving score journey free access based press code
+5    The MyDrive app is a free app that uses smartphone technology to measure driving, identify driving habits, and provide advice to help you improve your driving style. The MyDrive app looks at your individual driving journeys and provides an overall score ...    NAN    Views 3519

Airport Delays +

Related Apps time airport delays airports application current code show city
+14    The "Airport Delays" iOS application allows you to see the delays at world airports, we use professional aviation information from airports weather stations for calculate delays. You can save a list of airports that you frequently go to and check ...    10 MB    Views 3901


phone number international create code contacts idd numbers
-1    Some mobile operators offer cheaper alternatives to calling overseas by applying a special short code before the phone number. If you make a lot of calls, memorising several phone numbers can be a headache. Editing the phone number in Contacts ...    468 kb    Views 2793


+11    Quick QR code scanner for urban public transportation providers in Germany. Works in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart currently, other cities might be added in future. Lists already recognized stations for subsequent queries, which is the major difference and enhancement ...    NAN    Views 2267


code access country number telephone international stored mobile codes operator
+9    To place an international telephone call, the number to dial will consist of an access code followed by a country and area code. That is; access code + country code + area code (if any) + telephone number The access code is ...    301 kb    Views 4084
Related Apps card cards time personal account postcard pay send free code credit
0    Send real postcards directly from your mobile phone worldwide. Capture great moments and surprise your friends and family with a real, totally individual Postcard With MyPostcard you are able to create in a few easy steps your own personal greeting ...    29 MB    Views 6797

Airport Codes

airport codes code airline letter air international city
0    Ever need to find an airport code or the airport associated with an airport code? The Airport Codes app allows you to quickly search by airport code, airport name or city. It contains all world airports. Airport Codes lists: ✓ 3letter IATA ...    399 kb    Views 9423

Holiday Inn Hamburg

hotel booking bar restaurant stay code
+4    Welcome in a convenient and centersituation in the south near the Hanseatic city at the elbbrigde. 385 comfortable rooms (including 12 suites) invite to stay. Let yourself be pampered bey regional specialties in our restaurant “ Elbgarten " or ...    9 MB    Views 2531


aircraft codes commercial including order airport section code passenger letter
-7    The world's commercial (passenger carrying) aircraft in detail. Every aircraft currently in passenger service described in three sections: Physical; Operating; Commercial. Physical section provides all the relevant dimensions and weights; Operating section lists performance criteria including take off and landing weights, ...    29 MB    Views 1105


map country information code step agole
+22    QiblahMore, is an advanced version of QiblahLite which not only gives you the GPS of your location on the Map, It also provides high level information and Map of any Country you select from the Rolodex list. Once a Country ...    673 kb    Views 9661

aQuest: Edinburgh

tour quest find edinburgh code tours themed unique route
+6    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER The ideal companion guide for visitors to Edinburgh. aQuest guides you through the city with unique tours full of history and sights. For the more adventurous, take the quest challenge which is great entertainment for all the family. This ...    11 MB    Views 8627

Lightning Finder

map time text forecast ipad weather messaging lightning current service full code radar zip safety
+7    7 day free trial Then only 5.99 annually to subscribe Lightning Finder displays current lightning strikes in near real time for the contiguous 48 States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, portions of Central America and the Caribbean Islands for one year from your purchase ...    3 MB    Views 2876

Cheap Gas!

code postal ability stations displayed pricing station gas
-6    Find the cheapest gasoline nearest to where you are Then, map a route to where the cheap gas is. Station pricing is provided by ( This application is operational only within the United States and Canada. iPod Touch supports ONLY postal code ...    2 MB    Views 5007


-4    More than 43800 world airports data ICAO code, IATA code, type, latitude, longitude, frequencies, navaids specifications, runways specifications    7 MB    Views 1881

Find my nextbike

rent bikes code
+2    With this app you can rent more than 10.000 bicycles available around the clock in 8 countries worldwide. You will be able to locate bikes nearby and you can rent them instantly. With the integrated bar code scanner you will ...    1 MB    Views 3118

Amsterdam Hotel

Related Apps hotel amsterdam questions code free hotels
+21    "amsterdam hotel" app lists all the hotels in amsterdam for your choices. The app also makes it really easy to search hotels by post code, by distance to landmark etc or to filter by hotel name etc. If you have any questions, ...    3 MB    Views 70
Related Apps time tide data code real level station sea
+5    Tide Gauges Real Time Tide Data This app provide accurate Tidal information Available for World Wide locations. Tides Gauges are used for measuring the sea level changes. Tide Gauges are place on piers to measure sea level Tide Gauges Data includes: 1 Station ID, 2 Coastline ...    12 MB    Views 9648

Light Morse Code

iphone light code led send sos signal frequency flash
0    If you are a boy scout or someone that loves to camp, navigate a boat, or are learning morse code, this app is perfect for you. Main features: Send morse code through LED iPhone light source Write any phrase or word ...    2 MB    Views 9889
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